Remembering Veterans Past and Present

USA Treating Prince Harry with Respect Unlike the UK on Remembrance Day 2020



This piece is centred on the disgusting and offensive behaviour by UK tabloid press, no doubt on behalf of their Masters, the British Royal Family, on Remembrance Sunday 2020. Abhorrent to far more UK residents than the Royal Family or their Media friends anticipated, and the backlash was swift – both within and external to the UK. I see no point in attempting to describe the role of the UK media tabloids, Royal Reporters in particular, in any other way than they are the Propaganda arm of UK Monarchy.  Everyone knows of propaganda activities around the world and the regimes that utilised that approach to achieve certain beliefs and modes of behaviour.  In modern times it appears to be used for the self protection of designated groups who are not under siege due to warfare or strife, but more to preserve a way of life that they benefit from and to ensure it never ends. The treatment of one member of the Royal Family on Remembrance Sunday 2020 was and will forever be yet another stain on UK history, regarding the ostracising of Prince Harry in such a public and humiliating way, took all the attention away from the purpose of the day.  i.e., remembering those who have lost their lives through serving, veterans who have suffered life limiting injuries through serving, and those who are currently serving. Instead the world had front row seats to the UK Royal Family & its courtiers together with UK media, abusing the only member of that family to serve in the Armed Forces, simply because he refused to spend the rest of his life being the Whipping Boy for the Monarchy.

One year on from that low quality behaviour by the British Royal family, The Sussexes are in a very strong position now and are completely financially independent from the UK Monarchy and UK taxpayers and free to work with the USA military alongside their humanitarian projects via Archewell Foundation.  Prince Harry has been refused permission to work with UK military since he stepped back from Senior Royal duties, however, Harry has pointed out that Service is Universal, and he will continue to work with the military away from UK Monarchy restrictions. The people who serve and who have served deserve the thanks and the interaction.


Each propaganda group operates at the behest of the other, in order to maintain the current system.  A system that suits a very limited number of groups, but who over many decades have managed to convince a large but reducing number of people in the UK that there are advantages to being subjects rather than citizens, and that there is some perverse rationalisation that it is acceptable for the family that taxpayers fund to live in opulence and for too many in the UK population to have to rely on Food Banks resourced by charitable donations.  Somehow it allows a percentage of the British people to find comfort in the fact that this family play house every day, and pretend to work and to support charities and that it somehow leads to an image of stability in an otherwise unpredictable world.

The UK Royal family are far from destitute – yet the UK are happy to continue to live in dire circumstances in too many cases, as long as the UK poster family at the top of the societal tree is seen to be there like a  bejewelled anchor in an otherwise choppy global sea.  No matter that the UK is practically rudderless, has an under performing captain and has cut every vein that provides life from other living entities, in the false belief that the UK can just tie its own veins together, and new life will form and sustain the whole island.  There is a notion that we do not need to worry about the rudder, because we will just float off to a new Utopia somewhere and be self sufficient, and that all the other islands and nations will be falling over themselves to be associated with a nation with a rock solid exemplary Monarchy in place, no matter that global economies have no time for the government in place.  Yea it all looks rosy on the global front – not.

The History of the Term ‘Whipping Boy’ and the Change of Name for the UK Royal Family 1917

As mentioned in previous articles of mine, in the UK Royal Family the only people of importance in the Family are those high in the Line of Succession.  Prince Charles has been saying for some time now that the Royal Family needs to be slimmed down, as there are currently too many relatives funded by the UK taxpayers who are not working Royals or who do a small number of engagements a year.  A photo from 2019 was published showing the priorities in terms of Succession. Notice no Harry and Meghan. Harry is far down the line, and yet the Family expected him to stay around and be a crutch for Prince William and never to outshine him in any way.  The moment that Prince Harry introduced a famous and wealthy woman and most importantly highly intelligent with vast global ambassador experience as his future wife, the alarm bells began to ring within palace walls.

Figure 1Line of Succession – Current Queen & Future Kings

Only the first born are considered valuable.  Subsequent children in each family are deliberately brought into the world to serve the first born – to be there to support the heir for life.  UK media continually use the term as “duty” but in my opinion, as all those 2nd and subsequent children had no say in the matter, and continue to have very limited say in how they conduct their adult lives, duty is not the word.

Prince Harry has been used as the Whipping Boy of the Royal family since he was very young.  The same fate awaits the Cambridge children Charlotte and Louis.  The Monarchy is set up to survive at all costs.  It is not about family it is about the Firm.  It is for this reason that the Sussexes have been given so much grief for daring to walk away, after refusing to put up with the abuse, particularly Meghan.  Harry put options on the table, but all were refused, no doubt thinking that Harry was tied to remaining, even if his wife left taking their child.  The courtiers and family and media were wrong and now look where they are.

The historical origins of the phrase of Whipping Boy came from Tudor times.  There was a process where boys who were born into noble families were often allocated as the ‘fall guy’ for a senior Prince.  The Whipping Boy terminology was used to take all the punishments in respect of any misdeed carried out by the senior Prince.  Now who does that remind you of in modern day Royal life?  It seems it is always usual to have a chew toy or punching bag to send the public into a negative mode against that person or couple in the case of the Sussexes.  Sad state of affairs. Now the Royals who felt threatened and jealous of Meghan’s popularity, on top of the resentment that she was a bi-racial intelligent woman, and Prince Harry being so loved by the British public and the Commonwealth and beyond, have got what they wished for – ie. No one is taking the spotlight from the senior Royals left.  The stage is all theirs, and as Uk media has found out, very few are interested in the UK Royals, despite sycophantic articles written trying to give the impression that the world is holding its breath for each public appearance of any of those high in the Line of Succession.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and I am so happy to know that Karma will visit each and every one of them that were happy to see two people who wanted to work and do humanitarian things for so many groups, had their lives put at risk, and their mental health be severely affected by the venom and toxicity encouraged by UK media, knowing that they had the support of the Royal family to operate that way.


Figure 2 Words such as “ruins of their reputation” “photo op” “new low” “blundering ghouls”

It was this hatred and jealousy against Prince Harry removing himself from that oppressive environment that made the Royal Family see red, and metaphorical smoke escaping from every orifice daily.  On Remembrance Sunday they refused a request for a wreath ordered by Harry from the usual suppliers for all the wreaths used by the RF that day, to be laid at the Cenotaph.  The wreath was left behind, whilst all the others for the Royals were collected.  UK media was then ‘informed’ of this refusal, and decided to release the information in their newspapers.  The aim was to clearly humiliate Prince Harry, when other people such as Prince Andrew was allowed to have his wreath laid at the Cenotaph, and another insult, one of the tabloid photographers Arthur Edwards, who is an ally of Prince Charles (remember the video he made claiming fake apologies and fake Emotions begging Harry to return to the UK to help out Prince Charles and Prince William) was allowed to attend the service and to lay a wreath.  No doubt Prince Charles saying ‘thank you’ to him for his services to Clarence House and a nod to Prince Harry that the tabloid press is considered well enough to be at such an event, but Harry who could not attend anyway due to the worldwide pandemic restrictions , was refused to even have a wreath from him included in the event.  What a Statement the Royal Family was making to the only family member who served in the Armed Forces, but it was deemed acceptable for all the others to play dress up without him being present in any way, as a token of respect for the veterans that have a special place in Harry’s heart.  It was vindictive and unnecessary, and the tabloids were able to attract click bait income on the back of his pain.

The wording in all of the articles written on that day were truly disgusting.  The similarity in tone and content laid bare the propaganda machine in action.  No matter the publication, the message was the same.

Figure 3 – Note words used, such “publcity stunt””little need for smart suit and polished brogues anymore” “distant”  “alone” “all two medals” ”increasingly balding figure”

The reason for their ire was that Harry and Meghan paid their respects to veterans at a Los Angeles cemetery and photos were circulated globally.  UK media were up in arms about it.  It was not expected, and they had no knowledge beforehand that Prince Harry was going to pay his respects at his local venue.  As the Sussexes do not work with Royal Rota, none of their photographers got the scoop and would have had to pay for the images they used in the UK newspapers.  Every one of the UK articles decided to use words that referred to it being a photo shoot, and using a photographer who also has photos of celebrities in his portfolio.  All the photographers used to date by the Sussexes since moving to the USA,  have been local professionals, and all have been people of colour.  It does seem to get the blood boiling on so many levels within Royal Rota land.  No more palace sources to spill the beans about Sussex activity.  The language used in all of the articles was unprofessional, and disrespectful to someone who is the son of a future King.  It is irrelevant whether or not he is a working Royal.  It was the UK Monarch who refused that arrangement, and it was UK media who in print and on televised programmes who most days told Meghan to go back to the USA.  So disrespectful and racist in nature.  Five years of receipts exist so there is no point any of them denying it, and the gutter level of content about Prince Harry laying a wreath in the USA has been noticed around the world, and will not be forgotten by veterans and the USA as a whole, let alone citizens of the UK who recognised 5 years ago the game being played here.

I am certain that it has not gone unnoticed the inferences that Harry and Meghan are now living in some type of silo basin, where there is no need for formal attire or ‘polished brogues’  What statement is being made here about the land of the USA and by implication that living on Ghetto Island in the UK, it is normal to wear such attire as mainstream.  I am sure I am not alone in recognising the bubble that Ingrid Seward lives in inside her head.  A societal space that only white  people should occupy.  It is has been a year since she was advocating death for Meghan as a means to encourage Prince Harry to return to the UK, where this article clearly demonstrates, that the UK is far from welcoming to people of colour, and certainly not those who choose to marry anyone other than an “English rose” using Ingrid’s own words in the past.  Veterans noticed what was going on – this attempt to humiliate Prince Harry and cause him emotional pain.  The slur that a burial ground anywhere but in England is somehow of less merit, and the wreath that Prince Harry left at the LA cemetery was deemed ‘less than’ because it lacked the British poppy symbol.  The arrogance is astounding and deeply offensive. NB  The Poppy did not come into existence by the UK.  Look it up.  You will see it is not accurate to call it the “British” poppy.

Impact of A Change in the USA Presidency Emerging
The Royal Family and UK media over played their hand, and the outcome was the biggest income generator and popular Royals left the UK, and we are where we are now, and there is no coming back from that.  There will be no repeat of a 1997 tragedy this time.  The world is watching now.  Social Media exists and provides evidence daily which is shared worldwide.

I see that the UK is trying to clean up its image a little.  Cosmetic changes.  Presenters who have been given free reign to spout racist bile are being removed from their posts and put out to pasture.  The big names are still there, but one cannot help but think that the recent election of a new President in the USA may have something to do with it. Trade deals come to mind.  I also believe that the Royal Family and their propaganda pals need to rethink how they report on Harry and Meghan and recognise that the Sussexes are friends of PresidentS, (and have been for some years)  and that this is yet another item to be added to the list for the UK as to why they need to play nice with the Sussexes, because no one else in the BRF will liaise or achieve as much as the Sussexes, with or without Titles, and members of the BRF weighed down with their basket of Titles, means zero in the USA.  Royalty was abolished in the USA for a reason, so no amount of bowing and scraping on Title alone is going to cut it.

It is a fact that Harry and Meghan were hounded out of the UK, and that they have been welcomed and protected and respected by the USA.  This latest colonial approach to veterans resting places in the USA and the implication that the Sussexes go around dressed in attire which is considered ‘less than’ the pantomime costumes worn by all the UK Monarchy, will have been noted in the USA.  Harry is no ones’ whipping boy and Meghan is no ones’ slave.

To offend a nation is not a good start to a new Presidency, and the Commonwealth is increasingly shaky.  I would suggest that all those Future Kings and those deemed relevant, need to get working and make the UK great again, because no victim returns to their abusers if they have options, and Meghan and Harry have options.  The behaviour on Remembrance Sunday 2020 is now yet another receipt for the history books.  The propaganda team needs refreshing with new blood and with a level of competency in PR because boy oh boy, the BRF are going to need it, as clearly left to their own devices, the end of the Monarchy will occur before George’s voice deepens.

Remembering Veterans in 2021 had Harry and Meghan globally reported on in the days leading up to Veterans Day on 11th November and in the days following.  The UK Royal Family may have rejected Prince Harry merely for marrying a woman of colour and taking his family away from the daily abuse and breaches in basic Human Rights, and with increasing risk that the same fate that happened to Princess Diana awaited Princess Meghan if she stayed in the UK.  The signs were clearly there for everyone with vision to see.  Harry has been embraced with USA military for over 10 years and now that the Prince Without Borders is on their doorstep, the USA military community have shown him love and respect, in a way the country of his birth have refused to do: their loss.

The media interest in UK Remembrance Sunday activities was minimal, and even less globally.  Once again, veterans who should have been centre of the focus, were sidelined to a degree because of the behaviour of the British Royal Family in the last year and the pantomime Royals in costume military uniforms and fake medals, but the only member of that family to serve in the military for 10 years and who did so protecting his country, has been ostracised and punished for seeking independence and safety for his wife and children, who also have been vilified in the UK since their birth.  Increasing numbers of people are now coming to the realisation of why the Sussexes HAD to leave, and thankfully Prince Harry is able to continue with his love and respect for the military and be welcomed into the fold as ‘one of them’.  The global humanitarian has not wavered in his new location, and he and Meghan are now well on their way to establishing themselves as global humanitarians via their Archewell Foundation.

On Wednesday the 20th January 2021, the inauguration of a new USA President and Vice President took place. Congratulations President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind the UK Royal Family and British Media, in particular Royal Reporters that the President and First Lady Dr Jill Biden and Vice President of the USA have met/supported Harry and Meghan for many years. The President and First Lady have also supported the Invictus Games for years.  There are reports and articles together with photographic receipts of this interaction over many years.

Royal Reporters were no doubt doing what they had been ordered to do by senior Royals, and the relish in which they carried out their instructions was clear.  I have no doubt that USA citizens have a view on the content of reporting on Remembrance Day about Harry and Meghan, along with the reporting since 2016, and how it culminated in this couple and their son being hounded out of the UK, not least because the risk of another Diana tragedy was high and increasing daily.

Going back to that wonderful moment in history on 20th January 2021, where a new Presidency was born, I would like to point out that there many images from that momentous event, one of which should be imprinted in the memories of the BRF and its media.  There was one image, during the day, where former Presidents and the new President and Vice President congregated for a while.  It was a gallery sized image hanging on a wall of this magnificent historic venue, of a photo of Prince Harry laying a wreath for veterans in 2013 at Arlington Cemetery .  You know the one that UK Reporters disparaged in the most disrespectful way.  Every single article written that day by the Royal Rota was beyond disgusting, about Harry and Meghan, Harry in particular, and hugely disrespectful about the USA cemetery for veterans.

Now, here we are, at a momentous global event, televised around the world, and forever in the history books, and one photo that appeared in those global news outlets was of the new President Joe Biden and the Clintons in conversation, in an ornate room filled with historical USA history, and there on the wall behind them is this huge image of Harry at Arlington Cemetery in 2013.  The USA sending out a clear message of respect to a man who served for 10 years, and who reached the rank of Major, but who was not allowed to use it, because it would be higher than the rank achieved by his older brother who is 2nd in Line to the throne. Harry in uniform – the only member of the Royal Family who actually served, as opposed to playing dress up for photo opportunities.  The UK veteran on display in a historic venue.  On display for the man that he is, not a Royal Title.

Now the same Royal Family who would not allow Harry to have a wreath placed at the Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday, once again are out of step with the rest of the world. The USA have shown Harry the utmost respect and welcome (likewise Canada) than the UK, the country of his birth, ever showed to his wife Meghan or their child. That disgusting behaviour shown towards Harry was because he did not leave his wife and child and return to the abusive environment in the UK and be the ‘Whipping Boy for the BRF.

UK, you all need to change your approach to the Sussexes.  BRF and RRs in particular, you all need to revisit your strategy and approach to Harry and Meghan.  This couple will never return to the UK to live – it is too dangerous for them now thanks to your behaviour, but you can at the very least, show some respect to Harry and Meghan regardless.  There will be the odd State occasion where a member of the BRF will be in attendance with the President or Vice President over the coming years, but one thing is for certain, Harry and Meghan will be interacting with a whole range of people in the USA, because of who they are as human beings, as opposed to a Royal Title, or an array of badges, broaches or medals purchased from a Royal Comedy Store.  Respect to this humanitarian couple from the UK is well overdue.

UK Monarchy and pals – A Change is Going to Come.  I will leave the last word to a USA veteran.

A few words posted on a social media platform by a USA veteran:-

“Replying to a USA news outlet:-

Given that Prince Harry actually served in combat, and the amount he’s done for veteran’s health and support, it is pretty sick that the Royal Family wouldn’t even lay a wreath on his behalf. Thank you Harry and Meghan for commemorating the fallen soldiers in the US”

Images from Veterans Day 11th November 2021 and Veteran Related Events in the Same Week


You Tube Links to Celebrations of Remembrance Services Around Many Parts of the World







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