The Business of UK Royal Propaganda


This weeks podcast looks at the Language of Propaganda and the techniques used in UK media.  Propaganda is thedissemination of information – whether that be, facts, arguments, rumours, half-truths or lies –  with the aim to influence public opinion.  UK tabloid media, is now globally known for leading the way in the dissemination of information in this way, and is the medium of choice for the UK Royal Family. I will give illustrations of how it has manifested over the last 5 years and how it has weakened the Monarchy itself.  The reality is a hole was dug hoping the Sussexes would fall in, and be out of sight, but one by one, those who helped with the digging, have been falling in themselves, and the rest are balancing on the edge. Karma is making visits.

Propaganda Techniques

“Edward Filene helped to establish the Institute of Propaganda Analysis in 1937 to educate the American public about the nature of propaganda and how to recognise propaganda techniques  Filene and his colleagues identified the seven most common ‘tricks of the trade’ used by successful propagandists (Marlin 102-106: Propaganda critic: Introduction).

  • Name Calling: Links person to a negative symbol in the hopes that the audience will reject the person or idea on the basis of that negative symbol, no evidence.
  • Card Stacking: Use of statistics, often one sided manner. It is biased because it leaves out important information that is crucial to drawing an informed conclusion.
  • Glittering Generalities: Name calling in reverse, seeks to make us approve and accept without examining evidence.
  • Plain Folks: Appeals to regular people.
  • Bandwagon: Tries to convince audience that everyone else is doing it so they should too.
  • Transfer: Projecting positive or negative qualities onto a person to make the other seem more acceptable or discredit them.
  • Fear: Disaster will result if the audience doesn’t follow a particular course of action.


The media co-ordinated attacks on Meghan as soon as it was known that she was Harry’s girlfriend. Clear that efforts were being made to prevent a wedding taking place.

  • Trying to dig up evidence that would paint Meghan in a negative light.
  • Paying people to say negative things about Meghan, even if they were untrue.
  • Media searching for people to interview who were prepared to lie about her behaviour.
  • A proliferation of relatives from Meghan’s father’s side of the family, who Meghan either did not know, or she had not seen in over a decade. All these people were given platforms on TV to spout their hatred, and every day articles appeared about these family members.  All paid for by someone, including flying over from USA to create drama here in the UK as well. One of those relatives even acquired an Agent??  The father had a representative of the USA Daily Mail, spend every weekend in Mexico claiming to make sure that the father was ok, and helping him deal with all the press coverage.  So much investment in negativity, but the family and the media continue to say that Meghan was welcomed with open arms.
  • As Meghan’s father is considered a bit of a loose cannon, it appears that the weekly chaperone duties were needed. I have to say that the images that came out during that period of said chaperone duties, look beyond friendly and decidedly seedy.  It seems the end justified the means.
  • There was an instance, when the Stop the Wedding plan clearly had not worked, and the wedding went ahead, that the said father said in one television interview, that the “Royal Family owe me” and he also said his contact by telephone was someone called “Jason”. As we all know now, that someone who worked for the Duke of Cambridge and who subsequently got promoted after the Sussexes stepped back, is called Jason Knauf. Coincidence?  I think not. Kensington Palace comes up a lot in other research including my own.
  • The BRF remained silent.

  • The Sussex Wedding Day
    • Clear negative expressions and behaviour from all members of the Royal Family in the church, and on too many occasions, were disrespectful of the cultural elements, even though there were members of the commonwealth present and certainly viewing via tv networks.
    • As per the BRF playbook, lots of performative actions going on.
      • The Prince of Wales walking Meghan up the aisle; giving the impression of coming to her aid, in the absence of her father. In reality the PoW popularity is well below what he would like, and even though it had risen from the depths of trash as a result of his treatment of Princess Diana, the rehabilitation of him and his new wife, who was the 2nd in command of abuse towards Diana, still needed a helping hand.  The wedding gave him the opportunity to appear like a kind soul who looked out for Meghan and made sure he spoke a few words to Doria and held his hand out on one occasion to Doria as they all went to the Signing of the Register.
      • The last series of the Crown took that slight rise in popularity right out, and the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan, took it to whole new depths of the clear indication of ‘in the trash’. I will come on to that later.
      • The Duchess of Cambridge wearing white for the wedding, or something that looked white, says all I need to say here about her intentions. We all know what was going on there.
        • The story that came out 6 months later about how Meghan made the DoC cry appeared out of nowhere, and ran for months. Just another part of tearing down a black woman.  As we all know now, from the Oprah interview, that was another spin of what was the truth, and it was done, to protect those in the Line of Succession and their spouses.  The Firm has to continue at all costs.  Those high in the Line of Succession will always be protected. Always! The evidence is there throughout history. One snippet from the Oprah interview, said by Meghan, illustrates this point.  “They were prepared to tell lies to protect others, but not to tell the truth to protect me and my husband” or words along those lines



  • The Plot to Destroy the Marriage
    • Continual negative coverage. Multiple articles a day, including during Meghan’s pregnancy.
      • In June 2020 the Sussexes experience a miscarriage. Since the Oprah interview has aired, British Media in an effort to protect the reputation of the BRF, let it be known that they have regular contact with the HR team for the Royal Family.  This is an important point, which breaches CIPD regulations, but also illustrates that there is no depth too low for UK Royal Reporters to wallow in if it generates coins.
      • The coverage of the court case between Meghan and the Mail on Sunday, was vicious, evil in content and meant to make Meghan drop the case. Now that we know the press were in regular contact with the Royal HR team, it makes it even beyond evil that they conducted themselves in this way.
      • Whilst Meghan was expecting a Rainbow baby, UK media continued with their hatefulness. Over 100 articles written in the first 7 hours of one business day by 4 tabloids in February 2021.  Not counting the number of articles written by the others.  Obsession does not cover the true definition of that kind of behaviour, and all of their articles were negative.
    • The Plan failed, because the Sussexes left the UK.
      • The location of the Sussexes in Canada was leaked by the RF to UK media, and as expected Paparazzi were on the scene behaving badly trying to secure money shots. UK media’s response, particularly the tabloids, was that they should return to the UK, where the level of abuse was more refined.  Those are my words, but to think that there were any good reasons for the Sussexes to return to abuse in the UK is beyond madness.  It would have become worse, because the tabloids would believe that they had the upper hand; ie the Sussexes returning meant that they could not survive outside of the Royal bubble.
      • Security was removed from the Sussexes when they announced in January 2020 that were stepping back from senior Royal duties. Vindictiveness and done with malice intent.
      • The location of their residence in California was leaked.
    • No member of the RF in the UK was able to gain any further information about what the Sussexes were doing. None of them knew that Harry and Meghan had purchased a home in the USA.  As clear an indication as any that they were done with the all nonsense and malice towards them.
      • It transpired that their dwelling in LA for all those months was provided by Tyler Perry and Tyler also provided the security that was urgently needed. Just think for a moment how that looks to the world.  The fact is Harry’s family leaked his location twice and took away his security.  It was clear that if the whole Sussex family was wiped out, then so be it.  Remember, The Firm comes before family.  The end justifies the means in their eyes.  Evil evil people.
      • Tyler Perry is an angel on earth. Plain and simple.  He did something that Harry’s own family, including his own father, was not prepared to do; despite what had happened to Princess Diana.  That was another case, where the Prince of Wales removed Diana’s security out of spite, because she was separated from him, and ignored the fact that she was the mother of a future King’s children.  The Prince of Wales concerned himself with the 2nd in Line, and not so much Harry, who they all called the Spare, which is the description of all those siblings that come after the first born in line of succession.  It is beyond cruel.

  • Stages of Abuser Behaviour Towards Victim – also
    • Psychological Abuse: results in a person feeling worthless, unloved or uncared for.
      • It includes emotional abuse, threats of harm or abandonment, deprivation of contact (remember was not allowed to see friends when she wanted to, as outlined in the Oprah interview), humiliation, blaming, controlling, intimidation, coercion, harassment, verbal abuse, cyber bullying, isolation, withdrawal of supportive networks. Having to ask for your own keys, passport and driving licence for example, means that the institution knows your every planned move, and will stop it if they see fit.  In the Oprah interview Meghan stated that at one point, after being advised to keep a low profile, she only left her home twice in a 4 month period, and some still had an issue with that!!!
        • Mental health professionals will tell you that this type of abuse shows itself in the victim in a variety of ways, and can include:- anxiety, lack of confidence, low self esteem, disturbed sleep patterns.


  • Discriminatory abuse: refers to an individual or group treated unequally because of characteristics identified in the Equality Act 2010.


For methodology in Propaganda techniques and Abusive behaviour towards targeted individuals, I will outline a few similarities with common Cult Tactics.

Common Cult Tactics Used to Prevent Members from Leaving

Fear and Guilt are central to any thought reform/mind control programme. A fearful person is one who cannot think critically.  Inducing irrational fears.  Members can believe that all kinds of awful things may happen to them if they leave the group.  Guilt is introduced in many ways.  Guilt because of their weaknesses, mistakes, fears etc.

Add fear and guilt and you get dependency.  In destructive groups, the members are placed on an emotional roller coaster.

Emotional Highs and Lows – cult tactic include creating many emotional highs, designed to create euphoria in group activities, especially in public.  There are also many lows, and problems attributed to the member’s inadequacies, punishments for not doing things, being ostracised by the group for not following the rules.  The verbal abuse plus the guilt, fear and shame heaped on the member by the leader.

Loaded Language – the jargon in cults has multiple effects. Group members feel understood because they all use the same words and it generates a sense of camaraderie (and elitism) [think of the Royal Reporters and other Royal Family friends in the media and their almost identical rhetoric when writing about their prey]

When the jargon becomes second nature, talking to outsiders may become awkward and this keeps members isolated from outside influences.

Elitist Mentality – as part of cult tactics, members are made to feel special. The members are led to believe that they will change history, or change the world etc.,  There is a strong sense of mission or purpose which binds them together and keeps them ‘working for the collective’  i.e., slaving and sacrificing their thoughts on a life outside.  This tactic allows leader to induce guilt if the individual member is deemed not to be performing their ‘duties’ adequately.

The End Justifies the Means – Many group leaders are psychopaths – this means that they have no empathy, guilt or remorse.  Ever!!

Add to this their inflated sense of self worth, grandiosity and sense of entitlement, and they believe that they can do whatever they like, take what they want, abuse whoever they please etc etc without any consideration for others.  For them the end always justifies the means.

Group Dominates Individual  – In destructive groups, the group comes first.  Loyalty and obedience to the leadership are highly regarded.  To a large extent, cult control causes the well being of individuals to become enmeshed with the well-being of the leader.

Sense of Community – When a new member joins a destructive group, there is a strong sense of community, unconditional love, joy and happiness etc.  Once the new person becomes indoctrinated, he/she learns that this sense of belonging very much depends upon good behaviour. If they break the rules, express negative comments etc., the individual will quickly find themselves ostracised by the group until they sort the ‘problem’ and any problem is the fault or responsibility of the member, not the leader.

If a person wants to leave friendships are tested.  The group usually wins and the person leaves alone.  When someone leaves the anger, frustration, disgust and hatred are encouraged within the remaining group members.  Anyone who leaves is considered a traitor.



Propaganda Techniques – Used by Both Groups – UK Royal Family and Cults – A combination of media publications combined with psychological abusive tactics – alongside an organised structure of paid individuals procured to spread hate speech online, in social media platforms, with the sole aim to influence public opinion against targeted individuals.

The outcome of this multi faceted approach impacted the targets, and over time, began to influence the way the general public started to form opinions about the targets.  Most of the negative views were from within the UK, but there were pockets of people in the USA who began to move in the direction of the propaganda machinery.

Positive and Negative Propaganda: Propaganda isn’t bad by its nature (after-all, almost any content that relays information can be considered a form of propaganda). Consider, rhetoric has been long studied as the art of effective persuasion in speech. Shaping perception and influencing can be done in a moral, immoral, or amoral way, either for the benefit of the one, few, or many, either for a special interest or the general interest. Thus, how we should view propaganda depends on the intentions, specific tactics used, and context.

Propaganda Medium types can include news, talk-show segments, advertising, public-service announcements, advertisements, books, leaflets, web pages, comments online, speeches, posters, etc. Any audio/visual medium can act as a platform for propaganda. There is no means of human communication which may not also be a means of deliberate propaganda, because propaganda is simply the establishing of reciprocal understanding between an individual and a group.”

The Basic Flavours of Truth:-

  1. Facts: Statements that are logically true.
  2. Truth (Real Information): A collection of statements that present logically true information in a way that seeks to inform and not mislead.
  3. Opinion: A type of information that seeks to convey thoughts.
  4. Belief: A type of opinion someone believes to be true, either justified or not.
  5. Counterfeit information: Information that isn’t truth, facts, or clearly stated opinion/belief.
  6. Lies: Statements that are logically false, contain falsehoods, or are generally fallacious (usually intentional, as the term generally implies “an intentional lie”).
  7. Half-Truths: A mix of real and fake information that uses a mix of correct logic, fallacious logic, lies, and truths. Otherwise known as BS. Most propaganda is BS.
  8. Disinformation: A type of counterfeit information that uses deliberate lies meant to mislead, including hoaxes.
  9. Misinformation: A type of counterfeit information that uses false or inaccurate information. Can range from that which is deliberately intended to deceive to honest mistakes. There is some over-lap between disinformation and misinformation, but generally, disinformation seeks to disinform (spread lies) and misinformation seeks to misinform (spread half-truths and confuse)
  10. Rhetoric: Using any form of information to persuade people with words.
  11. Propaganda: Using any form of information to persuade people using any medium, especially counterfeit information.

In logic and reason, deductive reasoning uses certainty and inductive reasoning uses probability. Only things that logically follow from one another are certain conclusions. All other conclusions are probable. Fallacious reasoning is reasoning that doesn’t follow the rules and standards of reasoning and generally used by UK Royal Reporters in their pieces.

I have included a table in the article which describes a number of statements and places them in the category of Deductive or Inductive Reasoning.  This will help you when you read articles, and give you evidence to challenge their version of events, by hiding behind the words or phrases they like to use.  You will be able to challenge from a basis of fact.


Premise Stated as facts or general principles.

(It is warm in the summer in Spain)

Based on observations of specific cases.

(All crows seen by Mr and Mrs X are black)


Conclusion is more special than the information the premise provide.  It is reached directly by applying logical rules to the premise. Conclusion is more general than the information the premises provide.  It is reached by generalising the premise information.
Validity If the premises are true the conclusion must be true. If the premises are true, the conclusion is probably true
Usage More difficult to use (mainly in logical problems). One needs facts which are definitely true. Used in everyday life (fast and easy) evidence is used instead of proven facts.



General Indicators Applicable to Cults and to the British Royal Family, and the online paid Bots to spread hatred on a global scale.  The SGUK Podcast on hate groups and their structure (Episode 20), explored the hierarchy and the risk factor measurements in terms of incitement on targeted groups and individuals.  Information was listed in the reference sources of the volume of research done on this subject, and the role that social media platforms act as a conduit to the journey through the layers of all extreme groups.

Ostracisation – to Exclude from group; to make the person go away

Shunning – the words used; style of reporting


Punishment- for wanting to do things differently; for wanting to leave

Abuse and Bullying

Children born into group/family – at high risk of abuse of varying types/ no freedom of independent thought; not allowed to overshadow heirs; not allowed to reach their potential if it surpasses the heirs. Breach of basic human rights

Royal Reporters & Group Leaders – tick every box in this list in their own right as a sub group of Cult/Royal Family

Tactics Applied to try and Prevent People from Leaving

Tactics Applied to Force People to Return to the Fold.

Use of Propaganda to Generate Negative Publicity and Emotional Blackmail to Persuade People to Return to the Fold

Punitive Actions taken Against the Ones who Wish to Leave.

Different Rules and Protocols Suddenly Appear that Never Applied to Anyone Else within the Cult/Family

Breaches of Basic Human Rights in order to Have a Ready Supply of Members/Foot Soldiers to Continue the Entity for Decades to Come.

Children created purely to sustain the continued existence of the Monarchy/Cult

In the case of the UK – taxpayers are funding a Cult like entity.  Cults outside on the whole raise their own funds – by whatever means – but UK Monarchy is publicly funded and the news media is the propaganda arm of the Monarchy, with the owners of said newspaper organisations part of a professional media bodies in which the Queen is President.

It is a matter of time before sufficient information is out in the public domain that links all these groups of people, and their hierarchical structures, together with leaders at each stage, to follow the money trail to eventually point in the direction of the people at the top of the pyramid.  That knowledge is already evident to some, but the power that lies behind such a structure, will require a wealth of data that cannot be ignored by the legal powers that exist on a global level.  The day will come and it is not too far away.

The Propaganda Model

The model’s first input ‘Raw News’ could be scientific reports, factual accounts or fake information. The 5th filter could be replaced with any subject, e.g. continuous economic growth, climate change or free trade agreements. Regarding the Propaganda Model, the Monthly Review (2018) states,

“The model does suggest that the mainstream media, as elite institutions, commonly frame news and allow debate only within the parameters of elite interests; and that where the elite is really concerned and unified, and/or where ordinary citizens are not aware of their own stake in an issue or are immobilized by effective propaganda, the media will serve elite interests uncompromisingly”.

When Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky discussed the “propaganda model” in the book called “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media” from the political economy viewpoint. They pointed out that money and power can filter some of the information, allowing the government and politicians to spread their words to the public.

Propaganda is a set of the messages intended to influence opinions of the masses, not giving the opponents any opportunity to rebut the idea. Instead of telling people the truth, propaganda often aims at manipulation of ideas to influence the behavior of a large number of people. So, it presents ideas selectively. Propaganda is related to advertising, where it is about promoting a product. It is also used to influence religious beliefs of society.

During the 20th century, the term propaganda acquired a negative meaning in the western countries. It meant, a deliberate dissemination of frequently false, but ‘obligating’ justifications of certain political ideologies. The propagandist seeks to alter the way people understand an issue in favour of the interest group.

The main aim of all the groups and individuals involved in the propaganda of the Sussexes, Meghan in particular, have been on this vehicle of negative activity since 2016, and by 2018 when the wedding that the British Royal Family did not want to take place, actually happened, thereby began the deeper and very sinister strategic plans to seek and destroy the target or targets who threatened to change a way of life that most were comfortable with and others earned a living from, and the Royal playbook used over centuries and documented in history books came into play.  The first two years of activity was merely playing softball, but now it was evident very quickly to those of us who were paying attention to activity in certain quarters, that a strategy was being developed.  E.g.  when it came to light that a Folder was developed in 2018 relating to bullying allegations, that contained no actual evidence but was suddenly made public days before the Oprah interview took place in March 2021.  A file that had names of two people who apparently made such a complaint, and who when they were informed of the existence of this 2 year old file, denied that they had ever made a complaint.  This file was put together, by two senior members of staff in the Cambridge workforce.  It then comes to light that the certain Royal Reporters have regular meetings with Royal HR, and have a host of confidential information relating to Meghan.  There are so many breaches in regulations here, and none of the people involved are protected from prosecution by the law; only the Queen has that escape route. One of serious legal headaches for all those involved in this element of the strategy, is Data Protection.  The other skill that they all seem to possess is to see a future where a bullying allegation may come in handy and create a file for such a purpose, but have zero evidence or any documentation to support such a file being put together.  Trying to prove the existence of at least two years of such behaviour would be very interesting in any legal action taken.  It seems that KP staff can foretell the future, but to this day seem unable to be able populate said folder with details months down the line.  The bottom line of this closing stages of this podcast, is that the bells and whistles approach to using as many minutes of every day to report that such behaviour was the norm for Meghan, was all part of the 5 year campaign and counting, of the use of propaganda to try and destroy the character of Meghan, because despite all their best efforts to pay people to say otherwise, including private investigators, nothing could be found damaging from Meghan’s past.  Trust and believe that if anything had been found, it would have been on every media portal daily.

This propaganda campaign has worked in some sections of the UK population, and a few pockets of right wing groups in the USA and Australia, and people dotted around the world, based on what they see and read about daily.  This particular campaign, has not achieved what it set out to achieve, and all the legal cases being discussed in court rooms, are all meant to put pressure on Meghan to give up.  It is psychological warfare being played out in a public forum. The UK and its Monarchy dropped the Golden Goose, whilst they were making plans to destroy yet another individual who joined the Royal family.  History repeating itself yet again, over centuries of case studies of similar acts.  The difference this time is that the target of hate, did not come to the BRF with a blank sheet, she had a very successful life beforehand, and millions of followers, and was affluent in her own right.  Real life experiences of having to work very hard for the standard of living that she enjoyed and ambassadorial roles with global organisations. A multi lingual highly intelligent major university league alumni.  The BRF and associates chose the wrong one to play games with.  Regardless of the outcome of this latest appeal by media, the Sussexes are free and thriving.  The UK lost its once favourite Prince, because of the treatment of the person who became his wife, and who did so much of the Uk for the two years that she undertook Royal duties.  Too good for the rest of the family to stomach.

The plan to seek and destroy has backfired on a global stage and it is the BRF own acts of propaganda activity that has had a ripple effect of damaging the credibility of the Royal Family with each passing act of vindictiveness.  Meanwhile the Sussexes are thriving, and creating a wonderful legacy for their children, and a growing list of organisations and people who have felt the impact of the kindness and generosity of the Archewell Foundation.

The moral of this story, and one which I will end the podcast is to say, that despite years of a propaganda campaign being in place, and the people who have come on board with its messages, increasing numbers of people are now beginning to question the purpose of the campaign and its duration.  The world has major issues that need tackling, and to see a family and its powerful friends, pursue a woman of colour and to put her and her children at risk because she was not a Stepford clone like all the other females in that family who are left alone, is damaging to sensible people.  The UK has lost a very valuable member of that family because he supports his wife 100% and no doubt feels deeply ashamed of the racism that is completely evident by his family, despite it being wrapped up in other descriptions as part of the propaganda campaign.  Media hosts were making public statements daily for Meghan to leave the UK and go back to the USA.  The media spoke and wrote articles about the acting industry and Hollywood in particular in a very disparaging way.  Referred to black billionaires in similar terms, and showed no knowledge (did no research) and were so unprofessional in their rhetoric, yet now members of the BRF plan to visit the places that they have spent the last 5 years describing negatively, using such words as “ghetto” and referring to all wealthy black people as “rappers” and even worse for those who work in the medium of television.

Well now Meghan and Harry were finally chased out of the UK, and are still standing and doing very well indeed.  The same cannot be said for the Royal Family or the UK.  Who is sorry now?


Ivy Barrow



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(ignore the incorrect spelling of ‘strategies’ in the above link.  I tried it with the correct spelling and it did not work.  Use the incorrect spelling and it does??  🙂     – What is Propaganda and How Does it Differ from Persuasion?