The Chilling Encounter – We See You

SGUK Episode 92


The Chilling Encounter

Earlier this week Harry, Meghan and Doria were hounded by paparazzi in New York city for 2 hours. Paparazzi following the police escort cars that accompanied the Sussexes own security detail.  Apparently the paparazzi surrounded the venue where Meghan and other women were attending a function in celebration of their advocacy work relating to various aspects of equality.  Harry and Meghan’s mother attended the event in support of Meghan.  Paparazzi waiting outside, did not know which entrance Meghan would be entering or exiting the building, so they apparently surrounded the complex. As things turned out, they were unable to get a quality shot of any photos because Meghan and Harry and Doria were surrounded by security who deliberately ‘enveloped’ the Sussex crew, ensuring that quality photos could not be taken.  There were a number of media people outside various doors, who did manage to take a few photos, but on the whole, all that needed to have quality photos had perfect inside the venue, in front of the logo of the Foundation.  Despite the rhetoric from some quarters supposedly discussing the “real” reason for this incident, let me say this clearly, from my chest – it is my opinion that this whole drama is linked to the Harry’s witness statement and questioning on 6th June, where he will be in the Witness Box.  THAT is what this all about and nothing else.  This is witness intimidation and harassment at its highest.  The tabloids know that this, more than any legal process against them, has the potential to completely ruin many individuals and organisations.  Some of whom do not want their activities relating to this topic of the court case, to be out there ‘in the streets.’  Names of famous individuals as well as organisations, and some of those key famous people do not work in media, but they are certainly hand in glove with the cesspit that is known worldwide now as UK media and pals.  In my opinion that is the dark side of what is being presented to the public, to deflect from the reality.  The microchips installed in the bodies of UK media representatives are all on form.  The clones are out there saying the same things, using the same phrases – what a coincidence.  They have come out of their nests like a swarm of killer bees with the standard phrases using their standard platforms to spout out vile commentary to the masses who they have managed to convince them of the ‘establishment’ version of reality.  UK Stepford assignment on the UK population is working in sufficient proportions to give the impression that anyone saying anything different to that, is suffering from low brain cells.  Time is going to prove that this incident on a New York City highway, has zero to do with people taking photos of people inside cars that they were following, when all photograhers had static opportunities to take quality posed photos inside the venue.  6 cars with blacked out windows and with number plates covered over, does not suggest that any of those individuals in the cars, were legitimate media professionals.

There were a number of major breaches in NYC law relating to such activity, and the legal action taken against such practices, has resulted in most paparazzi organisations going out of business, and those that remain earn way less than they used to, because such photos are not in demand because they cannot be displayed in reputable places.  Those points alone, pointed to this rag tag and bob tail group hiding in cars, following people using the road and the pathways, suggest that they were not American, because they would know the legal position in NYC.  British voices were apparently heard amongst this rabble, and a British voice of a regular person who seems to like to haunt venues where Meghan is appearing with the intent of shouting abuse at her, always relating to supposed damage to the Uk Royal Family by only Meghan.  Who would want to pay to send a reporter from the UK to the USA twice in 5 months, purely to spout venom at Meghan.  He is a sad soul who fraternises with another sad soul in UK media, and where at least one of those of two has cause to be concerned about Harry’s and the others witness statement and answers to questions whilst he is in the Witness Box on 6th June.  Every tabloid has reason to be very worried, and for the two that published photos from the game that these 6 cars occupants decided to play in traffic that night, for the sheer joy of getting such photos whilst they pirouetted between vehicles, must have been a sight to behold must have produced much glee in the offices of the said tabloids.  They did however remove them once legal communications were apparently issued to the photographers employer, despite the tabloids paying a tidy price for them I am sure.  Such was the need to write articles describing a different dance routine with NYC traffic to the one that actually took place.  It must have been a different theatre.


This is how the Duke of Sussex mother died, ie being chased by paparazzi in traffic by cars and motorbikes. This would have been frightening for all 3 occupants in the car, but particularly triggering for Prince Harry. Anyone that considers this to be ok is lower than vermin – in fact vermin have more use and regard for their fellow vermin. The life forms who call themselves Royal Reporters have sunk to the lowest of depths with this style of reporting.  When you have spent 7 years dehumanizing your prey, then it comes as no surprise to people like myself, as to where your motivation lies.  A higher power will deal with you all in time.  In the meantime, continue with your version of events.  Ie you commissioned people to dance in New York traffic. It must have been a huge hit of a production because so many around the globe are reporting on it including the speedy removal of the articles and photos by the only two tabloids out of the whole team of tabloids who published them quickly, whereas the reporter clan usually write in unison.  It says so much for the lack of independent thought in the UK newspaper industry nowadays, but I digress.  It must have been a famous one, because so many groups were impacted by the routine as it unfolded.  People on walkways and footpaths (for those in the UK) had to jump out of the way, fellow drivers trying to go about their business.  I bet they were beyond pleased to be included in the production in that way.  How kind of you the UK and USA based paparazzi organisation agree to embellish the production in order to please their UK commissioners of the performance.  I can picture the scene now.  Billy Elliott like for the UK, and West Side Story like for USA viewers in the audience.  I cannot wait to hear who will be nominated for the next series of Tony Awards.  This production must surely be up there, because of the world wide interest, and the audience figures will be accurate and genuine, as opposed to what we are used to in elements of UK award productions.


Seeking Refuge

Fleeing from the relentless pursuit, the royal couple’s security team made a decision to drive into a police station in New York City, seeking a safe haven. The police, recognizing the gravity of the circumstances, allowed the Duke and Duchess, along with Meghan’s mother, some respite to gather their thoughts. Eventually, they chose an unconventional means of transportation to continue their journey: a yellow taxi.

The ‘dancing with wolves’ ie cars continued, as these determined people wanted to show their dancing prowess in between moving traffic.  No regard for the occupants inside, just the opportunities to take photos which will earn them money.  Both they and their commissioners of this evil and more importantly illegal activity of intimidation and harassment, were only interested in earning money in the one group and the other, was more likely to intimidate a witness  to the point that future income would be guaranteed for years, but if this case is won by the brave individuals who are giving evidence, that will be the end of the gravy train for many.  In fact, for many there will not even be a penny paid because there will be no salary.  Some of those media individuals may spend an amount of time in a place that is not their home.  I have nothing but contempt for any person who can do this to another person who has experienced decades of trauma by activity done by the media co-workers, and to take part in similar activity 30+ years later is lower than a snails underbelly on the ground of life. Jodi Mitchell’s Yellow Taxi was not like this scenario at all. Jodi sang about the loss of precious things such as quality of life, pesticide free commodities and also the loss of loves ones.  That dance routine that some of you pulled or orchestrated this week was an abomination and truly evil intent, alongside greed and self preservation.  Most of all, it was illegal.  The way the UK love to play Hunter and Prey with their chosen targets, and who are relentless in their chase, until the loss of life occurs or the spirit is broken.  All 3 occupants in that car who you all regard as your prey are made of sterner ‘stuff’ than you give them credit for.  People who UK media loves to describe as irrelevant, but in the words of Jodi Mitchell’s song Yellow Taxi these words are particularly apt, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”  You are all about to find out how strong these 3 individuals really are.  Watch and learn.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Doria Ragland already no strangers to media scrutiny, found themselves in a terrifying situation. For two hours, they were relentlessly pursued by paparazzi in New York City. The paparazzi cars, with blacked-out windows and concealed number plates, and motor cycles and electric powered bikes people were forced to move or drive out of the of the way as chaos ensued. This ordeal had to be particularly triggering for Prince Harry, given the tragic circumstances of the way that his mother, Princess Diana was ended by actions of others.

The implications of this relentless chase raise disturbing questions about the motives behind these actions.

Segment 4: Pressure and Coordinated Attacks

Another alarming incident that took place simultaneously. While the Sussexes were being pursued through New York, someone was found loitering around their property in Montecito, California. The heightened security measures, alerted the police to the potential threat. The timing of these coordinated attacks is highly suspicious, pointing towards a possible strategy to intimidate or dissuade Prince Harry from testifying in an upcoming court case, despite the pressure he has already faced from within the Royal Family.

The Aftermath and Implications

As we reflect on the terrifying events that unfolded, we must confront the broader implications of this incident. What does it say about the state of privacy, security, and the lengths people are willing to go to control narratives? Think about the legal and ethical aspects surrounding this harrowing experience and explore how it could impact the ongoing legal proceedings. Furthermore, think about the wider context of media intrusion and the responsibilities that come with reporting on public figures.

Techniques Used by Paparazzi

  1. Surveillance techniques: Paparazzi and individuals involved in covert activities might employ various surveillance techniques to monitor their targets. This can include the use of hidden cameras, long-range lenses, drones, or even tracking devices on vehicles.
  2. Disguises and decoys: To avoid detection, paparazzi or hitmen may disguise themselves or use decoys to divert attention. They may adopt different appearances, wear costumes or wigs, or blend in with the crowd by posing as tourists, construction workers, or other inconspicuous individuals.
  3. Use of multiple vehicles: To maintain a certain distance from their targets, paparazzi or hitmen may use multiple vehicles in their pursuit. This allows them to coordinate their movements and switch between vehicles, making it harder for their targets to identify or evade them.
  4. Strategic positioning: Paparazzi and individuals engaged in nefarious activities may position themselves at strategic locations along the intended route of their targets. This can include vantage points such as rooftops, parking garages, or intersections, allowing them to capture photographs or observe their targets without being easily noticed.
  5. Employing distractions: To divert the attention of their targets and the surrounding public, paparazzi or hitmen might create distractions. This could involve staged incidents, loud noises, or orchestrated events that draw attention away from their actual activities.


In the United States, including New York City, the First Amendment protects the freedom of the press, which includes the rights of paparazzi to photograph and report on public figures. However, this right is not unlimited, and there are legal boundaries and regulations in place to balance the rights of the press with the privacy and safety of individuals.

Specific laws that may apply to paparazzi activities in New York City include:

  1. Harassment: Engaging in persistent and unwanted behavior, such as following or pursuing someone in a manner that causes distress or reasonable fear, can be considered harassment, which is generally illegal.
  2. Traffic and vehicle regulations: Violations related to driving on footpaths, endangering pedestrians, or driving with obscured or illegal license plates may be subject to traffic laws and regulations.
  3. Invasion of privacy: While public figures generally have a lower expectation of privacy than private individuals, there are still legal protections against intrusive or invasive acts that may violate a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy, such as trespassing, stalking, or capturing images or recordings in certain private areas.


Stronger Than You Will Ever Comprehend

After 7 years, someone decided to try this foolishness.  Boy oh boy, no wonder you are living the lives you are living, and fear that if you lose that input, you all have no viable alternative – not to mention, you will all be treated liked pariahs and rightly so.  The 3 potential victims in that vehicle who two groups of you targeted for nefarious purposes, are made of sterner ‘stuff’ than any of you hiding behind your clown badges of expertise.

If you were hoping to find the location of the Sussex place of residence whilst attending the Award ceremony, then that is also an illegal act.  You had no business to be loitering outside or near to any such property.  Likewise your stray dancer who just happened to pirouette across to Montecito in the belief that the property was empty , to do what exactly?  Place bugs and trackers?  You clearly did not have a stray performer visiting for any good reason to a void property.  Vermin is too kind a word as a description of the people and the intended activity.  Your attempt, among many other things on your ‘to do list’ that night was to tarnish reputations.  Not a good move, and I am fairly sure, from my non legal mind, that you all are going to find out how that plays out in due course.

The fact that only 2 of the key constituent parts of the invisible contract between all the known people who make up that arrangement, decided to publish photos and a comic strip masquerading as a news article, within a very short time of the occurrence in New York, and then quickly removed all said evidence from public view, whilst all the other constituent parts of the contract remained silent, spoke volumes.  Normally you swarm your targets, but on this occasion you decided that two would leave the hive, and do a bit of clownery in public, whilst the rest stayed behind to protect the Queen Bee.  Those two bees soon returned to lay low, as the manouevre did not quite work out as you intended.


Coercive Control

Some examples from the resource list at the end of this article:-

  • One-sided power games
  • Mind games including guilt trips
  • Inappropriate restrictions
  • Emotional unkindness, violation of trust, Cyberbullying 
  • Degradation & suppression of potential
  • Denial
  • Minimising
  • Blaming
  • Making excuses such as blaming stress at work
  • Economic abuse including not allowingacce ss to any money,
  • Symbolic aggression including threats to harm family, friends, pets
  • Physical violence

Ask yourself if you think this systematic pattern of power and control is about the man just having a bad day. Or is there a campaign (whether it is conscious or not) to win at all costs and to maintain power and control?


Trauma Responses

This podcast will be too long in duration if I go into details on some of these headings, but rest assured in the article and the reference sources it is laid out clearly so you can refer to the information in the future if you wish to check on some things.

I feel that some of these headings in this podcast, will be relatable for all 3 of the targets/victims of this activity on New York streets recently, and may do so for someone you know too.

Trauma Response = (The 4 F’s – Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn)



The world continues to watch, and increasing numbers of people are beginning to see the light, and now can see the mirage that was placed in front of them for decades.  If the ‘establishment’ thought that 1997 was fading from peoples memory, you are wrong.  I understand that all comments about a certain person who will be forever in the minds of people of the UK and around the globe for all of the impactful work carried out, and also for the rest of us August 1997 will be forever etched in our memories for anything but happy reasons.  This latest stint played out once again in full view of global eyes, together with the censoring of comments on a certain group of social media pages about one person, strengthens that belief about August 1997 – not reduce it.  Quite the opposite in fact.

The dance routine in traffic for two hours, also strengthened the case, and I am not referring to the current one in court, other than someone thought it a good idea to try and recreate the same scene, but in another country.  OR…… at best wanted to intimidate a witness.  Neither scenario places any of those  key players in this evil and decidedly cruel game in a good light.  All of you will regret it.

To the listeners and viewers of this podcast, I request to you all again, please send out letter and emails to those we have discussed previously, and also to any of your elected officials in your respective countries along with at least one vocal famous person within your countries who is an advocate for basic human rights, and who will speak out about similar experiences in their country, along with anything they may wish to site about this latest travesty of the dancing with vehicles in New York City for 2 hours.  In podcast episode 87 I posted a list of USA people for you to choose from and express your concerns about what you know of relating to the last 7 years.  I am respectfully asking you whether you could spare the time to write emails or letters, to at least 3 on that list I posted.  I have written to all of them, and I will be doing so again about this latest incident, and I will continue to be a nuisance to people who have been elected to represent their constituents, about this latest incident.  Ie the dance routine.  I am old enough not to care about what people think of me.  I have no xxxxx to give.  I don’t swear (other than in my head on occasion.  Apologies mom and dad) but I literally have none of those to give now.  I do not care if any of you think I am deluded, or I have lost my mind due to age.  Let me tell you there is no confusion that could take over my upbringing as to what is right or wrong or good or bad in this world.  I am not swayed by titles but deeds.  I am not impressed by words, but actions.  Performative activity is of no benefit other than the bad performer trying to feel important.  So, I repeat, if you have already written or contacted people elected officials or otherwise, then write again please.  This is important.  There are low vibrational people out here thinking they are special because they kiss the feet of people who also think they are special, and the final group just want to earn money off the back of people suffering.  All of them, need to be taken to task.  We are past the time of thinking about the polite way to do this.  Write write write, and if the response is rubbish, write and write again.  At some point they will remember their conscience and actually do something. Don’t give up.  I want to see positive constructive activity in my lifetime.  That does not mean decades down the line.

My final point, is the name of a song that I absolutely love, by John Mayer, and it is the name of a podcast that I did last year.  The title of the song is apt, likewise the people I was referring to in the podcast.  Well, this latest tomfoolery in New York traffic, dancing in traffic, this is for you and your handlers or commissioners – whichever hat fits.  You are all Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.


21 May 2023


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