Harry and Meghan – Challenges and Achievements Since Independence

SGUK Episode 91


This channel is going to focus on the work of Harry and Meghan, and in the coming weeks, most podcasts won’t have any more than a footnote in terms of mention of the British Royal Family – if any at all.

They are mentioned here and there in this podcast, because this is the first step on this element of the Sussex trajectory and the content of this podcast moving forward.  It is not for this channel to give the BRF relevance in Sussex activity.  There is a whole team of Royal Rota journalists that are more than the double the size of the Working Royals, who are employed to show that the BRF is relevant in todays society, whether that is the case or not.  That is their role, not mine.


What are the key areas for my podcast channel going forward? The Sussexes have been very successful, despite family interference from both Harry and Meghan’s families. I want to keep viewers and listeners interested in what the Sussexes are doing, and move away from the day to day drama – not least because there are plenty of Sussex supporters covering all of that excellently every day. It is necessary this channel to focus on other aspects and to add to the body of knowledge out there.

The couple are doing really well, despite the drama, but increasing risks are still being threatened. They pay for their own security but there are still issues. The Duke has commenced legal proceedings against UK tabloid re phone hacking issues – prefer not to say too much on that score as it is an ongoing legal process. The couple continue to succeed and stay focussed on their goals, and keep winning. They are winning awards now for their charity work. I would like to explore how hard it is to go against a 1000 year institution and still stay winning. it makes them a target. I would like the channel to focus on their challenges along with their successes.


I want to briefly mention why Meghan and Harry, made the decision to step back from royal duties.  The UK tabloid and tv media were relentless in their new chew toy, and it very quickly started to generate income that the Royal Rota could only ever dream about.  Very quickly the actual Royal Family increasingly seemed dull and stale in comparison to the excitement of the ‘the new couple in town’.  In their hunger for income and the obvious enjoyment of the chase, the game of hunter and play began in reality.  No one knew at that stage that the UK had now turned a very dark corner, and the behaviour of the UK tabloids and their efforts to hunt down their intended target, started to become a vendetta.  The idea that a new member of the Royal Family would know her worth, and be more than ready and very able to stand her ground, and let people know her boundaries and there would be no discussions about concessions on that.  Meghan did not need to reduce herself to a quivering target, just because she was new to the family.  In terms of mixing with eminent politicians, and several humanitarian acts under her belt, experience of working with USA military and starting up new charitable projects around the world, and delivering them with superb results, she was no ones wilting violet.  This clearly angered the Royal Rota who were used to Royal women being docile, happy to be a decoration on their husbands arm and to most importantly, have no opinion on anything, other than hair, clothes and makeup, and even those things were followed to the letter from fashions from another era – no female in that setting ever complained – all just went along with it, because they were there to simply provide children, and in the case of the sons of the Monarch, their wives were there to solely produce the Heir and at least one Spare.  That was the terminology used about 2nd and subsequent children, brought into the world, like a school science experiment in the class petri dish.  Anywhere else that would have drawn the attention of Child Protection Services, when Royalty is responsible for abuse of that nature, the professionals turned a blind eye, and went in search of working class families struggling to get by, and to interrogate them about their children standard of care etc.  No such questions were ever asked of any Royal.  Pity, because if they had done over the decades ago, many other children would have been saved from much of the suffering they endured, because no one considered them to be within their ring of responsibility.  Not much has changed on too many fronts relating to the BRF.

Royal Rota reporters are mainly male, and used to being in control, and this definitely played out with the few female in the Rota, and definitely created a very obvious trend about females in the public eye, and the way they treated like 2nd class citizens.  Women in the world outside the Royal bubble faired even worse.  Meghan entering an all white space, with people who looked down their noses at her, due to her race, her confidence, her working life experiences, including an internship with the USA Embassy in Argentina.  Meghan is multi lingual, and is particularly adept at Spanish and French.  The Royal Rota and the Royal household, and in particular the Courtiers and the women working in the offices, were not at all comfortable with this very strong person in front of them, and it was obvious that the BRF agreed with their views, and the plan was to break that strong confidence, and mould her into another Stepford clone wife in the Royal Family.  I am sure that Doria must have been worried about her only child, moving to another country and adapt to such an archaic household and family, and who continued to hide behind the explanation that it was all about tradition and protocol, when in fact it suited all concerned to continue in the bubble that they occupied day and night, and to endeavour to mould the newcomer in such a way that she would adapt and fit in, or leave. We all know who won that challenge, but it came at great cost, but it was still better than remaining in that setting and being destroyed.  Meghan knew her peace was threatened, and in so doing, her mental health was in a dangerous place.  Harry recognised what was happening, and they started to plan to protect their peace, and to make plans to step back from Senior Royal duties, to become self financing, and to live independently of the BRF and its rules and regulations, and to be outside of the control of a group of Journalists who had no concern for loss of life, or destruction of someone’s mental health.  They have form on both, and lose no sleep over it.

Now they are just bitter, because their chew toy escaped, and to their surprise, the favourite Royal next to the Queen, chose to remove his family out of that toxic environment, and to take their chances with any sharks and evil minded people out there.  They knew they would be in a minority in terms of foe, compared to a 1000+ institution and its hangers pretending that they too were Royal, but they persevered and ultimately they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

The challenges they have faced since becoming self-financing, includes media scrutiny, privacy concerns in terms of papparazi hovering on the perimeter of their property, or flying drones 20 feet above their heads  in their garden and filming them in their private space, and the searches for projects which would lead to financial independence, along with their desire to earn money in which they would be able to give back to those in need under their new Foundation.  The challenges were real and hard, but they succeeded.  Examples listed in the article.


What challenges have Meghan and Harry overcome since becoming self financing?


Financial Independence: One of the main challenges they faced was achieving financial independence from the royal family. This meant finding new sources of income, which they did through deals with Netflix, Spotify, and other media outlets.

Public interest and harassment and stalking etc has emanated from that public interest  mainly by paparazzi.  Already stated on this channel about the incitement of hate activity which came from the Monarchy via their partners in the Royal Rota.  Since 2016 this has grown and has crossed many boundaries on many occasions. It has been a growing challenge since 2016 and it is satisfying to see the likes of WME agency now on the scene.  Joining the agency of WME agency is a good strategic move in that direction? Ie Protecting their brand, and monitoring things written and spoken about the Sussexes, Meghan in particular, and they will take whatever action is necessary, including legal action, against anyone or organisation who is actively out their trying to ruin reputation and goodwill and all with the aim of devaluing the brand image.  This agency is a global business and they are known for operating hard in terms of their clients.  Anyone who knows about this agency, knows to tread carefully and stay inside the law at all times.  Royal Rota do not understand that concept, but I am 100% certain, that they are going to learn the hard way over the coming months and years.  Thankfully Meghan does not have to even wonder what the Rota are doing from one day to the next, because she now has a team focussed on protecting her from that low vibrational activity.  Like I said, I feel sure that the Rota and other journalists and media personnel are going to learn a few hard lessons,

The Hate for Hire hashtag is famous around the globe now, and everyone knows it refers in the main to UK Royal correspondents, and the latest move is by journalists who want to be seen as relevant, have seen an opening in the incitement of hate, where they do not need to possess any journalistic skill, but just to write about one person several times a day, every day, and ensure that it is full of hate.  Those actions are going to create consequences, and all of them, even the novices who have joined the hate train, are going to discover that if they plan to work in the gutter press arena reputable establishment would be in a hurry to employ them as the only know how to create news by writing false narratives and spinning hate based on heresay, not fact.  Every one of them deserves what is coming their way.

Excellent move by Meghan to join forces with WME.  They can more than handle the clowns of so called experts, and the members of the Royal family who lack in basic awareness and competence at even a simple level, or any business role anywhere.  If they overstep the boundaries,  It will be handled.

The media’s treatment of Meghan has been criticized for being racist and sexist.  [This started in Nov 2016 when Harry decided to issue a statement in Nov where he stated both of these elements were present in the Royal Rota reporting about Meghan.  One Kings Council (Queens Council at the time), expressed his concerns about this very area of language used in relation to Meghan because they contained undertones of racism.  One Royal Rota journalist admitted in his response to the post of Twitter, that racial undertones were indeed present in many articles but that “undertones of racism” were not against the law, and that a QC should know that.  In my mind that was clearly stating that the RRs know what they are doing and saying in terms of race and have no problem with that, because “undertones” are not against the law.  I beg to differ, when it is done in over 100 articles between all the tabloids every day, and continues today.

The Sussexes have been hugely successful in their 3 years away from a toxic environment, and they are building on a very strong foundation, despite all the hurdles and challenges that are emanating from the British Royal Family via their Royal Rota partners, as per the invisible contract. This is an area that this Channel has covered many times, and it will continue to feature in the future, not least because of the third party agencies and people involved now with Harry and Meghan. The couple are an iconic partnership known world wide.  The very thing that the Royal Family did not want.  All of their attempts to break this couple or force Harry to return have not worked, and the couple are standing strong with equally strong forces in their corner. The UK Royal brand is being damaged by its own people.  That will definitely be a phenomenon in history books of the future.


Sussex Global UK Approach Moving Forward

The channel will make reference to how the couple has dealt with privacy concerns, including their legal battles with media outlets. Meghan stated on the Oprah interview in March 2021 that privacy is choosing what to share publicly, as opposed to having to meet every demand of the Royal Rota.  It is not about wanting to hide away under a rock somewhere, which is the narrative used by UK media to distract people from the bullying and harassment and increasing abusive behaviour towards the couple, particularly Meghan.  Meghan has been their target from the beginning, because they felt that if they broke her spirit (or worse) Harry would return and be the footstool again of the UK Royal Family as per the role of Spare is brought into the world to do.  By stepping back, there was no such requirement any more.  They never said that they wanted to hide away, which is how the tabloid try to spin it and constantly publicly object when the Sussexes are seen out in public, looking happy and living their lives.  They want them to live like paupers, and be forced to return to Royal life to survive.  The Sussexes are doing way better that the Royal family and its tabloids ever anticipated. They under estimated the skills and competence along with experiences of the Sussexes as a true partnership.  Meghan was unlike any other female in the Royal family, and they (Royals and their Royal Rota) are discovering with each passing day, what the UK Royals and Rota chased out of the country and their ability to impress global icons with their work ethic and expertise. The Archewell Foundation is going from strength to strength, and the Sussex family are on their way to becoming billionaires.

The legal battles are ongoing, so I would hate to say the wrong thing, as I don’t wish to harm any chances.  As things stand, it sounds like this current legal battle with Harry and the tabloids, appears to be going in Harry’s favour.  One paper has admitted that there was unlawful gathering of data from various sources, including his phone.  Meghan has been successful in court twice in respect of her legal battles with one UK tabloid.If the Sussexes had remained as Wiorking Royals, they would not have been able to seek legal redress about the activities of UK press over the years, including leading up to the death of Princess Diana, and the activity has not ceased.  The difference now is that Harry and Meghan can afford to take legal action against those organisations and newspaper owners and the activities of their reporters, which include the Royal Rota.  Harry has made it very clear, that he will not settle.  He wishes to have his days in court, and to take each case all the way.  Even if he loses he says, it will be worth it because of what will be revealed to the courts and the general public, what has been going on in that industry, and the impact on the lives of many people, most of whom cannot afford to seek legal redress.  He has said that if he is successful, he will donate all of his payment to charity – just as Meghan did with her successes in court.  This is not about seeking payment, this is about exposing illegal activities of certain media personnel and the lengths that they will go to to break someone, and then move on to their next target, all for the sake of earning income and the control and power held over people, knowing that they cannot fight back.  This current case, will make history, regardless of the verdict.  A member of the UK Royal family is taking legal action, against the wishes of the UK Royal family and is prepared to take it all the way, to seek justice.  I cannot commend Harry and Meghan enough.  It has increased the risk to their lives, and is not helped by the Uk Royal Family removing Sussex security in 2020 and continue to refuse Harry to pay for security when he is in the UK for any reason. No matter how it is spun in the press, Harry was born into risk by being born in the |Uk Monarchy, it is beyond criminal that his security was removed, and even though Harry has agreed to pay for security, the Royal family (namely the King and his Heir) sit on the panel with the Met police to decide who can pay for security and who cannot.  That committee has refused to grant it Harry and his family, whilst approving other private citizens the ability to pay for security when they are in the UK.  It is not hard to see the conflict of interest taking place here, and to add to that the ongoing legal process, which increases the risk to the Sussexes to move around the UK if they wish, the King ordered the Sussexes to remove their belongings from the house that the Queen had gifted to the Sussexes upon their wedding. A property that the Sussexes spent almost £3m to renovate and furnish, and who paid rent in advance.  Regardless of all that went on with that decision, it also added to the risks for the Sussexes because now they currently have no base in the UK on Crown property land (which allows them to have Royal security when they attend Royal events) and as already stated, the Panel which includes the King and Heir along with Met police, have refused to allow Harry to pay for security either anywhere in the London area.  Anyone with a brain can see what is being done here, in full sight, hence why there is another ongoing legal case that Harry has taken out about this decision.

I would say, that Harry and Meghan are much stronger than all the naysayers ever gave them credit for, and they are finding out each day, that they chose the wrong courses of punitive actions against this couple.  Most people would have folded by now under the pressure, but this couple are still standing, and I feel so proud of them, like all their supporters, and in my eyes, they deserve every success and accolade that comes their way.  The Sussex children will find out when they are older, just how much their parents fought for their freedom and the life that all the Sussex family have now.  Every hurdle put in front of them is meant to make them stop in their journey for their protection of their family and for there to be no repeat of what happened to Princess Diana.  There is no doubt in my mind, that was the plan by the Monarchy and partners for Meghan.

In terms of  how their decision to step back from royal duties has affected their relationship with the royal family I would say that there have been things done and said which have caused near death and in one case did result in a tragedy.  No one who has experienced such activity which resulted in those kind of outcomes, is going to bounce back with a smile and hug all involved in that activity with forgiveness. It may or not occur, and it may or may not lead to trust and closeness again.  Some things are not meant to be and others may occur over time.  We are not in a position to comment on whether or not those things will happen or when, or what timescale. The global success of Harry book “Spare” has ensured that his side of the story has been told, as opposed to over 730 books written about the Royal family by writers who are paid to make the UK Royal family appear in a positive light. Some of the writers have never met any of the Royals that they are writing about, and those that have met them, have had limited time with them, and all that has been written about Harry has been questionable at best, and negative in most cases, but anything written about the heirs has always been glowing.

Harry has ensured that by writing his own story, it has debunked most of what these other writers have published in the past, which makes them join the Hate for Hire group of journalists.  In terms of what Harry refers to in Spare, relating to his interaction with members of his family, particularly the now King and his eldest brother, they do not come out of Spare in a good light, and yet Harry has recently commented that there are things that his father and brother have done to him over the course of his life, that he feels unable to comment on it publicly.  At this stage, he does not feel that he could write about it in future books.  A reminder that he has a book deal with his publisher, so there are other books planned, but at this moment he has stated that they are not things he feels he could share with public.  One has to wonder what went on, and I hope that one day he will feel in a position to state it publicly, for historical purposes, because we already know that any books of the future written by the existing Rota personnel, will be giving a corporate perspective. I hope he can reach a place in the future that he can give his side of some of those experiences.  I commend him for Spare, because that cannot have been easy to write in many places.  Everything written about his feeling for Meghan and his children, are almost beyond words in their beauty and emotion.   There is a quote from Meghan in one interview where she said that ‘no matter where each of them is in a room or a place, no matter the chaos that is going on around them, they always find each other.’  Not those exact words, but just that they are so close, that no matter what, they connect on a level that they only they understand the communication going on between them, and they can do that no matter what chaos may be going on around them.  I absolutely adore that analogy, and I firmly believe that his bond that they have is so special and so very strong, that they have been able to withstand all the challenges together, and together they are achieving success that can only be dreamt about by the majority of people.  They deserve the moon and the stars for what they are doing in the world of philanthropy despite the hurdles deliberately placed in their way.

UK Royal Family Trying to Ride the Sussex Wave – As Distraction from Their Nosediving PR status

The Royal family are trying to ride on the wave of the Sussex successes (when it suits), yet at the same time, are struggling to see how two people who they chased out of the country are doing so well.  The couple are already self financing, which the BRF via Royal Rota said that they would never achieve, and are set for life already, whilst still undertaking a multitude of philanthropic topics.  There is ongoing tension on the Royals side, as they think that they should shine the brightest, and should have more popularity than they currently enjoy, purely because it is the King and relatives.  Fragile egos exist in Royal family.  The relationship between Harry and his family was not that strong anyway, but the marriage to a bi racial woman has had serious negative impact for a family that is known as being white supremacists, and much of their associations with groups and individuals add weight to that information.  I think the relationship will never be a positive one, but maybe years down the line, there will be more dialogue between the Sussexes and the Royal family.

Terrible things have occurred to the Sussexes, including Meghan having suicidal ideations and being refused medical assistance because it would be embarrassing to the Royal family.  Meghan also experienced a miscarriage due to the poor treatment and the death threats to the couple, but particularly to Meghan.  It is on record that Meghan had the highest total of the most hated person being search on Google, of any man or woman worldwide.  That is some pressure to carry and to deal with every day.  As she stated in the Netflix documentary, the Royal Rota are deliberately  wording articles and giving interviews which incite hatred towards her and her children, and that is hard to live with every day, and the constant worry about anything happening to the children. I think that Meghan and Harry have handled the pressure remarkably well, all considering.


  • positive impact that Meghan and Harry have had through their charitable work, including the Archewell Foundation and their support for mental health organizations
  • successes in securing lucrative media deals with Netflix and Spotify
  • Meghan has used her platform to advocate for causes she believes in, such as gender equality and racial justice
  • Harry’s success in creating the Invictus Games, an international adaptive multi-sport event, which has since been held in four different countries
  • I wish to add his involvement in Well Child, and also the professionals and researchers he is working with,  about the growth of online hate accounts on social media, much of which is supplied by paid BOT farms adding to the pile on of hate. It needs sorting, and he is attempting to do  that with professionals and academics who are experts in various fields around social media platforms and the increasing methodology of delivering abuse to people anywhere in the world.  The abuser does not even need to reside in the same country.


Meghan and Harry are a high profile couple facing this every day, but there are also people out there who do not have the resources to fight back against the abusers, so what Harry is doing in the courts right now, if successful, will benefit a huge number of groups and people and will feed into discourse of how processes and systems need to change and adapt to these new ways of delivery, and bring about updates in such areas as Human Rights International Law.]


Additional Challenges

Criticism from the Media: Harry and Meghan have faced a great deal of criticism from the media, particularly in the UK, which has often been hostile towards them. This has included negative coverage of their decision to step back from royal duties and move to  another continent.  Needed to move from an uncertain base in Canada, where they had been enjoying a much needed vacation to think through a route map of what needed to happen, now with finances and security removed without warning.  A deliberate attempt to put the couple in dangerous situations 24/7 and to force the Sussex family home, due to the obvious inevitable hardship and increasing danger they would face. Not least because the BRF informed UK media of their location, so in no time at all, strange people were hanging around outside the gates to the property, as well as people on boats with cameras, trying to peep into the Canadian property.

What kind of person would do that, let alone family members, but this is what was done to Harry and Meghan, with clear intent to be seen.  Return to the known abuse rather than risk it from strangers.  That was the message coming from UK Monarchy, but they reckoned without an ally coming forward and saving the Sussexes in more ways than one.  Someone I mention in several podcasts, Mr Tyler Perry, an angel walking this earth. Tyler Perry rescued them from the danger zone, and transported them to a location in California, to one of his properties.  A place where they could stay as long as needed, and with security provided by Mr Perry. Harry referred to this journey as the Freedom Flight.  A major milestone in this family’s life journey.



Meghan and Harry are a high-profile couple who stepped back from their royal duties in January 2020 to become financially independent. They have faced numerous challenges since becoming self-financing, including media scrutiny, privacy concerns, and financial independence. In terms of managing their public image, Meghan and Harry have tried to use social media to control their narrative, and they recently appointed the WME talent agency to manage their public speaking engagements, charitable work, and other media ventures. The media’s treatment of Meghan has been criticized for being racist and sexist, with a Royal Rota journalist admitting to the use of racial undertones in reporting on Meghan. The couple has also faced privacy concerns, including legal battles with media outlets. Meghan and Harry have been successful in their legal battles, with Meghan winning twice in court, and Harry’s current legal battle with the tabloids appears to be going in his favor.

However, it is worth noting that the issue of media intrusion and its impact on mental health and wellbeing is a growing concern in California, and several laws have been enacted to protect individuals from coercive control and harassment.

Coercive control laws in California are designed to protect victims of domestic violence, but they can also apply in situations where there is emotional abuse, harassment, or stalking. Such laws can provide legal remedies to those who are being subjected to psychological and emotional abuse, including the use of the media to harass or intimidate individuals.

It is known that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had a difficult relationship with the media, especially in the UK. They have spoken publicly about the impact that intrusive media coverage has had on their mental health and wellbeing. Their experiences of media intrusion and harassment could potentially fall under the definition of coercive control in California, although each case would need to be assessed on its own merits. Our campaign has Harry and Meghan as the most high profile case but they are part of a much wider group of people whose Human Rights have been violated time and time again, and they have no resources to take on their abusers.   As a potential research study into how coercive type activity is changing, there is strong case to ensure that law and the processes and systems surrounding this topic reflect the new delivery methods of various forms of abuse.

It is important to note that laws related to coercive control in California are complex and require specific legal expertise to interpret and apply. We are including legal advocates in a research project group.


Some of the Achievements that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made since they became financially independent:

  1. Archewell Foundation: In 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle founded the Archewell Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on community service, global humanitarianism, and sustainable travel.
  2. Netflix Deal: In 2020, the couple signed a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted shows, and children’s programming.
  3. Spotify Deal: In 2020, Harry and Meghan signed a podcast deal with Spotify to produce and host original audio programming.
  4. Invictus Games: Harry created the Invictus Games, an international adaptive multi-sport event, in 2014, which has since been held in four different countries.
  5. Smart Works: Meghan launched a capsule collection of workwear with the charity Smart Works in 2019 to help unemployed women in need of professional clothing for job interviews.
  6. Elephant Documentary: In 2020, Meghan narrated a Disney+ documentary called Elephant, which follows an elephant family on their journey across the Kalahari Desert.
  7. Time 100 Talks: In 2020, the couple was invited to host the Time 100 Talks, a virtual event that brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss pressing issues.
  8. World Central Kitchen: In 2021, Harry and Meghan made a donation to World Central Kitchen to support their efforts in Texas during the winter storm crisis.
  9. COVID-19 Relief: In 2020, the couple donated $112,000 to Feeding Britain, a charity supporting families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. Mental Health: Both Harry and Meghan have been strong advocates for mental health awareness and have been vocal about their own struggles with mental health. They have supported various mental health organizations, including Heads Together and The Trevor Project.


The decision to step back from royal duties has affected their relationship with the royal family, with ongoing tension between the Sussexes and the Royals. The marriage to a biracial woman has had a negative impact on the fragile relationship, and the couple has experienced terrible things, including Meghan having suicidal ideations and being refused medical assistance. Despite the pressure, Meghan and Harry have handled it remarkably well.

The couple has had a positive impact through their charitable work, including the Archewell Foundation and their support for mental health organizations. They have secured lucrative media deals with Netflix and Spotify, and Meghan has used her platform to advocate for causes she believes in, such as gender equality and racial justice. Harry has been successful in creating the Invictus Games, an international adaptive multi-sport event, and he is also working with professionals and researchers on combating online hate accounts on social media. Overall, Meghan and Harry have faced numerous challenges since becoming self-financing, and despite those challenges they have also had many successes in their philanthropic work and media ventures.



A few extracts from the Archewell Website to give you some idea of how much of an impact this embryonic Foundation is achieving.  I am so so proud to be part of the global supporter network for this amazing couple and their equally amazing team.

By the Numbers:;

At The Archewell Foundation (AWF), we know making an impact is about so much more than numbers on a page, but we hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to measuring our work in the world. Here is a snapshot of our impact by the numbers:

12.66 million COVID-19 vaccines procured for the global population through our partnership with Global Citizen.

174,497 Afghans and Ukrainians welcomed to the US. This includes 74,606 Afghan allies resettled through Operations Allies Welcome and 99,981 Ukrainians paroled into the US under Uniting for Ukraine with Welcome.

US. 50,000 meals served through our partnership with World Central Kitchen.

7,468 individuals rescued from Afghanistan through our partnership with Human First Coalition.

3,673 individuals accessed our resource guide embracing positive masculinity with Equimundo.

13 academic fellows addressing society’s most urgent concerns surrounding social media at the Institute for Rebooting Social Media at Harvard University.

& one play space built to foster community and healing
in Uvalde, Texas.

The complete Full Impact Report for 2021-22 is in the link in bold above this section.  It is impressive!!  This is what we call true Service.  Nothing performative here.  Real impact shown by the results.  Those listed above are just an extract from the complete Report.  Recommended Reading and saving so you all can produce this when some people state the opposite view.

I originally had a gallery of logos of the organisations working with Archewll or organisations helped by Archewell and its partners.  I decided to remove the logos, and just request you read the report.  The organisations I am referring to are in the report giving their views on the help given/received.  Nothing is more powerful than that, and to see the outcomes.

This is just the start of the philanthropic journey for Archewell.  I will be doing a series of podcasts coming up over the coming few weeks,  highlighting the work of these organisations and in so doing give context to Archewell and its highlights from its 3 Divisions and a summary of the staff in each.

Not bad for an organisation less than 4 years old, and with the weight of a UK institution, and its media, printed and televised, death threats, increased risks, constant sources from within Palaces causing further danger to the Sussexes and their children.  This was one of many poison arrows sent the way of the Sussexes, which indicated anything but a Welcome.  Here are a few:-

  • Meghan told daily on at least one tv programme to go home back to USA,
  • told that neither of the Sussexes were welcome at the Coronation in May 2023
  • Then the new King wanted Harry but Meghan (at this point no Invitation had been sent anyway, but of course as per usual supposed messages from the King always seem to be published in a tabloid.
  •   Harry was informed via newspapers, that even if he did attend he would be placed in the eqivalent of “Iceland”.  Not an important member of the family so he cant expect a place on the front row.
  • Meghan was told (via tabloids) that it was preferred by the Royal Family that she should not attend, as she would overshadow the proceedings.
  • There was never any possibility that Meghan would attend, as the formal invite when it came did not include their children.  Let us not forget that the apparent caring father chose to have this ceremony on the day of Archie’s birthday.
  • Meghan chose to refuse the invitation.  Absolute Queen for doing that – let them know she has no time for their games, and that there son is their priority, not this overblown celebration in a time of austerity and much suffering within the UK population.
  • Harry accepted the invitation and flew into the UK and arrived at the Abbey confident and looking very well indeed, and promptly left within 15 minutes of the ceremony ending. It was a Chef’s kiss move.
  • Harry landed back in the USA in time for Archie’s birthday celebrations, as California is 7 hours behind UK time.

Harry honored his position as son of a King, and more importantly he honored his role of Father – something which he never experienced, or Charles himself with his Father.  The amusing part about all of this, is that after months of stating in print that that neither of the Sussexes were wanted at the coronation event, to then deciding to place it on the Kings grandson’s birthday, to then only inviting Harry and Meghan, to Meghan formally refusing the invitation, and Harry leaving minutes after the end of the service and flying home to people who love him and friends who are genuine and who he can trust.

As it turned out the Coronation was an epic fail on a global stage, and as a Brit,who did not watch any of it, the social media platforms headlines and photos were an embarasment to the UK, and the official photos released the following day, were worse than embarasing.

Harry and Meghan and their children have left that toxic life behind them now, and their business is thriving and going from strength to strength.  If they stopped working now, they are still set for life.  That is some achievement. They have no need to tarnish their brand by allowing toxic families to overstep boundaries that are now in place, for the sake of the health and well being, and their quality of life for the Sussex family.

Well done Harry and Meghan.  Truly, well done.


14th May 2023