The Psychological Stages of Jealousy & Envy

in the Premier League of UK Royal Group of Clowns


Stages of Jealousy and Envy

In the UK Royal Group of Clowns

This weeks podcast explores the psychological stages of Jealousy and Envy, and the physical evidence of it being in play.  The source group for this brief outline of activity is the UK Monarchy and its Associates in Government and Media and their supporters.  The topic of study is vast, and the subjects for the purposes of this podcast, are rich in evidence.  We have five years and counting of research material which will keep psychologists and many sections of the health care professions occupied for whole careers.

[i]“Jealousy involves fear with thoughts of a potential loss. Commonly jealousy is an emotional reaction activated by the actual or anticipated interest in another person by someone we care about.  When a third party threatens the bond that exists in a partnership, we may feel insecure, rejected, worried, angry or self-doubting among a host of other undesirable feelings.”

The emotion of jealousy is a derivative of shame.  It is seen as an obstacle to the connection between ourselves and a loved one.   When you experience jealousy, you assume that someone else is receiving the attention or adoration that you want for yourself in some way.  One of the typical coping responses can involve withdrawal, avoidance, or attacking the other person.  The latter of which can result in aggressive and offensive behaviour. The person or people feeling jealous, may wish to hurt the person or people who are considered the rival, and behave in ways that will control the person whose bond you fear losing.  Such behaviours is done with the aim of breaking up the connection with the third parties or re-establishing the primary relationship.

Any of these activities bring any of the groups to mind? Eg some member of the Royal family, Media – the tabloid press in particular, the So called experts who form the Carnival of Clowns cluster, and Royalist supporters who live and breathe involvement in hateful activity against anyone who is seen as changing the current status quo.

Avoidance behaviour is where individuals resort to seeking comfort in the use of substances or behaviours that are carried out away from public view.  Who knows how many of the identified groups in these podcasts resort to such activity, but one thing is for sure, their public facing behaviour and equally the keyboard warriors who imbibe and then forward on their irrational hatred via electronic means, to anyone associated with the individuals (in this case the Sussexes, but particularly Meghan) including all charitable organisations associated with them, are all projecting their venom, which ultimately will cause harm to themselves – regardless of whether or not, the intended victim is aware of their venom.  I am sure for the most part, and after 5 years of such attacks, the Sussexes moved away to protect their mental health and have created boundaries, which the perpetrators do not seem able to have the moral fibre to do, to ensure that they are shielded from such toxic activity most of the time.

Another side effect for the ones who feel left behind is to fall into depression or loneliness.  If there is not enough psychological safety in that relationship, or if you have experienced childhood loss or abandonment, that interferes with your sense of safety, and may have a hard time working through an experience of shame-based jealousy.  Since jealousy involves comparison, the person who experiences the emotion is left thinking that they do not measure up.

Jealousy is interchangeable with Envy.[ii] While jealousy can be described as a fear that another person may take something that you regard as yours, envy is the desire for something that belongs to someone else.  Both jealousy and envy can cause feelings of insecurity.  Envy is more likely to cause feelings of sadness whereas jealousy  is more likely to provoke anger and resentment.  The two emotions can and do often occur together.

How Moods Affect our Health[iii]

Laughing is good for your heart but anger sends your blood pressure soaring.

We are probably all hard wired for jealousy, even babies and dogs feel it.  Not to be confused with envy, which is about coveting what someone else has.  (eg a fabulous house with numerous bathrooms etc) jealousy is about protecting what is yours, or what you think is yours.  Scientists suspect the brains left frontal cortex, which deals in emotions like shame, is involved.  Another key factor is our dopamime system, it regulates the chemical associated with happiness or reward.  There are three types of jealousy.  Reactive jealousy, suspicious jealousy and delusional jealousy – which usually occurs when the previous two have become obsessional.  Jealousy in these circumstances can kick start the body’s stress response.

The Evolutionary Psychology of Envy and Jealousy[iv]

It was traditionally thought that most complex aspects of human emotions are driven by culture.  Eg the English thought to be straight laced whereas the Italians and Indians are effusive.  Over the laast two decades this perspective has changed with a growing realization that there is a basic scaffolding specified by genes.  This was a long research paper, and even the abstract that I read was quite long in duration and fascinating.  For the purpose of this podcast and the people we are looking at I felt that this section summed it up quite nicely, though I do believe that the study has many interesting points relating to human behaviour and the workings within the body that go along with the behaviour.  The following section made me smile, and I immediately thought of the Royal Rota and the comments that many have openly made in interviews without any shame about their words.  I also found the content and the toxicity found within various TV panel shows, which have bolstered their viewing figures based on the popularity of hate and the general public paranoia feeding from the food store of tabloid publications.  In the UK, many things are sliding down into the trash can of life, but one thing is for sure, the business model for media, which the UK BRF rely, is definitely one that hungers for hatred and toxic reporting about the Sussexes, and blame every ill in life upon this couple, regardless of what is going on in the world, or even going as far as telling lies to protect members of that same family, but not prepared to tell the truth about the Sussexes, in order to reduce the risk to their actual lives and that of their children, caused by the brf itself, and its contract with the media.  One section in this study caught my attention, for the purposes of this podcast.

This relates to the emotion of Envy.

Are you more envious of A someone who is similar to you in most respects but is a bit wealthier (say 50#5 wealthier, or B more envious of Bill Gates?  Is a beggar jealous of a slightly more successful beggar or of Bill Gates?

The answer is almost always the former.  10 out of 11 people surveyed chose A.  this does not make sense.  One usually expects the strength of an emotion to be directly proportional to the resource being sought after.  E.g. blood glucose determines the degree of hunger.  Following this argument, shouldn’t you be more envious of Bill Gates?  Common sense might dictate that the better off someone is than you are , the more envious you should be, but this is not necessarily true.  One would imagine, logically, to be more jealous of Bill Gates because he has more resources, but the emotion module is wired up for ‘gut reactions, like jealousy, sometimes overriding logical inferences.

What then is the evolutionary logic of such results.  What is it that drives envy.  e.g the fact that you envy your neighbour than you do Bill Gates? The answer is that the whole purpose of envy is to motivate you into action either by independently trying harder (envy) or by coveting and stealing what the other has (jealousy).  This is why jealousy has an aggressive component but envy is more positive sometimes even being tinged with admiration.

Using the Bill Gates vs a more prosperous beggar, it was explained in the following way.  Envy evolved to motivate access to resources that are in demand by others in your group.  If I am the poor beggar my brain quickly computes that in all likelihood the very rich Bill Gates is either deservedly much richer (ie he is far smarter) or just extremely lucky.  Evolutionary speaking there is no point in being jealous of him because he is ‘off the scale’ either in ability or luck, so no amount of effort by an individual ordinary member of the public ca result in reaching his level of prosperity.  Envy would motivate an inappropriate and futile waste of resources.

The richer beggar on the other hand, may be only slightly smarter, luckier or more hardworking than me, so there is some chance, at least, envy might motivate me to succeed his access to resources, or jealousy may motivate me to steal it away from him with impunity.

There were many more interesting analogies between the fortunes of a beggar and Bill Gates, and how they were viewed by people in the study, in relation to jealousy and envy.  I took from this research the following, and I caveat this by the fact that I have not spent weeks going through this and much more on this area of study, but for the purpose of this podcast and my general interest in the Sussexes, and a vehement dislike of their treatment in the Uk by a variety of groups, I have come to the following conclusions:-   In no particular order just as they come to me, as I was typing up the summary research:-

  1. The hatred and toxic emotions on display towards Meghan from the start in 2016, was resentment of someone outside of the aristocracy gene pool entering into a relationship with the UK’s favourite Prince, and it becoming so serious so quickly, which went against what one so called expert from the Carnival of Clowns KKKlan described as the union being suitable for a fling but not for marriage, and it would soon be over, or words to that effect. In other words, someone outside of the accepted gene pool is fine to be a fling but definitely not for marriage.
    1. The fact that Meghan was a millionaire several times over, just did not compute in the minds of the racist, and there were plenty of them coming out of the woodwork, in a variety of ways.
    2. The Acting profession was deemed to be unsuitable grounding for someone to enter and marry into the Royal family, but decades of the Royal family being involved with the industry of sex trafficking and/or sexual activity of children was and still is deemed perfectly alright. A member of the BRF had one of its members, high in the Line of Succession as Patron for BAFTA – a professional body representing the very profession that this same family considered beneath them, and by definition all those who earned a living in that profession. Currently at least one member of the BRF is wanted for questioning by the FBI for perfectly credible reasons, but currently all the wagons have circled whichever castle they reside in at any given time, and the media have been ordered not to discuss it in their publications.
    3. The general public, who pay for all of the funding for this family, (whatever the official line given) do not appear to have a problem with this approach. If we take the Bill Gates research analogy, it seems that this family are just so rich and powerful, there is no merit in spending time feeling jealous and envious about how they acquired such wealth, or whether or not their activities are questionable.  The UK public seem to be alright with this (well some of them anyway) and the fact that the institution is supported by the Government in the Uk, and the media is only publishing distraction stories for the last five years, and using the Sussexes as income click bait, whilst turning a blind eye to anything else going on in the Plantation Behind Gilded Gates.  Seems the general public think that the whole cartel at the top of the societal structure is just too large and powerful to spend time worrying about.  The aristocracy will quietly support it as well, because they benefit from the current system, and one small element of that is females within that group are quite happy to be mistresses, or to actually marry someone for the wealth that comes with it.  Etc etc.  That is a lifetime aspiration among that crowd, and the UK just laps it all up and admires the wealth on display, and only have an issue when someone from a lower class enters the fray.  If that person is already affluent without relying on a rich spouse, then that causes hackles to rise, and if the person is a woman of colour, people just lose their dam minds.


In the first part of this article, I said the following:-

“behave in ways that will control the person whose bond you fear losing.  Such behaviours is done with the aim of breaking up the connection with the third parties or re-establishing the primary relationship.”  I regard the BRF who were feeling jealous about Harry and Meghan escaping their clutches, and went out of their way for 4 years out of the 5 to break the connection between this couple with the hope that Harry would return and ‘re-establish the Primary relationship’  The inbuilt arrogance that all slaves to the regime, would always consider the relationship with the Plantation to be and should be their primary relationship.  It is always disguised as “duty” but anyone born into a group which deliberately created you like a laboratory specimen, to serve the cult, and tell you from the start, that you are there to serve and be a support system to the older sibling, and that you do not have independent of thought, or the freedom to be seen better than the older sibling etc etc, is not duty, that is bondage.  Modern day slavery set in an opulent setting, is still slavery if you cannot leave, and if you manage to escape, you are hunted down like prey, like a slave gone bad.  That is not a primary relationship, it is not family construct, and a phrase from the podcast last week comes to mind.  Trying to convince whole nations that you are helping them by dropping humanitarian bombs on them.  I will leave that one there.  Sums it up nicely I think.

The next section I discussed, I included the following phrase:-

Avoidance behaviour is where individuals resort to seeking comfort in the use of substances or behaviours that are carried out away from public view.  The evil thought processes of certain people classed as senior Royals, are beginning to show the physical outward signs of obvious inner turmoil, and it is something that publicly no one seems prepared to say, but from a UK resident perspective, I see it has dangerous and high risk for any country to have any of these individuals representing the UK in any setting.  This love of power and status based on genealogy and which birth canal they emerged from, is archaic and no longer fit for purpose.  Add to it that the only credible person with skills and empathy with people was forced out of the family and the UK because of jealousy and racism, and now that the void is so obviously  growing in negative outcomes day by day, it is pretty obvious that there has been yet another huge mistake made, but because of pride, and the public face that they feel they are getting away with, no one is admitting that the Monarchy is finished.  It is when not if.  The press now resorting to discussing the merits of a child who is not yet even a decade, as being the next hope.  No mention of what will happen in the intervening decade/s with the existing dollar store Royals we have now.  They may have money hidden in various bank accounts, and currently the UK taxpayer has never been given the opportunity to vote on the existence of a Monarchy, but it will come.  In the meantime, the hope is by some, that the UK will stumble through this ineffective and non valuing adding institution, until their saviour of a current child, becomes an adult.  I already feel sympathy for the said child, and I yet again ask the question, what is the purpose or reasoning used to keep and continue funding people who most people are already saying are not popular or competent, and costing the country whilst they all navel gaze.  The vast majority of articles published by the BRF own propaganda team is about the Sussexes.  The Sussex name in a headline, guarantees engagement and therefore money.  If the established Royal family cannot do this, then why are they there?


Psychologists claim that there are only five types of jealousy that actually exist and they can be classified according to colours — from white to purple.

  • White jealousy (I have an aversion to colour coding, and particularly where white is seen only in positive terms) This type of jealousy is the healthiest for your relationship. White jealousy is a method to guard your territory and it comes from a sincere care and commitment to a relationship
  • Blue jealousy: type of jealousy when a person cannot control their negative emotions. becomes sad and anxious,
  • Green jealousy – The next stage of jealousy is when insecure partner becomes paranoid —seeking solace in alcohol or even drugs.
  • Red jealousy – Red jealousy is aggressive and uncontrollable
  • Purple jealousy – is the most dangerous condition. A person may behave absolutely normal by hiding their jealousy. As a rule, a person completely builds a parallel reality, where they are trying to punish the focus of their jealousy.


I have found that in the research undertaken this week regarding Stages of Jealousy or envy, I found it to be more about Types rather than Stages.    People may experience more than one type at various stages in their life experiences with someone or an life event, but there is not a cycle of progression as such.  It is more about recognising the type of behaviour being exhibited by someone or a group, and then deciding on the appropriate responses accordingly.

I will end this podcast with a few quotes relating to Jealousy and Envy, mainly anonymous quotes, but I found one my Oprah Winfrey which I felt apt to end this podcast with.

The circus has been in town for 5 years now, with the BRF at the centre, being the Ringmaster.  Directing the activities and the timescale for each act to come out and perform, according to the rehearsals which occurred beforehand. Everyone knows their script and when it is their time, to come out and provide distractions from everyday disturbing events.  Just like the Big Top, the Plantation setting is disguised as a fun place to be, with much to smile over, and all the while, averting the gaze of the audience on things which really will impact on their day to day lives, and not in a good way.

Every day the general public are attracted to what is going on in the Main Ring that day, and see which acts are out in force entertaining the mases with a fake positive spin.  In between each act, the Carnival of Clowns appear, dancing around trying to outdo each other, in the relevance department, so that they will be invited back to perform again.  All the Clowns on show, pretend to be expert, but in reality they too are spinning a fictional tale, but it is all dressed up in bright lovely eye catching colours, all speak as if they have Royal blue blood in them because yet they have convinced themselves of that aspect as they have become so immersed in the folklore they tell in exchange for income, that they have come to believe aspect of the lies themselves.  The reality is they were hired as flunkys for the BRF and were considered no more than loyal mouthpieces now that they have left the main employ.  We know that the people of colour employed in those sacred corridors, are there to do the menial tasks, no matter their ability, as one senior Royal has admitted earlier this week.  So the Carnival of Clowns, have been led to believe that they are better than, because of their skin colour, and they have become clone like in their manner of speech, but in reality they are no more than service personnel, who are given the equivalent of golden toilet brushes to use as they clean up Royal mess of one type of another.

This group in particular are definitely full of envy, as they see the Sussexes making a life of a level that they they themselves never dreamed of, and were hoping like all the Royalists, that life would be made so difficult for the Sussexes, by all those perming in the Big Top circus every day, that he Sussexes would return to the Plantation begging for forgiveness.  All the power that that all these groups perceived they had, was all an illusion.  Their biggest mistake, was assuming that they had control over people, and in particular Harry and Meghan and their family.  They assumed that living in the Royal bubble was more attractive than having autonomy of ones own life.  They assumed that the Sussexes would ignore how they had been treated before and since leaving the UK taxpapyers purse strings, and slave mentality of the BRF, and run back to them each time they needed someone to attract the international press.  It is patently obvious that no one outside of the UK, or very few people, and none of influence, is interested in what the BRF do from day to day, and even their own media do not write even 1% of their daily output on the people who they are meant to be putting on a pedestal and convincing the world of their greatness.  Instead they are chasing coins, by printing and generating and inciting hatred against a couple who have chosen to leave and be self financing.  Only in the UK could this be seen as a dereliction of duty.

As in one of the quotes I use at the end of this podcast, which person would want to be friends with those who tried to cause the end of their life?  None.

Harry and Meghan continue as you are doing.  The crabs in a bucket on the Plantation and their helpers are all doing enough to destroy themselves.  All Sussex Squad are with you in mind and spirit in the USA.  None of us have any interest in what the BRF and their supporters are doing.  We believe karma will find all it needs to reach in due course.  Meanwhile, we all are in Montecito.  Cheers to a job well done everyone, particularly Harry and Meghan.  Cheers.



[i]   Article June 26th 2020

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