This weeks podcast refers to the televised game show of  Royal It’s a Knockout, which took place in the late 80s, and appears to have morphed into a game of Musical Chairs, with jealousy and envy the guiding force.  Yes, cosplay was in full force for the televised tournament for charity, and continues in its fake heroes to the international game of disappearing chairs which is designed to see who is the last person standing. There are still a few images from the gameshow that have not been erased from the internet.  This accompanying article will make you smile when you see some of the costumes.  Not a lot has changed in terms of playing dress up but like the Hunger Games podcast, the losers here are intended to be victims.  What most of the protagonists have yet to realise, is that  it all depends on who is in charge of the music.

It’s A Knockout

It’s A Royal Knockout was a one off charity event, which took place in 1987 and was shown on British TV in the summer and was repeated around Christmas time.  It was also shown on USA TV Network a few weeks after the show aired in the UK.  It was shown on European satellite channels in 1988. The show followed the format of It’s a Knockout (the British version of Jeux sans frontieres) a “slapstick TV gameshow which was shown in the UK until 1982.

This Royal Knockout featured some members of the British Royal family and a selection of sports stars and celebrities

Team One was led by Prince Edward and the charity in which the team was hoping to raise funds for was The Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Team Two was led by the Princess Royal (Princess Anne) and her team was hoping to raise funds for Save the Children.

Team Three was led by The Duke of York (Prince Andrew) and their chosen charity was The World Wildlife Fund.

Team Four was led by The Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson who eventually got divorced from Prince Andrew, but who for over the last 20 years has lived in the same Royal property with Andrew and all the benefits that come from being a tax funded Royal)

The Royal family members did not actually take part in any of the slapstick type games, but led from the sidelines.    The whole thing was suggested and organised by Edward.  At the time Edward was in the process of or had set up a TV production company and was hoping to have this particular event as a way of publicising his company, as well as raise funds for a charity.  The It’s Knockout programme was universally panned by critics, and for a variety of reasons, not worth being mentioned in this podcast, but the TV production business failed, mainly in part due to behaviour of the Royal Family.  Apparently there were signs of Royal family interference, (in the tv company not the gameshow) even though Edward did show some competence in the subject (there was little evidence of competence anywhere else) but Edward’s business venture was used as blame for coverage on another Royal’s failure at something or other.  The usual distraction with a chosen fall guy type of energy.  It is no surprise that this centuries old Playbook of keeping independent thinking Royal family members inline, with threats and punishments and hardships etc, that all these years later, that same Playbook is still being used, in a totally different environment outside the Plantation behind Gilded Gates, and the Monarchy still expect the same results.

So let’s bring the weathered Playbook being used with the Sussexes, and how at each stage the Royal Family and its friends in the media, fail at every stage.  It has created a divisive culture in the UK, and a culture of hate on the online platforms with its diminishing support base for having a Monarchy at all, but the support of the 4 societal groups I mentioned earlier, and the energy and resources being put into an army of Bots, purchased from ‘bot farms’ based in a number of countries, who are paid to post negative comments on anything related to the Sussexes, particularly Meghan.  There are a number of individuals who set up multiple accounts, against this backdrop of Bot accounts who are paid for their posts, but these individuals have found a lucrative market for posting hate and describing it as giving an opinion, which they are allowed to do because it is a right as part of freedom of speech etc.

The link to all the independent research carried out on these individuals in their organised structures of groups who in turn disseminate the lies and the hate inciting posts and videos, are listed in the reference sources at the end of this article. The BOT farms and the very organised group dynamics linked to hate, is clearly run at the top by protected people, and I would hazard a guess that only a handful of people know who is at the top of this activity.  We all know, and so do other external researchers know and proved, the BOT farms used to create an onslaught of BOTs infiltrating the old Sussex Royal Instagram account.  The numbers increased almost systematically each week.  It became possible to guess within reasonable accuracy when figures would rise and the amount.  There were clear linkages with Royal Family accounts, one in particular.  My personal belief something similar is happening now on the wider range of social media accounts, and it is only a matter of time before the smokescreen used for the top of the tree of organisational structure on this current activity, will slowly reveal who is responsible.  I am not referring here to those individuals who have been named in the report who have earned millions between them.  I am referring here to people who work in the shadows, and not for the first time, on this activity.

This much effort to spread lies and incite hatred against the Sussexes, mainly Meghan, is growing because it makes a small group of people a lot of money, including the social media platforms who host these individuals, BUT, my belief that the same dark forces who learnt their trade on dumping hateful garbage on the Sussex Royal Instagram account, are the same forces and people behind this current set up.  People who think that they are untouchable.  We shall see.


Musical Chairs – 2020 onwards

Musical chairs is a childrens game that has been around for many many generations, in several places around the globe.  It is easy to set up and it is a lot of fun for all the children involved, and along the way, some learn a little about social skills.  All that is needed is a set of chairs, one less in number than the number of children playing.  The chairs are placed in a row, with each alternate chair facing the same direction.  Ie if the first chair is facing the front of the room, then the next one placed up against it, faces the back of the room, the third chair then is placed against the 2nd but it is facing the front of the room and so on.  You need someone responsible for playing music and stop and starting the music at times unknown to any of the children who are playing the game  The game is played by the children walking around the row of chairs, and continue to do so, until the music stops.  At that point, each child rushes to find a seat to sit on.  There is always going to be child who has no chair to sit on, so at this point that child is out of the game.  The music starts again and the remaining children walk around the row of chairs a few times, until the music stops again. This continues until there is one child seated on the last remaining chair who is declared the winner, and the child left standing goes to join all the others who had been eliminated from the game at each stage.

The reason why I have used these two game analogies is as follows.  In the Royal It’s a Knockout, the event was held to raise money for 4 charities.   The 4 Royals who took part, never actually took part in any of the games, as it was deemed unseemly for a Royal to be seen in any type of slapstick routine.  Princess Anne’s team won, and so money was donated to the Save the Children Fund.  I have no idea if the 3 losing teams got a lower sum to donate to their charities, or none at all .  Throughout the whole thing, Anne looked as though she did not want to be there, but somehow, Edward persuaded her to take part.  Not sure why, as it seems the Royal Family as a whole, which includes the courtiers who were probably dressed in cobwebs even then.  I did not watch it, and neither did my siblings or parents, I read it about it all much later, to discover the points I made at the beginning of this podcast.  Basically it seems that the Royal Family members were their usual performative selves, not really mixing with their supposed teams, and certainly not getting immersed in water or dirt as part of each task.  The money that was donated came from the people who came to watch the show being filmed.  Royal Reporters were apparently in a tent, writing up reports on the spectacle that they did not actually watch.  Nothing new there then.  The presence of Royals and Celebrity figures did not all join together as the Teams would suggest, and the Team captains clearly were never meant to mix with celebrity or ordinary people, and the money donated did not come from Royal Funds.

The tournament was not given good reviews, and was deemed “cringeworthy” by some members of the public.  Not sure if they attended anyway, or were relying on newspaper reports from the Rota crew who were sat in a tent throughout all of it anyway.  If you look on the internet now, there are not that many images or stories about the event, and ones that were written, did not appear to grace newspapers for days and weeks on end.

Fast forward to today, and we have stories (I refuse to call them articles) that amount to a four figure total most months, just on Harry and Meghan – the couple that the Royal Rota swore they would have no interest in covering once the couple stepped back from senior Royal duties.  All of the global Sussex support network looked forward to March 31st 2020 as being the day that the Sussexes managed to escape from the Royal vipers den.  We managed to get through from the 8th January 2020 to 31st March, knowing that the end of being shackled to the abusers (you all know the factions I am referring to here) was coming to an end.  In fact the behaviour of some of those in the Royal Coven at the Commonwealth Service on 9th March 2020, sealed the fate for ever more that Sussex Squad’s original stance of not being Royalists in the main, but we supported things that the Royal family did that the Sussexes supported or attended, but after the disrespect shown in a place of worship in the gaze of a worldwide audience, both in the church and watching from various corners of the world, we knew we were done.  Washed out hands of the whole lot of them from that moment, and literally counted down the days until the end of March came and then went.

Royal Reporters continued to write disgusting things, and the racist terminology hidden behind shadow phrases and words started to be increasingly prominent, and the comment sections of the right wing press were beyond disheartening.  The saving grace for us was the Sussexes were out of it now.  Leave the crabs in a bucket to their own devices, as we knew eventually they would start to climb over each other for prominence, and eventually they would be prepared to crush the spirit of some of those crabs in the bucket, to be reminded to know their place etc.

Royal Reporters now felt that they could hide behind the excuse that the Royal Family gave them to continue to write about Harry and Meghan for the next 12 months at least, because there was a 12 month review in place, that Harry had already made it clear he did not want, and it would have no bearing on they way he and Meghan planned to live their lives from April 2020 onwards.

It was at this point, the game playing started.  A dangerous game, with dangerous spin offs, and high risk of harm to one or more of the Sussex family.  It was clear that the rule book that was used for Princess Diana was being used here with the Sussexes, and if a tragedy did occur, then there would be a few weeks of articles written in a positive light, after years of vitriolic pieces written beforehand.  Once they felt enough time was spent writing about the way Diana met her end, and the circumstances leading up to it, they then went on a journey of trying to rewrite history, and to create new heroes from the fire that they had created for years, and went out of their way to paint the supposed villains in a new light.  All depended on which Royal Reporter was writing about their ‘link’ Royal.  All had one, and anything written about ‘their’ Royal was always down with their fave approving the content.  So Royal Reporters who had vilified Princess Diana in the lead up to her death, changed news copy during the night to reflect a nation in mourning.  The bottom line here is that there were many games being played by the Royal Family through its allies in the media, which depicted Princess Diana in a certain way, and then the cards were turned over, and the person they criticised for years suddenly became a flawed type of person, with unstable mental capacity etc..  Each story that came out, continued to make money for the press.  Diana became a commodity and ceased to be a person with feelings long before she died, and following her death, this beautiful lady became a highly prized commodity for media.  If we take the example of musical chairs, with each chair that removed from Diana, she continued to thrive, and she was adored by most of the nation.  In her game, the person who thought that they had won that game, Prince Charles, was the winner for a brief moment in time.  Over the years, Princess Diana remained popular and reached out from beyond the grave in her devoted supporters, to look after Harry, knowing that as 2nd in Line, William would be looked after from a very young age; she was correct.

So, lets look at the 2020 version of Musical Chairs game played with the Sussexes, Harry in particular.  Think here of each item done to or taken away from the Sussexes, like a chair being removed from the game. The aim was to ensure that everyone had a seat but Harry.  The final two being William and Harry.  Everything was set for Meghan and Harry to fail.

  • Efforts made to ensure that the wedding of Harry and Meghan never took place.
  • Payments to some members of Meghan’s father side of the family for stories about how unsuitable Meghan was to marry into the UK Royal Family.
  • Meghan’s father claiming illness about not being able to attend the wedding to give her away.
  • Private investigators employed to try and find salacious information on Meghan not successful.
  • Wedding goes ahead. Clear that most members of the Royal Family were not happy to be in the Windsor Chapel, or comfortable with the mix of cultures in terms of the music and content.  Not a good look to the global audience, particularly the Commonwealth audience.  I will state here that was the only day in the two years previous and the 3 years since that day, that the press wrote positive things.  Clearly did not mean any of it, but for one day people had souvenir copies of a news print stating positive things. It was and remains the only day that Harry or Meghan or both are not in more than article, of every tabloid newspaper in the UK.  Articles which incite hatred and harm to their prey.
  • The title given to Harry and Meghan on the date of their wedding (Duke and Duchess of Sussex) was not a gift of good intent. The first Duke of Sussex, Frederick Augustus, was an independent thinker, and married twice for love, but the King did not approve of the marriages and each one was dissolved, and in the case of the first wife, the two children born into that marriage were not recognised and therefore were not allowed to take on the Duke of Sussex title when the 1st Duke died.  The first Duke of Sussex had very strong views on ending slavery, and spoke up about the mistreatment of Jews, to name but two aspects.  There is a podcast in the collection of Sussex Global UK series that compares the lives of both Dukes of Sussex and as you will see, they were very similar.  Including poor relationship with their father.  The first Duke was allocated the smallest property to live in, when he was younger and the quality was not as good as his siblings.  In his Will he requested that he must not be buried on Royal grounds.  He had no desire to lie among them.
  • The date of the marriage of Harry and Meghan, May 19th is the date that Anne Boleyn was beheaded.
  • Having to pay back £2.4m for renovation costs of Frogmore Cottage, for a property they did not own, and that there was already provision in the Sovereign Grant for renovation costs of Royal property, including Frogmore Cottage. All the internal improvements wanted by the couple for Frogmore Cottage were already paid for by the Sussexes.  At least 18 other Royal family members live in Royal accommodation for free, or at very low rent per annum, and most do very few Royal duties, and some none at all.  None of the 18 have to pay for any costs to their living accommodation renovations, and all are tax funded from one fund or another.
  • Removal of Patronages
  • Not allowed to use HRH in their business ventures.
  • The mistreatment of Meghan was done deliberately to make her leave or worse – as we know medical assistance was refused when was suicidal.
  • No funds allocated for Meghan upon marriage, like every other person married into the family. Advised to return to Acting to provide her with fund to pay her own expenses etc.
    • Never forget that Meghan would never have been allowed to leave the UK with Archie, because her name had been removed from his Birth Certificate, so in reality, there would be no proof that she was Archie’s mother. I reckon that the Royal Family thought that they could break her spirit and she was leave alone, and if she attempted to take her child, she would be prevented from leaving the country with him.  Like the intelligent Major Wales that this family always underestimated, Harry and Meghan were more than prepared, and were able to leave the country and travel to Canada without a hitch.  Remember Harry’s name and Title remains on the Birth Certificate.  No other woman in the Royal family has had her name removed from their child’s birth certificate.  Just think about that.
  • Security and funding removed. Location revealed twice (Canada and USA) by the Royal family.  Deliberately increasing risk to the family thinking that this would force them home.
    • What they did not factor into their game, was the help that came from the billionaire black USA community. E.g. providing a new home and security for as long they needed it.
    • Netflix deal came along, which led to them buying their first home together with a mortgage.
    • Employment secured. Now tax payers in the USA

Basically each chair that was removed, they expected Harry to be out of the game.  There is a version of the game whereby the child who loses out at each stage, gets to control the music for the next round.  What the Royal family have yet to learn, is that Harry and Meghan are supported world wide, and even within some Royal circles and certainly outside of the Royal bubble of BRF and Tabloid press, there are lots of people supporting the Sussexes.  Metophorically, Harry and Meghan know all the game playing is about control.  Ie Royal family wanting to control the narrative, and being used to having their own way.  Harry and Meghan cannot be seen to succeed outside the Royal bubble, because it makes the others receive more scrutiny, particularly the non working Royals still being subsidised by tax payers.  All of the punishments handed out to the Sussexes, particularly Harry have not been done to anyone else who has done the same, or even in some cases, brought shame on the Monarchy, they still possess all that was taken away from Harry.  The latest thing being not be allowed to even pay for his and his family security from the Met police on the occasions he comes to the UK for business purposes.  He should not have to pay, but the fact that he is now being labelled as an exile by choice, is wrong on so many levels.  Everyone with logic and common sense recognises this latest game, and is publicly commenting on it, particularly on social media.  Blue ticks are not in agreement with it all.  Increasing numbers are now openly asking for a Republic.  The tide is turning.

Harry knows the playbook that is being used.  Harry has control of the music, so this latest game is futile.  The abuse of this couple and their children is now known by an international audience.  The Royal Rota crew can no longer contain it within the bubble of the UK.

There are more, but you get the idea.  The game being played with Harry and Meghan was done to break their spirit and to make them conform.  Every one of those bullet points I have listed and there are many more already spoken about in podcasts and tabloids (written with glee because they were convinced they had wounded Harry and Meghan.

We covered various types of hate groups and how they can escalate, and also covered coercive and controlling behaviour in previous podcasts.  Take a look at the Playlists to see which episode you may wish to listen to again, or to read the article on it again.  It is a form of abuse, and one that the British Royal family have used for 100s of years, and certainly those considered to be Spares, in recent decades, have not faired so well.  Harry is the first one to escape. It speaks volumes.

Here is a reminder of controlling behaviour, and what is behind the dangerous games being played.  Ie to repeat the Diana years.  Vilify her, then praise her in death, and then criticise her state of mind and decisions for decades afterwards.  Each stage she was and continues to be treated like a commodity.  Meghan is very much treated like a commodity on a store shelf.  Zero concern about the impact on her health, and Harry is made to suffer because he dared to marry outside the usual gene pool. A short foray into controlling behaviour.

“Understanding Coercive and Controlling Behaviour

In September 2012 the Government published guidance which may assist prosecutors to better understand the nature and features of controlling or coercive behaviour.

The Government definition also outlines the following:

  • Coercive behaviour is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim
  • Controlling behaviour is a range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating them from sources of support, exploiting their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means needed for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behaviour

This definition refers to proof of a ‘personal connection’ but I would argue that the treatment of Harry and Meghan since 2016, and enhanced since November 2019 through to the present day, with the imaginary ink still drying on the imaginary protocol requirements on the makeshift rules and penalties imposed on the fly, when it comes to refusing to allow for Harry to have the services of the Metropolitan Police security services when he and his family are in the UK – even though he is not asking for the UK taxpayers to fund it on those odd occasions that he and his family visit the UK for state events or business.  Harry is prepared to pay for such protection. Suddenly a son of the next King is being exiled out of the country of his birth, and in the Line of Succession regardless of the unlikelihood of the 5 above him in the Line all disappear.

Right wingers are out her proclaiming that the Metropolitan Police are not for hire, as they need to be available for important state requirements.  A recent Freedom of Information request lists many of the occasions, recently, where the Metropolitan Police have indeed accepted payments to police certain events run by private organisations and individuals, alongside services provided for no payment to Non Royals and former senior politicians or Prime Ministers.

One has to draw conclusions about the claim that all of a sudden, Harry does not qualify for access to Metropolitan Police services, despite the following factors:-

  • HRH Prince Harry, remains the son of the next imminent King
  • The next imminent King cut off security services to his son, whilst The Sussexes were in Canada. Done out of malice and anger because Harry recognised the dangers to his family and needed to find ways of protecting his family, from the abusive treatment of the Sussex family by BRF and its media.
  • The next imminent King then alerted media to the Sussex location in Canada, done to leave the family at increased risk, and to force them back to the abise of the UK which could be controlled by the UK Royal Family.
  • Harry is still a Royal. There are almost 50% of the Royal family who do very few working duties, and some have no Royal duties at all, but all are living at taxpayers expense to varying degrees.  Harry is higher in the Line of Succession to all that 50+% and he is willing to pay for his security, even though as a senior Royal he should not have to pay for it anyway.
    • It is not being asked for all year round, but just on the occasions that Harry and/or Meghan and the children are required in the UK.
  • There are people serving time for death threats to Harry and Meghan.
  • Harry served 10 years in the Army and was involved in Afghanistan twice. There was a bounty on his head, and he had to be brought back to the UK.  That bounty has not gone away.  Yet here we are treating the only Royal family member who served in this way, including being on the front line, and increasing the hatred and animosity here in the UK by propaganda for coins for clicks in tabloids


The treatment is disgraceful and it is telling the world that the UK establishment, which includes the Monarchy, would rather have the Sussexes meet a tragic end, than accept that they have exercised their right to leave the working role of the Royal family, due to the increased security threats to the Sussex family, and the treatment of the Duchess of Sussex both before and after marrying the Duke of Sussex.  Hostility so bad that we nearly lost the Duchess and their unborn first child to suicidal ideations. The Sussexes left for the sake of their mental health and intended to pursue ways to become financially independent.  For this desire to step away from being a tax funded Royal, and be the foot soldier to his older brother, and anyone else who had behaviour to hide from the general public – Harry has seen his own family turn against him, merely for wanting to earn a living and support and protect his own family – something that he could not do in the way the Monarchy is currently being run, and not helped by the unwritten but 100% clear as daylight, by the contract between the Monarchy and UK media, particularly the tabloids.

It has recently been reported that 81% of Downing Street media meeting were held with Right Wing newspapers from the beginning of 2020 to June 2021. In addition to this the Prime Minister held meetings with Rupert Murdoch and followed a few days later with Rebecca Brooks.  In total both Murdoch and Brooks held 7 separate meetings with senior government officials in August and September 2020.  These statistics come from an excellent report by  Reinforces a point made several times by the close links between Monarchy, Government, Media, Aristocracy and the Police.  These are the forces that the Sussexes are up against, and who most of which are involved or colluding with this refusal to allow the hiring of security for the Sussexes, let alone provide it for free like they do for other senior figures who have retired from political posts, together with several other non working Royals, including one who is facing credible charges from USA based law enforcement, and a very serious court case looming.  This particular Royal still enjoys all the perks of Royal life, including security and accommodation and expenses and multiple vehicles, and his ex wife of over 20 years, lives in the same property and enjoys all those benefits too.  Yet, Harry daring to move away from abuse, is treated like a traitor and exiled from the UK.

PS/  California passed new legislation in September 2020 relating to Coercive Control where it will take action towards perpetrators of this behaviour on any of its citizens. As per my recent podcast the template for emails and letters are complete in draft form, and will shortly be finalised and ready to be sent to various international legal organisations, centres of research in International Law, advocates of victims of all forms of psychological abuse, elected officials, and famous people who volunteer to advocate for people on the receiving end of this around the world. It is time. Enough is enough.

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video of former Protection Officer re Harry’s security.