Your Workforce Plan is All Wrong



This weeks podcast is all about the Monarchy and its lack of planning for the future. I refer to Workforce in it most simplest and basic of forms, because I am almost certain that the British Royal Family do not know what a Workforce Plan is, and if they do, they would not use one. At best they would have documentation somewhere with the appropriate headings, but pay no attention to it. So, for the purpose of this podcast, and to find a way to give comments about the age profile (among many other things) of the ‘promoted’ Magnificent 7 by UK Media, in various computations, as being the group to fill the role of Prince Harry who stepped back from Senior Royal duties and removed his family and himself to a safer environment and one which would be better for their mental health. Apparently stepping back from tax payer funded duties has put the Monarchy at risk. Really? One person leaving an establishment, means the business is going to fold? What were the rest of the Seniors doing all these years, and at taxpayer expense? In their eagerness to appear as if ‘nothing to see hear folks’ and all is well, UK media have been going on ever since how they as a group, and at times the two least impactful duo within that group, are declared as saviours of the Monarchy, or in some reports, the “secret weapons”. Lets have a simple meander through Workforce Planning, and Succession Planning as part of the process.

The marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip Mountbatten took place on 20th November 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on 2nd June, 1953 at the same venue.

Prince Charles was born on 14th November 1948                –              Aged 74

Princess Anne born on 15th August 1950                                 –              Aged 71

Prince Andrew born on 19th February 1960                            –              Aged 62

Prince Edward born on 10th March 1964                                 –              Aged 58


The Royal Family are a family but they are also referred to as The Firm. This Name dates back to the time of King George 6th, Queen Elizabeth’s father. The Firm is an informal title for the British Royal Family and its associated institutions, including the courtiers, staff and working Royals ‘that keep the business of the Monarchy functioning.’ It is said that King George made a statement that he and the rest of the Royals were “not a family, we’re a firm”.

  • The offices contain many departments, including those who manage finances and human resources. (I will come on to the function of Human Resources imminently). This span of departments is officially called the Royal Household and is comprised of hundreds of workers.
  • In the Oprah interview in March 2020, the distinction was made by The Sussexes between the family and The Firm. It was clear that most of the issues originated from The Firm, and I am guessing therefore that the couple made efforts to distinguish between family and the Firm when they interacted with certain people. It was clear that the interaction between the Sussexes and the Queen and Prince Phillip was that of a grandson and his wife, and his grandparents. Even now when Harry refers to interactions across the pond, he refers to his grandmother not the Queen.

With that in mind, I have approached this podcast on the responsibility of The Firm to advise its management of the plans that need to be in place moving forward – just like any business would do. Ie have a Strategic Plan in place, with policies that deliver that Plan, and identify the stakeholders that need to be consulted/liaised with in terms of what they would like to see if possible, and then for The Firm to work with professionals and specialists to have a rolling development plan towards the goals identified. Regular Reviews in place, so that the Strategic Plan and its objectives can be updated where needed in terms of delivery which should lead to the desired results.

Either the British Royal Family is and always was a poster family, like many of the TV schedules had in the 50s and 60s, that everyone was meant to admire and try to emulate in some way- or they are a bonefide business entity, that is allocated public funds and assistance, and should therefore provide the evidence where assistance is needed and why, and what is expected of them as all consumers of services, have the right to question quality, content and style of delivery, and where losses are made, look within to find savings, and if not possible, prove the case to the government of the day, via published accounts, as to why more public funds are needed.

Ah wait, silly me, that is what governments are for, and our taxes go towards. Tell me again, why does any nation need a Monarchy? A Hereditary Monarchy is an additional burden to carry, and here is why.

The Royal Family have no fear of not receiving public funds. They have no fear of facing any evidence of public discord about their performances, because they have up until recently been shielded. Protected by the top tier societal groups I have mentioned in many previous podcasts, which include the government of the day, and its police forces, and its media.

I am 100% certain that there is no Workforce Plan in The Firm, and I am equally certain that within the hundreds of employees, I can guess which levels the people of colour are generally employed in, and I can guess where women are employed, and within that group, I can guess the scales of salary paid, and there is no way that women of colour occupy substantial numbers of senior posts of all females employed, and equally there will be very few women at the top of the organisational structure. The Human Resources personnel should be the lead on any Workforce Planning process and an accompanying Workforce Development Plan. Knowing now that it was the HR department in regular contact with the same Royal Reporters, one in particular on film on two occasions, confirming discussions about Meghan, The Duchess of Sussexes state of mental health, and the suicidal ideations, which is a serious breach of confidentiality, and is a Data Protection Breach legally. So, I am not holding my breath to expect understanding of Workforce Planning, because if such a Plan exists, we would not be in the situation we are in now, regarding the age group of the so called Working Royals.

That being said, let me go through the motions of what should have been done, and what should have been predicted and planned for, and in so doing avoid the current state of affairs. The Less Sprightly and the Unables left to fly the flag of The Firm, which currently mirrors the state of the UK at the moment, a once bright and admirable member of the fleet, now fallen in grace and reduced to a unsteady vessel, with increasing holes appearing in its lowest deck and an engine that is slowly grinding to a halt. All it has are a few oars and a few lifeboats – all of which have seen better days, and is unlikely to be able to travel to safer seas without assistance. It would require outside assistance to carry it forward. Why would the public pay even more to keep a group of unelected people in place, when we have an elected forum for taking the country forward. It is called The Government. They need to do their job, or be voted out. There is no luxury of time to pay people who lack competence or foresight to be a family using public funds to masquerade as a business; a business which also contains people who are not up to date with the requirements of a business, and certainly should be under scrutiny for the public funds it receives to underperform anyway. Time for a change. Let me show you the basics, and I mean the basics of a standard workforce plan and the Strategy Plans that come from that process. In order to ensure understanding and competence, all those employed would need a Development Plan and a range of development targets needed in each post to ensure compliance with the Law. Failing that, vote for the Elected Members who you believe can do the job, and if they are unable, vote them out. Simple.


Workforce Planning Toolkits & Models

Workforce Planning and Development is basically understanding the ‘workforce’ you have, and the service delivery pressures the organisation or in this The Firm has. Over the last 20 plus years, much more is known about what needs to be done, and how to go about it. There are a multitude of documents available now, and many toolkits and templates to help organisations set about finding out what is likely to come their way in the future, and to ensure that their organisation is not caught off guard and is able to prepare for such changes. 95% of the models and toolkits out there will not apply in their entirety for the British Royal Family and in my opinion The Firm will not understand 94% of it anyway, and would have next to no interest. I also suspect that because the BRF appear not to like change, and also to choose topics that they have personal interest in, to be included in the Causes that they ‘support’ and suspect that they would not like to be told by any of their staff of a few possible ways to go about things in the future, and how they can be measured, and how to ensure that the new way of doing some things, would be based on changing needs of the country, not just carry on doing what they have always done.

I will list some of the many resources out there, together with Case Studies, so that you can get a better understanding of what it entails, and the detail you can choose to go into, in order to benefit large or small organisations. There are hundreds of graphics used to explain the process, and I will include some in the podcast presentation, along with additional ones in the accompanying article.

The best place to start is to look who delivers the service to the clients/customers, and then to explore the needs of both and their current capacity to carry out those duties now and in the future.

Knowledge of the Existing Workforce

One of the first areas to examine is to look at workforce supply, including the age profile and the likely dates in the future where they will be less visible, or unable to carry out the volume of tasks required in quite the same way.

In the case of The Firm, it would and should include the household staff – all of them. No one should feel that they have a job for life. One of the things that I object to hearing from Royal pundits is that the Queen declared right from the start that she was going to be Queen for life, and the Royalists were such happy souls and described it as dedication to the role. I would argue that it is selfishness, to put oneself first in such a position, rather than what is best for the country. It is lovely soundbite phrase to put in all the media at the time, and to continue to keep repeating it every decade, and now we have a Jubilee about to take place, to celebrate the 70 years since the Queen has been the Sovereign of the UK. The next two in Line are far from popular, and one could argue that the 2nd in Line has not been prepared in any way, in terms of skills and experience, other than being told and treated like he is made of glass, that he is special and that he will be King one day. The 1st in Line was told the same things, and spent, it seems, vast amount of time, with people other than his parents as he was growing up, including a six month stint when his parents were required to be on a Royal Tour. It seems a variety of staff were responsible for much of his upbringing, and in terms of staff Prince Charles was very close to his Uncle Lord Mountbatten. There are a whole host of activities that would suggest that may not have been the best person for a young man, let alone a future King to be fraternising with, but if we use the same split in terms of identity , used earlier in this podcast, perhaps Uncle was better to a young child growing up in that environment than a member of staff. Ie Making the distinction between The Firm and the Family. In reality, Charles and William and George (if there is still a Monarchy) were and will be prepared for Kingship from Day One. They are raised to feel entitled and privileged from the beginning, and told that they are better than their siblings, and are being prepared to be King. The Spares are there to provide support to their older sibling and there is no concept of a Spare ever leaving the fold. The Spares are targeted for distraction stories because the heirs and their spouses must never be seen in a bad light, and also where there is discord within the great British public, it appears that these cosseted individuals are not informed of such things, and if anything is seen in the media that is not favourable, evidence is removed within hours. One has to question what kind of state is the UK these days? Our Leaders like to criticise other nations for doing similar, albeit in much more prevalent way, nevertheless, the Uk does it too, but it is just not talked about.

To his credit, Prince Charles knew he would have a long wait before becoming King, so he involved himself in charities and causes, some of which like The Princes Trust remain very successful to this day. The 2nd in Line appears to just enjoy life, because the job would be his one day anyway, and there are people on hand to do bits and pieces now, and no doubt there will be staff to do things when he becomes King. That is my assumption – I have no evidence of that, it is just my observations. The evidence is there that there is not yet one completed project set up by any of the Cambridges. Not one. It was all fun and giggles when the Duke of Sussex was part of that trio, and they came under the banner of the Royal Foundation. Since the split the completed projects have moved with the Sussexes and all have measurable outcomes matching their objectives. Even Meghan, with her limited time behind the gilded gates of the Royal properties, delivered on every single one of her projects, two of them within her first year, and they are all continuing to deliver today.

True to form, the Queen and Prince Philip ensured that there were Spares brought into the world, to add as a safety net if anything ever happened to Prince Charles in the line of succession and if he had no children of his own. Once Charles got married, in true Royal tradition, he and Princess Diana set about creating their own heir to the throne and a Spare. (I truly dislike this name given to Royal siblings of the heir, but I have to use it in this current context). So Prince William arrived on the scene, and became the 2nd in Line, and once Harry was born, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward all got moved further down the Line of Succession. Once Prince George was born to William and Kate, he became 3rd in Line, and with each child born to the 2nd in Line, all the others got moved further down.

The whole system is cruel and divisive to siblings. The eldest is the heir or high in the Line of Succession, and the rest have their lives mapped out for them, and basically they are there to support their older sibling and to be a general support for the Royal Family. If any of them had any ambitions about what they hoped to do in life, they learn very quickly, just accept your allocated role, and enjoy the lifestyle that many people would love to have. The fact that Harry and Meghan chose to walk away from what many people covet, added salt to their wounds, because it was seen as a rejection of the lifestyle funded by UK taxpayers, to leave the fold, fight off the backlash from the family via its media, and to even dare to go out on their own and earn their own money and have control over the their lives, including controlling the narrative on their lives. The Sussexes are no longer the Whipping Boy/Girl for the BRF, and they are free to do what they want, and earn their money how they want, and employ competent people who are used to working to deliver measurable results.

Information on the Current Workforce, i.e.,

  • Royal Family
  • The Household (The Firm)


Age Distribution, of

  • The Royal Family
  • The Household – Across Grades & Roles
    • Retirement Analysis
    •  Forecasting
    • Age data/retirement analysis needs to be matched by grade/length of service
    • Senior roles may be occupied by older staff, who are due to retire soon, and there may be a lack of suitable replacements in sufficient numbers
    • Worth exploring previous patterns of growth and high recruitment and look at where staff are concentrated in certain age groups. E.g there may well be a concentration of young people in senior roles, which may cause blockages for young people on lower grades looking to progress in their careers; can lead to high turnover – worth looking at whether or not there are patterns or trends in relation to the areas and grades of high turnover.
    • Length of Service distribution
    • Data on gender is more useful when used with other data collection indicators. E.g. career progression, analysis of full/part time working
    • Look to see patterns and trends.  e.g.
      • is there turnover in a particular salary band?
      • Is there turnover in a particular group?
      • Is there turnover within a team or department, which shows there could be an issue there compared to other departments.  It could be related to processes or systems that need to be revamped in line with current practices and deadlines.
      • Look for common denominators within the trends and patterns showing in the analysis.

When we look at the above bullet points and then apply this to the Royal Family, it is plain to see that there is a major problem. A problem that could be seen 4 decades ago, but one which everyone seems to have ignored, hypnotised by the idea that the Queen will be the longest reigning Monarch? In order to keep this vanity ambition going, the 1st in Line is ageing faster than his mother, and his health is certainly not much better than hers on appearance, so it remains to be seen who outlives who, and if he does make it to the Throne and become King, the possibilities of him living into his 90s look far from certain , if we go by appearances. The 2nd in Line is eager to jump into the seat; someone who is not popular, almost on a par with his father, but with far less competence and experience. The 2nd in Line has wanted the Title for as long as I can remember. My guess is he loves the power and the Title, but will expect others to do most of the work, and he will be the figurehead. That is my personal opinion and I stand by it. If Prince Harry was there he would have been the workhorse behind the scenes, whilst the King took the glory, and Harry would have no life of his own, just like all his childhood. Harry would be William’s footstool, until the Cambridge children could take on duties.

The Impact of Workforce Planning or The Lack of It in This Case

The practice of waiting for the leader to die, before someone else takes over is a practice that has no place in a modern business or a structure such as a Monarchy. People brought into the world merely to fill a role, or be the footstool of the one who is automatically allocated the top role because of the order of birth, and all the siblings that follow, are there to serve the first born. In the UK we now have the next in Line who has been effectively waiting for all of his 73 years to be the next Monarch. All sounds better on paper than it actually is. Prince Charles looks far from healthy and I do not see him being at full capacity into his 90s.

The other train of thought is why not miss out the 1st in Line, and go straight to the 2nd in Line? This presents different concerns. Yes he may be 3 decades or so younger, but he has next to no experience. He has just been told from the earliest age of understanding that his role will be to prepare to be King, and Harry will be there to support him. The 2nd in Line had no fear of having no experience or not possessing the range of skills that his father had at his age, because he had a very able brother to do all the heavy lifting. None of the Royalists appeared to worry either, because no one is ever meant to leave, and if you do, it is akin to trying to leave a Cult. Most fail, and those that have, usually take their own life, or suffer extreme mental trauma from the experience of being hunted down, and the Cult members who are taken back are then watched even more. The Royal Family is very much the same thing, although many out there refuse to admit the similarities. Right now there is another Monarchy, with someone who tried to get away and after a few months, is now back in the fold, supposedly in a medical unit on the premises and rarely seen by the children and even less by the public. People in the UK need to open their eyes and really see what has been going on since 2016, and how it is been ramped up since 2020.

No Workforce Planning Has Been Done

There has been no workforce planning. No thought about the ageing profile of the ‘working’ members of the BRF. Just an assumption that Harry would be there to support William, and that Charles would be on the Throne by now, slight possibility with his mother in the background giving guidance on the few things that her eldest son may need a bit of help with etc. Instead, the Queen is sticking to her word of never abdicating from the post. Death will be the only way her son takes over.

Which successful business out there, even the small family businesses out there, wait for their CEO to die before they allow the next one chosen to be CEO is allowed to step into? Alternatively the companies start to look for a new CEO, and have them waiting in the wings for a few months to acclimatise and then step into the role knowing what they need to. It is almost certain the outgoing family member, will not be frail and in their 90s.

The Jubilee celebrations is another event that has been done to stroke ego. Yes the Queen has reigned for 70 years, but apart from refusing to leave, what has she done? Yes she was a steadying force when her father died, Elizabeth became Queen in her twenties. Had her first child really quickly and so the Heir was born, and then went on to have Princess Anne, who at the time women could not be considered as the next in Line, and then Andrew and Edward. As it happened, there was pressure on Charles to find a wife and produce an heir, so his friendly nature with a variety of women had to come to an end. The secret of his married lover would appear in the public domain years later. So, William and Harry arrived, from the union of Charles and Diana.

This adherence to not straying outside the strict rule of keeping within the same family line, first born and then the first born of the first born etc. Just imagine, if Charles had never married and had children, and something happened to him. Just think Andrew would have been the next in Line to be King, and his two daughters would be famous around the world, and the eldest would be in Line to be Queen

Hereditary Monarchies are a lottery, and the people who lose when it goes wrong is the country. Just look at how the BRF imploded when Harry walked away and took his family with him. Look at the stresses showing on Williams face since his footstool has moved. Look at the helpers who have been dusted off and polished in an effort to make them look stately, and ‘helping’ out. Most of the Magnificent 7 are close in age to Charles, or others are near to reaching state retirement age. None of them can read a room, and I suspect that the courtiers are similar in age, and definitely cannot read a room. At a time of austerity and the UK forecast to have a recession before the end of the year, and increasing number of people struggling to buy food or heat their homes this winter, and many retired people suffering on both fronts – now is not the time to have a 4 day or even a one day Jubilee party by very affluent people celebrating someone refusing to leave her post other than carried out in a box, and out of respect for an elderly person’s wishes, the propaganda machine is in full swing, for the whole country to go without essentials being seen to be respectful to the Queen. I don’t know why the family could not have celebrated in one of the properties we pay for already, and all the food and drink at such a party we pay for too, but it would be a drop in the ocean compared to what this 4 days of indulgence represents, and all the fighting and arguing in the lead up to it.

If the Workforce includes the BRF, it surely does not seem like any kind of planning has been done in terms of continuity. There is still the propaganda being spouted by the Media clones, that Harry leaving the working Royals has caused it to almost implode on itself. According to one media hack he is “destroying the Monarchy” and ‘Prince Charles and William have so much work to do already, they cannot take on any more’. Well if that is the case, then it begs the question what are the rest of them doing all this time. If Harry stepping down from the institution causes the Monarchy to collapse on itself, then it speaks volumes about the lack of strategic thinking when it was decided that The Queen could just carry on until she is called elsewhere, and the Cambridges could swan about for 10 years, and in William’s case 20 years, officially having two part time jobs for a while, neither of which did he apparently spend the required hours with; seems like something that looks good on paper and sounds plausible when explaining his lack of projects. Royal Reporters were quoted as stating that “Prince William is on a different path” to Harry, so he cannot undertake the volume of duties that Harry manages to do. My perspective, is it would be good to see one completed project for each of the Cambridges after 20 years, and as things stand, the UK does not even have one between them.

The UK Monarchy is woefully unprepared for what is imminent, and the next two decades are going to be rocky, and that is if they last that long.

For the record, this is what basic Workforce Planning is:

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) defines workforce planning as the process an organization uses to analyse its workforce and determine the steps it must take to meet current and future staffing needs. It also involves determining the most efficient and cost-effective methods to recruit and retain talent.

In the few outline steps that a successful business undertakes, is look at the age as well as the skills of the ‘workforce’ and anticipate and plan for when those people are no longer in the workplace. A quote to this effect,

Conducting a skills gap analysis will provide valuable future workforce data. For example, a skills gap analysis would indicate when an employee plans to retire. Instead of scrambling to replace the retiring employee, the skills gap analysis would have provided sufficient time for human resources to prepare.”

Somehow I don’t envisage Royal Human Resources would know where to start with the Royal Household, never mind the Royal Family itself.

An Old Model, Known as the 6 Step Model. There will be variants but you get an idea about the factors that successful organisations use in some way as a framework for their planning and assessment and evaluation and finally a review of approach based on the results

Succession Planning


“A rapidly aging workforce and a growing need to upskill people make succession planning – and therefore the use of succession planning tools – increasingly important. In the US, no less than 10 000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, a phenomenon that is expected to last for another decade. “   Article by Neelie Verlinden – February 24th 2020.

Lessons Never Sought or Taken on Board

The Age Profile of the so called Magnificent 7 (The Queen, Charles & Camilla, William & Kate, Edward & Sophie) is beyond critical stage Anne has high ‘work’ figures in the annual accounts, but I never see her referred to as being part of this group of 7 saviours in the media. In fact, the actual outputs of the senior Royals, are not generally measurable, so at this stage I am not sure what their contribution is anyway.

The media tried if for a few days when they attempted to devalue Meghan’s work, and tried to suggest in the press that Kate was somehow involved and the successes were down to her. That poor humour (as it definitely was not factual) only lasted for another 24 hours, when Sussex Squad attributed all manner of life saving, mind blowing acts all around the world, and the Squad praised Kate the Great Saviour for all these achievements. Every piece written was accompanied by at leaat one image of Kate hard at work. UK media soon realised their folly along with crassness for going there, because all it did to the individual concerned was highlight the fact that not one achievement can be recorded for the experiences Senior Royal, and that fact has not changed even now we are in 2022.

The British Royal Family is not in a healthy state.  The sad thing about all of this, none of these individuals have suddenly landed on earth in the last few years. The country and its government just expected The Queen to last to be a 100 or so, and when she was no longer with us, her eldest son Prince Charles would take over. Zero thought given to the age profile of the Royal Family Senior members over the last 40 years. A childlike assumption, that when one person goes, you just plug in another one.

Yet when Harry stepped back, with his family he was accused of putting the Monarchy in jeopardy. The same media who abused, stalked and harassed the Sussexes, particularly Meghan, were the same ones who took no responsibility for Harry and his family leaving, and filled their tabloids with even more venom than the previous 4 years. Meghan The Duchess of Sussex joined the family in 2018, but not recognised as family or an employee (receipts exist for such statements), yet during the two years Meghan was with the BRF the projects that she worked on and delivered were above and beyond any outputs of 6 out of the 7 Seniors who are being paraded in the media as saviours. I have seen not one iota of evidence that anyone apart from the Queen, understood the assignment, and that is someone who is carrying the others, when she should be able to take a back seat now and not have to worry about what the ‘children’ are doing unsupervised.

It begs the question, what is the use of the Monarchy post Queen Elizabeth. There is no workforce planning or Succession Planning. I have serious doubt that up to date Policy and Procedures exist for a whole range of things. It seems to me, and I say this is my personal opinion, reached over many decades of watching this show unfold over the years, that it is a juggernaut that has always been there, and being there gives Royalists comfort. It allows them to forget or ignore facts, and truly look at what place or rationale is there to continue this set up. Either it runs like a business, with clear objectives (not soundbites) independent scrutiny of its accounts and compliance with the laws of the land like every other business has to do.   One could argue that there is a body that is elected to do those things, and if they do not do it to the satisfaction of the nation, they can be voted out.

The Monarchy has over a thousand years of history. Be proud of it, if you wish, continue to enjoy the history of it, if you wish, but honestly ask yourselves where is the place for such an Insttution in a modern society today. If we are going to have one, than there needs to be a complete revamp of the way it operates, and people just being born into positions that are not accountable to the British people, is not the way forward. The BRF is losing its appeal by the day, and those who support such an institution, are in the age group of 70% of the Magnificent 7. The remaining 30% of the BRF have no achievements to their name and as a nation we should be looking beyond, justifcations such as “he has waited so long, he deserves it”, or “miss him out and choose the younger person” as if age alone makes the Monarchy assumed to be in safe hands. Someone who may be younger, but is only lined up for a top position because of his parentage. I repeat no modern society needs a Monarchy. Harry leaving did not put the Monarchy in jeopardy, it just exposed to the world, the weakness of the others.

Slides from the Video Podcast


Even if all of the 7 were like top performing executives, with lots of ideas, and high productivity with measurable outputs, the fact remains that the BRF is on life support, and the lights are going out in terms of popularity. The Queen has the respect of Royalists and large swathes of the British population, but make no mistake, none of the 6 remaining have that kind of following or support, and the age group of the support base, will be visibly reducing each year, with new supporters being nowhere near enough to replace the older age groups.

UK you have a problem. No one should be slotted into roles that they are ill prepared for, and worse if they have swanned about for decades beforehand. At least Prince Charles decided to set up a range of projects for himself from his early 20s, and he has measurable outcomes for most of them. Unqualified people playing at being Diplomat is dangerous however, and just adds another factor why this should be elected personnel, run in an accountable manner, with the right skills and competence and experience gained before they take on certain tasks. I just do not see any Royal family as being around for many decades more, anywhere in the world. If we have to have one, then some serious changes need to be implemented.


Ivy Barrow

22 May 2022


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