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Episode 95



This weeks podcast takes an overview of how UK Media have viewed and described Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex since childhood, covering his childhood years and ongoing trauma since the loss of his mother, though his Eton years, through his military years and the unwanted media attention which he had to endure at various periods including in the middle of live on the ground war zone activity, all to then go on to publish cynical articles, about their experiences.  Harry’s location was twice given away to the media during his ten years in the miliary and both times he had to be called back to civilian Royal life. Deliberate actions on behalf of the BRF I am sure.  UK Media needed him back. They needed their prey back.

When it came to meeting a USA actress, who was a high achiever and high scoring academic, a multi lingual activist and a strong feminist, UK media were shocked.  It was clear that they did not know quite what to write, or how to describe this potential partnership.  One Royal media pundit confidently said that this was just a fling.  A Royal would not marry an Actress, or someone from the USA and although he did not use any words to describe Meghan’s ethnicity (all the Royal Reporters did eventually go down that road, within days of hearing that Meghan was Harry’s girlfriend) it was obviously a factor, but as always, people who honestly felt that way, most called it anything else but factors about being non white and potential member of the all white Royal family.

The Daily Mail in under a week, stated on their front page that “Harry’s girl is straight outa Compton”.  Soon there were articles referring to the UK Royal blue blood being tainted and watered down by exotic DNA.  The articles became much worse in the next 6 months, leading to a Statement from Prince Harry, calling out the double standards, and the obvious racist rhetoric and the misogynoir .

The next three years, UK media doubled down on The Sussexes, Meghan in particular, and in so doing were adding to a range of concerns that Prince Harry obviously had about the press coverage of Meghan.  The impact on both of their mental health status was beginning to take effect.  A deliberate ploy by UK media, no doubt on behest of the BRF, to break Meghan’s spirit, and to get her to walk away from everything to do with UK Royal life.

The media threw into the mix their wishes to have the ‘old Harry back’.  The fun Harry.  The same “fun” Harry, that they reported on when he was out socialising and criticised him heavily for it, but now as Harry was not their target in this equation he was berated by the press, but in reality their focus was on destroying Meghan and ignoring her cries for help with her suicidal ideations when she was pregnant with Archie. UK media continued with their onslaught, never once considering Harry’s feeling about the treatment of his girlfriend.  There was clearly a assumption that Harry would get over it, and would never put anything above the BRF.

One of many mistakes the partnership between BRF and the Royal Reporters made about this couple.  It was clear from quite early on that both groups recognised Meghan’s strength and how much she valued herself.  I am sure that they knew it would not be easy, but I am equally sure that the BRF never once thought they would fail to send Meghan packing.  Their biggest mistake was constantly pushing Harry into a corner, in the belief that he would fold and become compliant again. The forces against The Sussexes underestimated big time, the psychological forces at play in these scenarios that they continued to construct, and the mind that they thought they were weakening was growing in strength.

I have included a few stages of how the mind processes experiences and how it can eventually lead to strength and resolve beyond the imagination or expectation of the abusers involved. Make no mistake, ALL those involved in trying to break down this couple, or be the cause of the end of a life, were and are all abusers.  Tried to make Harry walk away from his then wife and their unborn first child by forcing him into a metaphorical corner, where it was deemed he had next to no options to come out of the said corner.  Just like most sentient beings, you can only push a person so far, and should they come out fighting, the abusers should take heed, that nothing that occurs from hereonin, is a last moment thought.  Especially when you are dealing with a high achieving veteran.

The FAFO phase was underway, and the UK BRF and its media were about to enter into the Find Out stage.  The push into that metaphorical corner continued, as we shall briefly describe, but the exit out of that corner was like an explosion going off.  They UK based abusers were not ready but now it matters not if they have accepted their fate, there is no denial that Harry has left the building, and the mirage of a small victim fighting against a Herculean foe was just that , and now the roles have reversed, and the small human has grown so much, that he is Herculean himself, but this time with his strength growing each day, and has risen to added iconic global glory, which has resulted in Meghan and Harry are not only out of reach and control of the BRF and RRs, but they are continuing to grow in stature, and every poison arrow sent their way from bitter island, otherwise known as the UK, always returns to Sender, with the poison now even more potent than when it was originally sent out.

This podcast will give an overview about the power of the mind, and the indicators showing at what stage in this fight back stage the couple were in at various points.


Narcissists Enjoy Watching You Suffer

Extract from an article in – listed in the reference sources below.

“Narcissists never fail to notice your suffering, in fact they take joy in it. While narcissists can be annoying due to their total self-absorption and tendency to seek attention and admiration from others, some possess a darker side. Sometimes referred to as malignant narcissists, these individuals take great pleasure in watching or causing others to suffer.

Malignant narcissists are basically bullies, who enjoy tormenting insecure people in order to make themselves feel like they are worth something. If you aren’t insecure when you come into contact with these people, they will do everything they can to make you that way. This is something else they put in their “win” column.

Secretly, narcissists envy others. Their black and white thinking makes it so they can’t accept others accomplishments. They fear these achievements will detract from how people view them. Narcissists believe that when others do something admirable it makes them look bad and takes attention away from them. Unable to tolerate this, they will find ways to publicly shame and humiliate others for what they’ve achieved believing that shaming others will make the narcissist stand out as the real achiever.

The narcissist’s warped sense of achievement is such that success to them is remaining the center of attention, being perceived of as the best at everything they do and maintaining control over everyone in their life. Their primary way of doing these things is to tear apart the lives of others they resent and who they subconsciously fear that they can never equal. These are the people who become their victims and narcissists get great joy from hurting them”.

A certain father and his eldest son come to mind, the more research I do on narcissism.  What do you think?


Why is it When I Fight Back, I go from Being the Victim to Being the Abuser – But They can Hurt Me for 34 Years and Never Suffer any Consequences

This is not a quote from Prince Harry, but from a member of the public, with narcissistic parent. I have listed the link to the source.  It was on another social media platform, but the headline reminded me of Harry.


The Way the UK Media Described Prince Harry Publicly Since Childhood

Here is a list of descriptions that UK media have used to describe Prince Harry at various stages of his life, including his childhood, teenage years, military service, and his current role as a married family man:

  1. “The Rebel Prince” – Prince Harry gained a reputation for his rebellious nature and occasional controversial behavior during his younger years.
  2. “The Party Prince” – Media often portrayed him as a party-loving royal, frequently seen at social events and nightlife hotspots.
  3. “The Soldier Prince” – During his military service, Prince Harry was often described as a dedicated and courageous soldier, serving multiple tours in Afghanistan.
  4. “The Charitable Prince” – Following his military career, Prince Harry focused on charitable endeavors, including the founding of the Invictus Games and his work in raising awareness for mental health.
  5. “The Adventurous Prince” – With a love for adrenaline-fueled activities and travel, Prince Harry was often depicted as an adventurous individual, embracing challenges and exploring new experiences.
  6. “The Romantic Prince” – When Prince Harry’s relationships were in the spotlight, media portrayed him as a romantic figure, particularly during his courtship and marriage to Meghan Markle. Yet at the same time, RRs moaned that Harry and changed since he got married; he used to spend more time with RRs when on tour and he had become “woke” since meeting Meghan.  That pretty much sums up all of that group, without me having to say anything else.
  7. “The Modern Prince” – Prince Harry has been hailed as a member of the royal family who embraces progressive ideas and challenges traditional norms, advocating for issues such as mental health and environmental sustainability. Yet as it was becoming clear that Harry was a responsible husband and father and was building a family life, their fake praise and descriptions of Prince Harry very quickly turned into weapons which the RRs tried to use to bring Harry down.  Zero concern about the impact on his mental health, to name but one thing that they tried to implement and disguised it as reminding him of his “duty” to the Royal Family.
  8. “The Protective Father” – Since becoming a father, Prince Harry has been portrayed as a loving and protective dad, often highlighting his commitment to raising his children with care and attention. Again when it became clear that Meghan and his children are his priority, and not the The Firm, fatherhood in Harry;s style was despised not praised.  Other people in the BRF put the Firm above their spouses and children.  Harry not doing the same, gave them an added reason to try and end the marriage.  The naïve view was held that if the marriage broke up, Meghan would leave and the old Harry would return to being the footstool of the family again.  Naïve is the politest word I can use for a description of the behaviour of the BRF and their media partners.
  9. “The Philanthropic Prince” – Prince Harry’s dedication to philanthropy and his commitment to making a positive impact on society has earned him praise from media outlets, but not so much in the UK.  The UK version of being involved in charity is to do performative activities and be available for photo opportunities, but to do nothing that can be measured other than the number of times a Royal turns up for photo opps and smiles to people.  As they admit, they can give nothing else, only best wishes and smiles.  Those things really help to put food on the table and provide heat for homes, to name just a couple of things that uk Monarchy feel comfortable telling members of the public.  The complete opposite of Harry and Meghan.
  10. “The Brave Prince” – Prince Harry’s decision to take legal action against UK media outlets, challenging their unethical practices, has been lauded as an act of bravery and a stand against invasive media scrutiny. It takes tremendous courage to do what Harry and Meghan have done relating to taking on UK media.  With the current ongoing legal process involving around 100 people, including Harry, regardless of the outcome of this case, Harry has won already in the eyes of the public around the world, not least now, there is a public official record of who has done what and where etc.  That is a huge leap from the position before.  Now it is recorded in a place of law, forever more for future generations to read about and to know what took place, as opposed to the hundreds of books written by people with their own agenda, and with the bottom line that all members of the BRF must be seen in a positive light at all times.  That myth has well and truly been blown out of the water once and for all.


Here are some common psychological stages that humans may go through when feeling cornered or under extreme pressure:

  1. Alarm: This initial stage is characterized by a sudden realization of the threat or danger. It triggers the fight-or-flight response, where the body prepares to either confront or escape the situation. Physiological changes such as increased heart rate, rapid breathing, and heightened senses may occur.
  2. Denial or Disbelief: In this stage, individuals may initially deny or have difficulty accepting the reality of the situation. They might try to minimize the threat or convince themselves that it’s not as severe as it seems. Denial serves as a psychological defense mechanism to protect oneself from overwhelming emotions.
  3. Anger and Frustration: As the reality of the threat sets in, individuals may start experiencing intense anger and frustration. They may direct these emotions towards the perceived source of the threat or externalize their feelings. This stage often involves a surge of energy and a desire to retaliate or fight back.
  4. Bargaining: In an attempt to regain control or find a way out, individuals may enter a stage of bargaining. They may make promises to themselves, a higher power, or even the people they perceive as a threat, hoping that by doing so, they can avoid or mitigate the negative outcome. Bargaining can involve seeking compromises or making deals to alleviate the pressure.
  5. Depression: If the previous stages do not lead to a resolution, individuals may experience a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and despair. The weight of the situation can lead to a state of depression, characterized by a loss of motivation, low mood, withdrawal from activities, and a general feeling of sadness or emptiness.
  6. Acceptance and Adaptation: With time, individuals may gradually come to accept the reality of their situation. They recognize the limitations and constraints they face and begin to shift their focus towards finding ways to cope and adapt. Acceptance does not necessarily imply giving up but rather acknowledging the circumstances and exploring strategies to move forward.
    1. Once Harry and Meghan decided to step back from Royal duties and make a new life away from the confines of the UK, and more than anything, move somewhere that would enable them to heal slowly and to protect their mental health.  The risk to their lives including that of their first born at that time, was increasing with each passing day.  There were real proven risks and people out there aiming to harm them on a frequent basis.
    2. Life was made very difficult for them in the first year of detaching from the controlling and dangerous conditions – by their own families, but particularly the BRF.  The other family had tried most of their damage control by order in the first three years of the relationship, and once that did not work and a marriage and a baby had occurred, the BRF took over the seek and destroy tactics that we all know about and do not need to be repeated  again on this channel, via their partners in the media as part of the invisible contract.  It was clearly done to put the Sussex family in more danger, without their own security and no funds.  Yet again, the BRF underestimated Meghan’s wealth and her own connections, the Sussexes moved to another location, outside of Canada.  Moved to California.  Once again the BRF leaked the location to the press who in turn joined forces with paparazzi and tried to hound the family out of the California property and force them back to the UK.
    3. Whilst the BRF were still reeling from the shock of this latest move and the BRF latest shenanigans going up in smoke, they had yet to truly accept that working so hard to back the Sussexes into a corner so tightly that they would beg to leave it, and would return to known abuse, by known abusers, back on UK soil.
    4. The next work of genius from Harry and Meghan, was to buy their first home together and to move in for almost two months before the UK found out about it. Absolute quality move.

The Sussexes move with stealth in everything that they do.  They assess the situation.  Plan a course of action.  Involve all the key stakeholders.  Plan how it will roll out and when.  Let people know when it is all sorted.  This applies in their projects and how they conduct their day to day lives.  The UK hear about it, just like the rest of the world, when the communication team release a notice or statement about things.


Having a military background can potentially impact the way a person responds when feeling cornered or under threat. Military training often instills certain qualities and skills that can influence an individual’s approach to difficult situations. Here are some ways in which a military background might impact someone’s response:

  1. Disciplined mindset: Military training emphasizes discipline, self-control, and adherence to protocols. Individuals with a military background may be more likely to maintain a composed mindset, think critically, and make calculated decisions when faced with adversity.
  2. Training in tactics and strategy: Military personnel are trained in various tactics and strategies to overcome challenges and accomplish objectives. This training can provide them with a repertoire of problem-solving skills, situational awareness, and the ability to assess risks and opportunities. They may be more adept at analyzing their options and choosing the most effective course of action.
  3. Familiarity with high-stress environments: Military personnel often operate in high-stress environments that require them to stay focused and perform under pressure. This exposure can develop resilience, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and the capacity to function effectively in challenging situations. They may be less likely to panic or become overwhelmed when confronted with a threatening scenario.
  4. Teamwork and leadership skills: Military training emphasizes teamwork and leadership development. Individuals with a military background may be more inclined to seek support from others, delegate tasks, and rally a team to work towards a common goal. They may also have experience in coordinating efforts and making quick decisions in high-stakes situations.
  5. Risk assessment and risk management: Military personnel are often trained to assess risks and make decisions based on risk management principles. They are taught to evaluate the potential consequences of their actions and to prioritize safety and mission success. This ability to assess risks and consider the potential outcomes can influence their approach when faced with a difficult situation.

It’s important to note that while a military background can provide individuals with valuable skills and perspectives, not all individuals with a military background will respond in the same way. Individual differences, personal traits, and experiences outside of military training can also shape how a person reacts to being cornered or under threat.  This is just a brief outline at the thinking and planning that can go on, when a person is cornered and made to feel trapped.

The BRF and the rest of the Firm, continue to use tactics from a Playbook that is no match for modern ways of Strategic Planning.  The UK Royal Family also are not known for having people within it with a good education (as opposed to an expensive one) and any modicum of ideas about the real world outside the Royal bubble.  Females in that family are developed from an early age to be Stepford clones, and women entering that family are usually selected for the vast area of non productive space between their ears, and are there merely to be a decoration on photo opps and to replicate The Handmaiden’s Tale in its entirety

The institution is so far behind logical thinking and is out of touch with the real suffering going on inside this country, then it is no wonder that the only reason that these societal groups at the top of the societal structure here in the UK exist, is because they each ensure that the others exist, because it is becoming less so that the general public are voting for them to exist.  At the moment the age profile of Royalists supporters is that 75% of them are over the age of 65.  The other end of the spectrum is that people aged under 20 account for a single figure in terms of percentage. Ie less than 10% see the need or desire for a Monarchy.  So, at the moment the BRF, the Media – printed and televised, government, police and aristocracy look after each other.  It is a revolving door between all groups in terms of key posts.  There is coming a time in the not too distant future, where that will not be enough, so think on.  Harry and Meghan had the fortitude to seek ways to escape out of their corner, but future generations will have the power of the people to ensure that what has taken place over the last 100 years at least, will never be allowed to take place again, never mind the previous 900 years when it was questionable at various points.

BRF and UK Media you have never ever welcomed Meghan, and you have never truly loved Harry.  You used him for your own ends.  The moment you realised that he had escaped and was not returning, you all immediately treated the Sussexes like runaway slaves.  In that period you put their lives at risk, and you actively continued to push Meghan to suicidal ideations.  Archie was born despite your actions. Your actions caused a subsequent miscarriage, when the abuse continued on another continent.  You all made them feel anything but welcome. Now they have two children, who are safe from your clutches and who already know what it is like to be loved unconditionally. All of those societal groups mentioned in this and several podcasts on this channel are responsible for the state of the UK since 2016

Be careful who you push into corners, with the intention of forcing them to do your bidding.

Never ever underestimate the power of the mind.  I will end this podcase with a quote from one of my favourite authors Maya Angelou.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel”


Ivy Barrow

11 June 2023



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