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Clinging to Power by Use of Propaganda and Failing


Context – Hanging on to the Empire and Colonial Past


This quote:-

“I think he would be very proud of the continuing legacy of Britain in those

Places around the world, and particularly I think he would be amazed at India, the world’s largest democracy – a stark contrast, of course, with other less fortunate countries that haven’t had the benefit of British rule.  If I can say this on the record – why not? It’s true, it’s true”.

Boris Johnson of Winston Churchill, on whom he had just finished writing a book


“I am strongly in favour of using poison gas against uncivilised tribes.  It would spread a lively terror”

I hate Indians. They are beastly people with a beastly religion”

Winston Churchill

There is a section in the book where Akala was on a school visit to the National Portrait Gallery, and there is a page or so about what happened when a teacher who had never really been that kind or interested in him, called him out to come and stand by her whilst she gave a tale about this painting.  Now this is a story I have heard Akala repeat in various interviews, and I still smile every time he recalls this visit.  It is useful to remember that he was 7 years of age at the time.

The painting on the wall was of “William – patron saint of black emancipation – Willberforce,” ……the teacher then said “this man stopped slavery”.  She managed to pull her eyes away from the picture and turned them in my direction, her gaze instructing me to be thankful. She expected me to share in her joy, but I was just thoroughly confused.  “what all by himself, miss?” I asked.  “Don’t you mean, he helped?” Her face distorted and she took the exact same flustered breath that liberals everywhere would take in 2008, right before they were about to lecture any black person who had the gall to declare themselves a non supporter of Barack Obama.  I was there in 2008.  I was one such sinner.

“No Kinglsee he stopped slavery” she retorted clearly annoyed at my refusal to blindly accept what I was being told.”

“By what force of magic could an educated adult be compelled to believe that one man, all by himself, could put an end to a few centuries of tri-continental multi million pound business enterprise – and genocide – by the sheer force of his moral convictions?.

I was not the only child of Caribbean origin in our class, but I was the only one who went to pan-African Saturday school, and thus had demonstrated a particular penchant for challenging what I was being taught.  By the time that teacher was telling me that Wilberforce had set Africans free, I already had some knowledge of the rebel slaves knowns as Maroons across the Caribbean, and of the Haitian Revolution, so I had some idea that the enslaved had not just sat around waiting for Wilberforce, or anyone else for that matter, to come and save them.

Whilst it is certainly true that Britain had a popular abolitionist movement to a far greater degree than the other major slave holding powers in Europe at the time, and this is in its own way interesting and remarkable, generations of Brits have been brought up to believe what amount to little more than fairy tales with regard to the abolition of slavery.  If you learn only these things during your education  in Britain about transatlantic slavery they will be:-

  • Wilberforce set Africans free
  • Britain was the first country to abolish slavery (and it did so primarily for moral reasons)
  • Africans sold their own people.

The first two of these statements are total nonsense, the third is a serious oversimplification.  What does it say about this society that, after two centuries of being one of the most successful human traffikers in history, the only historical figure to emerge from this entire episode as a household name is a parliamentary abolitionist?

In 2007 on the bi-centenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act the government and media organised a season of celebration and commemoration Tony Blair expressed his deep sorrow and regret about Britains involvement with slavery, but stopped short of an apology and the block of articles that appeared across the press asking if Britain should apologise.  Most of it stated that we were the first to abolish, why can’t you just get over it? Quite simply Britain was not the First Nation to abolish trans Atlantic slavery. There is a very interesting chapter in the book, which explains this in more detail of dates and who did what and when.  Elsewhere in the book there are sections on Empire and Slavery, Scotland and Jamaica, the role of France and information on USA and much much more.  I highly recommend this book and in any fact any historical book researched by Akala.  The man is a legend, and someone I have followed for many years, when he was a young man, who was a writer as well as a rapper and very active in educating the youths of the day.

Let me totally clear,  I am not disputing that Wilberforce played a role in the abolition of the slave trade act passing in 1807, nor am I disputing that for all its contours and complications that the abolition act were steps forward,  nor that some Britons did indeed have genuine anti slavery principles back then eg – the British workers that went on strike against slave made cotton  What I am saying is that power concedes nothing without demand or motive but if it offends perhaps millions of us too however fringe we may be considered in mainstream politics are generally horrified at our government’s foreign policy it arms dealing and warmongering and there are also a few rogue MPs who constantly vote against the British war machine but does any of that mean that the British ruling class generally take anti war humanitarianism at all seriously? of course not, this is how they can support terrorists in Libya while claiming to save Libyans with humanitarian bombs.

Can Britain ever behave in the world like democracy is claimed to be ……….is it more important to cling on to power and prestige and outdated Victorian notions of dominance and superiority

When it comes to looking in the mirror at the empire in which the sun never set the 18th century premier slave trader, the mother country of the Commonwealth and one of the pioneer countries in developing and then putting into practise The Enlightenment philosophy of white supremacy so many suddenly become blind deaf and dumb unable to see murder as murder.


Meghan & Harry Operating Against Institutions Steeped in the Belief Systems Mentioned Above

Clear thinking people know that there is something very suspicious at best, and contrived at worst, when it comes to the content, standard and tone of UK media coverage of the British Royal Family and there is a huge contrast when it comes to reporting on any topic relating to Meghan Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex for a 5 year period and counting.  The reports have been become critical in respect of Harry, clearly the UK media is far from happy with Harry cutting them off from any dialogue with the Sussex family, but are reluctant to be seen to go for a full on onslaught in terms of toxic reporting in relation to things that Harry says or does.  Their treatment of Meghan, however, has had no boundaries, and has now gone into breaking the law on several occasions, and committing crimes against a non UK citizen whilst she was resident in the UK and continuing to do so, now that she is back on home soil in the USA.  I am confident, that no matter how long it takes, those and more aspects will be addressed in due course on the International Law platforms.

The same media has abused and harassed Meghan from the day that it became known that she and Harry were an item, and the interaction between the media, particularly Royal Rota personnel, has been vicious and racist in content, without one word of defence coming from the Royal family. There have been numerous articles and discussions about this difference in treatment of the only person o colour to enter the BRF and how it deals with others in that family, even over what most people would consider to be trivial matters on occasions, compared to the very serious harassment of a member one member of that same family.  Meghan was bullied and harassed to the point of contemplating suicide whilst pregnant with her first baby.  Details of her asking for medical assistance, and being refused such help was made known to the Royal Rota, who rather than back off from this cruel activity, continued with their onslaught.  It led to the Sussexes being hounded out of the country, and the abuse has continued.  When it became known that the Sussexes experienced a miscarriage of their 2nd baby in 2020, the reporting in the UK press was beyond disgraceful.  So cruel and so toxic it further tarnished an already tainted UK.  I made a podcast about that style and content of reporting, it was cruel beyond belief.  UK media/BRF instigating (it will become clear one day who has paid for certain people to continue with the harassment of this couple on American soil, and who commissioned the activity.  Most of the Sussexes support network have a very strong opinion as to who is wearing what hat in that activity.

Questions asked about the likely shade of the unborn childrens skin has occupied the minds of the BRF, and whilst Harry narrowed it down in the Oprah interview as to who was not responsible for asking such a question during several conversations, it was pretty clear that the concern was expressed by a senior member of the Royal family, which narrows it down to a handful of people.

No financial provision was made for Meghan upon her entry into the family upon marriage.  Zero.  It was claimed that the family was short of funds, and that maybe she could consider returning to acting to pay her way.  There was a podcast done earlier this year, where I asked the question whether or not Meghan was a family member or a slave.  All Royal duties and patronages were delivered way above the outcomes for any other member of the BRF.  Meghan paid for her clothes throughout.  No one else in that family had to do that, and they all did less duties. Meghan was also asked to be less visible and when visible to be 50% of herself.  Not allowed to outshine the senior Royals.

Let’s not forget a white member of the BRF has been protected for years, decades in fact, and now as the heat is finally been increased and the letter of the law implemented in a country other than the UK, it now comes to light that that this individual, a white individual, has been protected from media scrutiny, the Queen is apparently paying all his legal fees and there is talk of some kind of financial settlement in the case which will amount to millions, and for which the uk taxpayer will pick up the tab.  I do not for a moment believe that the Queen will not reimbursed for any legal fees paid or to be paid in the future, from the public purse.

This is what Meghan and Harry were up against.  Those groups in the establishment (ie BRF, Government, Aristocracy (including Republic) and UK media, particularly the Royal Rota from the tabloids).  The same Queen who suggested that Meghan should return to acting for an income source, yet one of the richest families in the world, and who only pay tax on a voluntary basis, has found funds for other family members, in this example one of her sons, but made no provision in the accounts for the only black member of the family, despite an engagement period, where funds could have been made available ready for when the marriage took place.  Yet another indicator, in my mind, that there was clearly plans afoot and confidence that they would be successful, that the marriage would never take place.

Meghan had her passport, keys, credit cards, driving licence taken away and they were kept by the HR department in the palace.  Archie was born in the Uk and his birth certificate was altered, without  Harry and Meghan’s permission, though they were apparently notified of this action, and Meghan’s name was removed from the Birth Certificate.  Only the Title was left.  There was one report that tried to suggest that it was so that it matched her USA passport.  Complete and utter nonsense.  USA passport are not impressed by Titles, and ones name is required on ones Passport, so the story of the name removal from her child’s birth certificate to only state a Title to match her passport is pure fantasy. Let us be clear here, amendment to a Birth Certificate is illegal in the UK, and no other Royal wife has had their name removed from their child’s certificate.  Harry’s name and Title has been left in its original state.  Echoing Master and Slave mentality in my opinion ie the BRF action on this document. My description of the Royal Palaces being like a Plantation in an Opulent setting still stands.  I see no reason to change from that stance.  People in that environment are not allowed to leave, but they are tolerated without their lives being put at risk.  There are examples of life being made difficult, and not all Spares managed to avoid the mental health trauma that those pressures delivered, but …… it was the only black member of the family who was treated like a Slave.  The extracts from Akala’s book quoted earlier, show how the mindset of those groups aforementioned viewed a POC from entering their hallowed space, and they were even more incensed when she was not impressed by it, and had the means to have a very high standard of living before entering into their perceived hallowed space, and she was happy to walk away from something that many people would give their soul to enter and play an aristocratic role – ie one where they feel better than.  The quote from Boris Johnson, who is now the Prime Minister of the UK, is one of many more like that, and I am in no doubt that his views on nations of colour remain the same.  This is the backdrop to the UK that some of us live in, and a few of us, are planning to vacate. The Churchill quote is also one of many that the UK tend to erase from memory, and like to paint this man as a great Leader.

In time the people of the UK will be adversely affected by what our politicians are doing, and then when sufficient numbers realise what is going on, ripples of change will start to appear.  I am not confident that the changes will be quick enough to take place in my lifetime, but changes will come.  Never forget the UK people had no say who was elected as our Prime Minister.  We are never given that opportunity, but we have to live with the consequences.

The 2nd Sussex baby thankfully was born in the USA, so there will be no danger of that birth certificate being tampered with by the UK Monarchy, and I am still waiting to hear that the Birth Certificate for Archie has been put back to its original state some day.  The one blessing in this matter, is that both Sussex children are dual USA and UK citizens, so the USA birth certificate for Archie, will contain both of the parents names, and there will the same format for the 2nd child too.  The UK cannot rewrite history on that score.

So to summarise, Meghan was never accepted into the family, like it was officially claimed.  There is clear evidence of attempts made through third parties to try and stop the wedding of Harry and Meghan, but thankfully that failed.  The UK press wrote over a quarter of million articles about Meghan over a two year period, most of which were toxic.  Six months of one of those years, Meghan was not seen in public, as she was on Maternity Leave, but the number of articles per day did not reduce.  Even today, articles are on average around 100 per day, between 4 of the tabloids.  20+ articles a day for most of them – about a couple that they continue to claim are “irrelevant” and who they harassed out of the UK, and are not funded in any way by UK taxpayers, yet their rags are filled every day with venom, playing to their right wing base, with pure toxic and hate inciting content.

One of those tabloids lost a huge case against Meghan and have yet to pay out or print the apology, as per the judges instruction upon reading out the verdict, in the same size font, and on its Front Page as most of the hate filled articles had done since 2016.  It has not happened, as the same tabloid is seeking to delay such an action, by going on a crusade of an appeal that it is highly unlikely to win, but will no doubt print articles full of hate, for click bait income, and further increase the risk to the Sussexes, which increased dramatically in the UK, and has continued high risk in their new home.  Harry said he was born into the risk, through no fault of his own, but the Uk media encouraged racist behaviour and the rhetoric and behaviour in the media (printed and tv) encouraged groups to come out of the woodwork and death threats increased against the couple and their family.

Meghan and Harry referred to the lack of help from the BRF during this time, and how they were left with the increased risk to life.  Meghan summarised it in the following way:- “they were prepared to lie protect other members of the Royal family, but they were not prepared to tell the truth about my husband and I”.  One rule for the white members of the family, but a different set of rules and protocols appearing out of nowhere, when it came to the black woman in the family.


The Symbiotic Relationship Between the British Royal Family, the Government, Aristrocracy and UK Media.

When I state Aristocracy, I include in that group the supposed Republic political group, who claim to be against having a Monarchy, and are actively working towards such a goal.  From the little I have seen, and read about this group, I believe that that they are firmly in the Aristocracy group, and are there like a Trojan Horse to give the impression of being the voice of republicanism.  Their only high profile activity that I have seen, is to pursue the Sussexes after they moved to the USA, about queries they had relating to Sussex Royal accounts.  Remember their claimed political persuasion is about tax funded Royals and yet here they were deliberately courting the press about people who no longer lived in the UK, were no longer working senior Royals, but no mention of any investigation into any of the Foundation accounts.  For that matter, there is currently a glaring question mark about a large sum of money being stated in relation to KP as “pro bono work”.  The same type of entry that another Royal was taken to task over and had to repay that money back into the Royal accounts.  No comment about KP entry in the recently released accounts, yet the Republic group were happy to pursue a couple who had done nothing wrong, and more importantly did not come within their remit.

I would advise anyone who has signed to that political group, to reconsider their membership, because there is a high possibility that names and details have been or will be forwarded on to others.  I have no evidence of such activity, but as there is zero evidence of the Republic group actively pursuing members of the UK Royal family over any topic, including the recently published accounts, I would suggest they are a Trojan Horse organisation.

The revolving door between government officials and the Royal family, particularly KP, is alarming.  Officially there is no involvement of BRF members and politicians, but because of the sloppy or arrogance or both behaviour by certain family members it is crystal clear that the relationship exists and in itself, should be of concern.

UK media work hand in glove with the Monarchy, and the Royal Rota in particular are 100% the propaganda arm of the Royal family.  All these groups work to protect the others, because without them, most would not exist.

It is clear that as all those groups benefit from the current system, they are actively trying to protect it from change, and anyone who is seen as rocking that particular boat, or in fact removing the boat altogether, is seen as an enemy.

UK tax payers are funding a Cult, and in many ways, they are funding modern day slavery in an opulent setting.  Children deliberately brought into the world to be the foot soldiers of the older siblings, and are told at the earliest age of understanding, that it is their duty, and that they are there to serve those high in the Line of Succession.  Those in the line up to be King or Queen, there because of the order they left the womb of a Royal female high up in the pecking order, and not destined to be a Monarch by competence or desire to be so.

No one is meant to leave.  No one is meant to have independent thought.  Those high in the Line of Succession will be protected at all cost, no matter what they have done.  A positive picture will always be portrayed, and those lower down in the pecking order, will be attributed to whatever transgression or mistake of someone higher up the chain.

It is an archaic institution not suitable for modern times.

Meghan has withstood 5 years of the most hateful activity by the BRF and the partners in crime in that protection syndicate stood by and did nothing.  In fact the media arm, have spent every week day gaslighting anyone who thinks and says that Meghan has been treated differently.  The printed media bombard the UK public for five years, and continue to do so, with constant negative stories about the Sussexes, and where Harry is criticised in some way, the article always uses Meghan’s name in the article as the person driving Harry to do and say these things. The aim has been to destroy Meghan’s character, as they have never found anything untoward about her from the various private investigators they have sent searching.  The daily hate inciting rhetoric has served to have many members of the public say they are tired of hearing and reading about the latest things said by either of the Sussexes, but in particular Meghan, when in fact the Sussexes have not spoken with the Royal Rota and made it clear when they stepped down, that their communications team had been tasked to do the same thing.  Unless a Statement comes out from the Sussex Communications team, nothing that UK tabloids print is to be believed.  The Sussexes have formally stated that they will not be reacting to every article printed in the tabloids, but where something is factually incorrect and potentially damaging, they will utilise the legal process in respect of the content.  So now UK media has reduced itself to writing completely fictional stories hoping that the Sussexes will formally respond.  It is as though they are baiting them for a response.

The Royal Rota continued with its harassment and abusive behaviour towards Meghan, even when they were informed of Meghan’s suicide ideation.  This proves that their intent was to destroy her spirit or for the outcome to be a tragedy.  The BRF has form.

Two Kensington Palace senior staff apparently created a HR file on bullying allegations apparently by Meghan.  Two years later, this so called file had no further evidence.  Two members of staff who were stated as being bullied by Meghan, knew nothing about this file containing their names, and they had never made a formal complaint and had no wish to do so now.  If someone goes to the trouble of creating a file on bullying naming Meghan as the bully, but then does nothing with it, until every other trick in the book appears to have been played and not worked – particularly as the Sussexes not only walked away from their senior working roles, but left the UK, and purchased their own home in the USA.  So two years later, KP decide to publicise that this file exists, and that an investigation is underway, and neither Meghan who is accused of carrying out this so called bullying, and the two employees named have stated that they wish no part of it, the much publicised bullying allegation where the key people named were not going to be approached, has now turned into a much longer process.  Apparently legal advisors have been approached and this investigation will not be completed until possibly next year, and the content and outcome of the process of this investigation will not be made public.  So in my opinion Pre Meditated activity from two years ago, may prove to be something that the KP staff had not considered in terms of outcome, and we can be certain that it will not be Meghan who will come out as the guilty party, because it would have been published already.  I would like to add as an HR professional, Meghan would have more than a very good reason to challenge any guilty finding.  I wish them the best on their latest attempt to destroy Meghan.  All have failed so far, and the only people or institution that is being damaged is the Monarchy itself, and it is being damaged by the senior working Royals, and no one else.

There is clear and plenty of evidence that Right Wing groups and individuals support the UK Royal family, and there has to be something that draws such views to the UK Royal family.  There is also now a very large body of evidence of UK Royal supporters (proof in their posts on Royal social media accounts in abundance) of them targeting Sussex charities with their racist and venomous bile.  The charities have testified to that, and if any legal action ever takes place, I am not sure what defence the BRF could possibly give and remain credible.

Talking about staying silent on matters relating to certain individuals, but coming out all guns blazing over botox and hair extensions speaks volumes.  Accusations of child sex trafficking is considered a subject to stay quiet on, and add to that, use uk tax payer funds to continue funding the said individual in accommodation with full security provided, and most of the patronages connected to this individual left intact, just like the military honours.  It is clear to the Commonwealth and the wider international community, that the BRF will move heaven and earth to protect a white member of the family, regardless of any law enforcement officers from any nation seeking to have a conversation with said individual, but the black Duchess was criticised daily, 100 plus negative articles by the BRF propaganda team, driven to suicide ideation, refused basic medical care, passport etc removed, child birth certificate altered, and basically punished and treated with no respect, like the BRF slave – for just breathing and falling in love with the only worker in the Firm.

Just like Wilburforce is credited in history as being the saviour of slaves, and the UK want to try and ignore the facts of history, and just like the government of the day works hand in glove with the groups I have mentioned earlier, to continue the status quo.  This has nothing to do with benefit to the Uk, but self preservation for all concerned.  The Right Wing racist views are in full view now.  There is no denying it, and the younger generation will ensure that this institution does not last much longer.  History will not be rewritten.  Sussex Squad has receipts and evidence which will supply correct information about what on in those groups at the top, including the Trojan Horse political group.

The more the UK Media write about and live and breathe everything to do with the Sussexes, only for the odd nonsense article, like Kate and Meghan are speaking about this and that project (you wish), the media are doing the BRF no favours.  It is telling everyone their money is made by including Meghan or Harry into every headline, whether or not the main point of the article is about them, because that is where the global interest is, which means it is not with the UK Monarchy.  If your own propaganda team live and breathe everything Sussex, it means that over 100 articles a day are being written about a couple who do not even live in the UK, and are independent of the BRF.  UK media are writing the death warrant of the UK Monarchy, helped by the fact that the same media has written nothing about a wide range of questionable activity by more than one member of the BRF over many years, and in so doing reinforces the silent contract arrangement, and also how the groups at the top of this societal structure are self serving and not in the least concerned about making the UK a good viable member of the international community.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  The views on how people of colour are viewed by all those groups at the top are crystal clear, and make no mistake, all the societal groups, of whatever colour, that the establishment looks down upon, will be one of the main pillars that will crumble and will in doing so, bring down those aforementioned groups at the top. The lens of the international community has seen the true underbelly of the UK and its leaders, and the credibility meter is falling fast.  What goes around comes around.

3 gems from the man himself including the book i was quoting from in the podcast, but as you will hear, he touches on the topics in all 4 videos.

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