UK Establishment Spent Last 8 years Travelling Up and Down the 7 Stages of Grief Model

BRF & Royal Rota‘s Snakes & Ladder Journey on the 7 Stages of Grief Model From Nov 2019 to April 2024
  2020 2021 2022 2023/24
Denial/Desperate for Answers Royal Family claimed to be blindsided by the Sussexes’ announcement about Stepping Back.  False. Discussions had been going on for months.  Prolonging the process unnecessarily for H&M it seems.  H&M forced by a story being leaked by a tabloid newspaper, the Duke of Sussex issued a Statement on 8th January 2020 re Stepping Back from Senior Royal duties and to become financially independent of the Royal Family, commencing in the new financial year.


No financial activity in respect of Archewell Foundation in this year.


BRF & Royal Rota no longer in denial now.  Strategy clearly moved on to ‘operation destroy the Sussexes’ by any means possible.  Ie Try to destroy their credibility as business partners.  Destroy their characters.


Archewell Bank Account opened

Desperate for answers, but nothing seems to have eased the obvious stress between the heirs, and equally between the Royal Rota group.  The Royal Family answer is to emulate the Sussexes both in terms of attire, and type of topic that the Sussexes are involved in publicly at that time.


The issue for the BRF is that they appear to have no new ideas of their own, or any ongoing outcomes from projects that have been running for some years without an update. The image it portrays is that the 2nd in Line cannot be seen to be outshone by his younger brother.  No one appears to have admitted publicly to this heir that by copying and doing something similar after a Sussex project has been announced, does not make the heir stronger or more proficient.  It just reinforces the statement that nothing original is coming from tax payer funded Royals, and where money is being spent, it is on vanity projects as the heir plays catch up and is publicised copying his brother.


Does not bode well for the future of the UK Monarchy. There are no questions being asked of the BRF and the nation is meant to be impressed by copying and pasting of the non working Royals work rosta and to make matters worse, everyone watching from behind their hidden embarrassment for what the BRF has become, as the copying and pasting is not even done well.  It lacks heart but shouts “look at me look at me” vibes.


Powerful people request to work with The Sussexes, but conversely the BRF request to be in the spaces of powerful people.  The former produces project plans with measurable aims and objectives and timescales.  The BRF activity just has many photos taken with apparent important people, and then everyone returns to the day jobs.  NB  The Royal Rota have the chance to take photos and write articles that will make everything sound like the 2nd coming of the Holy Spirit.  The reality is that there are people in both groups that are surplus to requirements.

New lifestyle and projects thriving and The Sussexes are booked and busy. The BRF and pals continue to try and put barriers in the way. Continue to try to exert control and try to give the impression that the BRF need input into their business contracts.


Once again the BRF are reminded that they have no control of any business networks the size and power of the organisations that Meghan and Harry are  signing deals.  The UK establishment can only seethe at the BRF and its media self inflicted harm but officially all publicly claim the Sussexes will fail.


UK has now moved to attempting to destroy the character of Harry and Meghan with the aim of trying to deter businesses from working with them – with attempts at character assassination. It has not occurred to them that it is not a good look for the UK Monarchy, and The Sussexes global support base is growing with each unnecessary manufactured problem to chastise The Sussexes for, without foundation.


The gross amount of money raised by the charity was around $50,000 in 2020. In January 2023, the organization published an impact report of its activities between 2020 and 2022. The foundation was launched with an initial start-up revenue of $13 million in 2021, with a further $2 million raised in the same year. $3 million were donated to different causes such as refugee resettlement, procuring COVID-19 vaccines, funding academic fellows, and supporting humanitarian relief centres.

Anger/Denial Lots of posturing by the media and apparently courtiers. Definite signs of anger about the announcement and the planned departure.  The Plan by the BRF and RRs backfired it would seem.  None of them thought that the whole Sussex family would leave.  How could they do this?

RR + Media = we have been fair to them. What will happen to Sussex Royal Foundation? The anger with the Sussexes leaving at the Commonwealth Service in March 2020 was plain to see. The global audience witnessed the unprofessional, and disgusting behaviour by the Royal Family itself.  If their advisors thought that this was a good image to put out in the global universe for everyone to see they made a huge mistake.  What is more, the Commonwealth countries also viewed the playground ‘mean girl’ antics and it is an image that became a turning point for many people around the world, myself included.


New life. Put barriers in the way. Continue to try to exert control and try to give the impression that the BRF need input into their business

contracts.  Once again the BRF are reminded that they have no control of business networks the size and power of the organisations that Meghan and Harry are now signing deals

with. UK has now moved to attempting to destroy the character of Harry and Meghan with the aim of trying to deter businesses from working with them due to these attempts at character assassination.


The gross amount of money raised by the charity was around $50,000 in 2020. In January 2023, the organization published an impact report of its activities between 2020 and 2022. The foundation was launched with an initial start-up revenue of $13 million in 2021, with a further $2 million raised in the same year.[  $3 million were donated to different causes such as refugee resettlement, procuring COVID-19 vaccines, funding academic fellows, and supporting humanitarian relief centres

The anger goes deep, and the official line of argument for the continuance of the Hunter and Prey activity is that Harry and Meghan are still Royal.


The other tale told most days in the tabloids was that the UK Monarchy was not put at risk because Harry and Meghan left, particularly Harry.


Apparently not long afterwards, UK tabloids were running stories along the line of ‘one person leaving with his family was enough to end the Monarchy.’  Speaks volumes about the quality of the people left behind doesn’t it? There are numerous receipts in existence of the Royal Rota declaring the Sussexes would be out on the street without the safety net of the Royal life within palace walls. So confident were they and the BRF that the Sussex would beg to return to the fold.  When that did not happen, once again a myriad of receipts exist of RRs stating that from March 2020 they would not write about anything the Sussexes did, and that the BRF “have washed their hands of them”.  Once a dose or two of reality set in, and it was clear that The Sussexes were more than surviving, but the BRF was very clearly floundering.


Another reason to question the public assistance for an institution that its own media who are paid to write about them in a positive way, write more articles per day about the couple who no longer reside in the UK and are not funded by the UK taxpayer.  A couple they spent months writing that no one in the BRF or the RR wanted anything to do with them after they step back.


Reality has not set in, that if the RRs wish to be able to pay their Bills, writing about the BRF every day, would come nowhere near the income they receive for articles about one of the Sussex engagements, and that is after receiving 2nd or 3rd hand news via USA networks.

Still trying to hide behind the fake tale that The Sussexes should co-ordinate diaries so that events do not clash.  The real reason is that the BRF and the RRs want to know the schedule of H&M in order to prepare negative articles in advance which is their mode of operation with every event that they know of in advance.  Puerile behaviour.  It makes money for UK media but the reputation world wide is deteriorating, at the obvious double standards used against H&M and the rest of the RF.  There is zero reason for the UK to shadow move with the Sussexes activities and in increasing number of occasions it is unlawful.  Time for the appropriate people to act.


Headlines tend to focus on initial reactions to significant events involving Meghan and Harry or any unexpected developments in their personal or professional lives. Basically any excuse to justify the stalking and harassment of The Sussexes, in order to write copy for weeks and generate income from the propaganda created to encourage engagement from the UK public.


Sadness & Bargaining Over the previous six months it has been clear that the Monarchy, no matter how much the media try to spin it differently, does not have the resources and the calibre of personnel to function as well as they could, without Harry and Meghan present.


The latest round of blackmail tactics, disguised as bargaining attempted to offer the part-time model the Sussexes offered in January 2020 and was refused.  Now all of a sudden it is back on the table, but with emphasis on Harry returning to help out Prince Charles and the Cambridges.  No mention of Meghan in this request to return.


BRF continue to employ emotional blackmail, because they realise that they do need Harry, but still refuse to acknowledge Meghan.


Sadness that FK & FQC and FFK & FFQC are not popular enough for people to care about the Monarchy.


Realise that Harry is needed until Cambridge children are adults.  Ah well.

Bargaining was never taken seriously.  At the Sandringham summit everything that The Sussexes put forward as a way of being involved in some way with the Royal duties if needed.  All offers were refused, including half in half out arrangement.  Now there are major problems with the remaining publicly funded Royals who were mainly non working or near enough to non working Royals, lack the competence of the charisma needed to garner sufficient interest for people to actually care about their scheduled engagement.  The Sussexes were punished, and continue to be for daring to step back, and more so for daring to be credible and successful in their endeavours.  Now the stage for bargaining is over, not least because when an attempt was made by one of the photographers who has been with them since the start of time, pleaded for Harry to come back, (“to help out Prince William and Prince Charles”) he did not request Meghan and the children return too. He made many telling faux pas one of which was that if they (RRs) had got to know Meghan better, she would have been seen as “human”  Not sure what species they/he believed she was, but it was not the best way to encourage someone who they bullied and harassed out of the country, to return. Headlines tend to focus on reconciling differences within the royal family, negotiations related to Meghan and Harry’s roles or public appearances, or attempts to manage public perception but always stating that the situation has been caused by The Sussexes, and the onus is upon them to rectify things.  8 years down the line, the BRF and its media have yet to take responsibility for hounding H&M out of the UK.  All articles are written to incite negativity towards the couple from the UK public, and that any problems occurring now, is not down to anything the BRF and media have done. The opinions outside of the UK is the complete opposite, and therefore in terms of reputational damage to the Sussexes, that is not applicable outside of the UK bubble. If the day ever comes that the BRF and UK media realise/admit that the core of their articles and opinion pieces only matter to the dwindling Royalist base, and the rest of the UK don’t actually care that much about a Monarchy – will be a day that they start to focus on putting that situation right.  The BRF and Media need to worry about the reducing interest and popularity of the BRF.  Too much time is spent on focussing on vindictive activity against The Sussexes rather than put together activities that have a positive impact on the nation.
Jealousy & Competitiveness Jealousy has been at the heart of this issue since the Oceanic Tour.  The foundation of the media coverage in 2016/18 was grounded in racism and the resentment of the powerhouse that was clearly the new couple on the block.  By the time the Oceanic Tour came around, when international interest rose with speed, it was clear that before the plane landed back in the UK, fragile egos within the Monarchy had started to work on a strategy to stop this ‘movement’ before it gained any further traction.  This was demonstrated in the tone of the media coverage once they were back on UK turf.  International coverage had been positive, so it was hard for the UK media to be out of sync with global coverage by others.  This jealousy and competition still lives today in stories about whose house is bigger, who really calls the shots in the Sussex commercial ventures etc. Puerile behaviour by the so called and the next person to be the UK Monarch. Weakening their own House of Cards.


Literally any event or news of any activity concerning Harry and Meghan, which always garners global interest, the two Future Kings come out like clockwork, to perform for the nation, just so that their propaganda team in the Royal Rota write and show lots of photos from these dead behind the eyes people, trying to play a game that they have no understanding of, or the competency to deliver, and zero charismatic appeal, so ultimately each time they do this, it is like poor quality comedians performing in some low grade venue somewhere.  The phrase of “you cannot compete where you do not compare” comes to mind each time they bring this low grade pantomime to media eyes. The jealousy and competitiveness consumes the 2nd in line to embarrassing proportions now, and the Duchess is equally the same.  Wearing the exact same clothes, from the exact same designers, down to even the matching shoes and hats, is cringeworthy.  The Duke copying types of engagement for photo opportunities only , no intention of actually doing any work on any of them, but the need to be seen to be loved and adored, because he is 2nd in Line to the throne.  Fragile egos and arrogance and entitlement are off the scale.


If a Royal Family need a media team to make them look good, and to hide the less popular behaviour away from prying eyes, and still look like low quality Royals, it is a clear indicator that the UK economy is on the decline – in a bad way and deteriorating. If a family cannot even look interesting and garner support with a propaganda support network in place, and gaslighting practices published and spoken daily, and still the Royals and their network are circling the drain, should have several alarm bells ringing.

Apathy & Anger The apathy officially expressed by UK media, in particular the Royal Rota group i.e, the Sussexes are irrelevant and not marketable,  was always false.  It was stated so many times in articles that the stance itself became comedic and highlighted that they in fact felt the complete opposite.  Clear that the plan was to try and ensure that the Sussexes were seen to fail, and/or be considered too hot to handle by groups and organisations in respect of future projects.  It was obvious that they were convinced that the Sussexes would return to the abusive environment of the UK rather than struggle outside of the bubble that they knew – particularly Harry. The hit pieces on Meghan continued.  Daily Mail lost court case against Meghan in March 2020.  The DM have appealed and lost that too. Media coverage on Harry and Meghan, continues to be way above the time spent on the others in the RF combined.  Even though it is all second hand news from the USA because the RRs no longer have direct access to the Sussexes. Every time they write articles about H&M, they devalue the FK and FFK – leading to the very thing they were meant to be avoiding i.e., obsolescence The anger is very evident still.  The RRs generally move between jealousy and anger.

The BRF is still angry, but continue to try and pluck another Royal or two out of the fold, and present them as the next best thing, and each combination has failed, because it is all too obvious that desperation is the reasoning behind all these chronically bad for business clutching at straws activity.

The UK Monarchy has never had to actually do anything to prove their value to the public purse.  It has always been a given that they would be adored.  They are used to the wave and smile Royaly and the odd cutting of a ribbon.  The Cambridges never worked (or rather attended engagements for a few minutes a week) until Harry and Meghan increased on the things that Harry used to do on his own, and together they have hit the global scene by storm and helped so many organisations and groups in dire need of assistance.


The Sussexes work with organisations, and each of those patronages have continued to thrive, and through training programmes, they have each gone on to widen their sphere of activity.  All with project plans in place, competent staff around them, and quantifiable outcomes and not a penny of public funding.

UK Monarchy has never needed to adapt or be measurable before, other than by RRs writing favourable things in the papers.  Now they are in a real quandary, and self inflicted wounds, by chasing out the globally recognised couple through their work projects, and not their titles, which they do not use.  RRs were confident that Royalty was what was needed to bring notoriety, but the Sussexes have proved that tangible results bring success not tabloid partners writing fluff pieces.

Feelings of sadness and despair are common in this stage.


Some of the headlines this year have tended to focus on the emotional toll of public scrutiny on the Senior Royals, particularly the King and the Next in Line. The way the articles are written imply that anything going on relating to mental health or just health in general, is due to the decision that The Sussexes made to leave the UK.  No responsibility is admitted to the interactions or lack of between Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace.




Acceptance Abusers never enjoy outcomes that they have had no control over.  Abusers enjoy their perceived power and control.  The latest stance by the BRF is to accept that the Sussexes are moving on to new territory but the family is still trying to give the impression to the public that they are very much still in control.  The family are now trying to scatter their presence into Sussex business affairs like confetti.  Pretending that they can access all documentation and dispute and remove any part of it.  Deluded.  The Legal Agreements are done.  The BRF have no jurisdiction in such matters outside of the UK.


The roles have reversed.  The Sussexes have moved from being described as ‘irrelevant’ by the media to the media now moving to justify why they will continue to report on them and their activities because of public interest as Harry is a son of the future King.  What a sad excuse.  Wonder why we don’t see them report ad nauseum about the current Monarch’s children.

According to all the Royal Rota, there is no problem relating to Royal popularity, and the BRF do not need the Sussexes to be globally adored, as they announced in the Spring of 2020, the new Fab 4 Version 1:- William and Kate & Edward and Sophie.  Version 2 = William and Kate & Charles and Camilla.  Despite the statement repeated for the last 10 years, that Kate has now found her voice, none of these versions of the Fab 4 have worked.  I think we are on Fab Version 1000.3 now.  Not sure that the BRF are willing to admit that the next two people destined to be King, are simply not popular and at least one of them possesses no leadership skills, and both have alienated many people of the Commonwealth, and most of the younger generation.


Meghan asked for medical help in 2019 and was refused.  One Royal Reporter is on record (both footage and audio) admitting that they continued with the onslaught having been informed by Royal Human Resources that Meghan was suicidal.  That tells you all you need to know about the kind of people we are dealing with.


The UK Media continued to hound The Sussexes in California, compounding the stress and all the shenanigans of court cases running at the same time, caused Meghan and Harry to suffer a miscarriage.  That is how bad things had deteriorated  A loss of an unborn life, and still they continued, and have continued to the present day (2024)


The Royal Family didn’t say a word about what was being done to Meghan, because they were behind it.  Fragile egos being the main reason.


Quietly BRF have accepted that they dropped the ball, and having refused every offer that the Sussxes suggested in March 2020, they have gone on to be hugely successful philanthropists, and are in demand on a global basis to work with recognised organisations and officials.  The Sussex ship has sailed.


Let us not forget the treatment towards the Sussex children and Meghan.  The most disgusting vile things written about the family and KKKlan type endings for the children.  Truly vile.  Not once has the BRF ever stepped forward demanding that the media cease. Meghan asked for medical help and was refused.  One Royal Reporter is on record (both footage and audio) admitting that they continued with the onslaught having been informed by Royal Human Resources that Meghan was suicidal.  That tells you all you need to know about the kind of people we are dealing with.  The Royal Family didn’t say a word about what was being done to Meghan, because they were behind it.  Fragile egos being the main reason.


There appears to have been no workforce plan ever in place, or strategic plans, considering more than half of the workforce are beyond retirement age, one of whom is the next in line for the throne.


2nd in Line has no completed projects to his name over the 20 year period he has been working on them.  Does not bode well, as he wants to be adored and popular like his younger brother, without doing any real measurable activity.


There is then an approximate 10 year gap for the Cambridge children to be considered adults to take on duties.  Remains to be seen whether or not they will want to stay in such an institution in the next decade or so.

There is no acceptance and there will be no acceptance of the changing environment.  Even when the Removal vehicles are driving away with the belongings of the Royals, they will still be in denial and full of anger and will blame Harry from stepping back from his perceived duty to that family.  As though no one else had/has responsibility for a Workforce Plan alongside Succession Planning for what was crystal clear to competent business people decades ago.
Hope They are not there yet.  It will be interesting to see the juxtaposition of how the monarchy manages their self inflicted wound going forward, as the Sussexes clearly move on with their lives.  The amount of time and effort already being taken to control how the Sussexes operate outside of the family, even though they have absolutely no financial ties to the public purse or funding from Prince Charles, is the clearest indicator yet, that the Firm is not ready to move on. I see no evidence of hope, only desperation of a PR team out of ideas, and still using a playbook decades out of date.  There is an exercise currently underway of returning to old online articles and amending them to contain less criticism of Meghan.  These people seem to forget that nothing is erased from the internet, and receipts exist in abundance around the world of the old and the new articles.  Sure they will come in handy when the establishment decide to bring these into the public domain again, because there is no doubt that there is some kind of anticipated action coming up where the UK media want to try and rewrite history.  They will not succeed.  Receipts exist. No changes since 2021.  The only hope I can see from the actions of all the abusers towards the Sussexes, Meghan in particular, is to see the demise of this powerhouse couple.


There seems to be a belief that if anything happens to The Duchess of Sussex, The Duke will crawl back to the UK and return to his role as his older brother’s footstool. No concern about any grief that the Duke would be experiencing, or where the children would be, but all would be ok in Royal land because the worker bee would be back in town.  The sheer cruelty and audacity to think this would be a satisfactory outcome.  There is no circumstance where if the anything happened to the Duchess of Sussex, that the Duke would return to work and live with his abusers and those of his wife, only for them to cast him aside when the Cambridge children reach adulthood.  The whole Royal cabal can take several seats.


I have not forgotten the rounds of interviews that Ingrid Seward did on the back of some book or other, suggesting that if anything happened to Meghan, Harry would return to the Royal family, and that if anything happened to Kate, the two brothers would be there to console each other, and to heal their rift.  This is the kind of mentality which follows on from Royal indoctrination.  No person of sound mind, would reach such an aspiration and would definitely not say it publicly, several times, in front of camera.


All of the BRF hopes centre around their convenience to continue as they have always done, whilst Harry would be the poster guy for the cabal and do all the heavy lifting.


The cabal shows no signs of looking inward at what they have within the family and set out a Strategic and Workforce Plans as to how they can deliver a service in the future.  In my mind, that means they have no realistic plan in mind or place.

The aim of the BRF is to destroy The Sussexes or their business endeavours, or at the very least to destroy Meghan.  Somewhere in a lost BRF ujiverse, there is a belief that if Meghan is out of the picture, Harry would return to the abuse out of duty.  No thought given to how Harry would feel about the loss f his wife, and no consideration given to the children losing a parent.  Why would anyone return to the place of the abuse they received  for 40 years, and the place and people who abused Meghan for years?  Why would he walk away from all their successful projects, to be a temporary footstool until the next in Line turns 21 or above?

Originally Posted on July 7, 2023 and the 4th column added on 28th April 2024

Updated 28th April 2024   Added to article on website.

Reference sources for the additional information that I ran out of time to include these summaries. On 28th April.  All of these topics will be covered in more detail in future video podcasts.


  • Laura Richards is someone I rate highly, SGUK has produced podcasts a few times, two of them quite early on in the SGUK podcast channel, utilising information and resources produced by Laura Richards.

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