SGUK Episode 19


A reminder of this topic which we explored in July, and one which I wanted to revisit in light of yet another interview on a UK tv network, interviewing one of the main abusers of Meghan Duchess of Sussex, mainly for income by most of them and in one case, purely because of fragile egos of family members they stayed true to form, and set out to destroy their victim via instructing others to do the day to day deeds.  Uk and Australian news networks have made a habit out of interviews, and documentaries and day time tv shows with panels of so called Royal experts, all joining in the ‘pile on’ of one individual who had the gall to fall in love and marry the favourite Prince of the British Royal Family.  A whole industry has evolved over the last 5 years, and all of the participants have gained financially by their participation.  As a UK born and raised citizen, I have gone from being horrified at what my country of birth is doing, to becoming angry, and now determined to become very active in making this abject cruelty high profile.

I am aware that the cartel of protagonists at the top of societal tree are all powerful, and people in their way get silenced in one or another.  Let me say this right now, I have ensured that sufficient places and people know of my thoughts on this, and quite early on in this plan to destroy a wonderful person merely because she married into a family who did not value her ethnic origin or her intelligence, I made sure that various organisations and people based in a number of countries, knew of my views and my thoughts of the possible response, and asked them to step forward with that information if anything ever happened to or against me.  So here we are in 2021, and the abuse of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and her husband and children, has reached dangerous proportions, and I do not see any legal entity stepping forward into the fray, yet seem to be able to involve themselves in a variety of countries with the aim of seeking a balance of justice.  My perception is that many of the regime which attract international legal entities are people of colour.  As I say, I may be wrong on that, but I have stated it is a perception.  I wait to see where the white regimes attract the same interest in the media and the interventions.

The level of abuse has been off the scale, and the risk to life on more than one occasion, literally held by a fine thread from being a double tragedy.  Morning tv news show on one particular network rarely went a day without publicly telling Meghan to go back home to the USA.  Always accompanied with steely stares and clenched jaws and fists.  The hatred was palpable.  This same presenter has interviewed Meghan’s father many times, and like all the other media high profile individuals, or those wanting to become high profile on the back of profiting from hate, all joined in the abuse, feeling protected by their employer and the “invisible contract” between journalists and the British Royal Family.

The Presenter from that tv network, who also works for the tabloid The Daily Mail on Sunday, whose news organisation Meghan took to court about breach of copyright and privacy laws and won, should have been prevented from doing so, not least because of conflict of interest.  Needless to say that the printed and televised media, upon the Agreement of the UK Royal Family (they stayed silent on all the abuse of the Duchess of Sussex, therefore they are complicit, but did speak out about botox and hair extensions.  Go figure.  Together with an array of hate groups forming on various social media platforms, churning out hundreds of posts a day by each group, all of them hate inciting and often rascist, and no legal entity or mental health, or womens aid charity stepped forward to express concern about this 5 year and counting campaign. 70+ female members of Parliament in the UK, cross party support, sent a letter expressing concerns about the treatment of the Duchess of Sussex, and were chastised in the tabloid press for it; on two counts, first of all it was a letter calling out their harassment and bullying and racism against one person (add to that a USA citizen driven to suicide ideation whilst pregnant with her first child) and the fact that it was female MPs who signed the letter, was a signal to the mainly male media journalists to gaslight the content of the communication, and belittle it as it was written by women.

The rationale behind this follow up podcast, is the growing feeling that no legal entity in the UK wishes to stand up and point out the clear breaches in Human Rights legislation, alongside the myriad of breaches in various legal regulations. Powerful forces are at play here, and lives have been lost along the way with people who do not co-operate with the UK media, or they end up practically on the equivalent of Skid Row for not agreeing to be a willing victim.

The International Legal bodies have remained silent, and I am at a loss as to what has to happen in order for a response to be triggered.  For those organisations that I have communicated with about this subject, you too seem to be unwilling to get involved, even if it is to tell me that you cannot help or do not wish to get involved.  I am not naming you in this podcast or the article – you all know who you are, and if you don’t recall, look back in your records. For those reading or listening to this, I have contacted a number of legal entities whose role pertains to Human Rights on an international perspective, and I also contacted global academic centres of excellence in law not least because what has been happening to The Duchess of Sussex over the last 5 years and all the hate groups that have formed around the world against a variety of victims, is a growing phenomenon and will form the subject of much academic research in the coming decades.  I also believe that what has happened to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex as a woman of colour, entering a centuries old institution which could not accept her as their equal, and the subsequent treatment of her which I am certain breaches many articles of Law, and yet here I am, an ordinary person who can see clear injustice, and the inherent danger and implications for international organisations to turn a blind eye is worrying.  Since when do UN entities wait for an invite to intervene in human rights breaches? What is the point of creating rule of law, if the people who are meant to administer adherence, cherry pick the regimes or cartels that they intervene.

USA legal professionals and experts, you have a high profile citizen who was abused for 3 years whilst on UK soil, and just because it was a monarchy that was responsible for all of it, should not make it OK.  That abuse has now crossed continents, and it is patently clear that the abusers feel there will be no push back and have continued with their daily onslaught against the Sussex family.  I cannot understand any element of rationale that makes that seem acceptable to ignore.  I know that as a mother I would defend my adult children with all of my being if I knew they were being unjustly treated in any way.  No one, and I mean no one, could do those kind of cruel things to any of my loved ones, and not know that I am on their case.  Being a citizen of the UK is nothing to be proud of when you are still treated like slaves in too many areas of business, or at best we are tolerated.  I thought the USA would do better, particularly now that we have a new team in the White House.

I will list the main categories of Coercive Control at the end of this podcast/article.  I could write a book on domestic violence issues and how the law fails so many women.  Courts not set up to deal with the multi faceted aspect of abuse, particularly when there are no bruises or scars.  Coercive Control is now recognised in more places, even in the UK, though I have seen no evidence of it in play, but they officially have a legal framework on the subject. Don’t be like the UK – make it a reality not words on paper.  California is ideal to make this a centre of excellence in legal practice on this very topic.  The state has a high profile family living within the state, and 3 out of 4 members of the family are usa citizens.  How can it be right, that the UK which is mere grain of sand on the global landscape can continually break the law every day, multiple times, and a nation the size of the USA just turns a blind eye. If someone used a weapon that entered your property, would you just ignore it, and repair the damage?  Would you give them back their lost bullet?  Or, would you ask what were they hoping to achieve by their actions, and that there is a law against such behaviour.  You would not wait for a bullet or a knife to make contact with the person first, or worse, remove a deceased person.  So why when metaphorical weapons are used daily in a variety of ways in Uk media and combined with the dregs of media organisations in the USA who are at the level of the gutter press in the UK, the USA should be concerned. Who will be next?

The framework for media in the UK is to always have a villain in the BRF and to make profit from writing about that individual in a particular way.  No matter the activity, those high in the line of succession to the Throne, will NEVER be criticised. Never.  There always has to be a scapegoat, or a “Spare” as the BRF unkindly refer to the 2nd and subsequent children of someone who is line to be the UK Monarch.

The Sussexes Leave the UK

  • Over 100 negative articles written every day about the Sussexes, mainly Meghan.
  • Number of death threats have increased.
  • During the last 5 years, two individuals were convicted and received prison sentences due to death threats against Meghan.
  • Meghan had suicidal ideation and was refused medical assistance.
    • The Royal Human Resources Team were in regular communication with Royal reporters discussing/informing them of confidential information including the suicidal thoughts. Among the array of breaches in regulations, let me just add here Data Protection – all serious breaches and true to form, no one in the legal professions seem to have a problem with that.
      • One Royal Reporter is on record confirming these regular discussions with Royal HR team, both audible and on camera.
    • Despite knowing about the suicidal thoughts, the UK Royal Reporters increased their cruelty. The negative coverage continued.
  • Meghan had no budget allocated to her, like all the other people who married into the Royal family. Harry was informed before the marriage took place, that there was no funds for Meghan when she joins the Firm, so maybe she should consider returning to acting in order to have an income.
    • Sent her here there and everywhere upon marriage, and she did a beyond excellent job on every Royal visit, yet the BRF contracted partner in the tabloid press continued to write about the cost of her attire, (among many other articles of fake outrage or just plain lies) and its high cost to the taxpayers, knowing full well that Meghan paid for all of expenses, including the bespoke items she had made by local designers in every place that she visited. So, not only was Meghan not an employee of the Royal Family, denied medical assistance, she was clearly not seen as a member of the Royal Family either, as she was the only one who:-
      • Had to fund herself whilst carrying out Royal duties
      • The only person who married in to the Royal Family her who her name removed from Archie’s UK birth certificate, and only her Duchess of Sussex Title remains. Thankfully Archie is a dual UK and USA citizen, so the official USA Birth Certificate has all the required details.  History will not be rewritten, with a clear attempt to remove Meghan’s name from Royal history (just like the two wives of the first Duke of Sussex – podcast Ep 18).  The world knows the truth, and USA documentation is proof enough.
    • Meghan was informed by Royal HR that she was not an employee, so was not entitled to medical assistance for her suicidal ideation.
    • All that is left then, is Meghan was meant to undertake Royal duties, give the Royal Family good press by her endeavours, but not receive the respect of the Royal family, and work for free. I call that Slavery.
  • The Royal family messed around and lost both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as a result, and what has happened in the last two years has been an enhanced level of abuse, particularly efforts by all involved in the Uk and in Australia (the common denominator being Rupert Murdoch).
  • No doubt in an effort to make this whole co-ordinated campaign look like anything but abusive, it is abundantly clear that various strands of Coercive Control are at play here, and I will list them at the end of this podcast.

Abuse Delivered Across Continents

The daily ‘pile on’ by UK media {tabloid and televised) was abusive in every way, and has gone on for 5 years and still has not abated, despite the Sussexes no longer residing in the UK for the last two years, and the abuse also directed at their children, one of which was only 4 days old when the various absolutely disgusting articles started to appear, along with Royal Reporters behaving like dollar store celebrities, enthusiastic to appear in front of camera to condemn the Sussexes for any excuse, and happy to talk among themselves on a podcasts financed and produced by uk TV networks; the same networks that run daily abusive content on their day time programmes, and the same reporters who write salacious articles with headlines meant to attract the clickbait audience that they thrive off in order to keep their heads above water.  It matters not whether the content is factual.  The sources they claim to use and have, are quite clearly each other, because unlike the days when the Sussexes resided in the UK, on Royal premises, there is no information that members of the BRF or their household, receive before it is printed in a USA newspaper or appears on a USA network.  The Sussexes no longer communicate with tabloids, and because of proven leaks by the BRF itself, no information is supplied.  So, all this navel gazing and hate filled rhetoric is done to further the abuse the Sussexes, mainly Meghan but also Harry by default for marrying a woman of colour and one with a high intellect and years of work with major organisations including working as an Advocate for Women with the UN. Unlike any woman who married into the UK Monarchy, Meghan came with a host of achievements and high praise, along with being multi lingual.  Hard worker with intellect and outspoken advocate on womens issues, was definitely seen as a threat to the cosy pantomime that was a comfortably viewed institution, with no concerns by the majority of the UK public about added value or whether or not having a Monarchy made any real tangible difference. The mistake that the UK Royal Family made, was due their own insecurities and fear that their cosy lifestyle and way of doing things would be looked at differently when the UK public started to notice the outcome focussed way that the Sussexes worked with charities.  Threatened by a woman who did not need others to write her speeches, in fact rarely did Meghan need written notes, and just spoke with passion in a professional empathetic and inclusive ease, the Royal family’s answer to remove Meghan from the structure, brought more attention than would every have occurred in such a short space of time.  With every move that the media made, and the silence of the Royal family made it patently clear that they were complicit with each act of evil and cruelty.  The BRF and its media badly under estimated the power of social media and the global news networks became interested in the treatment of the USA citizen, which ultimately led to the nations favourite Prince removing his family from all he had ever known.  The family left the UK for Canada to try and make plans for their future.  Death threats had been increasing since 2016.

Yet knowing this, Prince Charles cut off funding for the Sussexes without warning and also informed the media of the Sussex temporary location in Canada, which naturally led to a media infestation to their location.  Thankfully, help came from a surprising and unknown source to the Royal family and the media.  It was during this time that Prince Charles stopped taking Harry’s calls, after cutting off funding and revealing the Canadian location. The unknown source of help to the Sussexes was Tyler Perry who provided accommodation in California and security for as long as it was needed.  In true Uk media form, when it was discovered weeks later that the Sussexes had moved out of Canada and were living in one of Tyler Perrys properties, the paper referred to him as a Rapper!! It is important to remind everyone here, that Prince Charles once again revealed the location to the press, once he was in possession of the information from Prince Harry.  It is no surprise to logical people that following that 2nd leak to the press regarding location of the Sussex family, that it was said that none of the BRF had the Sussexes new telephone number, including his father who had been refusing Prince Harrys calls anyway since the Canadian reveal. The stereotyping was so on form.  Once they found out that Tyler Perry was a black man who was extremely wealthy, UK media could only think that a man of colour could only be a billionaire because he must be a rapper.  No effort to try and research and find out facts before publishing nonsense.  The slurs that followed in the reporting about the intervention by an affluent person of colour, and the provision of security it was clear that the BRF were angry that their latest plan had backfired.  Ie take away finance and security, and increase the risk by publicly revealing the location, in the hope that the Sussexes would return, or at least Harry.  To do it a 2nd time in the USA location was just evil.  Simple as that.  The BRF must have been so frustrated to know that there was a top class security team in place as well, something that the UK Royal family refused to do for a grandson of the Queen of the UK.  The world was watching, and in particular the USA and were not impressed.

The icing on the cake was the power move by the Sussexes to continue to seek means of earning various income streams, to ensure that they were indeed self financing and to purchase a home of their own with their earnings and to move from Tyler Perry’s home, without anyone knowing about it, despite media personnel loitering around the property , until two months later.  It is amazing to think that when you don’t even inform a parent of your house purchase and subsequent move, there were no leaks on any front.  Speaks volumes.  The Sussexes also hired their own security team.

The attempt to physically intimidate the Sussexes on another continent failed because others saw the injustice and stepped up to assist in a variety of ways; the main one being Tyler Perry.

So what did the BRF and its partners in crime do next?  Unable to continue with the physical presence in Canada and then the USA, the abuse switched to focus on the Coercive Control element.  Initially there were a range of abuse being employed, particularly against Meghan, and one which nearly led to another death including that of her unborn child. Thankfully for the Sussexes, 12 months ago, the State of California enhanced their Domestic Violence regulatory framework and increased the detail of criminality of Coercive Control on any of its residents.  In my non legal mind, there has been 5 years of abusive behaviour directed at mainly Meghan, and since the couple decided to step back, the behaviour has been in breach of so many laws, to add to the 3 years of multiple breaches in Human Rights as a whole.  I strongly believe that there is an abundance of evidence over those 5 years, and certainly more than enough evidence of abusive behaviour the last two years on USA soil, that there are multiple people and organisations who could and should be held to account.  For the first time in history, organisations and people who have been allowed to get away with serious criminal activity should be dealt with under the law, and where those higher up the ‘food chain’ remain protected to a degree, so be it.  If others want to fall on their sword for queen and country, let them do it.  The publicity around such events, if they are tackled in a court of law enough time, will create a story on its own, about those higher up the chain who remain hidden, but who over time, will be known to much of the public, and that underground discussion topic will do just as much damage as if the real masters of this campaign, were charged themselves.

Someone somewhere decided it was a good idea to ensure that this abuse crossed borders, and that the abusers were free from liability, either because of their unwritten contract with Royalty, or because of the power of the press and media to destroy those who do not comply with their wishes.

Crossing of the border was a huge mistake, particularly when the victims live in one of the few USA states which has enhanced the legal process with regards to Coercive Control.  So now the UK has the prospect of being questioned about the abuse of an American citizen on UK soil for 3 years, and it has continued for the last two years on American soil.  Time now for legal entities to step forward and stop this before another life is lost.  It will help others who cannot afford legal representation, and who have not been able to leave their country for another life elsewhere.  The human cost is the same, and ultimately when breath leaves a body, the outcome is the same. The Uk chose to take abuse across borders, so let me summarise how that abuse has been administered over the last 5 years, and without one legal body, on the International stage has stepped forward and declared this to be illegal activity on a global scale.

Post Separation Control

  • Is a form of abuse, that a male ex partner uses to maintain power and control over a woman, long after the marriage/relationship is over. Gender can be either.  Think of all the groups I have mentioned, particularly the Royal Family, and its partners in the media, behaving as though they are trying to keep control over what Harry and Meghan do in life.  Still desperately trying to cling on to power over their actions.  The BRF never once anticipated that Harry would leave with his family.  The aim was clearly to destroy Meghan, in any way it panned out, and if she remained alive, she would get up and walk away.  No one thought that Harry would leave too.  The next step was to take away their security and to reveal their location in Canada, and then again in USA (Tyler Perry’s property).  Charles was responsible for the security leak and the details of their location, along with stopping funding early on in the 12 month transition period that the Royal family themselves insisted on having in the first place.  Charles was willing to place his own son in danger in an effort to force him home and to secure more years for the Monarchy.  They would never risk the life to the heir to the throne, but the “Spare” was expendable.  What a family. The irony of a black man, from an industry that the UK constantly malign as of no importance, stepped forward and provided security and a home for the Sussexes, and sent a private plane to collect the Sussex family from Canada and take them to the LA property, is not wasted on me.  Gives me joy every time I think about it.  God Bless Tyler Perry.  An angel on this earth.

Often when the abuser is in a position of power, the abuse is not physical – not least because of the potential for reputational damage.  The control is often “psychological and emotional terrorism”, which is harder to prove.


One example:- control tactics using the legal system to repeatedly drag women through expensive litigation, or launching a defamation campaign, in an attempt to silence or discredit the victim and to preserve the reputation of the abuser/s.

  • Think here of Meghan and her treatment by the Royal family and the media in particular. All of those tricks/tactics are clear to see, when you stand back and make comparisons with these proven academic models I am quoting and what has been happening to the Sussexes.  NB There is civil and criminal law already in place to deal with Coercive Control, and with my non legal mind, I fail to see how it can be too far a step to take, to apply the law after 5 years of abusive activity in various forms.  Never forget that Meghan had suicidal thoughts when she was pregnant with Archie.  We nearly had a 2nd death in the Royal family under questionable circumstances, and with clear evidence of various strands of activity which was put in place to drive Meghan out of the family, by any means.
  • Stonewalling, gaslighting and threats of legal action, are all part of an abusers repertoire, they employ these and other tactics to retain power and control to ensure that you are prevented from exposing them.[i] NB  Think here of the Royal family and the media.  Remember their behaviour before the Oprah interview even came out, and they are doing the same now, about a book that is still being written and will not be published until over 12 months time.  Only people who are guilty of less than good behaviour would be worried about a tv interview yet to air, or a book yet to be published.  The two groups doing the most ‘protesting’ hiding behind other labels are the family and its media.  Speaks volumes to me, and is all part of trying to desperately cling on to the control and the narrative, using a decades old playbook which is no match for the astute minds of the Sussexes, exhausting as it must be for Harry and Meghan.  I repeat, what are legal minds doing?  What has to occur for a trigger to move to action mode?

The Main Elements of Coercive Control

Sample Slides from ESCB  (Essex Safeguarding Board)


The treatment behind gilded gates, or by groups who act as Associates of the people behind those gates, who in turn have hired people themselves to carry out certain activities against the Sussexes, has gone way beyond a family asking for a family member to return back to the fold, without his wife and children.  Years down the line it is moved into a range of illegal activity and no one yet has come forward to call it what it is.  Coercive Control is one of the often unseen elements of the abuse, and harassment of the only person of colour to enter the UK Royal family.  The sheer volume of race hate inciting bile written in scores of articles every day in the UK is in itself a crime.  The Sussexes have not been afforded their basic Human Rights, and to date have had no protection under the law in terms of Human Rights legislation, at a national or international level.  After 5 years of such activity with no action taken to prevent the flow of hate and increased risk to the Sussex family, it is safe to say that only the International legal community can take the lead on this, with the conjunction of the USA.

The laws exist for a reason.  International laws exist for a reason.  If not, just disband all the international organisations who on paper have the power to intervene, or is it that they only intervene on less wealthy people’s behalf, or regimes who are abusive and who are also POC?  I have zero faith in the UK legal bodies who have chosen to protect themselves rather than take on the establishment.  If the international bodies are the same, then lets all shut up shop and go home, and let the revolution begin, and natural selection take out those who are not popular.  Let’s recreate Mad Max or The Matrix or The Hunger Games in the modern age.


Ivy Barrow



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In the United States, Professor Stark, the world renowned expert on Coercive Control is consulted by state governments, domestic violence organizations and the media on this mostly unknown method in the United States of intimate partner abuse through controlling and psychological manipulation and terror.       signs of controlling behaviour      (Essex Council website of their Safeguarding Board)  It gives a useful list/breakdown of definitions and authors/professionals in the various categories.       Look for a 116 page study, requested by the FEMM Committee, which it states would be of use to the UN.  The Study is entitled:- Violence Against Women: Psychological Violence and Coercive Control   ref: “Policy Departments for Citizens Rights & Constitutional Affairs. Directorate General for Internal Policies. PE 650.336-April 2020

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