Welcome to the Royal Hunger Games 2021


Welcome to the Royal Hunger Games

The teams are ready for another year of searching for, and then finding, and then hunting down their food source.  Sometimes their findings can be used for bartering purposes, which enable them to have access to better quality food on the table, and to hopefully give them a reasonable lifestyle. Things have become a little austere for some of the groups since their major income generator decided to improve their lifespan by relocating to another continent.  The previous users of the service, treated them badly, and took them for granted.  Expected all food sources to be free and on demand, without any thought or consideration of changing business needs, and possibly consideration to an increase of the actual workforce. The customers continued to want more for less, and had no regard to the impact of their demands on the provider of the said food sources.

By using the main themes of the books and the film franchise of The Hunger Games, I hope to make you smile a little, whilst at the same time, recognising the failing society which is growing here on Skull island, otherwise known as Shutter Island and officially known as the UK.

Just like the books and the film franchise, the ruling classes keep their transgressions hidden by a series of distraction.  It is a place built on class divisions.  In my opinion, all the various categories I am using as examples in this podcast reflect those divisions, and each one is fighting for relevance, and if necessary will destroy anyone who ‘gets in the way’ and is perceived to be changing a way of life that has existed for as long as they can remember.


Let me introduce the players in each category:-

  1. The British Royal Family – Monarchy – Activity Type: Unknown but similar to Grifters; Right Wing Figurehead family.
  2. Media Barons – Royal Reporters Rota. TV media included in this category. Activity type: Propaganda Team for BRF
  3. Aristocracy – Activity: Unknown but appears like a faux society and gene pool for the BRF
  4. National Government – Activity: to ensure that the above groups all continue to exist, and to try and replicate the Hunger Games approach on the rest of the world. Where a few countries have grouped together for access to shared markets, in a similar style in some ways to the UK in its isolationist approach beyond its borders it is not working out quite as much or in the way the UK would have liked.  Having withdrawn all its toys from the groups who want to play by the consensus approach, the country is beginning to be a little worse for wear at the moment.  No matter, one of the distraction topics to get all the above groups talking is to focus on the one centre of worker bees in the country, who have started to exercise independent thought in recent years, and to provide their services and products on a global stage, whilst retaining their mental health and have the freedom to expand their workforce for the greater good and to provide Universal service on a global scale, without increasing risk to their health and safety.  On 8th January 2020 this centre of excellence declared its aims and objectives and by the end of March 2020 they set up a new office on another continent.  It is doing very well and it has only been a year.  Meanwhile back on Skull Island, the various groups have become apoplectic. As a result a new group has emerged, enter the final group on this list
  5. The Key Board Warriors. Activity: to spend 23.5 hours every day searching for things they can blame the global entrepreneurs for, to invent new theories about their lifestyle and whether or not they are actually human. At the same time, they pretend to show allegiance to the BRF but the reality is, any Caucasian figurehead family would be expressed as their ideal, without actually doing anything tangible to prolong their existence or the number of charities which on paper are linked to the BRF in some way. The main purpose of this group is to generate hate and spread the hatred they have created between themselves, as it is their food source, and when none is readily available, create something and run with that. Following in the footsteps of the Carnival of Clown Experts, who work in a vacuum at the best of time, and exist purely on lies and hate inciting activity, but in recent times, their food supply is so low now, it is not worth including them as a category.  They are on the way to becoming extinct, so there was little point including them in the Hunger Games tournament of 2021.The Keyboard Warriors feel they are a cut above that group, I mean they make diagrams and use crayons and things.  Really detailed.  They spend money obtaining documentation on a range of things, claiming it to be proof of their various theories.Their hunger is huge, but it must be said, their food sources are suspect, and as these sources are never shared with others in the tournament, they may go the in the same direction of the So Called Carnival of Clowns.  I suspect law enforcement is waiting in the wings for one or two in both categories.


All participants in the Hunger Games want to win for their category,but are mindful of throwing the odd carrot in the direction of the other groups, because they recognise, without each other in place, supporting the other members of the tournament, none would survive, and would go the way of the Carnival of Clown Experts and possibly soon to be joined by the Keyboard warriors.

The tournament is only considered special if the nations cameras are present and naturally the news editions every day tell everyone how wonderful they are, and how wicked it is for the other group to get up and leave them in the lurch, and set up shop on another continent.  Every day there are multiple articles written and reported on by everyone in the tournament, in the hope that it generates enough income to put food on their tables the following week.

The fly in their ointment is that the international media are present too, and after watching the antics that go on in this tournament over the last five years, and to see the casualties along the way, they report accurately on the hunger of these people and their groups .The lack of vision as the nation sinks further near the oblivion drainage system is sad to see, but the international media focus on the universal service being provided elsewhere, and report on those activities.  Everyone is more than well fed.  No one is hungry. Skull island still believe that they are on the right path, and feel justified that their isolationist approach is the correct way to move forward, and everyone else is wrong.  They profess to dislike the taste of the Sussex chew toys (for that is what they were to these groups) but yet insist on reporting on and trying to copy the look of the Sussexes, without having the depth, or the knowledge or the skill set to produce the end products. The PR that they give the Sussexes every day, by showing their hateful mindset about everything that they do, is becoming old news now, and is providing less food on the table for them. Extinction or judicial action awaits in the wings.


Not Playing By the Rules

  • It has come to light that the Monarch lobbied for a change in the law to hide her private wealth. Secured exemption using Transparency Law. This figurehead family secure a wide range of public funded grants seemingly with ease, despite having great wealth on a number of publicly available account categories.  The UK public are not that fortunate.
    • Members of the public have to provide minute details, equivalent to how rusty your knife and fork is due to lack of use, and any food shopping considered by the authorities to be a luxury item etc. Some people have to undergo tests to see if they can walk a few metres just to determine whether or not a claimant ‘disabled enough’ to garner extra funding etc.
  • Yet here we are with a family who is one of the wealthiest families in the world, receiving public assistance, and much of their personal wealth is not made public, and two of the large publicly funded accounts, they are not charged tax. The Monarch and her eldest son Prince Charles make voluntary contributions, which is very handy indeed.

In my mind this family is not hungry for anything else but power/self-preservation, and by protecting all the other groups I have mentioned, their future remains more secure.  The day will come, when the general public of the UK will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not the country needs a Monarchy.  I do not think it will take many votes for the Monarchy to be regarded as an out of date emblem.

It is a mystery to me, why UK media are reporting on the fact that the BRF have lost so much income due to Covid, as if they are trying to soften the blow when the government decides to give out more money, again.

It is a fact that the Sovereign Grant never decreases year on year.  It either remains the same, or it increases.  Any increases are based on the previous two years income generated.  Strange how Covid has not been officially recognised until March 2020, when lockdowns began, but yet the conversation is being interspersed with so called financial difficulties being experienced by the family due to Covid.

I am at a loss to see how, less visitors to various Royal properties, and many staff laid off as a result, has caused the BRF any hardship.  They have done less public engagements as a result, so transport costs, and associated costs attached to these visits to various parts of the UK and abroad, should have been less too. Venues have not had high numbers of staff present, so their costs would have reduced too alongside the fall in income.

You will see from the references I give at the end of this article, certain members of the BRF seem to take an awful lot of journeys by private helicopter.  Not all visits were work related visits it seems.  There was also a very high cost of the use of the Royal train visiting places where the areas concerned made it clear that they were not wanted, at a time of a pandemic.  Not least because those officials priority was keeping their constituents safe, not entertaining PR exercises.

Whilst we are discussing the hunger for power, lets not forget how the Queen recently lobbied the Scottish ministers for climate law exemption.  The result is that the Queen, aka BRF are the only people in the country not bound by green energy rules.  Source: The Guardian: 28/7/21.

In November 2020 Prince Charles spoke at the World Economic Forum.  Subject was “The 10 Actions We Must Take to Drive Green Recovery”. Ref: https://weforum.org


On 10/01/21 Prince Charles unveiled an Earth Charter to Boost Green Business. Remember, the BRF are exempt.   Prince Charles was speaking at the Green Horizon Summit, organised by the City of London Corporation supported by World Economic Forum & others.

On 16/05/21 Prince Charles pictured planting a tree in the grounds of Windsor Castle.  Reported in the Daily Mail on that date.


Prince William launched his Earthshot £50 million prize.  Ref: https://earthshotprize.org   “clean our air, build a wste free world, fix our climate, protect restore nature, revive our oceans.”   The name is reference to the “moon shot” space program associated with President JF Kennedy.  Note the USA link.  There will be 5 winners a year from 2021 to 2030.

Yes this family are VERY hungry.  Prepared to do whatever they need to do, use various people to bring about the desired result, and will save themselves at all costs.  Seems to be a high number of people prepared to fall on their sword in the name of Queen and Country, even when they are not the ones who warrant the attention most of the time.  But on current contenders, they are high up there with being very hungry indeed.


2.Media – Printed and TV Gossip entities – This group always appear with metaphorical foam at the mouth, straining at the leash for the only members of the BRF who are self financing and who moved away to another continent for their heath and safety, and yet media in the UK is out for their actual blood.  Vampires have no lead on this group.  To watch them salivate and pour over salacious gossip concerning the two people who they do not pay for, but ignore all the rest of the Royal family that they do pay for, and it is not just senior Royals who taxpayers fund in one way or another.  It is like a whole community of cousins and spouses, and distant relatives living in properties and expenses paid by the tax payer.  Media Barons are not interested in that.  They are hungry for click bait income to continue, and if the biggest earner is hate, then they are happy to create the hunger for hate incitement within the masses, and to profit off the metaphoric blood spilt.

Daytime programming which requires limited preparation, talking about the same people most of the time.  Basically a group of gossipers masquerading as expert witnesses or professionals, spouting negative hate inciting rhetoric based on no fact checking at all.  These are the equivalent of the slave owners of history having a family meeting, discussing how they can force the slaves to return, along with the escalating types of punishment for leaving the UK and worst of all in their minds, showing a complete disregard for the BRF and its tradition.  Walking away from duty??

The last time I watched a day time program was when a panel of former tv shining lights, now forgotten by the tv industry, returning to day time programmes over and over again to speak in a disparaging way about the Sussexes.  I will never forget how one of them stated something, and all the others agreed.  The statement that left the one panel members mouth was to say that they “owned” Meghan’s womb, and they had every right to demand a photo session on the steps of the Lindo Wing .  The sense of entitlement and blatant statements about owning, was a direct link to master and slave mentality.  This category is a baying mob, tied up with the herd mentality I spoke about in a previous podcast, and moving fast up the 7 Stages of Hate model and equally the 5 Stage model of Prejudice and Discrimination – both mentioned in the podcast looking at Herd Mentality and the dangerous stages of hate and how it can progress to the removal of their target of hate completely.

This group is very hungry.  The printed Media group are the conduit between the BRF family wishes and the start of the implementation into practice crew.  The tv networks then run with it, and believe themselves to be protected by freedom of speech.  They are wrong. The day will come when many in the media will be confronted with notice of legal action to be made against them as individuals.  The same applies to the Royal Reporters who equally believe that they are protected.  The chances of the BRF or Media Barons being taken to court is unlikely; not impossible but unlikely in most cases.  Those that work hard to increase the bounty on the heads of the Sussexes are not protected by any law. The chatting over the garden fence style of dialogue does not protect them from the law.  Time is running out for far more individuals than the general population realises.  Just because the UK government uses some of the same phrases that these various groups use, does not mean that they are safe.  International law is there for a reason.


Running total in the Hunger Games is as follows so far.

Group 1 the BRF are very hungry, but use others to find and collect their food.  Their hunger builds from their hatred of any prospect of a change in their fortunes, but they send others out to collect the food. Others being those in Group 2.  Part of that group use the rhetoric in their written words to stoke the fires of hate and hide behind the nuance of words, but the undertone is there, and increasingly it is no longer undertones but blatant. The TV crew who find themselves having money flow into their bank accounts again, continue to be hateful because they have found it pays.  What they do not seem to realise, that when the law catches up with them, they will be reminded that they are regarded as self employed for tax purposes in many cases, and as such they need to be able to stand up and be counted for their behaviour and wording when asked under oath in the future.

Group 3 the Aristocrats are hungry, but don’t eat very much, and what they do eat they neither go out to buy it or cook it.  They have people for that kind of thing, “don’t you know”.  They do not even have to play ‘pretend’ diplomat’ or ‘pretend to know about and lead on high profile projects’, in fact they do not even need to turn up for Photo Opps with fakes smiles and hug black children, or wheel out an obligatory black friend from a decade ago, to appear, ‘down with the people’.  The aristocrats just exist. Entering into the Hunger Games is just a marvellous opportunity for a new outfit and to catch up with people of the right strata in society.  The purpose is never about the food on offer, but in the business networking that can be made.

Group 4 (Government) needs groups 1, 2 and 3.  The hunger is there, but not voracious.  There is a confidence in knowing that all 4 groups need each other, so the dialogue and the games center around the main topics that they all need to agree on and when and where etc.  the rest of it is just showboating.  None of the top 4 groups can manage without watching the backs of the others.  Group 1 – the BRF is the most hungry and in fact is the weakest link, because it needs all of the other 3 for it to stay in place.  Group 2 the Media Barons will be safer than the rest of their group, and over time, when things get really hot, journalists are expendable, unless the owners of news corporations know more about their journalists than the journos know about the owners.  In practice, owners of news corporation last a lot longer than any journalist – something many of the RR seem to forget.  At the moment there is a lot of activity of deleting or amending articles online from recent years.  One day, possibly in a court room, some of them are going to be confronted with a few of the articles that they put together, and subsequently some years later believe that they have erased from memory, they are so out of touch with technology.  As the saying goes, they are going to learn soon.

Group 5 – the Keyboard Warriors are becoming very hungry, or rather they are becoming greedy.  Hatred drives them, but hatred and its production in its many forms online, is very lucrative for people who most of which never earned that kind of money before.  Some of the accounts on social media are truly horrifying.  I make myself believe that the powers that be, know of their existence and have been collecting data.  The people that exist in this online world of hate groups, feed of each other, grow with each other, and in some cases, grow into what they believe to be leadership roles, which in turn give them even more of a status, and feeds the hate machinery which runs through these structures.  Over time, as explained in my podcast about herd mentality, some of these groups go on to commit serious hate crimes.  After 5 years of this hare baiting re the Sussexes, some are moving towards the higher stages of the models I mentioned earlier.  Further details of such groups and the models of hate group are in articles I have mentioned previously and also listed are many research teams shown discussing the dangers.  The FBI are use a range of academic models in their toolkit of assessing dangers, including the ones mentioned in podcasts and articles.  I regard the group in 5 – the Keyboard Warriors to be very hungry, but they are like the people serving in the forces.  These are the front line troops, and therefore there are more of them, and as such most of those will be targeted first, and dealt with under the law. Their level of hate has grown from the group mentality and dynamics.  The Sussexes are not seen as people, just a target for hate, and all people and organisations who they believe like the Sussexes, will feature in their heads as targets of hate, with a view to changing their minds regarding working with the main targets of hatre.  This group of people are led by hatred.  These are the ones who pay money for intel on their targets, in the hope that they will use investigative methods, that all other countries law enforcements have never come across before, or understood it like these keyboards warriors.  It is this sense and type of reasoning that makes them dangerous, and makes them likely candidates to work their way up the hate models we have discussed in the past.

One by one they will be found out and each one will use ‘Karen/Ken type tears to explain away their activity.  Just watch and see it all play out.

Group 1 just want to stay in power.  Grifters through and through.  They just spout phrases and topics that they their pals in the other 3 groups have decided are the buzz words this year, but none of group 1 have anu understanding of such matters, and have no clue or interest to learn about said topic, so never in a million years could they lead on anything.  They look down on the people of the UK.  They have laws changed to suit them.  They can discriminate in peace.  They can enter all manor of unsavoury characters (some of whom are members of the BRF) and still do, and it appears law makers turn a blind eye to the victims. They have no shortage of anything during this pandemic, and they don’t even need to use their own funds to live, and whilst many in the UK are financially worse off due to austerity measures, and now leaving the EU and all that comes with the decision, does not affect the BRF.  They still travelled abroad when others could not, they still can ignore the laws that govern the topics that that they preach to the rest of us about, but ignore it in their private lives.  We all know the topics.

Royalists always like to talk about duty, and how Prince Harry should be stripped of everything, because he did not adhere to duty etc etc.  I can think of more than one example from the Carnival of Clown Experts who have difficult relationships with their family members, including a parent or both.  I note none of them had a problem leaving home and starting families elsewhere.  For those who may have a parent living with them now, the difference is, they had choices.  Children born into the BRF do not have a choice, so the talk of duty is nonsense.  They were not conscripted kicking and screaming into the family, they were deliberately created and brought into the world to support the older sibling.  That is not duty.  If they want to leave, they are told they cannot leave the family home.  If they escape, people are sent to make them return, and if that does not work, they create a dangerous situations, which will have a high chance of making them return.  Any home where you are not allowed to leave, is not a family home.  Anyone who leaves who is then chased and called a traitor is not a family who loves you and wants you to return.  Anyone who creates danger for those who leave, by stopping security without warning, and giving away details of your location, on two occasions is not a good parent.

Winners of the Hunger Games 2021, is Harry and Meghan and the formation of Archwell.  One year on and this Foundation is growing on the global stage with a team of high calibre performing senior personnel, at the helm.  Harry and Meghan are parents of two young babies, and now own their home.  They owe the BRF zero on all levels, and they are my winners because their hunger for the chance to become self financing, and to be able to raise their family in a safe   environment, without the sword of Damaclees above their heads every day, has meant they mental health healing has begun to take effect.  Service is universal, and the Sussxeses are the living embodiment of the impact of valuing yourself first, and everything else, flows from that. The Sussexes escaped from the Plantation and are now allowed independent thought.  It is wonderful to see how they are thriving.  The official participants in the Hunger Games tournament, will eventually cancel each other out, because hatred and power is at the heart of their thought processes.  Only love and light can progress.  Anything else just cancels out positivity.  May the last one switch off the lights. Everyone elsewhere is doing fine, trying to get through the day without negativity where possible. Ultimately love will prevail.


Ivy Barrow





The Duchy of Lancaster is the private estate of the British sovereign as Duke of Lancaster.[1][2] The principal purpose of the estate is to provide a source of independent income to the sovereign.[2][3] The estate consists of a portfolio of lands, properties and assets held in trust for the sovereign and is administered separately from the Crown Estate.[3] The duchy consists of 18,433 ha (45,550 acres) of land holdings (including rural estates and farmland), urban developments, historic buildings and some commercial properties across England and Wales, particularly in CheshireStaffordshireDerbyshireLincolnshireYorkshireLancashire and the Savoy Estate in London.[4] The Duchy of Lancaster is one of two royal duchies: the other is the Duchy of Cornwall, which provides income to the Duke of Cornwall, which is traditionally held by the Prince of Wales.

In the financial year ending 31 March 2018, the estate was valued at about £534 million.

The Duchy of Lancaster is not subject to tax,

The Duchy is administered on behalf of the sovereign by the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, a government minister appointed by the sovereign on the advice of the prime minister, and by the clerk of the Council.



The Duchy of Cornwall (CornishDuketh Kernow) is one of two royal duchies in England, the other being the Duchy of Lancaster. The eldest son of the reigning British monarch inherits possession of the duchy and title of Duke of Cornwall at birth or when his parent succeeds to the throne, but may not sell assets for personal benefit and has limited rights and income while a minor.

The current duke is Charles, Prince of Wales. If the current Prince of Wales accedes to the throne, Prince William will become Duke of Cornwall. When the monarch has no male children, the rights and responsibilities of the duchy revert to the Crown and there is no duke. (The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 does not affect the succession to the duchy, so that if the heir apparent is female she cannot succeed to the duchy.)

The government considers the duchy to be a crown body and therefore exempt from paying corporation tax. The tax exempt status of the duchy has been challenged;[2] and, since 1993, the Duke of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales, has voluntarily paid income tax on the duchy income, less amounts that he considers to be official expenditure.