Slow Dancing in a Burning Room



Re lack of emotional intelligence and the impact of that lack of awareness when one is in a senior position – in this case, senior members of the British Royal Family. The fallout from this limited view of the situation that the UK is in , and a naïve perception of the role of a Monarchy in a changing environment, and the resultant impact on the country as a whole.

What Does ‘Read the Room’ Mean?

To use one’s intuition to analyse the general mood of the people in a particular setting and act accordingly.  Often used as an imperative

Eg., I’ll read the room and see if it’s the right time to have the conversation. If people already seem on edge, I’ll probably wait to bring it up.



To understand the emotions and thoughts of the people present, especially to determine what would be appropriate or inappropriate to say or do



To be or become aware of the opinions and attitudes of a group of people that you are talking to



Read the room means to observe a group of people and understand their collective mood, emotions, opinions and tendencies.  Read the room usually refers to a literal roomful of people, but it may mean a certain demographic or clientele

  1. The phrase originally was around in the 1970s and used by thieves to observe where things are located in the room and the access to them. In the 1990s the phrase ‘read the room’ began to be used by marketing executives to mean to understand the motivations, feeling and mood of a certain group of people.


Emotional Intelligence

In the work place context, it relates to learn how to build emotional intelligence (EQ) to improve the work space for everyone.  We need emotional intelligence most where we are least likely to find it, at work.  At work you don’t have the ties of love to motivate you to get along with others as you do at home.  You don’t have the benefit of a shared history to help you understand what moves those around you.  That makes it all the more important that you have a way to tune in to what those you work with need right here, right now.  You already have that facility – it’s active awareness and the empathy that flows from it.  Using those elements of your EQ can help achieve success and solve problems in that moment in time at work.

Emotional Intelligence is comprised of four elements: self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management.  How well acquainted are you with each of these resources?

EQ In Action at Work – For this purpose, I am referring here to members of the British Royal Family, and one person in particular, who is described every few days, by the Royal Reporters, who are there to support him, yet use this type of description about his temper and mood swings; they are doing him no favours.

  • Self Awareness:- the ability to recognise your emotions and their impact whilst using gut feelings to guide your decisions.
    • Can you walk into a room, meet a stranger, attend a meeting and quickly sense that something is not as it seems? Formerly known as ‘intuition’, this instinctual knowledge, is based on emotional intelligence.
  • Self Management:- the ability to control your emotions and behaviour and adapt to challenging circumstances.
    • Can you adequately harness your anger, disappointment or fear so that your emotions don’t interfere with your ability to listen or problem solve? Do you know when you need help and can you ask for it?
  • Social Awareness:- the ability to sense, understand and react to the emotions of others and to feel comfortable socially.
    • Can you tell when you are unintentionally making another person uncomfortable or when someone who is smiling is really upset?
  • Relationship Management:- the ability to inspire, influence and connect to others and to manage conflict.
    • Can you remain calm, energized and focused in the face of another’s distress or during an upsetting situation? Can you defuse conflict with humour or by listen convincingly to another’s point of view?


Examples of Poor Judgement by BRF:-

  • Giving approval for the marriage of Harry and Meghan, whilst instigating enquiries with a view to discrediting Meghan from being an acceptable choice to marry into the Royal family.
    • Throwing the rocks out but hiding their hand. Ie the BRF Acting though it was all being done by media, but their silence throughout the 5 years and counting, when the negative hate inciting articles were aimed at Harry or Meghan or both, was in complete contrast when it was any other senior member of the BRF.  Articles are removed within hours, and same for the online versions.  Amazing how the BRF can find the resources to get things shut down, and removed quickly, but when it came to the Sussexes, nothing was ever said or done.
      • One thing the BRF did not factor in, was that they cannot control the international press, and also the Squad keep meticulous records of anything that is likely to disappear later that day, if there is a negative response to an article or something said in an interview. After all this time, international media on the whole wish to represent journalism not gossip such as UK tabloids, which too many of the UK public read and believe like it is gospel.
    • The tabloids, in particular the Daily Mail, took the lead, or at least was the most prominent publication in the activity. It comes as no surprise that they were the first of many to be taken to court over content in their publications.  There are a few waiting in the wings now, for court action to begin.
    • BRF decided to utilise another dysfunctional family into their plans, ie The Markles – or rather certain members; others refused to take part. It transpired the week before the wedding that there was a charade in play and initially it was blamed on The Markles, and then it transpired that one tabloid in particular was heavily involved. One reporter renting out a property nearby to Mr Markle Senior, and the DM journalist visiting the said rental every weekend, with the excuse (when found out that this was happening) the reason the tabloid gave was that it was to help Mr Markle deal with the press interest from various sources.
    • Later transpired that the Markle family had a contact from within the Palace whom they liaised with in terms of payment. Mr Markle senior said that the Royals owed him, and that he had one telephone number, and that was for someone named Jason.  As most of us know, Jason was the senior member of staff working for and reporting directly to the Duke of Cambridge.  William The Duke of Cambridge gave Jason the permission to liaise with the Daily Mail, and to ignore his NDA and to hand over various items of confidential nature, including the private letter from The Duchess of Sussex to her father.
      • Think about that for a moment. In what universe did the 2nd in Line of Succession ever believe that he would be able to get away with such a move.  Here we have an heir to the UK throne, allowing his most senior member of staff to be a witness for the Defendant (Daily Mail) in a case where another member of the Royal Family is the Prosecution. Zero emotional intelligence in place here, and I suspect a lot of arrogance and entitlement, that no one would know.
    • The wedding went ahead. None of the family could hide their disappointment – on a world stage.  Seems like none of them thought the day would take place, and seemed to be uncomfortable having to be there.  On a global stage, and in a church, this was the first of 3 times that the BRF did not read a room in a place of worship and were so caught up in their cruel game that was being played that the arrogance took over from common sense and basic decency.
    • An incident took place at the wedding in the evening, which involved Meghan and a senior Royal. Reporters (not Royal Reporters) are on camera stating that it was very serious, but for legal reasons they cannot report on it, but if it ever comes out in court, most people will understand why the Sussexes are unhappy with what has been happening to them since 2016, and why they had to subsequently leave the UK. We can guess/speculate as to who that senior person is, but truth will emerge eventually, and we know that we are correct in our suspicion.  No one has to say a word – the Royal Family are slowly dismantling the Monarchy by their schoolyard antics caused by fragile egos.
    • Disrespect shown to cultural inclusion in the service and the expressions on the faces of the Royal family’s side of the chapel. On full display for the global audience to see.  Not a good PR move at all. For an institution that is sold in a variety of ways, one of them being diplomatic liaison with prominent figures in many nations.   So many countries would have been very concerned about the so called welcome to Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex into the Uk Monarchy family, and to see the obvious tension in the marriage service itself held in Windsor Chapel, was not the best start for a country trying to impress.  The event as a whole was a successful for the all the right reasons.  A day of celebration, but nothing can take away the expressions, including smirking at various points in the service, looking bored and on occasion bemused.  The lack of emotional intelligence was there for all to see, including the international audience, and this fact like others in this podcast, will come back to haunt them in due course.

  • Royal Reporters have always been critical of all Meghan’s projects which have been huge success and all of them continue to be successful. So despite all the negative coverage from Royal Reporters, Meghan was succeeding. Effort was made to try and sell the successes of the other senior Royals in their projects, even though some had yet to complete anything, but the rhetoric made them out to be saviours of the Monarchy, and articles about Meghan’s projects were full of statements along the lines of this and that is not Royal enough, or it is against protocol, and when asked about said protocol, the responses were often, well it is not written down as such, but we just do not do it that way.  Every single project that Meghan did, so a pattern began to emerge quite early on, and the alarm bells were ringing louder by the week.  Knowing how experiences Meghan was in project development and management, and the high number of projects that she was used to handling, alongside her day job in the acting profession, it stood out that it was only the UK and a media team that would be unlikely to be employed in those roles outside of the UK.  It was clear that their public statements about Meghan’s work rate and content and results, had a different agenda, to the people that the UK media was praising, whereas up until the year that Meghan arrived on the Royal scene, the same media team had been scathing about some of the Royals and citing lack of work ethic.  It was not rocket science to see what was happening here. No one is allowed to shine brighter and be seen to be doing better than senior Royals.  No priority given to the recipients of the outcomes from said projects – it was all about how the Royal Family and its senior members in particular looked.  Priority was their vanity or fragile egos as described by many, as opposed to the receivers of the service apparently being provided. Another huge mistake of not reading the room, whilst they focussed on propaganda via their press pack.
    • BRF have never had anyone marry into the RF with existing huge wealth, and to add to the mix, the new member of the family was a successful actress and despite the Royals looking down on that profession, particularly the USA acting industry, high achiever academically, multi lingual and a UN Ambassador for Women Gender Equality, and an experienced project developer and manager with global charitable organisations, worked with USA troops, and all of projects over the years and been completed on time and have been huge successes. Using measurable outcomes and added value. The UK establishment allowed the BRF to drop the bag. The bag containing money that would benefit the charities.  NB  In this case, I am not referring to a literal bag of cash.  That activity is linked to others in that family, but no one is allowed to talk about that.  My thoughts are that the Duchess of Sussex was an unrecognised asset, simply because she was out performing all the others combined.  Harry was equally successful, but no one wanted to be seen as criticising a member of their family, so the media focused on the newcomer.
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Train Tour Criticized Amid Pandemic
    • One Welsh official said that he would rather “no one was having unnecessary visits” during the coronavirus pandemic
    • Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething said he wasn’t “particularly bothered or interested” when asked if he thought the couple should travel to Wales when the region has been seeing high COVID-19 infections.
    • Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon suggested that William and Kate travelled to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh despite their office being made aware of coronavirus restrictions for those wanting to cross the border.
    • Royal officials have said the visits were planned in consultation with the Scottish and Welsh governments, and that William and Kate were allowed to travel across the border because they were working.

  • Arlington Cemetery and UK Cenotaph Nov 2021 – the difference in Treatment
    • The Queen apparently was the person who refused Harry to have a wreath that he ordered from the usual Royal Suppliers laid at the Cenotaph in his own country but yet, Prince Harry was honoured on the same day at the inauguration of President Biden, by being given prominence to previous, due to visits that Prince Harry made previously in respect of the USA veteran Arlington Cemetery.  On the day that Prince Harry’s wreath was deliberately left behind in the establishment where the Uk Royal have purchased their wreaths from every year, Harry’s wreath ordered and paid for, never left the suppliers.  The UK tabloid press took great delight writing puerile articles how the Queen had refused to allow his wreath to appear at the cenotaph to honour all veterans, past and present, but the smiles disappeared from their faces, when during the afternoon UK time, Harry and Meghan visited Arlington Veteran cemetery and laid a wreath there , and the USA reported on it in respectful tones.  All reporting by International press who also picked up the story, was done in a professional manner,  As the day progressed in the USA there was footage of past Presidents and senior military officials, and politicians gathering in a building on the grounds of the Arlington cemetery, and there among all those dignatories, was a huge image of Prince Harry, laying a wreath at the same cemetery some years before.  A number of such images of respect being paid to a number of individuals from USA military, and there on the wall, was one of Prince Harry.  There on the world stage, the Uk was yet again out of step with the rest of the world, and the embarrassment of the wording in UK articles in comparison to the USA was stark.  The USA honoured the veterans, and the UK made it all about who laid wreaths at the cenotaph including Royal Tabloid personnel, rather than focus on the veterans who they were officially meant to be honouring and showing respects to on that day.

The Sussexes Step Back from Royal Duties and Seek to Become Financially Independent of UK taxpayers.

    • The Royal Family insisted on a 12 month review, even going as far as stating that Harry agreed to this during discussions. On the Sussexes website, it stated the following:- “While there is precedent for other titled members of the Royal Family to seek employment outside of the institution, for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a 12-month review period has been put in place.” That would suggest that it was not something that the Sussexes wanted or needed, and their actions and business contracts secured during that 12 month review, was a clear indication that the Sussexes were going ahead as planned
    • The Sussexes also purchased a new family home. Clearest indication yet to those with common sense that they were not returning to reside in the UK again. Lesson here, do not believe all that you read in tabloid press, not least because their priority is to be the public voice of the British Royal Family. So despite the daily rhetoric in the tabloids about Harry wanting to return to his “home”, it is a deliberate attempt to disregard the purchase of a property and refer to the Uk favourite Prince as wishing to return at some point to the UK.
  • Note in the ongoing fantasy tales in the tabloid, they spend most of the time writing very negative articles on the couple and when anything appears about returning to the UK, the tabloids only refer to Harry, and rarely refer to his wife and children. The disrespect shown to Meghan and the views on the USA acting profession was not professional in any way.  Again that will come back to haunt the UK Monarchy in due course.
  • March 2021 -Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry joined in the 2nd half.

  • One week before the interview even aired, UK media began a series of articles in all of the newspapers reported as factual, for an interview that had not yet taken place and apart from a few seconds of footage from the interview, nothing else was revealed. Those short clips of footage began two days before the interview aired. We must not forget the 4 members of the Carnival of so called Experts who were approached to give their thoughts on the interview, as if they had viewed it already, and to state their opinions and reactions to what was said. The team behind this stunt were making the point on how so called experts are more than happy to give their opinions on the Sussexes particularly Meghan, about an interview that they had not yet viewed as if they had indeed viewed it. Confirming that so many of these people who have suddenly become popular by tv networks to give their opinion on Meghan and Harry, earn money from speaking in a disparaging way, much of which is their opinion and not fact, and in this particular case, spouted complete fiction on some of their topics that they felt so strongly over.  All of these people are still employed and called upon by networks in the UK and abroad, despite the embarrassing footage of their discussions on camera about the comments made by Meghan and Harry to Oprah, being splashed all over social media network for days afterwards.  Strangely enough, the tabloids did not run the story, and still use quotes from these individuals to the present day.
      • Update: As at the time of writing this article, one of the 4 has been dropped  from a high profile USA TV network, due to this incident.  Apparently the said person is consulting with solicitors with a view to suing the two producers of the programme in question.  Seems to have escaped the minds of this person, that all were told that their recording would be shown AFTER the Oprah interview, so it was not a prank because they did not tell them what to say.  They were asked to give their opinions on what Meghan said, or would speak about.  If the four of them had stuck with facts, then this would not be an issue.  They chose to varying degrees to mention things that seemed like projection on their part and their views on some the likes and dislikes of the Sussexes. This was opinion not factual. Mistake by one of the four who has got caught out by content that no one forced on them. I cant see how anyone can play the victim in these circumstances.  The individual chose to say what they said, and so now they are living with consequence, of spouting one too many times, about the topics that the Sussexes would talk about, and in particular Meghan.  Grave error in judgement, because the media personnel circling around Royal corridors feel that they can do no wrong, not least because they have enough information apparently, on each of the Royals, the Royals seem encouraged to play the game, rather than risk their skeletons in the cupboard to come to light.
    • This interview was announced one week before the interview aired on 7th March 2021 on CBS. UK media really came out in an all out onslaught of the most disgusting headlines and articles – all based on what they anticipated would be included. Their actions over that week, steadily became more sinister and accusatory, and which was viewed by a global audience that was clearly becoming more invested in watching this interview based on the antics of UK media.
    • UK tabloids are the best free marketing for any Sussex publication that they do not want people to view. I would describe their behaviour and the topics that were raised by UK tabloids with no evidence that these topics would be discussed in the interview, was a classic case of projection. With each claim becoming more outlandish and extreme, they then went down the route of a subject which no doubt was done upon the instruction of the Royal Family, but which then implicated the Monarchy with the high potential of a legal case developing.  So having produced a myriad of articles claiming Bullying behaviour by Meghan with her staff, on top of the other salacious headlines that they had produced over the preceding 7 days, and sold papers on the back of those claims, along with inviting hatred and vile comments on social media as a result about the couple, particularly Meghan, the interview itself revealed none of those claims.
    • Some of the things that were said in the interview, took the BRF by surprise, and then in an effort to prove that the Sussexes were mistaken or lying about those subjects, the senior Royals went on an embarrassing crusade of denials in front of pre arranged cameras and scenarios to state categorically that they were the opposite of those things stated in the interview, and other topics were not recollected as being discussed in the way represented within the family.  g. the questions asked, more than one conversation, about the likely shade of Archie’s skin before he was born.  It seemed to escape their attention that it was Harry who mentioned these conversations, including concern about Archie’s skin colour before he was born, and another example of when Harry was told that there was no money to pay Meghan anything, and that perhaps she could return to acting to pay her expenses. Meghan stated in the interview how Royal HR refused her assistance when she asked for help as she was feeling suicidal.  HR said she was not an employee of the BRF so they could not help her.  So on the one hand Meghan was not an employee so no HR assistance available apparently and also not a member of the family either, because there was no financial provision made for her upon marriage to Harry, which is the practice for every new person entering into the Royal family upon marriage, certainly a senior Royal position. They said much much more, all of which would be challenged in any tribunal or court case. The BRF are so used to putting whatever news slant they want out there via Royal Reporters, and have never been challenged before.  They discovered very quickly Meghan has receipts for every conversation on this and other subjects, and an excellent legal team.  For the first time the Monarchy had shouted from the mountain tops for the world to hear a claim that they believed would reduce Meghan in particular credibility and discovered very quickly that they were on a hiding to nothing with their claim, and in fact would most definitely lose any case brought against Meghan moving forward.  No doubt they wished they could turn back time, and to date the BRF are still stumbling around trying to back away from this very public accusation.



  • April 2021 – Death and funeral of Prince Philip.
    • PRINCE PHILIP’s death will become a “healing moment” for the Royal Family, according to one royal expert, who suggested that Harry will mend his rift with William when he returns to the UK for the funeral. Always use words that indicate it is for Harry to repair any damage to the family reputation etc.


  • May 2021 – The Me You Can’s See documentary on Apple TV. Created and Co Produced by Harry and Oprah.  6 Episodes.  Following the global debut of the ground breaking documentary series, “The Me You Can’t See: A Path Forward,” Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry reunited with advisors and participants for a thought-provoking, wide-ranging conversation about mental health and emotional well-being, and where we go from here.

  • Prince Harry is reportedly set to drop more “truth bombs” in a “deeply personal” episode of his new mental health series with Oprah WinfreyThe Duke of Sussex, 36, has teamed up with the US chat show powerhouse for documentary The Me You Can’t See – which premieres on Friday.   Again spent months writing articles which were negative about Harry working with Oprah and a USA network.  There were disparaging phrases used to describe Oprah’s career and position in the media world; one member of the Royal family claiming not to know who Oprah was.  Sussex Squad soon reminded everyone that the member of the BRF who made that statement, had visited a school funded by Oprah and there are several photos of the visit, with the Oprah and said Royal and the girls from the school.  The obvious efforts to downplay the series on mental health, and the production team, and in particular Oprah herself, in order to try and make it look like Harry just found someone off the street to co produce this series, backfired spectacularly, and has since been praised around the world as a teaching aid for years to come.


  • May 2021 – Vax Live – Global Citizen

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex has called for the Covid vaccine to be “equally distributed” across the world.

The 36-year-old and his wife Meghan Markle offered hope that recovery from the pandemic will also help “women who have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic.”

“Women, and especially women of colour, have seen a generation of economic gain wiped out,” the Duchess explained.


  • June 2021 – Harry and Meghan welcome their 2ndchild, Lilibet Diana
    • June 9, 2021 In response to claims that emerged on June 9, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has confirmed that the couple were indeed given the Queen’s blessing. Prior to that there had been a frenzy of articles stating that they had not right use that name, and they are no longer working royals etc.  At every opportunity, the UK media tried to belittle this couple, and then every so often, ask Harry to return (never Harry and his wife and children) and help out the BRF because they are struggling with their heavy workload.  There was no heavy workload, just that a few were having to do more than they usually do, but none of it is measurable, they just turn up for things and smile and wave.  Another reason why the family felt threatened by Meghan, and that could not be allowed to continue.  The BRF preferred mediocracy and non measureable actions, with no targets or objectives.
  • June 2021 – Meghan’s book The Bench released.

  • New York Times Best Seller but not even in top 100 UK.    UK Tabloids reporting.


  • July 2021 – Unveiling of Princess Diana’s Statue in Kensington Gardens, marking what would have been her 60thBirthday on 1st
    • It was apparent that the brothers still needed to “work on their relationship” following the unveiling. “People were hoping this was going to be the moment that the brothers reconciled.


  • August 2021 – Meghan’s 40thbirthday & launch of 40 x 40 mentorship global initiative
    • To celebrate her 40th Birthday, The Duchess of Sussex launched a new initiative “40×40”, via her charitable foundation Archewell. Duchess Meghan, alongside Melissa McCarthy, shared her idea to help women re-entering the workplace after the Coronavirus pandemic, in a light comedy skit.


  • September 2021 – Harry and Meghan – Visit to New York City.

Visited the 9/11 Memorial with New York governor Kathy Hochul and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, and held meetings with the U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed and the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent the second morning of their New York trip in Harlem, where the duchess read her children’s book The Bench to second-grade students.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle admired a mural that had been created by fourth and fifth graders at the PS 123 Mahalia Jackson school

  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex — who were in town for the Global Citizen Live eventat Central Park over the weekend — made time to swing by Harlem institution Melba’s for lunch on Friday.

On Instagram, restaurateur Melba Wilson said that hosting the couple was “a dream come true,” and it appears that Prince Harry and Meghan felt the same way. A diner at the restaurant told Page Six that the couple ate chicken and waffles, spring rolls, and catfish, among other dishes. The lunch at Melba’s was reportedly the first time that Harry has ever eaten chicken and waffles. “They were super nice to other customers and were overheard raving about the food,” a representative for the restaurant tells Eater.

Prince Harry and Meghan told Wilson donated $25,000 to the iconic restaurant to help support its pandemic recovery.   Credit to for the wording re Melba’s.  Reporter: Erika Adams


UK tabloid response:-

    • Harry and Meghan were vacuous in their 3 day Royal tour of NYC
    • Meghan and Harry planning more fake Royal tours in such places as Australia as well as other parts of the USA
    • Both above statements claimed by Royal experts in two of the tabloids. All the others stating similar disdain for what they are ALL describing as a Royal Tour.


  • September 2021 – Harry and Meghan Markle speak onstage during Global Citizen Live, New York on September 25, 2021 in New York City.

November 2021 – Meghan Markle joined Prince Harry at a special New York City event to honour veterans ahead of Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in the U.K


      •  UK press:-   Lights, camera, action exclusive pictures reveal the camera-shy documentary crew that shadowed Meghan and Harry’s every step to visit veterans in NYC and NJ. So was it a royal event or a reality show? Answer: Neither. Tabloids just trying to influence the UK audience.

NB    the same Royal Reporters gloated over Harry losing his positions with military in the UK, and now making cheap digs at the couple for being embraced by USA military and for bringing along their own camera crew to film them during the event.  Their real gripe is that no UK media personnel were invited to be there to film or take photos. The RRs have a whole Royal Family to film and take photos of, so there should be plenty to keep them busy. The BRF & its media hounded their ‘golden goose’ out of the country, and despite their continued efforts to discredit the Sussexes, the couple are thriving and going from strength to strength.

Cannot bully and harass someone out of the country and then complain that your targets have no interest in rushing back to the nation that asked them to leave every single day, or to allow UK media access to their projects in their new permanent home. USA news organisations now have access to the Sussexes.  The UK threw away  the ball.  Game over. The couple left, so they now need to deal with the consequences of their 5 years and ongoing campaign.


  • December 2021 – Daily Mail loses Court Case on Copyright and Privacy, and pays out to Meghan.
    • The Daily never expected to find itself in this position 3 years down the line. This was all fun and games to them, trying to humiliate Meghan in the public eye, by working with her father to publish one of Meghans private letters to her father in an effort to paint Meghan in a particular light.  The Daily Mail published extracts from the letter which gave the point of view they wanted, even going aas far as excluding certain words from sentences etc.
    • The Mail did not expect Meghan to be so strong and prepared in terms of her defence, and with a formidable legal team. The BRF went as far as allowing a senior member of the Royal family to give permission for a senior aide who worked in Kensington Palace to provide information and to liaise with the Daily Mail.  Just think one member of the BRF worked a tabloid newspaper against another member of the same Royal family. That tells you all right thinking people need to know about the forces that Meghan and Harry were up against, which resulted in increased risk to their lives and increased death threats, and the impact on their mental health. 
    • Royal Reporters do not write about the news – they create news for people to digest and believe and to form a preferred opinion by those who work in partnership with the RRs.


The Meaning of Misinformation

  • Misinformation is incorrect or misleading information unintentionally presented as fact.


The Meaning of Disinformation

  • Disinformation is a subset of propaganda and is false information that is spread deliberately to deceive.


The Sussexes in 2022

Look out for Misinformation and Disinformation with any activity that the Sussexes are involved in this year and beyond.  Despite stating several times that Royal Reporters would not cover anything that Harry and Meghan do now that they have stepped back from Senior Royal duties and are no longer funded by UK taxpayers.  The Royal Reporters write more about The Sussexes than all of the Royal family combined every single day.

UK media write about other Royals now and then, and when they do, they always include Harry or Meghan’s name in the headline.  It is the only way that they secure increased engagement by the readers than if they do not mention them at all, regardless of whether or not the topic contains any information or involvement of the Sussexes.

The New York 3 day tour was described as a Royal Tour by the UK tabloids because it was clearly a huge success, despite all the negative press about it before it took place, and then which gave the RRs an excuse to complain that Harry and Meghan never mentioned the Royal Family once during those 3 days.  To describe them as Clowns is polite.  For those who like to call themselves journalists – they are definitely not that.

One of the topics that they have concerned themselves with are Harry and Meghans tax returns, or rather the Tax Returns of the Archewell Foundation.  Articles taking great delight on how little income has come into the Foundation in its first year, and how they are clearly struggling etc etc.  Lies.  First of all if the RRs have so much time on their hands, why do they not look into the accounts of the BRF who have been found wanting in regards to 6 figure sums of money donated by powerful people and which does not appear in the accounts of the charities in question.  Not just one or two cases of this by the way.  This practice goes back years, and those who have donated have come away some months later with a Title of some kind.  Not a word said about those examples, and they do involve senior Royals.  Tax funded Royals.

Yet, the RRs prefer to go delving into tax returns of Harry and Meghan.  They do seem to forget certain things, so let me remind them of a few points here:-

  • Harry and Meghan stepped away from Royal life to become self financing. It is their wish to become philanthropists and not have any of their activities funded by taxpayers.
  • The Sussexes secured a number of major contracts in their first year of stepping back from Royal duties; contracts which make them millionaires several times over, and provide security for their children. They have also purchased a home, which the RRs like to report on daily regarding how many bathrooms it has etc.  Clearly simple things exercise their thoughts.
  • Archewell Foundation is now set up, and has an amount of funds shown in the accounts. The tabloid press are trying to give the impression that the Sussexes must be struggling as their Foundation does not have large sums of money in its accounts yet, therefore helping the vulnerable will be difficult. Trying to send out an inaccurate message in terms of the ability for the Sussexes to continue to help vulnerable groups in society.  It is a deliberate ploy to try and undermine Archewell.
    • First of all, the Sussexes are millionaires in the first year of leaving the UK. All the money they have donated to date, significant amounts of money, have come from their earnings.  It is no business of UK media or the Royal family, how they spend their money, including where they donate funds.  If they never earn another penny, the family are set for life, so all these reports on the amount held in the Archewell accounts is neither here nor there.  It is the UK media trying to say that they Sussexes need to return to the UK, and help the ailing Royal family. The UK has got what they asked for and if the remaining Royal family members do not generate much interest within the Uk itself, it definitely generates even less globally, it really is of no concern or interest to Harry and Meghan.  RRs chased them out with their abusive treatment and no person returns to their abuser unless they have to.  Harry and Meghan do not need to return.
    • Ignore the reports that describe the UK as Harry’s “home”. It is a way of influencing people to start to associate life in the USA with his wife and children, as something that he can leave behind, in order to return “home” or another favourite phrase is to “heal the family rift” etc etc.  When your own brother works with a tabloid to provide evidence in a court case, against a member of the same Royal family, don’t expect the Sussexes to come running to the Uk for anything but the odd important family occasion.  After the treatment and reaction to the birth of both Sussex children, do not expect to see the Sussex children on UK soil for many years to come. When RRs mention the children coming for the Jubilee this year, don’t be fooled.  They are looking for circus exhibits for photos that they can use until the next decade when the children appear in the UK.  All Sussex photos are copyrighted and if uk media wish to use them in their publications, they have to pay for each one.  If the Sussex family come to the UK, Royal Reporters can take as many photos as they wish, because of the agreement they have with the Royal family, and then they can sell these photos on to other establishments who wish to use them.  The views of UK media and the Royal family relating to the Sussex children and their mother is well known globally. The cruelty and disrespect shown to those babies is beyond vile, and the UK cannot pick and choose when they need their token subjects for a photo opportunity or two.  They can go kick rocks. Harry and Meghan will never allow their children to be used in that way.
    • The Invictus Games were a great success. Nothing positive was said about the Invictus Games beforehand, and no one from Government or Professional Body was there to see their UK team leave the UK for the Games in The Netherlands.  All the other nations, as far as I could tell, had someone of prominence to see their team off on their |Invictus Journey, but the UK out of sheer pettiness because this charity was set up by Prince Harry many years ago, and it is not a Royal charity but one of Harry’s projects that he started from scratch and for which he is their Patron.
      • The BRF family had their balcony photo opportunities with the all white family that they consider represents the British Monarchy.  I would not say it was one of their finest moments.  A grainy photo of Meghan and then with Harry through a distant window, received more attention by UK and International press, than the desired all white Royal family standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, looking like left over mannequins forgotten to be placed in the van of artifacts and taken back to the museum from whence they originally came.
  • Meghan nearly died as a result of her treatment within that family and its media partners, so if Meghan ever sets foot in the Uk again, it will be to support Harry or to support her patronages.


UK tabloid media is a Case Study in Misinformation and Disinformation.  Be aware of both, but better still, do what I do, read archived versions of articles, and ensure that the said publications do not earn from your perusal at their poison.  I stopped reading all tabloid media early in 2017 after I saw the seeds being sown of abusive and racist rhetoric being badly disguised as something else.  One QC reported over two years ago that RRs were using undertones of racism in their articles, and straight out of the gate, one of the regular authors of such content, admitted that there “were indeed undertones of racism” but that the QC (Queens Council) “should know that undertones are not against the law.” Receipts exist of that public dialogue on a social media platform.


This is the state of UK tabloids who have their unwritten contract with the UK Royal Family, and the style of their rhetoric.  In the past they were able to do such things without challenge, but now the Sussexes have shown you can escape from the confines of Monarchy.  You do not have to stay simply because you were brought into the world to serve and to adhere to rules that you had no say in composition.  You can go out and seek you own employment and live and pay taxes etc.  The BRF and its media never expected Sussex Squad to arrive on the scene.  A global network spanning many many countries.  We are not a fan base but a global support network, and we are never going away.  A network of people who are span many professions, including legal, so never underestimate any Squad member in any country.  We have a lifetime membership, and between us and our various time zones, we provide support for the Sussexes and their endeavours 24/7. 2022 is going to be an even better year than 2021.  We are ready for anything. Bring it on.

  1. This image is from an experiment carried out in 2002.   Food for thought about the power of  information and its impact in terms of delivery.


The UK has spent the last 5 years + being out of step with the majority of the global audience, and definitely has managed to alienate increasing numbers within the Commonwealth.  If the UK Monarchy cannot behave better towards the first and only person of colour to enter that family, then it does not bode well for people of colour anywhere, including the UK. The treatment of Prince Harry purely because he has married a person of colour, and more importantly provides support 100% to his wife and family, and refuses to stand by and watch his family try to create another Diana incident, he is treated and has been declared a race traitor. One Queens Council went as far as to put in writing on one social media platform that the barrage of daily articles written about the Sussexes, particularly Meghan, amounted to approx. 100 a day, and the growth of single purpose targeted hate accounts on social media is on the back of the tabloids writing articles for click bait income, and also as part of their unwritten contract with the UK Royal family. Says everything you need to know about Uk media – both printed, online and televised. What they are discovering now after 5 years that the international media is no longer falling for the rhetoric, they fully understand what the Uk is trying to do, and as a result, The Sussexes have found an even wider support base. People now recognise the game that is being played.


The Uk is becoming increasingly a nation determined to follow an isolationist approach, and is very proud to admit this.  There are laws in place now, which are there to ensure that a “hostile environment exists which will deter undesirable people from wanting to come to the Uk to live.  It is not coincidence that most of those affected are people of colour.

A recent set of circumstances displays this graphically.  Black refugees fleeing war zones and risk to life, are treated less than, and some cases are not regarded as human beings, and the latest way to deal with this group is to send them all to Rwanda to be “processed”.  Rwanda has its own fair share of problems, and Human Rights is one of them, ie the lack of and abuse of human rights.  The UK are not concerned about that, because it is black people dealing with other black people, so it is not anything they lose sleep over.  Refugees from the Ukraine however, have been provided with online systems to apply for a Visa and the UK residents have been offered monthly payments if they would give up part of their home to provide accommodation for Ukrainians.  I am pleased for the Ukrainians but lets be clear, black people fleeing from war zones, have not ever been offered online visa applications, and have not been offered them in recent months, like the Ukrainian.  The difference in approach to different sets of people is obviously done on ethnic origin and colour of skin.  The official reason is that a visa is required.

  • Windrush Enforced return of people to the Caribbean, even though they were requested to come by the UK to fill essential posts, or came as babies of those adults who came. Now 70plus years later they are forcible returning those people, and referring to them as criminals, because they have no documentation to prove their reason to be in the Uk all this time.  No mention of the convenient loss of documents by government departments who asked them here in the first place, by computerised records gone astray or destroyed in error.  Yea right.  How convenient.

If the UK thinks that the world is not watching all this farce and cruelty, and forming an opinion about those things, and no longer believe what is written in UK press, particularly by Royal Reporters, and the continuing living example of how the Sussexes were treated and continue to be treated and used now for distraction stories rather than let people spend too much time questioning some very strange activities by certain members of the Royal family, some of which have legal implications.  Again, the UK Royal Family and its government seem unable to read a room, or have little regard for what other nations want to think.  The Uk will soon be announcing the final wording of its plan to withdraw from the Human Rights Act, and formulate its own Human Rights for the UK only.  That also tells you all you need to know about the direction of travel.

An inability to read a room.  No interest in trying to read a room.  Just entering spaces with a sense of entitlement and that know best etc., and bluster their way through event after event, and the people of the UK who all know people who are struggling and going hungry and the increased numbers of Food Banks appearing in our streets.  There was a time when government Ministers were in denial such entities were ever needed, now they happily stand for photo opportunities looking proud that they exist now, but forget to mention that every one of them exists by charitable donations, nothing whatsoever provided by this government. Nothing. They should be embarrassed to stand there and smile when they are in denial that there are people living in poverty in this country.

So many factors where very few in positions of telling the rest of the population what to do or how to live, or how to find an extra job so that more income can come into the household, proves every single minute of every single day, that reading a room, before any of those groups say a word, or go visit a place where vulnerable people have no choice but to visit, and at the same time, is unwilling to listen to or take advice from those who have more knowledge in the subject, is one of the reasons, that the ramifications of Brexit is still reverberating around the streets of Britain, and in the time of such poverty and the admission by the government that we are indeed entering into another period of austerity, and that basic items such as food and utilities will cost more than double than it does not, is a sure sign where very limited emotional intelligence exists in our governing bodies. We all know when it is election time, they will suddenly claim to be listening etc.  If these last few years is anything to go by, we are in for some rough times in the UK.

Who else would have spend £50billion on a celebration of 70 years of a monarch being in place, which has in its selfish nature, allowed someone still be ‘reigning’ in her mid 90s and will only give up the throne by death.  The knock on effect of that is the next in line is in his mid 70s, and the 2nd in Line is 40 and has yet to complete one project, and there have been very few projects started in 20 years of adult life.  In the same 20 years, Harry has set up a wide number of sustainable projects, and where others have had finite project plans, all has been done successfully.  The majority of Harry and Meghan’s projects are still running, as they were set up to be sustainable and to continue to improve and help others.

One couple recognised the changing nature of what societies around the world need, and that a Monarchy has to change the way it conducts itself.  The changes the Sussexes wanted to work, with measurable outcomes, not just tick boxes etc., caused others to feel uncomfortable.  I know who can read a room from that Firm, and I know who will remain like maniquins from a museum of artefacts depicting a former age who will be brought out to stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and call it tradition.

Spending 28 Million on 4 day Jubilee celebrations was obscene.  People are going without food and heat in the UK, and the Food Banks closed their doors for the 4 days too, so people who were already hungry, suffered in some places where a Food Bank was not open. The short sightedness from the Monarchy is simply shocking, and there appears to be no rationale given for it going ahead, other than the Queen has been reigning for 70 years, it was worth celebrating because the Queen has stayed loyal to the post.  Totally missing the age profile of the senior Royals, which is crucial element in any organisation who wishes to be around in the future.


Ivy Barrow



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