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The UK appears to be caught up in a type of whirlwind.  A whirlwind manufactured and developed within the UK, to a point many if not most of us wake up each (assuming we managed to get a good sleep in the first place) wondering what meteor is going to strike us today, and what contingency plans can we start to think about now, that may come in handy during the day if another metaphorical meteor strikes today.  That is how many of us are living.  The mental health issues stacking up in this country is going to take many decades of professional interventions to even scrape the surface of the issues in play, and even more books written on the lessons learned each time we go up a gear in mental and physical suffering.

Each of the top societal groups are the cause of these whirlwinds, and their attempt at hiding their mistakes and gaslighting the general public about what we can all do (because as you know we are all in this together, yea right) so we all told to go off somewhere and find ways to block the metaphorical meteors from landing on our homes and workplaces, and then we find, actually it is the freezing temperatures occurring out of season, and our inability to keep ourselves warm, is the latest crisis,  because costs have doubled and trebled and whatever comes next in the sequence.  Most of us do not even know what comes next, because we are focused on getting through today.

The societal groups responsible for the Lord of the Flies enactment across Plantation Island known as the UK are, Government, Monarchy, Aristocracy, Police, Media – printed and televised and their owners, who all live outside of the UK, and elements of the judiciary, but who have systems and processes in place which harm a large section of the population, but none of them really care about our plight.  Their priority is to feed us bilge and sound convincing, whilst all the time there are deals and contracts being put together for personal gain in a variety of ways.  From my own observations, over the last decade, there seems to be growing reduction in the confidence of any of those groups mentioned, and as a result, the state of society and the behaviours within it, stoke the situation to become worse by the day.  The days when those pillars of society were respected, even if not liked or their policies were not what we wanted to experience, the respect was there.  The belief that the people involved had the best of intentions is waning now.  Confidence is also falling.  My personal feelings about what I have seen in the politicians (both in government or in opposition) , along with the Royal Family, is such now that I don’t have any faith whatsoever, in either of the two lead groups, and their partners in crime are all the others listed above, I look at them like a cartel.  They discuss among themselves strategies and then actions which they can implement whilst persuading people that it is for their good, and it is all legal, and where there are queries, they plan to redraft laws for the UK, that will enable us to go even faster to  the land of Utopia and surrounding uninhabited fauna without challenge.  The reality is that wherever Utopia apparently exists (in our mind or any physical place that we operate outside of the norm, it will be sold to us as the Mecca of all ambitions.   In the real world, it will all be cosmetic or a mirage.  Our lives and struggles will continue, and it will be sold to us that suffering now, will create abundance later. Austerity will be the equivalent of character building.

George Osborne – Chancellor for David Cameron

Meanwhile, none of the senior people in any of these societal groups will be working or travelling to any kind of Utopia.  Their feet will be firmly on the ground, and the only people who will not be feeling the pressures of cost of living crises, will be the Government Ministers, Opposition Ministers, News and TV media owners, Senior Police groups, and Legal bodies, all will be more profitable as a result of the cost of living crisis, and they wont be living in Utopia in their heads. This mass mind control of persuading people to build character by suffering now, and ones country will ultimately spring back from this, and all will be well is a fallacy.

Keir Starmer – Leader of the Opposition

It will take decades to even begin to see improvements, meanwhile all those responsible for the suffering and hardship, either wont be here anymore or will be spending their last days of retirement in some place that is not the UK, and their bank accounts will look very healthy for generations of their families to come.







David Cameron                                                     Teresa May

The fact of the matter is, those groups are losing the confidence of the people, and we are deliberately held back from doing anything about it.  Even the right to protest is being restrained, likewise the holding up of placards, without any vocal input, is enough to get people moved from view. Government know if elections are held, they are likely to lose, so their system is to keep building and then tearing down the latest Prime Minister, and then choose another and rinse and repeat the process.  So for the last 12 years, the UK has had 5 Prime Ministers, without any input from the people of this nation.  Each time one of their clusters of comedic policy packages is seen for what they really are, the media jump in and do their daily character assassination of who the top people in those societal group want to be rid of, and the same press write stories with provocative headlines, to ensure the fall from grace of one person, and to falsely praise a newcomer.  The voting process of the new Leader is a mirage, a game played to look like things are above board, but in reality, the winner is picked from very early on in this process, and people who are elected officials are encouraged as to who should have their vote. As long as sufficient ambitious politicians without integrity willing to vote, the questionable process continues.

Boris Johnson

This podcast will focus on Government and Monarchy, particularly Monarchy, and show how the dysfunctionality impacts on the UK economically, and the damage done to the process of trying to form business deals and partnerships with other nations.  Government & Monarchy work hand in hand, not in full view, and each helps the other to stay in place.  A quid pro quo arrangement.  Very similar to aspects of the ‘invisible contract’ between the British Royal Family and the tabloid media.

Liz Truss


Rishi Sunak

The target for distraction purposes in the invisible contract was the first person of colour to join the Royal Family.  On the face of things, Meghan was welcomed into fold, and officially, the BRF was going to be inclusive and more approachable to wider sections of the communities around the world.

The reality was far from that, and the business model developed and funded by powerful people in both groups, will remain as a major travesty in global history, and only UK publications of any kind will be reporting otherwise.  The world however, slowly began to sit up and take notice of what was happening, and despite the UK contingent not accepting that these type of cynical and cruel and divisive methods could be happing on their ‘green and pleasant land’ the global community noticed and began to question.  What started out as the BRF using the same Playbook that had worked for centuries for closing down debate on some things, but creating distraction elsewhere to garner the attention, backfired big time.  This particular Royal Family will go down in history as the one who weakened the foundations of the British Monarchy, and started the rot that will eventually bring the Monarchy system to its end.

There will be no UK Monarchy in 20 years time, and I personally believe it will be gone in 10 or less years.

So, what started out as another seek and destroy policy backfired, and in so doing created two global iconic figures, and one of whom is forever etched in all history books of merit as an icon who knew her worth, stood her ground and continued to fight for the rights of those suffering by using her high profile and finances to uplift others.  If you use the analogy of a set of scales, the higher Meghan and Harry were uplifted by good people, and the scope and depth of their philanthropic projects raising them high by the day, it proved how little the BRF were doing, or had ever done.  Nothing measurable.  All smoke and mirrors with a sycophantic media there to sell a sows ear as a quality product. The scales started to fall.  Words written by others, never sounded authentic, because the person reading them out, did not really believe in what they were pushing.  Everything was performative, and now those scales are like global scales of justice, and we will all start to hear about those on side of the scale weight which is at rock bottom.

NB  The introduction is longer than usual, because I wanted to explain the reason for this particular topic for this podcast.  I do not generally give any attention or engagement to the those societal groups, other than pointing out that they exist, and have power.  The purpose of this podcast is to focus on two of those groups in particular, and how what they do day to day, impacts the UK particularly the vulnerable, and the ‘powerful’ ones spotted an opportunity to play on the views of a growing section of opinion in the world, about people of colour, and also the growth of nationalism of a certain type, and to use initially one person as their target to distract from other events running under the surface.  What both of those groups we are focusing on today did not anticipate is that the lady entering their family had a global following on social media of over a million people, and within that following were very powerful people from a range of professions.  All of those professionals and Meghan had very high IQ as well as experience in world affairs, and more than anything, Meghan knew her worth.

Things that had made others in Royal history bow and accept what was demanded of them, did not work out how they expected in this era.  Meghan was more intelligent than all the privileged family combined; they picked on the wrong person.  Meghan was stronger than any of them will ever be, and even when they nearly broke her when they found out that she had suicidal ideation, and the UK media and BRF doubled down on their cruelty, she hung on, and voiced her fears to her husband, Prince Harry.  From that moment, history was about to be documented in a very different way than the abusers anticipated.  I have told my view of their story over and over in these podcasts, but needless to say, the real dynamic duo was formed, and both groups have tried ever since to punish them for that, whether it be denying them security, or removing finance without warning, imposing a 12 month transition period when the couple announced they were stepping back from Royal duties etc., only for the BRF to break that transition period that the Meghan and Harry never wanted in the first place, and removed security, finance and gave away their locations twice in the first 6 months of that transition period. Here we are now, with the scales showing the BRF at the base, where they can fall no lower.

The treatment of their family members like this for the past 6 years, is an indication of how they regard working class people in the UK, and how they view people of colour anywhere in the world including the UK.  Just know, if Harry and Meghan were treated this way, understand how we are all regarded and would be treated without a 2nd glance. Hence, we are taking a helicopter view of dysfunctionality in those two societal groups and the impact of their actions.


Dysfunction – in Politics and in the UK Royal Family

Using a few extracts from reference sources listed at the end of this article, lets take a brief meander through the main elements.

“Regardless of size, all human groups are subject to the same dynamics. Factors that hamper a small group can also cause a much larger structure to falter. In business, managers and employees alike suffer when an organization doesn’t function optimally”.

“No matter what size it is, when an organization falls apart, it’s usually from one or more of these five causes:

  1. Misunderstood mission
  2. Lack of consensus on the nature of problems facing the team
  3. Misunderstood strategy
  4. Lack of team cohesion
  5. Lack of resources

A good leader will watch out for all of these potential show-stoppers and work to prevent them—or remedy them quickly. Let’s look at some examples.

Dysfunction Cause 1: Misunderstood Mission

Every individual in an organization must know that organization’s raison d’être. When members know the values and principles of their group, they can make decisions on their own, simply by comparing any options with the group’s mission.

The leaders are responsible for making sure that everyone knows the group’s purpose

If an organization doesn’t understand its mission, most of the time it’s because the leaders themselves don’t have a clear vision of the organization’s purpose. Leaders need to reevaluate the organization’s mission constantly, knowing that the mission can (and should) evolve over time, as new leaders are chosen or external pressures change.

The clearest mission can be expressed in a single-sentence mantra. Here are a few examples from well-known organizations:

Dysfunction Cause 2: Lack of Consensus

Team members need to share a common view of the problems the group has to solve.

Sometimes team members agree on symptoms, but disagree on their underlying causes. Some people might think products don’t sell well because they’re poorly marketed; others might think lack of quality is the issue. Brainstorming sessions across the organization can help to uncover the real issues and their root causes. Are clients providing unclear requirements? Is upper management assigning unreasonable deadlines for the rank and file? Is group image suffering in the marketplace?

Not only should the group share a view of problems and root causes; they must also come to a consensus on priorities. Sometimes people agree on a set of issues, but disagree on the relative importance of each.

Leaders have to make sure that all team members share a common view of the group’s issues and their relative priorities. Without this consensus, the individuals making up the group can never work together to find solutions.”

I would like to add here, working together does not mean words on a piece of paper, citing the names of 2 people as being signatories, when in fact one of those names was never approached about the content, and definitely did not sign agreement about any of the contents.

The same scenario in government, the consensus that has been officially reached on any given topic, is then undermined when members of that group work with others to ensure it does not happen that way.

One analogy that applies to both groups, when someone who is not part of the political system in the UK does something that ensures a seat at the table of powerful discussions, and those that granted such a seat gain in some way by their decision, that is major dysfunctional behaviour and it has the potential for huge ramifications for the nation.

Dysfunction Cause 3: Misunderstood Strategy

Once the strategy is understood, team members must grasp the group’s tactics—that is, how the strategy will be implemented.

Leaders must make sure all individuals understand the strategies that the group has targeted to meet its objectives. Once all the individuals understand and accept the group’s strategies and tactics, they can function as a group to meet those goals.

If the meeting of that strategy cannot be done by this group alone, and requires agreement of another group then the strategy is on shaky ground.  Both groups need to benefit for this arrangement to work, and has been happening lately in certain quarters, that is not the case.  That situation becomes a weak brick in the wall, which will eventually will fail and the structure becomes weaker over time.

Dysfunction Cause 4: Lack of Team Cohesion

People need a sense of identity and of belonging; above all, they need to be able to trust their leaders and other team members.

All human structures exist only so long as the majority of the individuals in the group believe that the structure will continue to exist.

Dysfunction Cause 5: Lack of Resources

Every organization needs resources in order to function—and those resources must be available on time. If the team can’t get the tools and materials it needs to do the job, the job won’t be done. Each team member will feel the frustration, and morale will suffer”.

I would add here, if a team member feels ill equipped to take on tasks that they have no training for, or the ability to take on such a topic, then the wider team as a whole, need to address that situation.  As we have stated in these podcasts to date, emerging from a particular birth canal does not come with competencies and experience already.  Privilege does not indicate other than privileged existence. Mistakes can be made, and because of the positions afforded to people who come with privilege and not competence, when they make mistakes, a nation pays the price for it each time.  Just the same as when things are done where the privileged become richer because of austerity in other areas of policy, there are vast numbers of people who suffer as a direct result of that group decision, and have no privilege to rectify their situation quickly.  It can take years, and not all live to see better times.

“Leaders must go outside the group as needed to ensure that the group gets everything it needs to do its work.”


  • Dysfunction of UK Government for 12 Years
    • File of failures, including 5 leaders in 12 years – implications for the UK
    • Everything is broken – 12 years of Conservative rule
    • James Brien sums it up brilliantly in 3 minutes.


An extract:-

“I do wonder how much 12 years of austerity, 12 years of utterly incompetent government has denuded the infrastructure that we need to cope with relatively predictable and ordinary crises or events”, he said.

James talked about how people on social media have been “marvelling at the meteorological condition”, saying the snow “probably won’t happen on Christmas Day, but enjoy it while it lasts”.

“Do you know why it makes me think of gully suckers?” he asked listeners.

“A gully sucker is a big engine, a machine, a vehicle that cleans gutters. It sucks the gullies so it would routinely be deployed by councils to make sure that in the event of a deluge then there wouldn’t be as much disruption as possible”, he said.

“Gully suckers have always stayed with me as a wonderful example of what happens when you make a decision based upon finances, and you make it without reference at all to reality”, James continued.

“We’ve got to save some money on our annual budget – let’s get rid of the gully suckers or let’s get rid of the snow ploughs”, he said, hinting at the cuts to public services since the Conservatives came to power in 2010.

  • Dysfunction of UK Opposition Party
    • Labour is the UK LOST Opposition. Implications for the UK moving forward, because of the above mentioned dysfunction of the Government as outlined above and the fact that the UK has no credible functioning Opposition.  This contributes to why the nation is experiencing lack of confidence in our government systems, and hopelessness about when the dire straits that many people are in will come to an end, or at least start to improve. Several links below give more detail.

Britain’s William, Prince of Wales, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, walk to meet members of the public at Windsor Castle, following the passing of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, in Windsor, Britain, September 10, 2022. Kirsty O’Connor/PA Wire/Pool via REUTERS


  • Dysfunction of British Royal Family
    • The future is not bright. 70% of Royal supporters are aged over 65 years.  Very small numbers of people in the 40 to 65 age group want to see a Royal Family in the future, and more importantly increasing numbers are not interested now.  This does not bode well for the Next in Line.  The 70% category of supporter want to see William and Catherine crowned in their lifetime, because they feel being younger the BRF will have a better chance of surviving.  What they seem to forget, there are insufficient numbers now in the same age bracket as the Prince and Princess of Wales to give them sufficient support, and those in the 65 year and above age range, will be reducing by natural causes.  People below the age of 30 supporting the notion of a Monarchy is very small indeed, and those under the age or 25 is in single figures.
    • Added to all of the above, the Next in Line and wife are not competent for the changing role of Monarchy, and they do the least percentage of engagements than the other 7, all of whom are in their senior years. Engagements of the smile, cut ribbon and take photos are diminishing fast, and the days of performative Royal engagements are numbered.  I do not anticipate this couple making any meaningful difference to the people of the UK.
  • This is an extract from an article in the Guardian, written in March 2021, from an Australian perspective.

Imagine being born into a silk straitjacket, then pushed upon a theatre stage. Your cord cut, you are now a permanent actor in Britain’s public life. As an infant, your burbling will captivate a kingdom. At 12, it will be your grief — millions will watch your little legs shuffle behind your mother’s casket.

The stage props include castles, horses and livery, but only the least imaginative could think that these things are automatically gratifying. In exchange, you must smile about your captivity and genially submit yourself to a press that hacked your phone and helped kill your mother.

The tabloids will describe their own behaviour as “scrutiny”. You will call it criminality. So will a jury examining your mother’s death. So will the Leveson inquiry into media ethics. Regardless, you will hear “scrutiny” invoked to justify all sorts of things: stalking, hacking, gossip, and the fetishisation of your wife’s race.

You don’t belong to yourself, but a collective fantasy. When your wife is conscripted into the troupe, against the advice of her friends, she too experiences the unrestrained intrusions of the tabloids. Then its falsehoods and racism. She will become suicidal.

Harry and Meghan interview stirs debate about Australia becoming a republic.

When this happens, you will be reminded of your dead mother. You will become sick with anger, but asked by your family to remain polite — to keep that upper lip stiff. Restraint maintains mystique. And mystique, not transparency, is vital to continuing the absurdity of a hereditary monarchy. Still, you ask for help – but none comes.

Upon this stage, you have now become an ambassador for mental health – but you will have to gently describe your own grief, anger and depression with the same people that have a substantial budget for buying your private letters and the contents of your bin. You are captive to many things, including the demeaning relationship between press and palace.

When your wife becomes pregnant, some of your family will anxiously speculate about the colour of your child’s skin. Later, they will withdraw the crown’s security guards that protect your family while the media broadcast the location of your new home.

Depending upon the tabloids’ whims, you and your family are either actors in a national soap opera or a personification of the kingdom’s imaginary unity and rectitude. It’s a long, cynical, hallucinatory nightmare.

Who could have anticipated that Prince Harry’s greatest rebellion — previously Hitler dress-ups and binge drinking — would be this heroic assertion of his and his wife’s dignity and independence? Millions will now see Harry and Meghan as indulgent traitors, but after the Oprah interview, we might more accurately see them as historic whistleblowers.

In late 2019, the British media applied some actual scrutiny to their royals. In a strange and accidentally revealing interview, Prince Andrew was asked by the BBC about compelling allegations that he had sex with Virginia Giuffre, 17 at the time and allegedly coerced into the liaison on behalf of the late, convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein. The prince, who denies the allegations against him, was also asked what he knew about his friends’ allegedly extensive trafficking of minors, to which he could only offer alibis and not disgust.

Perhaps the prince thought his unctuous accent suggested integrity, but it resembled a man regurgitating toffee. Having failed to acknowledge the many victims of his friend Epstein, and haplessly exposing the morally infantilising effects of his privilege, he announced that he would retreat from public duties.

A dysfunctional family, whose authority is inherited and conceived in medieval feuds, that is callous to its children, buries inconvenient truths, and relies for its survival upon an “invisible contract” with tabloids, is a profoundly weird thing to hitch our cart to.

Let’s hail our unlikely whistleblowers: a prince who was first a husband and father; and a princess who preferred her freedom and health to the reputation of a cult that was indifferent to it.

Martin McKenzie-Murray is the author of The Speechwriter


 All of the Above Has Led to This

Austerity, Brexit and the Cost of Living Crisis

An Extract:- Austerity, Brexit, Covid and the cost of living crisis: The damage 12 years of Tory rule has done to the UK  Article in the Big Issue – listed in the reference sources

Conservative power defined by austerity, Brexit, the pandemic and three (4 now – on to our 5th Prime Minister) resignations has left Britain broken and the poorest paying the price, writes Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead.  12 July 2022

With a tempestuous three-year tenure marred by scandal, corruption, lies and U-turns, culminating in the rebellion of his own cabinet, it is easy to pin the country’s current woes on its disgraced departing prime minister.

Though as Labour MP Richard Burgon said as he called for a general election: “It wasn’t one man that created record foodbank use, ripped apart our public services and handed out dodgy contracts to the super-rich.”

Rather than one incompetent leader, 12 years of Tory rule has left Britain broken, with one in five citizens now living in poverty. Here’s a look back at the damage the Conservative party has wrought on working families across the country.

Cameron’s government initiated a harsh programme of austerity, which was sold as a necessary response to the financial crash. Tackling the budget deficit and national debt was the top priority and then-chancellor George Osborne implemented a string of cost-cutting measures in which everyday people bore the brunt.

Housing benefit was reduced, councils lost a third of their spending power, child benefit was frozen and family tax credits were amended to save the treasury coffers. Public sector workers saw their pay frozen, spending on public services including the police, courts, schools, hospitals and prisons was reduced, all while corporation tax was cut, as a means, according to Osborne, to stimulate business activity and “balance the books”.

Warnings about the cruel policy were made at the time. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said the chancellor’s austerity programme would cause a 10 per cent drop in family living standards. A study by the IFS concluded that the strategy would result in rising child poverty and greater inequality.

“Welfare cuts and tax rises will act to reduce household incomes, and those with the lowest incomes are clearly set to lose the most from these reforms as a percentage of income (with the important exception of those with the very highest incomes). This is likely to increase poverty, other things being equal, offsetting some of the falls in poverty over the past decade,” said the IFS.

More than a decade after austerity was introduced, numerous studies show the exact social and economic consequences of the cuts.

The NHS, for example, has suffered the leanest years in its history, leading to a rise in waiting lists and operation delays, well before the pandemic. Describing the impact years of “economic mismanagement” has had on the NHS, Dr John Puntis, co-chair of Keep Our NHS Public, said: “The NHS is now facing its biggest crisis ever, with underfunding, 110,000 staff vacancies, bed cuts, ambulance services collapsing, record high waiting lists now over six million, and a massive maintenance backlog of around £9 million.

“With life expectancy stalled and poverty and inequality increasing, population health continues to suffer from the adverse effects of overall economic mismanagement.”

Research from Imperial College shows that life expectancy has fallen since 2010 in the poorest areas of Newcastle, Blackpool, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. The Sir Michael Marmot review found that in 2020, largely due to the impact of cuts linked to the government’s austerity policies, life expectancy had stalled for the first time in more than 100 years, and the gap in health inequalities had widened.

In its ‘The true cost of austerity and inequality: UK case study’, Oxfam notes how economic stagnation, the rising cost of living, cuts to social security and public incomes and rising unemployment have combined to create a “deeply damaging situation in which millions are struggling to make ends meet”.

According to this year’s annual living standards audit from the Resolution Foundation, only Bulgaria is more unequal than the UK when it comes to income inequality.

The Resolution Foundation and the London School of Economics’ Big Brexit report says the “long-lasting legacy” of the UK’s departure from the EU is likely to be slower wage and productivity growth over the next decade. “Workers across most sectors and all regions should expect further real wage hits as the economy continues to adjust to Brexit,” the report concludes.

One of the biggest challenges facing households during the current cost of living crisis is rising food prices. A recent report from the UK in a Changing Europe think tank found that new trade barriers as a result of Brexit caused a six per cent rise in food prices in Britain between the end of 2019 and September 2021, compared to the three years before December 2019.

With one of the highest Covid death tolls in Europe, the British Medical Journal said the UK’s response to the pandemic was neither well prepared nor remotely adequate, being “too little, too late, too flawed.”

The devastating impact of Tory austerity resurfaced during the pandemic, with years of spending cuts and deepening inequality meaning Britain was ill-prepared when a virus as deadly as Covid-19 struck.

When asked why England had Europe’s worst Covid figures, Michael Marmot, professor of epidemiology at University Collection London and director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity, said: “The answer starts with austerity.”


“Essentially The Monarchy is Corrupt”

Graham Smith CEO of Republic had this to say in an article listed in the reference sources:- “Smith and his colleagues regularly make Freedom of Information requests, commission research, and publicise overlooked information about how the monarchy works – such as the fact that Prince Charles’s private organisation, the Duchy of Cornwall, is exempt from corporation and capital gains tax, or that the 18 royals officially classed as “working” each cost the taxpayer an average of £19m a year.

“We don’t say that the fact that the monarchy is expensive is a reason to get rid of it,” Smith cautions. “It’s not. The fact that it’s expensive is a symptom of the fact that it’s unaccountable and secretive. It’s really a way of pointing to the institution and saying: ‘Essentially, the monarchy is corrupt.’ I don’t think it’s going too far to say that. If corruption is the abuse of public office for personal gain, that is what the monarchy does. And it’s routine; it’s built into the system.”

Republic would like an elected head of state similar to the one who serves the Republic of Ireland – where the role is largely ceremonial and apolitical, but the president can speak up at times of national crisis or uncertainty.


I will keep this short, as I have covered plenty in this podcast.  In short, Harry and Meghan did the right thing by detaching from the role of senior working Royals in the BRF.  Your mental health and general all round health would have been severely impacted in the most negative of ways if you had remained.  Unlike all the other members of that family, none of them had the experiences, or the confidence or competence to even contemplate moving away from finance and housing from the Monarchy, and more than anything else, none of the others had the confidence or the belief in valuing oneself and not be reliant on others telling you what you are worth each day, based on how high they want you to jump on a given day.

Looking back, all the reasons given by so called advisors, who were really protecting their circle of comfort which required an actual Royal Family with no real skills to be dependant upon the so called specialists, and government officials on loan to them, and the constant revolving doors between Number 10 Downing Street and the palaces.

Lazy ineffective people glad for the privilege, valued their worth by being part of that family, and not for any personal esteem based on ones own merits.  Everything in that Monarchy set up thought that they should be and were liked because of their privilege, and as long as not too many of the poor people suffered prolonged hardship, all was alright in their world.  It was advantageous to the Courtiers et al, to be the ones who gave the impression of being the glue that held it all together, and for whom the BRF could not function.  That process worked when there were Royal Family members who never chose to develop an intellect or independent thought, and were contented to be robotic in their wave and cut ribbon lifestyle and call it work, in exchange for material things they would never experience unless they actively sought a way to earn and achieve things that made a difference to people, not just oneself.

Harry and Meghan you are not cut from that mold, and you have aspirations to ease plights of as many people as possible, whilst ensuring that you and your children, never have to experience being treated as less than by your own family, and a right wing press using you for distraction from many heinous acts elsewhere in the family.

You are no ones pinata.  You are not slaves, even though your families treated as such – going out of their way to make things difficult for you both, each family having their own agenda for the destruction that they tried to cause.  You are not slaves, and the hunter and prey mentality and approaches were done to make you fold and return to the abuse or be destroyed.

The family and their media created the hateful atmosphere and stoked the fire most days, and then stood back with their hands behind the backs faking innocence.  We know what went on, and now a global audience witnessed it too, and soon I am confident that the international lawmakers will too.  I will go to my grave with that belief, and I will be proved right in my belief – matters not whether I am here to see it.  It will happen, and people involved in abusive activities across continents, via their keyboards located on another continent, will not escape justice, and neither will hiding behind a press badge save them.  All the key ones will be made to answer for their activities against you and your children.  Since 2016, government and Monarchy have spent most of their time on self serving activities or encouraging others to hunt you down like prey – like runaway slaves.  Very little of their time, if any, was spent on looking after the health of the nation, and for that alone, there needs to be a rethink about the methodology followed between Monarchy and Government.

Your global support network is more than proud of you.  Continue doing what you do.  You are being Forces for Change on a Global basis.  We are preparing to celebrate to very important birthdays coming up in a couple of months.  No other dates are as important.  Lots of virtual and actual cookouts will be happening around the globe.  Both of you should feel very proud of what you have achieved in such a short space of time.  Only your respective families thought the outcome would be different, which proves you did the right thing as stated in your announcement on 8th Jan 2020.  We ride with you all the way, every day.


NB  The image of President Biden and the Clintons was taken in the museum at Arlington National Cemetary on the day of President Biden’s Inauguration.  Photo was on display on a wall, taken in 2013 when Prince Harry lay a wreath for the Fallen Soldier.  This speaks volumes of the high regard USA had for Prince Harry years ago.  Only in the British Royal Family is his military service of 10 years disparaged with the public encouraged to do the same via media articles.  Disgusting.

Ivy Barrow

12 March 2023



Reference Sources