The Escalation of Group/Cult Activity Circulating Hate Online

On Social Media Platforms


SGUK – Episode 20 [ Update & Incorporation of Elements of Previous Podcasts on this Topic]



As most of my supporters know, I rarely ever do a podcast or an article about anything that has recently appeared in the news.  I don’t take much interest in the day to day activity of any person or group, even when it relates to Meghan and Harry.  My focus has always been (and I did it for a living for most of my career) to focus on what are the possible motives behind such activity?  Who would benefit from it and is there a pattern of such activity, and how far back does it go?  Is there an identifiable trend? What have been the possible triggers to set off such activity, and within those triggers, is there an identifiable source etc.

So I was looking forward to seeing the publication of the initial findings and observations of Twitter activity.  There is clearly more to come, but this podcast and article contain my thoughts on the main themes and the implications and identifiable strategy by someone or group, and how it confirms my previous podcasts relating to the dangers of certain groups forming and the increasing risks behind the motivation and escalating actions of such groups.

The first three images are taken from the copyrighted report from the organisation who pulled it all together, led by the CEO Christopher Bouzy, who is doing what Twitter owners should be doing every day.  In some ways, I am glad that a third party carried out this investigation, because Twitter have been very slow to react and have removed a minute number of accounts from the 83 identified with proof, of being the ring leaders of this dangerous hate activity towards the Sussexes, but mainly Meghan.  I am glad that Bot Sentinol Inc is independent, and can therefore decide which elements are investigated further and can be published.

The following are a couple of slides from my podcast based on sections of the report. Copyright to Bot Sentinel Inc

Slides of mine:-

Hate groups and the High Risks to the Sussexes & Wider Implications to Society,


I referred to this model in my previous Podcast covering Herd Mentality and whether or not we can be programmed to hate.  One of the sites I visited was the US Department of Justice.  A study on the Psychopathology of Hate Groups was shown.  It was a study and a report by John (Jack) R Shafer MA and Joe Navarro MA.  As I said recently if the FBI and the Department of Justice are using these and more models as part of their toolkit of approaches to these groups and individuals who are of concern, then where are the international legal organisations and what have they been doing about this phenomenon that is on a global increase.  The treatment of Harry and Meghan is the tip of the iceberg, but it can be so useful for research for decades to come.  Let’s not wait for victims to stop breathing before we start to investigate and take action against perpetrators and protect and assist their targets.

Stage 1 – The Haters Gather

“Not all insecure people are haters but all haters are insecure people”

  • Hate masks insecurities

The main groups which emerged very quickly in 2016 and have grown over the last 5+ years are as follows:-

  • Royal Rota – the media voice in the tabloids for the British Royal Family.
  • Televised media – Daily chat shows with invited panel guests spent criticising the Sussexes for not conforming to patterns of behaviour of the rest of the RF for decades. Regarded as a failure in duty and therefore a traitor to the UK.  Use emotional blackmail and language by saying it is an insult to the Queen who has given decades of service to the UK etc etc.  These daily shows always use the same phrases and discuss the same topics and the same couple in their anger.  Other members of the BRF are seen as innocent bystanders who are disappointed that this couple wish to be self financing. Even a member of the family who is wanted by the FBI for credible reasons for questioning, is protected by the RF and the press, and holds all of the tax payer funded privileges, whereas the Sussexes were stripped of everything that was deemed important (to Royalists) and was done out of vindictiveness and meant to hurt and an attempt at coercive control of persuading Harry to return to the fold.  Meghan and the children are only ever mentioned as a token gesture, or when the BRF and its media are seeking photo opportunities which bring in much needed income, as so much of their once guaranteed income has moved to USA media, following the Sussexes being chased out of the UK and continually punished because they have not buckled under the pressure and returned to the abuse behind gilded gates.  The UK dropped the bag of guaranteed income, and now are petulant that their dangerous games did not work.
  • Government
  • Aristocracy
  • Keyboard warriors – daily writing race and hate inciting posts on various social media platforms without challenge. Over the last 4 years or so, the numbers have grown, or rather it is clear that many individuals set up multiple accounts and post hateful things, to give the impression that the number of people out there is high.  The numbers are are becoming dangerous, because of the ripple affect of their social media content.  A drip drip feed of race baiting.


The recent investigation by BotSentinel revealed that a total of 83 accounts were responsible for 70% of the hate filled tweets about the Sussexes mainly Meghan.  [Slide 1]

Some groups lose out by the Sussexes leaving, eg BRF and the Royal Rota.  Their mission is clear, and it is to protect the way of life that they had before Sussex independence.  Like so many of these movements that develop, they are acting from a selfish point of view.  They are not concerned about the wishes of individuals.  It is about serving the collective, for the benefit of the groups which benefit from the current system.  Anyone who attempts to change the order of things, is targeted in order to make them conform.

The Monarchy is a Cult.  Something that people are born into, and who have no say on what they wish to do with their lives.  If the individuals are high in the line of succession, they have next to no freedom of choice.  The first born is everything and can do no wrong and must be worshipped, and subsequent children are created purely to serve the first born.  The official term used is to call them “spares”.  Those children have no rights, but would have rights if they were born outside of the Monarchy.  No one is allowed to leave, and great pressure is placed on anyone who shows any signs of independent thought.  This has been discussed In previous podcasts, and the history books are full of suffering of “spares” over the decades and how Royal life was like being a slave behind gilded gates.  All funded by the UK taxpayer, who seem happy to do so, in order to have their figurehead family at the helm which notionally represented stability and memories of the former British Empire.

Stage 2: The Hate Group Defines Itself

Groups formed, and were proudly declaring their views on the betrayal of their Royal family.  All setting up social media accounts on many platforms proudly announcing they would defend this British way of life.  The fact that Meghan was an American, and an actress, and a feminist, and extremely wealthy, and the largest red flag for the majority was that she was a person of colour.  Every heading represented factors that Royalists could not tolerate, and the race element just sent racists over the edge that a person of colour was occupying space that was deemed for Caucasian people only.  The fact that Meghan was wealthy in her own right, and was therefore not impressed by opulence and quality homes, because she could afford and did buy those things for herself over the years.  No other Royal bride had come into the Firm with that level of wealth and intellect, and strong feminist views.  It was a bright red flag, and the race element was the final nail.

All the various groups denied it was racism from the start.  All these years later, those same groups have told on themselves so many times now, they have become a laughing stock on the global stage.  A dangerous set of individuals, who have been allowed to conduct themselves in such an extreme way, and hide behind freedom of speech rhetoric, without acknowledging the harm to health and potential for loss of life along the way.  This current set of groups are merely following in the practices over the course of history, of removing or stopping freedom from the Monarchy, and like those before, many of these groups are destroying themselves in their haste to destroy those who wish to leave.

Those pressures are now being seen within some of those groups themselves.  They are turning on each other.

Stage 3: The Hate Group Disparages the Target

  • Hate is the glue that binds the haters to each other and to a common cause.
  • By verbally debasing the object of their hate, haters enhance their self esteem as well as their group status.
  • After verbal denigration, haters progress to the more acrimonious stage.

The publications produced since 2016 have grown steadily worse in their content.  Dangerous material to say the least.  We are well past the point where International Legal Bodies need to step in now.  Looking at international intervention, many of the countries that attract interest, contain people of colour, and also have limited financial means.  Poverty is a key element.

My thoughts on this are that abusive behaviour is not confined to people living in poverty.  Abusers comprise of many societal income stratas.  It is a huge error to ignore reports of abuse emanating from a place of opulence and privilege.  There is an idea that wealthy people can afford legal assistance so other people and nations are a priority.  If this was not the case, why are the cases that I found in my research, where the international legal community chose to become involved, involved countries that were deeply affected by poverty.  I have no issue with these communities receiving intervention by human rights organisations, but I am saying that adults and children have suffered, and continue to suffer in places of wealth, and decades later a report is produced about the suffering.  It is a bit late for those victims, and how many reports do we all need to see, before someone grasps the nettle and gets involved when they hear of possible abuse going on in places now.  Who speaks for the victims?  Why are abusers ignored because they are wealthy, and are friendly with other wealthy individuals? Who speaks up for the children who are deliberately brought into the world to serve others, and be foot soldiers for an institution, and told that they are not allowed to shine brighter than their older siblings.  Told that they can never leave, and that they are there as a duty and to conform to rules that they never had any say in, as well as no say that they were born into a particular family in the first place.  Children outside of the Royal bubble would have Child Protection agencies on the doorsteps of working class homes, yet the establishment families are left alone.  It is beyond wrong, and it begs the question as to the role and terms of reference for international legal entities.

Stage 4: The Hate Group Taunts the Target

  • To avoid introspection, haters increase the rhetoric and violence, to maintain high levels of agitation. Taunts and offensive gestures serve the purpose. The daily drip drip effect of propaganda stories in the media, which then get fed around the world, add to the stress of the abused victims 24/7.  It led to suicidal ideation for Meghan whilst she was pregnant with their son, and no one can tell me that is acceptable, just because you have funds.
  • An average of 100 articles a day written about Harry and Meghan , none of it positive. The comment sections of these newspapers are full of hate, based on this daily feeding of the beast of hate.  People have taken their own lives as a result of the UK tabloid press, and we should never forget the part UK media played in the abuse of Princess Diana and her eventual death in 1997.  The same thing is happening again with Meghan.
  • Receipts exist of books written by media personnel over decades, which actually describe their plan of actions, agreed by the British Monarchy, on how they would persuade and encourage positivity about certain members of the family via their publications, and they would equally use propaganda tactics to create the complete opposite for those deemed to be not abiding by the ethos and rules of the Cult.


Stage 5: The Hate Group Attacks the Target with Weapons

  • This stage is critical. Differentiates the vocally abusive to physically aggressive .  eg prowling the turf.
  • Adrenalin increases – leads to provoking anger
  • Thoughts and actions leads to increased adrenalin.
  • Anger builds on anger.
    • All done by inciting hatred and negative behaviour in the general population, to create an atmosphere of danger. Individuals have appeared here in the UK and abroad, with dangerous intentions towards the couple.
      • Do you recall one lady who positioned herself outside the hotel in NYC where the Baby Shower for Meghan was being held? The individual shouted a number of words at Meghan as she left the building, including one description of “charlatan Princess” – a well known and used phrase within the Megxit community that formed since 2016. The lady was photographed with and without a facial mask, and only appeared to wear the mask (and a different coat) when she positioned herself close enough to physically attack.  A detail that was posted several times in various forums, and for which receipts exist.  People praising this lady for getting so close, and was only stopped from carrying out the objective because security guards, one in particular, literally blocked her way forward.  According to the forums, this individual was attempting to stab Meghan in the stomach to prove that she was not really pregnant!!!!  The addition of a mask and a the wearing of a different coat, was probably done to confuse the identity of someone who had the intention of doing a heinous act of depravity.  Earlier in the day, the different attire was clearly for a reason.  Meanwhile back on the social media platforms, this individual was being praised for positioning herself outside the hotel, and getting dangerously close to Meghan as Meghan was leaving the building.  This is a clear example how hate activity can escalate from keyboard methodology, which becomes dangerous and damaging in itself, to morph into the need for actual physical contact and delivery of harm to the targeted victim encouraged by the rest of the mob sitting behind keyboards.
    • The cruelty during the first pregnancy for the Sussexes was shameful, and the reporting following the news of the miscarriage last year will forever be a stain on the UK and what it has become.


Stage 6: The Hate Group Utilises Weapons

No reason to give details here on this podcast or article.  Everyone knows what that means.

Stage 7: The Hate Groups Destroys Target

  • The ultimate goal is to destroy the object of their hate
  • Mastery over life and death – gives the hater a sense of self worth and values. Qualities which haters lack.
  • The reality is that hate physically and psychologically destroys the Hater and the Hated.



These next two images are based on Gordon Allport’s graphic displaying how group activity like that shown above, can easily turn into a scale of increased hatred based on race and prejudice.


All of Sussex Squad can think of incidents which involve one or both of the Sussexes in both sets of graphics, and those of us who have been here since 2016, can map activities on too many levels in both sets of graphics to feel comfortable that things are ok – far from it.  The FBI use both of these models in their toolkit of identifying risks of various global groups.  Once again I ask, if the FBI see fit to look and map and measure risk in this way, along with a variety of tools, what then are the international legal entities doing about it?  It seems that it is left to private individuals to administer their type of justice to remove certain people, and it is equally left to private individuals to develop monitoring and auditing software for Social Media platforms owned by affluent people, but who profit from hate activity on their respective platforms, and the same private individuals and organisations, who now have to police and monitor and ultimately report to the powers that be, who are not afraid or reluctant to take on the establishment, to ensure that their social media platforms are as safe as reasonably possible.


Harry has spoken in the recent documentary, The Me You Can’t See, how the ultimate goal is to destroy Meghan, just like the media (uk and international) did with Princess Diana, on the request of the Royal Family.  Even now, members of the media, openly say that they want Harry to return to the UK and be with his “family”, and there is never a request for Meghan and the children to return with him.  This strange and evil notion, if Harry was to lose his wife and children, through death or divorce, he would somehow, forget all the abuse delivered and contracted to be carried out by others, and return to be the Whipping Boy of the BRF.  It is beyond offensive.

These are my perceptions of how certain groups have been given permission (direct or implied) to operate outside of established procedures in the pursuit of the two people who are now treated like modern day runaway slaves.

UK Monarchy and its partners in the media are acting like an ex partner who cannot believe their other half has left, and in doing so, is publicly using abusive methods to gain sympathy for those with limited clarity on what is happening in front of them.

Children who are born first are considered valuable; others are born to support the first born.  Children who are not allowed independent thought.  Children who are not allowed to fulfil their potential, and who must at all times devalue themselves in order to make the first born look good.  In any other walk of life, treatment of children along those lines would be considered anything but positive, and on several fronts, is a breach of human rights.


What Are Human Rights?

  • What are Human Rights?
    • Human Rights are standards that allow all people to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice and
    • Guaranteed to everyone without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.
    • Human Rights are part of international law, contained in treaties and declarations that spell out specific rights that countries are required to uphold. Some countries incorporate human rights in their own national state and local laws.



My question is why this International piece of legislation, which is in force with some amendments to ensure that it suits the UK legal framework, does not appear to be applied to the Sussexes?  Whether it should come into play as Prince Harry is a UK citizen, or whether it is applicable in the USA as this is now the home of the Sussexes?   I am merely inquisitive as to why UK media are using the same piece of legislation in different ways for 2 members of the Royal Family. i.e. one is allowed to use it to stop articles and discussions about his private life, but the other is chased and written about daily with no regard to the law in existence.  Regardless of titles, Prince Harry and his family are no less deserving of protection under the law than anyone else.

The podcast is an overview of the current vacuum of activity on the international stage, and human rights violations exist in all layers of financial and economic groups.  It is a failure of the current system that five years later a family of four still have no peace, but at least they have managed to move away, and finance a huge security initiative, due to the risks that one member of that family was born into, and the huge increase in risks to the Sussexes health and safety, and as a direct result that they wished to leave the UK for their mental health, and to pay their own way in life.  Instead of being praised for their bravery to walk away from a way of life, and to start again on another continent should be admired and praised, not villified.  It is an indictment that their lives are still in danger, and that of their children, not least because the BRF removed their security last year, as a punishment for them wanting to move away from the abuse.  Abuse created by the Monarchy and its arrangement with the tabloid media.

It is well overdue for various agencies on Human Rights, in tandem with United Nations groups, to step in now and stop this continued abuse, which is being ignored because it started behind gilded gates, and now continues daily towards a USA family with the aim to destroy the mother and her children, and for the Prince to return to the slave plantation in an opulent setting, and just accept that the powers that be do not care, because they live in opulent surroundings.  Many of the Caucasian people of the UK don’t care either because they have bigger problems to deal with, like how they put food on the table – yet despite all that, as long as the Royal family remain white, they have no real issue of a person of colour being treated badly and have no sympathy for Harry because he dared to marry outside the white gene pool where he was supposed to shop.  They will happily continue to live in financial difficulties, as long as the UK emblem family stays white  It seems to give some kind of comfort and memories of the Empire.

I ask USA Elected Officials to think seriously about what is happening to USA family on USA soil.  A five year campaign of hatred which shows no signs of abating without loss of life somewhere. The events of the 6th January on the Capitol building gives you an idea of the similar forces being played out in the UK.  Leaving the EU is part of this belief system. Harry and Meghan and their children, are entitled to be protected under the law like everyone else. What is happening is not right.  This couple have a history of community engagement, and philanthropy.  Archewell is already in its first year of operation working on so many global projects.  I would like to see the international legal community give them reasonable safety and protection under the law as a recognition of this growing problem around the world.  Hate groups are forming without challenge.  This cannot continue.  Please assist in this matter in any way that you can, quickly, before loss of or destruction of lives.


I have used the 7 Stage of Grief Model by Kubler Ross, in previous podcasts and articles, to use as a framework for the way the Royal Family and the Royal Rota reacted to Meghan and Harry announcing that they would be stepping back from Royal duties and become self financing.  I also put together a table mapping activity against each of the 7 stages.  In view of the subject matter of the accompanying podcast, I thought you may wish to look at that too.  I have included it in the reference material at the end of this article.

Direct Quotes from the Bot Sentinel Report – Pertinent to What has Been Said in Previous Podcasts on this Channel, and my Confirmed Belief that it is Well Overdue for International Entities to Hold a number of People and Organisations to Account for this Illegal and Dangerous Activity.

Quotes from Bot Sentinel CEO – Christopher Bouzy:-

“We will enable the ability to export the list of accounts to a CSV file

after tweaking a few things.  If these accounts want to organise and attack others, they will be monitored by over 100,000 Bot Sentinel users while doing it.  There is no more hiding in plain site.”


“Lastly, when these accounts change their Twitter handle or deactivate

their accounts, the list will automatically update daily with the recent changes.  In other words, trying to change your Twitter handle to avoid detection will not work.”


Feel free to ask me questions, and I will do my best to answer.

Ivy Barrow


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Stanford Human Rights Center:- Provides tools to conduct human rights research.  Promote events, student engagement and public understanding of international human rights and global justice. The focus is on public policy analysis and identification of best practice – for students, advocates, states and civil society to better understand how to respect and protect human rights.  The Center was created in 2013.

Types of Collective Behaviour.

Criminal Code re Wilful promotion of hatred


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