The Coronation of a Narcissist

No Other European Monarchy Still Has a Coronation



This week’s podcast and accompanying article looks at the current King and the next in line of succession – both of whom have displayed strong traits of narcissism, particularly over the last 6 years.  As the previous Queen Elizabeth became visibly less in control of her physical and mental health, due to illness, the traits of Prince Charles and his eldest son Prince William, have never been more evident.  Both of them clearly have fragile egos, and want and expect to be loved and revered simply because of their Titles, not because of their positive and inviting behaviour.  I always used to wander why the Queen held on to power for so long.  Even  knowing that when she became the Queen in her early 20s she vowed to be of life long service to the nation, and that she would only leave it due to death.  Having seen the behaviour and the deeds and activities carried out by the top two in the Line of Succession in recent years, but never more so since the funeral of the Queen, the narcissistic traits have been on full display. Neither of them have service in mind for the benefit of the UK people, but definitely self interest and image is everything to both of them, and whatever does not come automatically from everyone around them, as well as the people of the UK, then it is coerced out of them by strong tactics and abuse of power.  To give an idea of how bad it has become in the last 6 years, but even more so since the death of the last Monarch in Sept 2022, the jealousy and game playing of one upmanship and vindictiveness between father and eldest son, the latter of whom cannot wait to sit in the hot seat and be loved and revered or else people will be forced to love them – after all, they were born into the role and they are to be adored.

If we can all see how they are prepared to sacrifice their own, then people of the nation are not even an after thought if they need to create any hardship for either of the Royal bargain basement delusional Batman and Robin duo. The youngest son and younger brother of the bargain basement duo, is the most popular Royal and has been for many years, next to the Queen.  Now she has gone, and Prince Harry has been bullied out of the UK by the battery powered duo, and the life of the Sussex family put at an even high risk as a result, the world now understands more than ever, why Prince Harry had to escape and take his family with him, and the commonwealth in particular has realised the true views of the BRF and People of Colour (POC) and all doubts as to whether they were imagining this perspective by the BRF, most have come to the conclusion, that the days of colonisation are definitely over, and things now need to change big time and move on.

What does this mean for the UK?  What does it mean for POC in the UK, and in the Commonwealth and the world as a whole.  What does it mean now following the Brexit vote in 2016, where much of the rhetoric was negative towards foreigners, particularly those from Europe, and people of colour everywhere?  What does it mean for the people of the UK, many of whom are living in increasing poverty whilst we have a government and a Monarchy who seem unable to read the room, and who are in lockstep with other top tier societal groups to look after each other in terms of their positions of power, and to impose further austerity measures on the population.  Many of those working class people fell under the  effects of Covid, and many vulnerable people of all ages lost their lives to Covid.  There is growing evidence that many of that number were severely impacted by Covid, some of whom lost their lives, due to the handling of the pandemic by those in power in the country.

There is much to unpack here, and the discussion will focus on the personality traits of the Monarch and his behaviour towards family members who dared to have independent thought, and the increasing removal of any member of the public showing that they do not support the Monarchy.


So, this podcast (number 84 on this channel) will explore the personality traits of the Monarch, and the ripple effect on those around him.  We will look at leadership and the impact of those with a narcissistic personality.  We will also look at the evidence that proves most of the managers and leaders who bully people around them, have narcissistic traits, and explore the implications of that on people who are in senior influential positions in a country, and where their actions have a direct immediate effect on the population of that country.


I think it important to point out from the start of this podcast that I believe that both the Monarch and the Next in Line of Succession are solid Narcissists and their behaviour and attitude towards other people, but particularly  evident is the approach taken to Harry and Meghan managing to retain popularity with the people that matter, and have created additional loyal friendships, and their worse crime is that they are comfortably financial stable from within the first year of independence of having to rely on the UK taxpayer, or the Next in Line (William) if they had remained as Senior Working Royals.  Leaving or escaping (however you wish to view it) from all the abuse that was occurring daily, and will come out by the Royal Family own actions over the coming years, was the best decision and risk that Harry and Meghan took to remove themselves from this worsening toxic environment.  Worsening, because neither of the Sussexes broke or gave in.  Meghan was almost driven to ending it all, because she thought everyone would be happy with her gone.  Thankfully she confided in Harry how dangerous her thought processes had become, and Harry left with his wife and son.  The Royal Family never once contemplated that Harry would leave too, and because Narcissists do not react well to not being obeyed, or people ignoring to react in the way the British Royal Family were used to (ie BRF members always buckling to the pressure in the end and conforming to whatever was required of them.  Not least because they had limited skills and survival outside the ring of protection that came from being part of that Royal bubble, and all the privileges that came with that, they were prepared to forget about individual aspirations for their respective families, and to sit tight and buckle under to whatever was asked of them, because they doubted that they would be able to survive outside of that Royal bubble, not least because they would need accommodation and an income stream in order to pay their bills like ordinary people have to every day, including those who are not affluent.  Staying inside the Royal bubble enabled them to have no responsibilities and could live a very nice life, by accepting whatever was asked of them, whether they hated it or not, or more importantly, would the chosen activity actually make a difference to any recipient of that activity or visit.  No one in Royal life asks themselves that question because they do not care.  It has always been about performative activities, and Harry and Meghan with their philanthropic approach and measureable impact, result focussed projects were seen as red flags to the establishment.


Narcissism and Leadership

A direct quote from Wikipedia on this topic, which seems very appropriate and evidence of behaviours of the current Monarch – King Charles 3rd in the UK.

Narcissistic leadership is a leadership style in which the leader is only interested in him/herself. Their priority is themselves – at the expense of their people/group members. This leader exhibits the characteristics of a narcissist: arrogance, dominance and hostility. It is a sufficiently common leadership style that it has acquired its own name.[1] Narcissism is most often described as unhealthy and destructive. It has been described as “driven by unyielding arrogance, self-absorption, and a personal egotistic need for power and admiration“.[2] 2


2nd Direct Quote:-

According to the book Narcissism: Behind the Mask, there are four basic types of leader with narcissists most commonly in type 3 although they may be in type 1:[6]

  1. authoritarian with task oriented decision making
  2. democratic with task oriented decision making
  3. authoritarian with emotional decision making
  4. democratic with emotional decision making

Michael Maccoby stated that “psychoanalysts don’t usually get close enough to [narcissistic leaders], especially in the workplace, to write about them.”[7]


5 Ways Narcissists Compensate for their Inferiority

Direct Quote:-

“The Mayo Clinic research group defines narcissistic personality disorder as “a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.”

Narcissism is often interpreted in popular culture as a person who’s in love with him or herself. It is more accurate to characterize the pathological narcissist as someone who’s in love with an idealized self-image, which they project in order to avoid feeling (and being seen as) the real, disenfranchised, wounded self. Deep down, most pathological narcissists feel like the “ugly duckling,” even if they painfully don’t want to admit it.”

  1. Overinflated Sense of the Self

“Many narcissists enjoy bragging about themselves in grandiose and exaggerated terms. The self-admiring statements are intended for you to look up to and adulate them. In essence, they want you to worship them, so they feel “special,” “exceptional,” and “important.”

It is with this superficial and compensatory outer “mask” that the narcissist constructs his or her false identity, submerging an insecure, wounded self.”


  1. Reacts Poorly to Criticism

An easy way to spot a narcissist’s fragile ego is to observe the way with which he or she reacts to criticism, even when such comments are offered diplomatically, reasonably, and constructively. Most mature adults are able to take fair criticisms in stride, assess their validity, and use helpful feedback as a valuable learning tool. Chronic narcissists, however, tend to be highly offended by, and ultra-sensitive to even minor criticisms, especially those that have merit, for they fear that the truth will “expose” just how fake and hollow they really are (narcissistic injury).


  1. Jealous of Others, Possessive of Attention

Jealously can be defined as feeling envious for not having what someone else has. While some people experience jealously on occasion, many chronic narcissists feel envious and resentful of others’ happiness and success on a regular basis, and pathologically make disparaging remarks in order to make themselves feel better.

Many pathological narcissists are also attention hogs in their personal and/or professional lives. They want you to constantly focus on them and cater to them, for without your attention and appeasement, they feel insignificant.


  1. Manipulates to Get What They Want

“There are those whose primary ability is to spin wheels of manipulation. It is their second skin and without these spinning wheels, they simply do not know how to function.”

― C. JoyBell C.


Examples of narcissist manipulation include, and are not limited to:

  1. Negative Manipulation – Intended to gain an advantage by causing the victim to feel inferior, inadequate, insecure, and/or self-doubt.
  2. Positive Manipulation – Intended to bribe the victim emotionally to win favors, concessions, sacrifices, and/or commitments.
  3. Deception and Intrigue – Intended to distort the perception of the victim for easier exploitation.
  4. Strategic Helplessness – Intended to take advantage of the victim’s goodwill and guilty conscience.
  5. Hostility and Abuse – Intended to dominate and control the victim through overt aggression.

The truth about narcissistic manipulation is that, deep down, many narcissists don’t believe they have what it takes to get what they want in a healthy, reasonable way. To compensate for the inadequacy, they resort to false personas and deceptive machinations to gain a measure of what they desire.


  1. Unable to Face the Real Self and Unable to See You as a Real Person

The bottom line of being in a relationship with a pathological narcissist is that your thoughts, emotions, and priorities are constantly invalidated. You exist merely to serve the whims and the pleasures of the narcissist. The flip side of this dynamic is that, in creating and facilitating such relationships, the narcissist is refusing to acknowledge the hard truth: that he or she is incapable of a genuinely loving and respectful relationship. Many chronic narcissists have very little to give and will painfully never admit to this, for it is better to be the phony fake self than the disenfranchised real self.


4 D’s of Narcissim: Deny, Dismiss, Devalue and Divorce

there’s nothing easy about being married to a narcissist. That is why being married to one often leads to divorce. In fact, narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and divorce are so commonly paired together, we’re going to go ahead and coin a new phrase that outlines how narcissism can do so much damage to marital relationships.

NB  I am adding ‘family’ relationships too, not just marriage.  The BRF do not act like families in the way most of know that dynamic to be.  The BRF appear to treat family members like employees in their business – hence describing themselves as The Firm.  Remember this analogy when you hear some of the words used, and then when you hear or read about the actions, I know that you all will be able to draw upon the outcomes of such actions – not least because they appear in the UK tabloid media every day, and in some cases, the individual or individuals appear several times a day in the tabloids, because they do not play the game that the BRF and its media pals want, so as the media have publicly admitted on several occasions and receipts exist for every single public outburst, the media have said that Harry and Meghan “deserve all the abuse they receive” because UK media “have declared war” on the couple for daring to walk away.  Not least because it caused a massive reduction in their income stream.

The Four Ds of Narcissism:

  • Deny: People with NPD often deny pretty much anything that could put them in a negative light. This often comes up in marital arguments when the narcissist goes too far. They say something cruel and uncalled for, and then deny that they ever said that thing, even though their spouse heard it loud and clear.
  • Dismiss: If a narcissist can’t outright deny something, then they will just dismiss it, which is like the cousin of denial. Did your NPD spouse spend too much money on sports paraphernalia last week and now you’re worried about making that car payment? According to them, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill, even if you have financial records showing you’re running the risk of going into the red.
  • Devalue: When faced with someone with “too much” self-confidence, a narcissist gets scared because they secretly don’t have any for themselves. In this situation, they will try to devalue their spouse as much as possible. A narcissist will talk down to their spouse to make them doubt themselves and feel less valuable to the relationship. One tactic that they use to do this is to create a new narrative to a situation or argument that allows them to frame it in a way that makes them seem like they’re in the right.
  • Divorce: To get away from a spouse with NPD, the only option is often to divorce them. People who want to divorce a narcissist should not feel guilty, no matter how much their narcissist spouse would love it if they felt guilty every moment of their life. Narcissism inflicts emotional abuse, sometimes unintentionally. No one deserves to live with abuse each day. Protect yourself and your family by filing for divorce if it seems like the right way forward!


Linkages Between Narcissism and Aristocracy & His Majesty The Baby

This area of the podcast is taken from an extract in a very well known research paper on the subject of Aristrocracy and its Links with Narcissism.  There are many articles based on the observations of Freud on this topic, and many more articles written about it, and paintings done to portray the subject.  I am merely taking a few lines from a research paper, listed in the reference sources below, but you will find many many more articles and research on this topic from any search engine.

Here is an extract from one such research publication about the 1914 essay on narcissism, Freud’s famous allusion to “His Majesty the Baby” referred to the manner in which doting parents “are impelled to ascribe to the child all manner of perfections.  Freud deduced the presence of infantile narcissism.  However, the historically and politically more interesting meaning of this allusion encourages us to reverse its terms and address “His Majesty.”  In this essay, the focus upon the presence and significance of narcissism acquires political significance to the extent that it is recapitulated within political systems characterised by the concentration of authority within a very limited number of individuals. This approach can explain much about the nature of royal authority – with regard to the deeply rooted human needs it satisfies.”


The UK King’s No Expense Spared Coronation in a Nation That Has The Highest Number of Food Banks in Europe

Coronations were previously held in the monarchies of Europe. The United Kingdom is the only monarchy in Europe that still practices coronation.[1] Current European monarchies have either replaced coronations with simpler ceremonies to mark an accession (e.g. Denmark) or have never practiced coronations (e.g. The Netherlands and Belgium). Most monarchies today only require a simple oath to be taken in the presence of the country’s legislature.

The UK with its apparent slimmed down Monarchy is holding a 3 day shindig, and a ceremony that even when the Queen had her Coronation, the cost of which was ……..and with inflation, that total would be …….., but here we have King Charles having 3 days of celebrations, at a total cost of £100m more than double the cost of the Queen’s, even when taking into account inflation.

Central to the ceremony is the “unction”, the act of anointing a monarch with holy oil. This signals the conferment of God’s grace upon a ruler. Today, the United Kingdom is the only European monarchy to retain such a ceremony. The last one – for Queen Elizabeth II – took place on 2 June 1953.

Although British coronations have at their heart an Anglican service conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey, the ceremony combines not only religion but aspects of the UK’s uncodified constitution and a degree of theatre. The contemporary form of the coronation dates from 1902, when King Edward VII was crowned. They consist of a state procession from Buckingham Palace to the Abbey, another procession inside, the Recognition, the Anointing, the Coronation Oath, the Homage and finally another procession from the Abbey back to the Palace.


The Trussel Trust Charity and the Formation of Food Banks in the UK

Cost of living crisis

In May 2022, the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN)  surveyed 101 of its organisations representing 194 independent food banks across 94 local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales. 93% of organisations reported an increase or significant increase in the need for their services since the start of 2022. 95% of organisations reporting increases said it was due to the cost-of-living crisis.

The Trussell Trust opened its first UK food bank in 2000 and operates over half of food banks in the country. IFAN represents food banks outside the Trussell Trust and since 2020 has been collecting data from them across the UK. Both the number of food banks and the quantity of emergency food parcels they distribute has increased over time, with the exception of a partial drop after the Covid-19 pandemic subsided.


How many food banks are there in the UK?

There are over 1,400 Trussell Trust food banks in the UK, in addition to at least 1,172 independent food banks. The numbers of food parcels distributed by the Trussell Trust up to March 2022 can be seen in the chart below:

Figure 1 London was the region with the highest distribution of Trussell Trust food parcels in 2021-22, closely followed by South-East and North-West England.

What A Food Bank Does

“We support a nationwide network of food banks and together we provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

In the UK, more than 14 million people are living in poverty – including 4.5 million children. We support more than 1,200 food bank centres in the UK to provide a minimum of three days’ nutritionally-balanced emergency food to people who have been referred in crisis, as well as support to help people resolve the crises they face. Between April 2019 and March 2020, food banks in our network provided a record 1.9 million food supplies to people in crisis, an 18% increase on the previous year and during the coronavirus pandemic food banks have seen need rise even further.”

The UK now has Heat Banks

‘Heat bank’ map will show freezing families nearest places to warm up this winter.   Local authorities are planning to use public buildings as ‘warm banks’ this winter, as the cost of living crisis worsens. Millions of people are facing the prospect of being unable to heat their homes over the coming months due to the cost of living crisis.

Energy industry regulator Ofgem recently announced that its energy price cap would rise to £3,549 a year for a typical household on an average dual-fuel tariff. The price cap is set to rise again in January and could hit £7,700 a year by April, according to one forecast.

What is a warm bank?

A warm bank is a space where people can go to remain warm if they’re struggling to heat their homes. Martin Lewis, founder of Money Saving Expert, is among those to warn that warm banks will be necessary this winter as energy bills soar.

They will operate on much the same principle as food banks, in that people who would otherwise struggle to afford heat will have somewhere to get it. However, the prospect of millions of people being reliant on warm banks has itself caused great concern and alarm.

Rocketing energy bills have put many people under severe financial strain. A recent study from the University of York estimated that 45 million people in the UK would find themselves in fuel poverty from January.

Which buildings will be used as warm banks?

Public buildings including libraries and art galleries are likely to be used as warm banks this winter. Councils across the UK are understood to have been working on plans to use public venues as spaces where people can stay warm for free.

Birmingham City Council officials are reportedly also considering using places of worship and community centres as warm banks. A ‘heat bank map’ is also expected to be launched, enabling local residents to find the warm bank nearest to them.

“As a council we will then work with our partners across the city to identify gaps in provision and find solutions to fill them,” said Councillor John Cotton, cabinet member for social justice, community safety and equalities on Birmingham City Council.


This decline in the wealth of the UK commenced after leaving the Europe.  Cost of doing business with many sectors based abroad became incredibly costly, as almost half of the nation realised before the vote took place.  Be that as it may, the vote took place, and since then a combination of factors have resulted in major areas of the workforce, such as the health service and social care generally, along with less doctors and nursing joining the profession as in years gone by.  As people retire, the gap in recruiting and training new professionals is widening.  Nurses and Doctors coming to the UK to work was made extremely difficult by UK government, so ultimately less professionals even attempted to apply, and those were that here, left and were snapped up by other countries happy to receive people already qualified and who could slot in almost immediately.  Many things have increased in price, and the basic services cannot be afforded by even the most vulnerable now.  Hence why we have such things in the UK as Food and now Heat Banks.

We have a Royal family obsessed with punishing the couple who chose to walk away from abuse, rather than look at ways to make the Monarchy relevant in this day and age.  The BRF appear to be self serving and outside of that parameter vindictive and cruel, simply because his youngest son married a person of colour, and to add salt to injury, out performed all the rest of the Royal Family combined, with measurable impactful work projects, and attracting global recognition for it.  All the effort put into the media slating this couple every single day in their rag sheets, and stoking up hatred and increasing the risks and confirmed increased in actual threats to the life of the Sussex family, the BRF and its media have played games for click bait income, and to keep the so called invisible contract going.  Offering up their usual sacrificial lamb since 2016, ie the Sussexes or either of the two adults, though they have been known to be absolutely vile about each of the children in print, which is a new low for them.  That being said, they do not see black people as humans anyway (by the way there are televised receipts on several of those instances) so nothing is off limits for this family, the Monarch and next in Line in particular.

This give it, snatch it back, let’s offer it again, nah lets take the offer off the table again, apart from being juvenile in its conception, someone with intelligence would know, that kind of approach can only work when the person you are trying to persuade on something, actually wants what you are selling.  Once you have nothing to offer that is of interest, you lose your power.  As we have already covered in this and previous podcasts, narcissists do not like to be confronted with someone who laughs at their antics.  Narcissists do not like feeling that they are not in control, and rattles get thrown out of prams, when an intended slight to someone, does not land the way one intended.  E.g. The target is not dependant on any funds from Royal coffers, which in reality is UK taxpayers.  The target does not add to UK taxpayers woes by demanding that they pay for their existence. The target does not regard being part of a Monarchy, or The Firm as you all seem to call it, as being the peak of success and recognition.  Being part of a Family would be a desire but that has never been on offer in centuries of UK Royal life.  When a family relies on tabloid media to make it look good to the public, then the Monarchy has lost already.  The target when still living on the Plantation behind Gilded Gates earned the tabloids lots of money, so they were more than happy.  When the targets decided to stop being the the pinyata for the media, as part of being the daily distraction fake story to protect someone or others in the BRF that day or week or month etc. it was replaced by abuse and harassment – publicly declared in terms of abuse more than once, in writing and also in front of camera.  The business model changed to one of inciting hatred, which also paid well, so everyone who wanted extra income on a regular basis found it lucrative, so the abusive behaviour continued across continents (something all involved are going to live to regret one day) and the family who needed distraction were happy behind the curtains on the plantation.

That new game you were all playing has now backfired, and from the little I have seen so far, the media have slowly realised what they have done to themselves.  The invisible contract is not going to work out so well in its current state is it.  Now that it is the UK that has cut the final cord, and done it in full view of a world audience, there is no going back to those halcyian days of lots of money coming in.  The golden goose that you both fed off for the past 6 years, has now left and has no reason to return to any part of the UK that any of you reside.  The brf has no one person who can provide the level of distraction you have all fed on since 2016.  The Royal Rota clowns have got rid of their money spinner, and are now left with the stock that no one wants to buy even in a famine.

All combined do not attract enough to keep 2/3 of you in work, and the remaining third needs to go back to college and learn how to be a journalist, where you have to do real research before you write your fairy tales.  I have stated many times recently, there is absolutely no need to employ the number of people on paper who are employed to write about 7 working Royals.  Zero need.  If there was, there would never have been the need to chase The Sussexes the way you have all done, or treat them like traitors.  There was no need for the BRF to treat them like runaway slaves, simply because they chose to leave abuse and be free to earn their own money and provide a life for their family, that was beholden to come with a begging bowl to either of the top two Royals for permission to live.  95% of BRF time has been spent on punishing Harry and Meghan and their children, simply because they recognise the abuse and the Firm but do not see a Family. The other 5% of time appears to be spent on self serving activity, and in most areas, there is no value added, and there is no outcome, just lots of start ups.

A well functioning Monarchy does not operate in this self serving way, and the give and take back, and give and take back type of parental process does not work, and in a functioning business would not be employed, and the treatment of a person of colour or anyone who regards them as deserving of love and respect, like anyone else can expect, has been laid bare to the nation and to international partners and others who may have become partners.  The world almost lost Meghan, and for that many of us will never forgive.  Not only do you owe Meghan telephone size number of dollars, for what she paid out to do Royal duties, and do it in an exemplary way, and you all continue to make money off Meghan in so many ways, it is embarrassing, and then you have the ‘brass neck’ to treat her like something less than, when in fact she is worth more than any body part of any of BRF.  People who know their worth, do not need others to validate their existence.  They stand true in their power and value.  All of you involved in that so called invisible contract, all you had to do was be civil and respectful, and be glad that of all the positive publicity that the Monarchy was receiving.  You decided to go a different route, so we are where we are now.  Rota clowns, I see this last few days, as this non story runs for a little while, but it wont go anywhere for all of the above.  It was patently obvious that some of you suddenly realised your money tree is about to become extinct, and you know deep down that what you have left to write about, wont even put food on the table for a week, never mind give you all a luxury lifestyle in the future. Both sides of that contract have imploded and damaged yourselves.  Whilst your support base that you all built up by the incitement of hate model being employed on various platforms, will laugh with you all for a short while, but you all know the gig is up.

  • You cant’ evict anyone who has already left. You cannot take away what you do not own.  Deep down you will all wish you acted better than you did.  The Coronation will require the skills of the Rota clowns to make it seem like a huge success.  I am sure according to the UK press the 3 days will look like it was fabulous, but you all know the true cost of the damage done over the last 6 years, and now you will start to reap what you all sowed.  It may take years, but the erosion of many structures has already begun.

Key points of having a Narcissistic personality by a Monarch, particularly in times of severe austerity for increasing numbers of people, this quote from one of the Reference Sources seems useful as I draw this podcast to a close.

  • Virtually all narcissists’ offensive characteristics can be perceived as defenses against unresolved hurts, disappointments, and insecurities.
  • Narcissists have an implicit belief that in order to be okay, they need to be perfect and constantly get others to enviously look up to them.
  • Many of the people whom a narcissist exploits end up deserting them.

Never a truer word spoken, and many have been exploited.  Sections of the nation going without heat or food, is never a good look at any time of the year, but set against a huge vanity celebration, will come back to haunt you all, and rightly so.

The UK is in its leaky boat, held together by delusion, and the ideology that Utopia exists for the chosen ones, whilst the rest of the world are waving to you all, going in the opposite direction on their luxury liners, and no one is cold or hungry because the top tier societal groups decided to look after themselves.  Royal Rota, you all won’t even be on their leaky boat.  Remember that.


Ivy Barrow

06 March 2023


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Research Papers:-     Freud re His Majesty the Baby