The Psychology of Resentment

(Individuals – Groups – Dysfunctional Families – A Country)



This week’s podcast examines the phenomenon of the growth of negative coverage of one person, which developed into an industry of hate, commencing with the odd person voicing concerns, and then groups, and 2 dysfunctional families to apparently a whole nation – all according to the UK printed and televised media industry.  None of the media industry personnel who have gone on to develop increased profile careers wallowing in this cesspool of hatred have met the person who has become their target, and none of the groups which have emerged since 2016 when the target came to the attention of the UK population, particularly those who read tabloids, have met the target either.  Apparently UK media speak for the whole country, as they like to run polls with very carefully worded, and where powerful aristocratic families have relatives in senior positions in the polling organisations used and publicised in the said tabloids.

What possibly could all these people see, hear and read that has led to breaches in various aspects of the law, some have been imprisoned, all of the groups who pedal in hatred of one person and the subjects family earn vast sums of money peddling and encouraging hatred via social media platforms, and via printed media with the clickbait income culture, and the advertisers who if they had a conscience, put it on the back burner, and enjoy the money making whilst it is happening.  The printed media industry in particular was dying, and many publications have gone to that place where print media is buried, and now there is a revival of income, if the articles contain hate, or encourage hateful behaviour, and most of all, far more income is made if it contains their target.  All those printed media have a dedicated tab on their front pages containing the name of their target/s.  The two targets are linked, likewise family members, but the main target for all the categories to focus on is one person.

In a news item this morning, there was a report on a different subject, but the newscaster posed a question, and gave two examples which illustrated his point.  The newscaster/presenter posed a question on LBC which was: “ Why are this lot trying to make enemies of our neighbours? It was a news item about Brexit and the handling of white refugees and black refugees.  The white ones being housed in the UK and the government giving people who have offered up room/s for them a monthly payment.  The white ones have an online visa application process.  The black nations have not been offered this facility, hence the desperation to escape from war zones and arrive in all manner of small boats to the UK shoreline, and the answer is to fly them to Rwanda to be ‘processed’.

The question resonated with me, because one could ask the same question about the industry of hate contrived to home in on an individual, with zero concern for risk to health and well being, or even loss of life.  It would not be the first person  to lose their life after entanglement with certain UK professions, in this analogy I am referring to UK media, which illustrates hunting their prey is the money making activity, and if the prey dies, they simply find another target.

The ethnic origin of this target, is a major factor, and I could write hundreds of articles about racial harassment and hate filled crimes, but this podcast in our usual Sussex Global UK style, looks into the layers that lie behind the activity, and explore the motivation of each category mentioned above, and how sinister it all is.  It is important to mention here, that whilst Race is a major factor, racists have an aversion of people of colour occupying spaces deemed to be only acceptable for Caucasian people. In the majority of cases over the centuries, black people have been held back, because they rarely were in positions of power to fight back.  Black people over centuries have been denied decent education throughout the world.  We have recently covered in our SGUK community a series on the Transatlantic Slavery Trade, and all these centuries later we still have to raise the matter of reparations, and global responsibility to rebuilding and encouraging economic growth in the places that were pillaged by Caucasian people, and where the world benefited from the slavery trade, not just those directly involved in the trafficking.  Whole industries and trades and organisations emerged as part of the employment chain that grew from global genocide.

What is it about people of colour that all those nations involved or who benefited from that genocide feared?  The dislike of people of colour was clear, and that they were not regarded as sentient human beings.  The were treated like expendable cargo and if the ships were struggling with the poor weather conditions, the first things to be disposed of overboard were slaves.  Without a thought.  If any slaves were ill, they too were disposed of overboard.  No time or money to worry about why they were sick.  They were seen as a liability.

Now let’s come to modern times, and the last 6 years in particular.  What is it about people of colour that some white people dislike?  No doubt it harks on the historical point of view that black people were seen as ‘less than’.  An educated black person is seen as a threat, so history is well documented on how people of colour were held back from being given an education.  It could be argued today that situation still exists in a different format, but the aim is the same.  In modern times, those attitudes still exist within some, but they are masked and labelled and masqueraded as something else.  People of colour are not welcomed in all places, and there are definitely places in societal structures, where people of colour cause some of the other people in the room to be a little uncomfortable.  If it is clear that the person or people of colour are better educated and/or high in intellect in comparison to the privileged white people who occupy such spaces every day, without a care that others among them may be of similar high intellect, higher than most in the room, it becomes an issue for a few.  You see white people generally don’t have that much of a problem with someone who is not very bright.  If it is a male, he will be accepted generally because he comes from money.  If it is a female, she will probably be described as an airhead privately, and she may be whispered about that she is not quite top tier, but if her family has moved into top tier through business ventures, all that is ignored and she is treated like ‘one of the family’.  If however the family is not born into aristocracy, on the down low the whole family will be considered not quite the ticket, but they will be accepted, particularly if the children of that family have attended the right type of schools etc.  No one in that space, will be resentful.  No one in that space will really object to them occupying that space.

Now consider when a person of colour enters such a space, where in this case, none of the incumbent occupants are anywhere near the intellectual capacity of the new entrant into this space.  This is a space that many dream about but accept that they would never enter such a space, but they love to watch the people who occupy it. Some people think of them a little like celebrities and enjoy reading about any events that they attend.  These same people like to watch tv dramas which involved characters from this layer of English society and live their fantasy through fictional dramas.

A minority of the general public actually believe that they could occupy such a space, if they socialise in those circles where possible, and hopefully could enter such a space via marriage. Others seek employment in such spaces, because if nothing else, they can mingle in the same spaces now and then.

Much of what I am going to put out on the table during this podcast, is to show how the seeds of resentment are there in all of the categories, but each of the categories has a different button that needs to be pressed to trigger a pattern of behaviour, but the pattern of behaviour is the same.  Different people from within each category, will be at difference places on the scale, but the totality and the joint mission is achieved by one cause.  Dangerous insidious planned activity, which will ultimately fall back on each category in a very damaging way (some more than others) and most of them will not actually realise what the trigger actually was and is.  Each group/category will think privately that they know their trigger point, and some will have two – one of which they will be happy to admit to publicly, and the other will forever remain private to themselves out of embarrassment and shame.  What none of the categories realise, apart from a minority in each category, is that there is a common denominator, and this is the TRUE trigger.

Let us look at what ‘resentment’ actually is, and how the seeds were and still are being sown in those categories.

What is Resentment?

A quote from the Berkeley Well Being Institute:- Resentment is a poisonous thing.  Often, it happens gradually, slowly eating away at your heart until it swallows you emotionally, physiologically and even spiritually in extremely destructive ways.”

“Many of those who feel resentment describe it as a mixture of anger, disgust, disappointment and even fear.  Psychologists, however, consider resentment a tertiary emotion because it is thought to contain three secondary level emotions: contempt (anger & disgust), shock (surprise & disgust) and outrage (surprise & anger)

Think of these emotions as we go through each of the four groups, and explore the emotions/reasons in each group that led them on the path to go to extreme lengths to hate a person they have never met, and will most likely never meet.

What Causes Resentment?

  • Public humiliation
  • Being taken advantage of by others
  • Feeling like an object of regular discrimination or prejudice
  • Envy and/or jealousy
  • Having achievements go unrecognised
  • Emotional rejection or denial by another person
  • Deliberate embarrassment or belittling caused by someone
  • Being put down or scorned by others


Impact on Individuals and Their Subsequent Reaction

  • “Victims of complicated and harmful situations see no other way out than bottling their emotions inside them, and when anger festers and grows without resolution, it can turn into resentment.
  • In the words of Malachy McCourt, an Irish American actor, “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”
  • From a psychological point of view, it’s considered one of the most destructive obstacles to repairing a severed intimate connection, family rift, or fallen friendship.”


GROUPS – Including Organised Online Group Structures Targeting Hate to One Person & Royal Tabloid Reporters



  • Escalation of Online Hate on Social Media Platforms




Stage 1 – The Haters Gather

“Not all insecure people are haters but all haters are insecure people”

  • Hate masks insecurities

The main groups which emerged very quickly in 2016 and have grown over the last 5+ years are as follows:-

  • Royal Rota – the media voice in the tabloids for the British Royal Family.
  • Televised media – Daily chat shows with invited panel guests spent criticising the Sussexes for not conforming to patterns of behaviour of the rest of the RF for decades. Regarded as a failure in duty and therefore a traitor to the UK.  Use emotional blackmail and language by saying it is an insult to the Queen who has given decades of service to the UK etc etc.  These daily shows always use the same phrases and discuss the same topics and the same couple in their anger.  Other members of the BRF are seen as innocent bystanders who are disappointed that this couple wish to be self financing. Even a member of the family who was wanted by the FBI for credible reasons for questioning, is protected by the RF and the press, and holds all of the tax payer funded privileges, whereas the Sussexes were stripped of everything that was deemed important (to Royalists) and was done out of vindictiveness and meant to hurt and an attempt at coercive control of persuading Harry to return to the fold.  Meghan and the children are only ever mentioned as a token gesture, or when the BRF and its media are seeking photo opportunities which bring in much needed income, as so much of their once guaranteed income has moved to USA media, following the Sussexes being chased out of the UK and continually punished because they have not buckled under the pressure and returned to the abuse behind gilded gates.  The UK dropped the bag of guaranteed income, and now are petulant that their dangerous games did not work.
  • Government
  • Aristocracy
  • Keyboard warriors – daily writing race and hate inciting posts on various social media platforms without challenge. Over the last 4 years or so, the numbers have grown, or rather it is clear that many individuals set up multiple accounts and post hateful things, to give the impression that the number of people out there is high.  The numbers are becoming dangerous, because of the ripple affect of their social media content.  A drip drip feed of race baiting.


The recent investigation by BotSentinel revealed that a total of 83 accounts were responsible for 70% of the hate filled tweets about the Sussexes mainly Meghan.

Some groups lose out by the Sussexes leaving, eg BRF and the Royal Rota.  Their mission is clear, and it is to protect the way of life that they had before Sussex independence.  Like so many of these movements that develop, they are acting from a group perspective of selfish point of view.  They are not concerned about the wishes of individuals.  It is about serving the collective, for the benefit of the groups which benefit from the current system.  Anyone who attempts to change the order of things, is targeted in order to make them conform.

The Monarchy is a Cult.  Something that people are born into, and who have no say on what they wish to do with their lives.  If the individuals are high in the line of succession, they have next to no freedom of choice.  The first born is everything and can do no wrong and must be worshipped, and subsequent children are created purely to serve the first born.  The official term used is to call them “spares”.  Those children have no rights, but would have rights if they were born outside of the Monarchy.  No one is allowed to leave, and great pressure is placed on anyone who shows any signs of independent thought.  This has been discussed In previous podcasts, and the history books are full of suffering of “spares” over the decades and how Royal life was like being a slave behind gilded gates.  All funded by the UK taxpayer, who seem happy to do so, in order to have their figurehead family at the helm which notionally represented stability and memories of the former British Empire.

Stage 2: The Hate Group Defines Itself

Groups formed, and were proudly declaring their views on the betrayal of their Royal family.  All setting up social media accounts on many platforms proudly announcing they would defend this British way of life.  The fact that Meghan was an American, and an actress, and a feminist, and extremely wealthy, and the largest red flag for the majority was that she was a person of colour.  Every heading represented factors that Royalists could not tolerate, and the race element just sent racists over the edge that a person of colour was occupying space that was deemed for Caucasian people only.  The fact that Meghan was wealthy in her own right, and was therefore not impressed by opulence and quality homes, because she could afford and did buy those things for herself over the years.  No other Royal bride had come into the Firm with that level of wealth and intellect, and strong feminist views.  It was a bright red flag, and the race element was the final nail.

All the various groups denied it was racism from the start.  All these years later, those same groups have told on themselves so many times now, they have become a laughing stock on the global stage.  A dangerous set of individuals, who have been allowed to conduct themselves in such an extreme way, and hide behind freedom of speech rhetoric, without acknowledging the harm to health and potential for loss of life along the way.  This current set of groups are merely following in the practices over the course of history, of removing or stopping freedom from the Monarchy, and like those before, many of these groups are destroying themselves in their haste to destroy those who wish to leave.

Those pressures are now being seen within some of those groups themselves.  They are turning on each other.

Stage 3: The Hate Group Disparages the Target

  • Hate is the glue that binds the haters to each other and to a common cause.
  • By verbally debasing the object of their hate, haters enhance their self esteem as well as their group status.
  • After verbal denigration, haters progress to the more acrimonious stage.

The publications produced since 2016 have grown steadily worse in their content.  Dangerous material to say the least.  We are well past the point where International Legal Bodies need to step in now.  Looking at international intervention, many of the countries that attract interest, contain people of colour, and also have limited financial means.  Poverty is a key element.

My thoughts on this are that abusive behaviour is not confined to people living in poverty.  Abusers comprise of many societal income stratas.  It is a huge error to ignore reports of abuse emanating from a place of opulence and privilege.  There is an idea that wealthy people can afford legal assistance so other people and nations are a priority.  If this was not the case, why are the cases that I found in my research, where the international legal community chose to become involved, involved countries that were deeply affected by poverty.  I have no issue with these communities receiving intervention by human rights organisations, but I am saying that adults and children have suffered, and continue to suffer in places of wealth, and decades later a report is produced about the suffering.  It is a bit late for those victims, and how many reports do we all need to see, before someone grasps the nettle and gets involved when they hear of possible abuse going on in places now.  Who speaks for the victims?  Why are abusers ignored because they are wealthy, and are friendly with other wealthy individuals? Who speaks up for the children who are deliberately brought into the world to serve others, and be foot soldiers for an institution, and told that they are not allowed to shine brighter than their older siblings.  Told that they can never leave, and that they are there as a duty and to conform to rules that they never had any say in, as well as no say that they were born into a particular family in the first place.  Children outside of the Royal bubble would have Child Protection agencies on the doorsteps of working class homes, yet the establishment families are left alone.  It is beyond wrong, and it begs the question as to the role and terms of reference for international legal entities.

Stage 4: The Hate Group Taunts the Target

14th November 1960

Ruby Bridges and her Mum – escorted by Sheriffs officers for safety to attend school

Roby Bridges today:-


June 2022:-

  • To avoid introspection, haters increase the rhetoric and violence, to maintain high levels of agitation. Taunts and offensive gestures serve the purpose. The daily drip drip effect of propaganda stories in the media, which then get fed around the world, add to the stress of the abused victims 24/7.  It led to suicidal ideation for Meghan whilst she was pregnant with their son, and no one can tell me that is acceptable, just because you have funds.
  • An average of 100 articles a day written about Harry and Meghan , none of it positive. The comment sections of these newspapers are full of hate, based on this daily feeding of the beast of hate.  People have taken their own lives as a result of the UK tabloid press, and we should never forget the part UK media played in the abuse of Princess Diana and her eventual death in 1997.  The same thing is happening again with Meghan.
  • Receipts exist of books written by media personnel over decades, which actually describe their plan of actions, agreed by the British Monarchy, on how they would persuade and encourage positivity about certain members of the family via their publications, and they would equally use propaganda tactics to create the complete opposite for those deemed to be not abiding by the ethos and rules of the Cult.

Stage 5: The Hate Group Attacks the Target with Weapons

  • This stage is critical. Differentiates the vocally abusive to physically aggressive .  eg prowling the turf.
  • Adrenalin increases – leads to provoking anger
  • Thoughts and actions leads to increased adrenalin.
  • Anger builds on anger.
    • All done by inciting hatred and negative behaviour in the general population, to create an atmosphere of danger. Individuals have appeared here in the UK and abroad, with dangerous intentions towards the couple.
      • Do you recall one lady who positioned herself outside the hotel in NYC where the Baby Shower for Meghan was being held? The individual shouted a number of words at Meghan as she left the building, including one description of “charlatan Princess” – a well known and used phrase within the Megxit community that formed since 2016. The lady was photographed with and without a facial mask, and only appeared to wear the mask (and a different coat) when she positioned herself close enough to physically attack.  A detail that was posted several times in various forums, and for which receipts exist.  People praising this lady for getting so close, and was only stopped from carrying out the objective because security guards, one in particular, literally blocked her way forward.  According to the forums, this individual was attempting to stab Meghan in the stomach to prove that she was not really pregnant!!!!  The addition of a mask and the wearing of a different coat, was probably done to confuse the identity of someone who had the intention of doing a heinous act of depravity.  Earlier in the day, the different attire was clearly for a reason.  Meanwhile back on the social media platforms, this individual was being praised for positioning herself outside the hotel, and getting dangerously close to Meghan as Meghan was leaving the building.  This is a clear example how hate activity can escalate from keyboard methodology, which becomes dangerous and damaging in itself, to morph into the need for actual physical contact and delivery of harm to the targeted victim encouraged by the rest of the mob sitting behind keyboards.
    • The cruelty during the first pregnancy for the Sussexes was shameful, and the reporting following the news of the miscarriage the following year will forever be a stain on the UK and what it has become.


Stage 6: The Hate Group Utilises Weapons

No reason to give details here on this podcast or article.  Everyone knows what that means.

Stage 7: The Hate Groups Destroys Target

  • The ultimate goal is to destroy the object of their hate
  • Mastery over life and death – gives the hater a sense of self worth and values. Qualities which haters lack.
  • The reality is that hate physically and psychologically destroys the Hater and the Hated.

I referred to this model in my previous Podcast covering Herd Mentality and whether or not we can be programmed to hate.  One of the sites I visited was the US Department of Justice.  A study on the Psychopathology of Hate Groups was shown.  It was a study and a report by John (Jack) R Shafer MA and Joe Navarro MA.  As I said recently if the FBI and the Department of Justice are using these and more models as part of their toolkit of approaches to these groups and individuals who are of concern, then where are the international legal organisations and what have they been doing about this phenomenon that is on a global increase?


These next two images are based on Gordon Allport’s graphic displaying how group activity like that shown above, can easily turn into a scale of increased hatred based on race and prejudice.



When a Select Group of People Go Out of Their Way to Lead a sizeable Portion of the Citizens of A Nation to Harbour Resentment – Leading to Damaging Consequences & Increase of Harm to the Target.

  • In Episode 41 Podcast, I explored herd mentality and whether or not we are programmed to behave this way. I discussed why people hate and what happens in our brains when we do.
  • The differences and connections between love and hate.  I have done a small amount of research on crowd psychology, whether it be physically together, or via online platforms, and why and how people ‘fall or move’ into group decisions on what and how they post etc. I return to a topic that was touched upon in a podcast from last year (comparing the similarities between the UK Monarchy and a Cult) where I have explored the psychology of propaganda and how it can manifest itself in everyday living, as opposed to times of wartime conflict.  Conflict is still present, and the intent to persuade groups of the population to believe and come to a preset conclusion is still at play in any society who is not immediately identified as being involved in a much wider game at play.


What Is Collective Narcissism?

One of the reference sources I used is Goldsmiths University, in the City of London.  One quote from its website on the subject is this:-

“Collective narcissism is defined as an emotional investment in a belief in the unparalleled greatness of an in-group contingent on external validation.

It is a group level, equivalent of individual narcissism. Its focus is on grandiosity and entitlement of an in-group rather than the self. People can be collective narcissistic about any group they belong to. We researched collective in context of national ethnic, religious, football fans and gender groups. As well as mundane social groups such as university peers.”

We tend to hear a lot about individual narcissistic behaviour, and for our purposes, think here of the British Royal Family members – particularly those high in the Line of Succession.  Think also of UK media and the behaviour and quite frankly an obvious campaign ordered by the BRF (something admitted on Australian tv recently by one of the Markle family) along with other individuals from the same family popping up from their holes with the total aim of making money from the hardship and mayhem they were trying to achieve to disrupt Harry and Meghan’s marriage.  Individually they each had money as their binding collective aim, and whilst they may have had different ideals in terms of the potential income to be earned from causing pain to a couple, the unified aim was to ensure that the Family should benefit from the ties of one of their relatives with Royal connections, and it mattered not that they had no face to face contact with that relative for over a decade, and prior to that interaction was far from good.

Throughout that period of face to face contact, and in the years since they reared their head again in 2016, they moved as one unit in considering themselves more important than the black woman and her mom that they disrespected and treated badly, because they were Caucasian.  In their minds, the end goal justified the means.  Their relative was dehumanised and became something like an old toy that was thrown away and forgotten about, until they realised it was valuable.  Suddenly photos from Meghan’s childhood appeared in the media, but strangely enough, nothing of Meghan as a working adult making her own money to enable a good standard of living.

Another interesting quote from Goldsmiths research is this:- “Collective narcissism correlates personality predictors of prejudice: right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation”.

All the groups mentioned hate to see people happy.  The same groups and the individuals within them seek to increase their status on things such as expensive items, power, money, and even family.  They rarely feel truly happy, and have yet to learn that happiness and contentment comes from within. When others do well, they are reminded that they are not happy and are fundamentally inadequate.  People with narcissistic tendencies feel entitled, so when they see someone else doing well, they feel envy and resentment. A quote from :- Narcissists (individual and groups) believe that they deserve whatever you have achieved, because they are better than you.  Indeed, the more you have something that they don’t, the more they feel that they are better than you and deserve whatever you have.  Ie they feel that you don’t deserve it since you are not them.


The only difference between Groups and Dysfunctional families is that the latter flitter about any of the levels of the Hate models that take their fancy on any given day.  Their thought process follows no structure or rationale, other than being seen to ‘Win’ at several things, and for these wins to be publicised.  Rarely any independent thought, or any new idea accompanies these activities.  At the heart of the matter, is the destruction of a member of the family who is considered to be more popular than the senior members of the family and/or is clearly intellectually superior than someone or people with a higher rank in terms of Title.  These individuals only employ people who agree with every idea they come up with, and in order to possibly get them to deviate a little on whatever new idea entered their head that day, is to use the age old trick, of making it seem that the privileged family member thought of the idea in the first place, and is given public credit for doing so.  At all times it seems the ones destined for the Golden Ticket or officially the Throne, is constantly told that they are great and an asset to the world at large.  The dysfunctional families live in a bubble of make believe, and over the years believe their own hype.  Family members lower down the pecking order are meant to worship the head of the households.

Some of those individuals have no original idea or thought, but are entirely comfortable taking on a pantomime role of Copy and Pasting from the more competent people, and be told by faithful employees that they are doing excellently.  Only in their protective bubble can this way of life work, but the moment when they step outside of that bubble, and their incompetent phrases and actions cause risk of disruption in a negative way to lifestyle then it becomes an issue.  An unelected individual or individuals meddling in things that they know nothing about, and hiding behind the banner of diplomacy.  A real slap in the face for those real Diplomats out there flying the flag for the UK.

In the case of the Sussexes respective families, they are very similar indeed.  The main difference is one has access to more public funds than the other.  In terms of intellect, they are about the same.  The schools they attended were very different, but the education they left with is of similar content but one is valued more because of its entry system.  What gets one family places is the schools they attended cost a lot more than any the other family attended, but the output is no different.  One of the differences between the two families is that one has a nations media rolling out the propaganda stories daily, and they belong to the same professional bodies, and the media provide distraction stories at short notice, and by some miracle we the public are led to believe that they came to these conclusion by themselves, and the same phrases used by tv and printed media in their panels of so called experts, are like for like.  Yea, I go back to the news presenter mentioned at the beginning of this, why does the UK seem intent on alienating other nations, as if when this ship springs a few more holes, who are they going to send for, to get their rusty ship to shore?

Dysfunctional Families and the Pattern of Behaviour Triggered by a Mindset

The hereditary monarchy system encourages family members to be pitted against each other, and history has shown that some of those who were in line to take the throne, their lives were brought to an end, by people connected with/on behalf of the next in Line. The first child born into the senior Royals section of the Monarchy is told from day one that they are special, and are treated that way.  Subsequent children are deliberately brought into the world to be the footstool of the eldest.  The siblings of the Heir are referred to as Spares – tells you all you need to know about the life that they have to lead.  Resentment is inbuilt into a hereditary monarchy.  Family members pitted against each from the start and as they grow older, the wins and losses do not always fall into the realm of the heir in reality, but officially it is recorded that way.  It is human nature for the siblings and other members of the Royal Family to begin to feel a growing unease, that your skills and aptitude for things is ignored and credit given to the heir.  You are not allowed to shine brighter than the heir etc.  Remember Meghan was told to make herself less visible when not on Royal assignments, and was told to be 50% of herself.  At one point Meghan spent over 40 days inside Frogmore Cottage and when she appeared outside, it was made clear she appeared too soon.

I am sure the infighting is far worse than ever reported, and by the same token when you see stories in the press about one certain member making great strides to be a peacemaker, along with their spouse, those of us with vision, not just sight in terms of what is written in the tabloids, know that it is as far from truth as Frogmore Cottage is to the Montecito mansion.  Propaganda in full swing that appears in UK tabloids daily.


Propaganda Techniques

“Edward Filene helped to establish the Institute of Propaganda Analysis in 1937 to educate the American public about the nature of propaganda and how to recognise propaganda techniques  Filene and his colleagues identified the seven most common ‘tricks of the trade’ used by successful propagandists (Marlin 102-106: Propaganda critic: Introduction).

  • Name Calling: Links person to a negative symbol in the hopes that the audience will reject the person or idea on the basis of that negative symbol, no evidence.
  • Card Stacking: Use of statistics, often one sided manner. It is biased because it leaves out important information that is crucial to drawing an informed conclusion.
  • Glittering Generalities: Name calling in reverse, seeks to make us approve and accept without examining evidence.
  • Plain Folks: Appeals to regular people.
  • Bandwagon: Tries to convince audience that everyone else is doing it so they should too.
  • Transfer: Projecting positive or negative qualities onto a person to make the other seem more acceptable or discredit them.
  • Fear: Disaster will result if the audience doesn’t follow a particular course of action.

The Propaganda Model

The model’s first input ‘Raw News’ could be scientific reports, factual accounts or fake information. The 5th filter could be replaced with any subject, e.g. continuous economic growth, climate change or free trade agreements. Regarding the Propaganda Model, the Monthly Review (2018) states,

“The model does suggest that the mainstream media, as elite institutions, commonly frame news and allow debate only within the parameters of elite interests; and that where the elite is really concerned and unified, and/or where ordinary citizens are not aware of their own stake in an issue or are immobilized by effective propaganda, the media will serve elite interests uncompromisingly”.

When Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky discussed the “propaganda model” in the book called “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media” from the political economy viewpoint. They pointed out that money and power can filter some of the information, allowing the government and politicians to spread their words to the public.


As you have probably gathered by now, I am using Harry and Meghan at the heart of this topic.  They are a high enough profile couple to help shed light on what is happening around the world in too many places, and in terms of the UK, this isolationist approach the UK is adopting in recent years, and plans to move further on that front, leaves its citizens even further away from justice and equal treatment under the law.  The UK is embarking on an approach that it condemns certain other countries of adopting similar tactics and laws and protesting their disdain.  In reality, the UK approach is only meant to be acceptable in certain spaces, but those considered ‘outsiders’ here in the UK or elsewhere, should not have the same access and use of the law as the UK government.

The use of the experience of Meghan and Harry can be used as a very useful contribution to research.  When we have national institutions in the Uk as one example, using terminology that is deemed offensive in terms of people of colour, and now has sunk so low to include descriptions of children who are not pure white, then as a nation we really are swimming in the toxic waste.  As a result, when other groups do the same, then the general population who harbour such views of POC feel comfortable to air those views, and in most cases, it goes without any real challenge.

Using an industry analogy here:- Everything that happens at shopfloor level occurs because it is accepted by the immediate supervisor or manager above.  This is replicated through the organisation, right through to the top.  The same management theory applies to a nation.  The type and volume of hate crimes (as we are discussing in this podcast) reflect what is going on at each level above.  We will always come back to the groups at the top of UK society. Eg  Government, Monarchy, Aristrocracy, UK media including Royal Reporters and the police.  All of them are slow to react to hate speech, or incitement of hateful behaviour, often because they use the same words, or take part in some of the activity, and it is deemed acceptable as they know the other pillars at the top of UK will not challenge it.  All scratch the back of each other.

My views and I stand by them.  When those groups allow a couple to be put at risk in terms of health and safety, and a growing number of tangible death threats, along with the keyboard warriors who openly post death threats on various forums, then I strongly believe that International Legal bodies need to step in.  If they don’t or can’t what is the use of any United Nations/International Forum?

Remember when the Royal Family through its mouthpieces the Royal Rota tried to describe life outside of the Royal bubble as if was like swimming in shark infested waters.  Life would be one without state banquets and wearing tiaras and gowns and people would curtsey to you or vice versa dependant upon the class system that exists in Royal life but nowhere else.  A life of pretend playing Stateman/woman, and have people bow and scrape to you to boost your ego.  No child is prepared for a life outside, earning their own coins.  The Royal Plantation has just grown and grown on the backs of the UK people.  A number of groups have grown out of that system, and now the system needs to be protected to preserve the way of life of a few. Hence the collective approach to stamping out any individual or group set up to bring about change and accountability, and for the public to have a say on whether or not a Monarchy is viable in a modern society.

The treatment of Harry and Meghan, has provided evidence and learning points for the future.  The Sussexes have made a new home for themselves in the USA, and they are pursuing their humanitarian projects on a global stage.  No longer do they have to dim their lights in an effort to make the others look good. Whilst the BRF and pals, in their various groups are spending more time trying to save their position in the Monarchy from collapse, than do anything tangible to help the UK and its growing poverty within its population. The Sussexes are mixing with global leaders formulating real projects on the ground to help people.  Harry and Meghan represent modern Monarchy, even though they have been stripped of all the things that appear to people living within that Royal bubble. The Sussexes have proved titles and tiaras do not make the world sit up and take notice. Now the UK is starting to see self inflicted damage they did to themselves, whilst Harry and Meghan are flying high.

The plan to seek and destroy has backfired on a global stage and it is the BRF own acts of propaganda activity that has had a ripple effect of damaging the credibility of the Royal Family with each passing act of vindictiveness.  Meanwhile the Sussexes are thriving, and creating a wonderful legacy for their children, and a growing list of organisations and people who have felt the impact of the kindness and generosity of the Archewell Foundation.

The moral of this story, and one which I will end the podcast is to say, that despite years of a propaganda campaign being in place, and the people who have come on board with its messages, increasing numbers of people are now beginning to question the purpose of the campaign and its duration.  The world has major issues that need tackling, and to see a family and its powerful friends, pursue a woman of colour and to put her and her children at risk because she was not a Stepford clone like all the other females in that family who are left alone, is damaging to sensible people.  The UK has lost a very valuable member of that family because he supports his wife 100% and no doubt feels deeply ashamed of the racism that is completely evident by his family, despite it being wrapped up in other descriptions as part of the propaganda campaign.  Media hosts were making public statements daily for Meghan to leave the UK and go back to the USA.  The media spoke and wrote articles about the acting industry and Hollywood in particular in a very disparaging way.  Referred to black billionaires in similar terms, and showed no knowledge (did no research) and were so unprofessional in their rhetoric, yet now members of the BRF plan to visit the places that they have spent the last 5 years describing negatively, using such words as “ghetto” and referring to all wealthy black people as “rappers” and even worse for those who work in the medium of television.

Well now Meghan and Harry have left the UK, and are still standing and doing very well indeed.  The same cannot be said for the Royal Family or the UK.

  • Resentment is a complex, multi-layered emotion that has been described as mixture of disappointment, disgust, anger and fear.
  • Inherent in resentment is a perception of unfairness.
  • It has become known for anger, spite and holding a grudge
  • Resentment can also develop and be maintained by focusing on past grievances continuously, or by trying to justify the emotions.
  • Resentment can occur as a result of the grief process and can be sustained by ruminating over it.
  • Steven Stosny makes an analogy distinguishing the functions of anger and resentment, as anger being like a fire extinguisher meant to put out and prevent immediately harmful situations, from becoming more harmful, while resentment is more like a smoke alarm something that is always on and requires energy and emotions to sustain this alarm system and is meant to protect us if just in case something or someone harmful from past experience shows up.
  • Anger is about the immediate situation whereas resentment is a defensive way to mentally punish or in the more extreme case, to devalue.

The aim of propaganda is influence people’s opinions or behaviour actively, rather than merely to communicate the facts about something.

There was a time that the British Royal Family wanted to ship Harry and Meghan off to any country other than the UK.  The first choice was Africa, because the person who was the  driving force behind this nonsense, believed that Africa was a country and more than that, as it was a continent that Harry referred to with love and affection, it suited the family concerned to ‘dump’ the Sussexes in a black nation, where they would be happy etc. apart from the sheer audacity of the plan, in what way could this have worked?  Did you believe that no African nation would expect to make that decision for themselves rather than be told by the UK  The Sussexes light will always be brighter than the rest of the family, because of the BRF refusal to read the room, and move forward accordingly.

Now the Sussexes are on another continent, and their light is shining even brighter.  The Royal Reporters always reported that the heirs should shine the brightest and they should have the limelight not someone way down the pecking order.

Well, the propaganda did not quite work out as the UK establishment planned.  Yes the UK has created a hostile environment for the Sussexes, in the same way that it has for all people of colour who wish to live in the UK.  In fact the most recent examples is the difference in response to white refugees and all the others who are people of colour. Harry must be so ashamed and disappointed by his family.

Well the British Royal Family have the spotlight they craved for, and they have been found wanting.  Over 5 years since Meghan was announced of being Harry’s girlfriend, we still have one relative hell bent on destroying this marriage, in the mistaken belief that Harry will return and be his whipping boy again.  Have you all noticed that there has not been one project completed since Harry left Shutter island.  Not one.  A few given high publicity by its propaganda team, as making progress or about to start, but we have yet to see one tangible measurable outcome that has made a difference to anyone.  The so called expert in early years, produced 5 questions after 10 years of research apparently, and the 5 questions are known about in the first year of anyone training in that area, but yes lets make it high profile that 5 questions have been produced and there were even pie charts on an overhead.  Wow.  BRF have come such a long way. Not.

The resentment from the family for being exposed as not really doing anything measurable and meaningful in terms of output, and yet are still doing the smile and wave approach on their visits.  One couple sometimes carry folders now, to try and look the part of 2 of their close relatives.  The Copy and Paste is in full swing, from the hair, to the clothing to the shoes.  I wont embarrass you by putting examples here, and equally this is not about them, it is about the institution and the other societal groups mentioned, and the effort put into maintaining the status quo, and the industry that has been created to destroy a couple who wanted to do things slightly differently.  In the end they were chased out of the country, and now the same groups of abusers, have found that The Firm is not fairing so well, and it is not a temporary situation.  None of the Firm has put anything like the effort into looking at the state of the UK today, and explored how the Firm and its establishment groups could help, but the resources put towards trying to tear down a couple who are having a global impact with their work, are seen as the enemy that must be destroyed.  The USA is not a commonwealth nation, and since the Sussexes now reside there and are doing well, we now have UK taxpayer funds going towards vanity projects which just so happen to take place in the USA, near to where the Sussexes live.  Yea right.  What a coincidence.  There is zero reason for the individual who is constantly “incandescent with rage” to be there, and that description is quoted in their UK media, who they work closely with most weeks.

For an institution that wanted the Sussexes to disappear, they do seem to be going to great lengths to be in the dust clouds of the Sussexes, in the hope that they will be seen as popular too???  Too many people in the UK are living impoverished lives, and yet appear to have no problem with their figurehead family parading around pretending to be diplomats, or project managers, or successful business people.

The people who should feel resentment are the UK population.  No doubt it will be soon be time again to bring out a black friend for the cameras from their posse in the media.  It is time for the Monarchy to focus on the country that they represent in some shape or form, and then look to people in need elsewhere, and not use the colour of their skin, to guide the interventions used.  Public funds should not be paying for vanity projects of others who feel annoyed that they are not publicly adored because they are a future heir.  Spend time as an institution finding ways to make yourselves useful to the country, if you wish to remain as a Monarchy, because at the moment it is not clear to a growing number of people.

The level of hatred created towards the Sussexes, Meghan in particular, falls at the BRF doors.  That is known the world over now, so it going to take more than visits to places where you feel ‘safe’ to talk about things that are not a priority for those countries, and places where you were not invited in the first place, needs a rethink.

The increase to the lives of the Sussex family has increased due to activity by the groups mentioned above, deliberately baited by UK media groups.  Your hands are not clean just because you hide them bhind your backs after you write the venom daily in the tabloids, interview the same problematic people on the tv, and now have encouraged groups within the population to set up hate groups online and now the activity is moving into the physical realm.

Move the effort put into resentment activity and do something tangible for the UK population reliant on food banks and who cannot afford to heat their homes in the winter.

Allow discussions to take place about becoming a Republic to commence.  At the moment, the public has no opportunity to vote yes or no.  Those discussions need and will eventually start to be prominent.

One couple leaving the BRF should not lead to this aimless lack lustre sight we see every day now.  One couple leaving should not cause the Monarchy to crumble.  Seems to me that it was always weak, but you had someone who was good at the job and covered for you all, but when he met his future wife, who was equally accomplished and experienced,  the jealousy and the envy began.  Very quickly it turned into resentment, and now we are where we are.  Who is Sorry Now?


Ivy Barrow



Just for Information:-

Harassment and the Law

  • It is criminal offencein England and Wales for someone to harass you or to put you in fear of violence. I see no major difference in the state of California.
  • The law states that harassment is when a person behaves in a way which is intended to cause you distress or alarm.
  • The behaviour must happen on more than on one occasion.
  • It can be the same type of behaviour or different types of behaviour on each occasion.
  • Harassment can include things your abuser has said or done.
  • Incidents could have happened recently or they could have happened months apart.
  • Examples of incidents of harassment include:-
    • text, answer-phone message, letter or email
    • Or comment or threat
    • Standing outside someone’s house or driving past it
    • An act of violence
    • Damage to someone else’s property
    • Maliciously or falsely reporting you to the policewhen you have done nothing wrong

Putting Someone in Fear of Violence – What Does That Mean?

  • Fear of violenceis when someone says or does two or more things that make you fear that violence will be used against you.
  • The law states that a person is guilty of putting you in fear of violence if a reasonable person, who had the same information your abuser had, would think the behaviour would cause you to fear violence.

Restraining Orders:-

  • A restraining order is a court order which prohibits your abuser from doing certain thingssuch as contacting you or attending your place of work or home address. Breaching (breaking) a restraining order is a criminal offence.

Coercive Control and the Law

  • Someone is guilty of coercive control if they repeatedly or continuously engage in behaviour towards you that is coercive or controlling and they know or ought to know that the behaviour will have a serious effect on you.




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