UK Media Obsession – Stalking / Harassment

Let’s Bring It Out From UK Shadows to the Desks of the International Legal Community.



This weeks podcast explores and ponders on the extraordinary behaviour of UK media when it come to the Sussexes, in particular Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex.  Activity that I as a non legal person considers it to be obsessional, dangerous, and in breach of multiple areas of UK and International Law.  I consider these continual actions, to be carried out for purely self serving purposes.  No regard is paid to the target/s and none of the possible outcomes are positive.  One would think that following on from the demise of Princess Diana, and how all that treatment that ultimately resulted in tragedy, it would seem that nothing has been learnt from those years.  The growth and reach of various social media platforms has given those who want to cause harm and deterioration in the mental health of its targets, has seen additional weapons used to destroy their prey.

I will use the following approach in the structure of this podcast.

  • Highlight a range of dictionary definitions of what I believe the behaviours of UK media (working on behalf of the British Royal Family as part of the “invisible contract”) is deemed to be.
    • I fully accept that my conclusions on the nature of the activity could be wrong, but based on years of evidence of such behaviour, and ultimately perception is real for the individual (both for the target and for anyone witnessing or reading about events in UK press) that others have had legal action taken against them. Important things to note is that the people involved in this abusive behaviour and who are subsequently delt with within the law, are not affluent, are not usually Caucasian, not powerful in society, not already involved in upholding the law, not linked with media organisations and definitely not high profile members of the UK Monarchy family.
  • Descriptions of Stalking
  • Descriptions of Harassment
  • Categories of Stalking and the underlying motives
    • Simple Obsessional
    • Love Obsessional
    • Erotomania
    • False Victimisation Syndrome
  • Relationship, if any, to the Target
    • Raise concerns why so many UK media are vested in talking/writing about The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a hate inciting manner, most days of the week, as if they are a jilted ex partner, or a family member who perceives that they have lost control of their prey, by the boundaries now in place, to reduce the risk of harm, or negative impact on their mental health, or worst case scenario, loss of life.
    • Academic models used to explain how easy it is to move from verbal onslaught to actions without a weapon, and then ultimately the goal is to use a weapon to destroy the target. It only needs one person from the groups that developed from listening to and then joining in on radio and tv telephone phone ins to discuss even further into the negativity at Stage One, to move through the ranks to be listed in law enforcement files, as a person to keep in the forefront of minds and processes, to keep the target/s safe.
  • The Psychology of Stalking
  • The definition of Parasite
  • What Is the UK Media’s ‘Invisible Contact’ with Royalty?
  • Why UK Media Feel Threatened by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
    • We Need to Talk About the UK Toxic Press
  • One example of UK media scout, regularly sent out to be the raging bull of the press pack, and who publicly admits that the British Royal Family have personally thanked him for his conduct relating to regularly liaise with Meghan’s father, in front of a camera, to continuously trash his daughter, for money.
    • A statistical breakdown of one UK presenter activity publicly using Meghan as his target. I have quoted these statistics previously in a podcast from 2021, but it is worth repeating here for any newcomers.
  • What Happens When you ‘Break Up’ with a Narcissist?
  • Jane Elliott and the Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes experiment & how the UK faired compared to other groups.
    • Could this explain this tidal wave of hate and subsequent propaganda surrounding an highly accomplished person of colour entering the UK Royal Family, which led to a complete and utter breakdown of the aristocracy group in the UK, and all those who aspired to be in that group, or who lived their lives through that group as if they were actual members. A hate baiting approach to media reporting every single day, which has been evident since 2016 and has not abated even though the Sussexes were forced to leave the Uk for their safety and mental health of their family.
    • The abusive tactics and behaviour continues across borders, with no signs of slowing down. If a tragedy occurs, I have no doubt that the UK media will do exactly what they did to Princess Diana.
      • quickly erase records of negative reporting, or place them in places hard to find.
      • Switch the game to the coverage of a newly appointed Saint
      • Swamp the nation with the coverage of the loss of such an iconic British person.
      • Make serious amount of money from a tragedy that they created and were complicit in the conclusion.
    • My final thoughts in the Conclusion of this podcast, will focus on the following
      • Where is the law in all of this?
      • The methodologies and scope of the abuse is ahead of what is contained in elements of the Human Rights Act, and therefore some additions need to be added, which reflect the new methods used, in addition to the tools and technology which existed when the law was first introduced.
        • Abusers can be based in one country and still inflict abusive acts on someone based in a different country.
      • Where are the international law specialists?
      • Where are USA law specialists?  3 out of the 4 people in the Sussex family are USA citizens, which includes 2 children with dual citizenship.
        • UK Media is daily practicing coercive controlling abusive actions like an ex who has not accepted their victims escaped.



  • The state of being obsessed with someone or something
  • The domination of one’ thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
  • The state of being obsessed
  • A persistent disturbing preoccupation with a target – person or thing


Medical Definition of Obsession:-

  • Psychiatry – a persistent idea or impulse that continually forces its way into consciousness, often associated with anxiety and mental illness.
  • A persistent preoccupation, idea, or feeling
  • The act of obsessing or the state of being obsessed

Free Dictionary Definition:-

  • A pattern of unwanted or intrusive thoughts or urges that recur persistently
  • A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion

Merriam-Webster Dictionary:-

  • It is a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling


I will be quoting from an organisation called the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, in relation to Stalking.  Suzy worked at an Estate Agents, and much of the job she did was meeting people at void properties with a view to buying or renting a property.  On one of those apparent appointments Lucy went missing from the office.  She did not tell anyone that she was going to a viewing, but when the staff realised that Suzy was not in the office, and looked in her diary, there was an appointment for a viewing that afternoon at a property, but the keys for that property were still in the office.  To cut a long story short, this lady was never seen again, and after months of searching for clues and evidence, she was declared officially deceased.  This happened in 1986 and to this day, her body has never been found or any details about what may have happened to her.  The full story is contained in the links below.  I have put two links to the tragic tale, but you will find plenty more.  A man was subsequently arrested for this crime, who has always denied involvement, he is due for release from prison this year I understand.

Suzy Lamplugh’s parents set up this charitable Trust, to deliver training and awareness about the perils of stalking activity, and that it is not to be dismissed lightly as nothing to worry about.  The training includes types of employment that leaves staff members in potential vulnerable situations as part of their roles, and the Lamplugh Trust works with employers to be aware of the risks etc.

I quote from the Trust, in relation to Stalking activity, because the behaviour and obsession of UK Royal reporters and the tabloid owners who sanction this activity, need to be made aware of the dangers of their approach.  There are more than enough victims that have been created by those activities within the UK for years, and some of them are no longer with us, as they felt that they could withstand any more. People feeling hounded and harassed and pursued in the course of their every day life and the impact on their mental health etc.

Quote from Suzy Lamplugh Trust:-

Stalking is a pattern of repeated unwanted behaviour that causes you to feel distressed or scared.  It can be perpetrated by men or women.  It can happen with or without violence.  This means that if you are receiving persistent unwanted contact that is causing you distress but the person has never threatened you, this is still stalking and is not acceptable.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust defines stalking as ‘A pattern of fixated and obsessive behaviour which is repeated, persistent, intrusive and causes fear of violence or engenders alarm and distress in the victim.’

Stalking can consist of any type of behaviour such as regularly sending flowers or gifts, making unwanted or malicious communication, damaging property and physical or sexual assault. If the behaviour is persistent and clearly unwanted, causing you fear, distress or anxiety then it is stalking and you should not have to live with it.

Stalking often has a huge emotional impact on those it affects. It can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder. It can be a psychological as well as a physical crime.


Harassment   (taken from the Legal Dictionary stated in the Reference sources)

What is harassment?

  • It is unwanted behaviour which you find offensive or makes you feel intimidated or humiliated. It can happen on its own or alongside other forms of discrimination.
  • Unwanted behaviour can be spoken or written words.
    • Abusive offensive emails, tweets or comments on social media
  • Cyberbullying is a form of harassment – become prevalent with the advent of the internet, smart phones and social media platforms. Whilst cyberbullying is fairly new, it is still legally regarded in much the same way as other types of harassment.

Related Legal Terms and Issues:-

  • Burden of Proof– The obligation of a party who initiates a legal action (the “plaintiff”) to prove his or her claims.
  • CyberbullyingThe use of the internet, mobile phone, email, instant messaging, chat rooms, or social networks to harass, demean, embarrass, or intimidate someone.
  • Litigation– The process of taking legal action; the process of suing someone, or trying them for a criminal act.
  • Miranda RightsSpecific rights to which any person taken into police custody is entitled. Police must advise each person arrested of each of these rights before any questioning can be done.
  • Protected Class– A group of people with certain characteristics that are protected by law, such as race, religion, and disability.
  • StalkingThe act of pursuing game, prey, or a person by stealth; the act of harassing an individual in an aggressive, threatening, or illegal manner.


Definition of Parasite

It is an organisim that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.  The parasite attachs itself to the mouth of fishes.

It is a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return;

  • A parasite is someone who lives off other people

In the Merriam Webster dictionary it states:

  • An organism living in, on , or with another organism in order to obtain nutrients, grow, or multiply often in a state that directly or indirectly harms the host.

The Free Dictionary is similar to the Merriam Dictionary, and the following phrase I consider to be relevant in the context of this podcast.

  • The host does not benefit from the association and is often harmed.

All these descriptions apply to UK Royal Media personnel as a group.  I am aware that there people who on paper are described as Royal Reporters, but it is noted that when The Sussexes agreed to announce the details of the birth of their first baby, they only had one Royal Reporter present, and it was a Person of Colour who was chosen.  That was the first time I had seen this individual, yet he has been part of that group for years.  It is abundantly clear, who the privileged members of that pack are, and who gets the good ‘gigs’ and who gets the book deals, and interviews with members of the Royal Family and it has NEVER been with a non white Royal Reporter.  It has also never been a non white Royal Reporter who has hunted down the Sussexes like prey, and in particular Meghan.  The Duchess of Sussex responded to the Daily Mail in the famous court case, relating to privacy of a private letter from Meghan to her father.  Meghan or Harry have not responded to the majority of the obvious onslaught of behaviour since 2016 but it is only a matter of time.  Harry does have a court case coming up, as well as  he is currently battling for the right to pay for his own protection using armed personnel due to the increasing threats of harm to him and his family, on top of the high risk that was there in the beginning by being born into the Royal Family and for serving 10 years in the Armed Forces including two terms in Afghanistan.


UK press bait their prey in the hope that they will respond, and in so doing, generate more articles and therefore more income for them.  The Royal Reporters all admit that that they do not earn anywhere near the amount of money for coverage of the other Royals, that they do when they cover The Sussexes, particularly Meghan. It is clear that they do not regard her as a human being, and the dislike of her being part of the Royal Family is clear to see by the media owners as well as the Royal Family itself. The evidence is there.  There are plenty of receipts that reinforce that view, both in articles and in footage.

Two examples which are pertinent to this podcast about stalking and harassment and the income generation it provides for the media involved are these.

  • One Royal photographer is on record as saying that in the 4 years that he covered The Sussexes he earned more than the 30 years before, only covering the other members of the Royal Family.   
  • Another photographer, is on record as saying that The Sussexes “deserve all the abuse that they are getting”   because they won’t allow access to any of the Royal Reporters now that they stepped back from Senior Royal duties and left the UK, and when they were in the UK and working Royals, access was not allowed to Meghan. So note, here is confirmation on camera (the footage exists, along with the fake tears about how hard all the Royal Family were working and they really need Harry to return to the UK to help Charles and William. Begs the question what all the other people who are deemed to be “Royal Family” and who therefore are given various privileges and accommodation; Only the 6th in Line can assist the Royal Family or it will crumble because he chose to exercise his right to move his family to a place of safety. Meghan is the one that they pilloried in their articles, referred to her blood weakening Royal blood, described their unborn first child as frog spawn and then upon birth showed two people leaving hospital with a chimpanzee holding their hands. Phrases such as “niggling feeling” about Meghan being in that family and described her as coming from a “ghetto”.  Meghan is the one who Royal Reporters were openly being disgusting about Meghan at The Sussexes lst Roya duty at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth service.  Royal Reporters openly drawing sketches of Meghan wearing a witches hat, and carrying a broom in one of the articles i read, by a UK reporter but who was not part of the Royal Rota.  Yet officially, the UK welcomed Meghan and the Royal Rota would have been kinder to Meghan if they had been given access to her. That statement is also on film by the same photographer mentioned above begging Harry to return.  There are plenty more, and this was daily and remains negative reporting most days.  At one point there were over 100 articles written a day between the tabloids combined, and none of them positive. These are the forces that The Sussexes had to put up with eveery day, and it continues now when the The Sussexes are no longer working Royals, are not tax payer funded, and yet the UK press is full of venomous articles every day about mainly Meghan.  This is abusive activity being carried out to a USA citizen on her home soil.  Not to mention the 3 years of appalling abusive activities against Meghan in the 3 years that she was resident in the UK.

Now those in the Royal Rota are excluded from being the first to receive news, and they are earning way less and they are even angrier and have stepped up their hunter and prey activity, even though this family now reside in the USA.


Media Scouts/Abusers

A statistical breakdown of Piers Morgan’s Obsession with Meghan Markle. Complete article included in the Reference Sources below.  The article was written by Laquesha Bailey in May 2021. This is a tiny extract of a very interesting publication.

Piers Morgan mentioned Meghan 834 times between Nov 28th 2017 and May 2021.

Photo by Kev McKay/ITV on Good Morning Britain




Some appear more than once in this rogues gallery of media people who live and breathe to write articles and appear in front of camera to talk about how they are not racist (including the one who is bi racial but is in denial in the quest for acceptance by the rest of them) but then go on to speak and write portraying the complete opposite of their claim.  No one deserves to face this onslaught every day.  TV programmes appear not to have anything to talk about but how the Sussexes are destroying the Royal Family.  I beg to differ, history has shown they have plenty that could and should be reported on, but they choose not to.  Instead, they still follow every move that the Sussexes make, and build an itinerary around that for each programme, and as usual send out a pol and always have the obligatory panel on to join in the ‘bun fight’  Constant, daily drip drip of abusive rhetoric and in most people the state of their mental health would be severely impacted. Meghan has had this since 2016, and was suicidal in 2019, but was refused care because of it would look on th Royal Family.  Royal Reporters knew of the suicidal ideation because of conversations with Royal Human Resources, yes HR talking about confidential information with Royal Reporters (that is also on record as one of many receipts)  The Royal Rota pack increased their horrendous treatment, rather than reduce or stop completely knowing the state of mind that Meghan was in.  So, when you see that pack of tabloid and media people in the Gallery above, These are just a sample of the forces the Sussexes were dealing with.

Even though all the media persosnnel, but in particular the Royal Rota Reporters describe the Sussexes as irrelevant, and that no one will want to work with them, and they certainly wont be covering them post March 2020.  That blissful way of life has yet to occur.  Royal Reporters, board planes and purchase tickets to gain entry into venues, to watch and write venom about people who are apparently irrelevant, and who no longer come under their remit anyway, unlike the rest of the Royal Family who are tax funded, and who they have an invisible contract with, they barely see.  The fact that globally the interest in the UK Royal family is diminishing anyway, and that as well as a myriad of things, should concern those who are employed to write about such matters.  All of them attend Sussex events and/or get up in the middle of the night to cover Sussex activities, knowing full well that they are going to trash them anyway.  Make it make sense.  The credibility and the standard for UK reporting is below ground level, and global news network know this fact.

UK Media helps to incite hatred by their articles and their posts on social media platforms.  They seem to like to throw the missiles but hide their hands behind their backs.  All of the research carried out by renowned institutions and individuals prove that hate crime flourishes from starting off in what is deemed to be acceptable rhetoric to speak and post, which over time, grows into something much worse.  It only needs one individual to work their way through the levels of the hate organisations out there in the world today, to lead to tragedy.  In some cases, individuals take their own life, due to the impact on their health as the hate activity escalates.  UK media need to be held to account for inciting and taking part in the activity, and hiding behind a press badge is not anything which should prevent them being held accountable for their actions against targeted victims.


What Happens When You Break Up With a Narcissist  (Think here of the BRF, UK Media, Meghan’s Father)

  • If you are the one that chose to leave, good for you because that is hard to do.
  • They are likely to give you the fight of your life because they are not done with you.
  • Narcissists hate losing their supply so they wont let you go easily
  • They may say “you will be lost without me.”

Don’t listen to them – it is just a trick to get you to come back to them out of fear.


Why UK Media Feel Threatened by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

  • We Need to Talk About the UK Toxic Press
  • Nothing is more Threatening to the British Press Than a Black Woman in Control of Her Story.
  • Nothing is more threatening to the British Press than a Prince of the Royal Family, who has stepped back from senior Royal duties, and is now independently financed and is not tax payer funded, and who knows all the secrets in the cupboards and walls of the Royal family.

A quote from Harpers

“ The British media obsession with Duchess Meghan is distinguishable from its regular and arguably, unhealthy scrutiny of other Royals by some marked observations.  The preoccupation is often racialised, if not patently racist.  It is gendered , in this case, reeking of misogynoir, and it also contains subtle hints of anti foreign sentiment.  Put together, the distinct Meghan is as predictable as it is dangerous, and a reminder that media outlets everywhere save their most antagonistic portrayals for women everywhere, punishing those who attempt ownership and control of their narratives. That Meghan is a black bi racial woman exercising command of her tory, opposing the account tabloids have sold about her, threatens the mirage of the monarchy as a secure institution, and the media outlets that feed into the machine they benefit from.”

“What does it say about British media culture, British culture – British racism and sexism – that even the most multi privileged Black/biracial women are at the receiving end of such ire? (And what does it say about those who share the same identity without privilege?) The answer is obvious and ugly: Britain, which often imagines itself as occupying a “less racist” predisposition as its European and North American counterparts, remains a ociety embedded in racist, sexist, chauvinistic pathologies.  Ignorant to its reality.  Britain has huge swaths of its population that are now unwilling to address these matters in terms of structure – including the media and interpersonally.”

Jane Elliott and the Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes experiment


  • Where is the law in all of this?
  • The methodologies and scope of the abuse is ahead of what is contained in elements of the Human Rights Act, and therefore some additions need to be added, which reflect the new methods used, in addition to the tools and technology which existed when the law was first introduced.
    • Abusers can be based in one country and still inflict abusive acts on someone based in a different country.
  • Where are the international law specialists?
  • Where are USA law specialists? 3 out of the 4 people in the Sussex family are USA citizens, which includes 2 children with dual citizenship.
    • UK Media is daily practicing coercive controlling abusive actions like an ex who has not accepted their victims escaped.
  • The Sussexes are being treated like prey by an abusive partner and friends, because their victims managed to escape. The abusive actions continue even now that they reside in California.  California that passed the Coercive Control Bill on 29th September 2021 and has a family who is resident there, being treated this way by people based in another country. One of their main abusers from that Uk media group is also a resident in the state for part of the year.  The risks may be different but still high and it is time now that legal minds come together and protect those on the receiving end of such activity, no matter the amount of lack of resources.  Everyone is entitled to protection under the law, and I see no reason why abusive actions and systems within a Monarchy structure, should escape the law. Slavery has been abolished supposedly.  If someone were to set up a plantation now and have slaves carry out duties and be tied to the plantation/land whether or not they wanted to be there, action would be taken.  Cults receive scrutiny under the law.  Why is it different if the abuse is carried out behind gilded gates?  Why is Child Protection services not involved in the way children are brought into the world in that regime, and told that they cannot leave, and their function is to be the foot soldiers for the Monarchy. Why when adults exercise their right to work for a living and live where they choose, are they treated like traitors or slaves who have escaped the Plantation? USA step up please for those with and without financial resources to challenge such behaviours.  I am already hearing about a wish in certain states of the USA for a “domestic supply of babies for adoption”  This is very disturbing, and is potentially the start of a very worrying trend in those states.  Turning the clock back comes to mind.  California Governor and Senator who supported this Bill in your state, show the rest of the nation how to begin to tackle some of these abusive practices, let alone in this case it is being done by a nation that is increasingly isolationist and an increasingly worrying place to live.  The fact that a cfamily dared to leave and are still being treated this way, by powerful forces, require powerful forces in the USA to respond to protect their citizens.  These images are just a sample of the media pack that daily inflict hate inciting rhetoric in their articles, aimed at certain groups.

As the hate models I have shown many times, and will include again in this podcast and article, what starts off as verbal activity, can and does progress to an increasing scale of danger, and eventually ends with the use of weapons to take out the target. The FBI uses these models and more to track groups.  Academics have produced multitudes of research with evidence that these risks exist around the world and are on the increase with such new additions to the  delivery such as online social media platforms to target individuals for the bombardment of hatred.

Time to act now.  Please.




Reference Sources