Justice Will be Served – We Have Lift Off


This is a heartfelt request for international legal experts/advocates to liaise with each other, and

to recognise that the environment around human rights is changing all the time, and the knock

on effect of various forms of abuse is often hidden. Most people cannot and do not have the

resources to challenge their abusers and even where people are deemed to be affluent, abuse

continues and people turn away thinking that the victim is not deserving of sympathy, not least

because it is considered that they have the means to escape. What has been happening to The

Duke and Duchess of Sussex since 2016 is both worrying and very sad. We almost lost Meghan

in 2018 and her unborn child and the risks to Meghan and Harry has reduced a little since they

moved to Los Angeles but they are fighting against major forces. It very disturbing that abusive activity is

still being done to this family even though they have moved to another continent. The travesty of Prince

Harry being refused security when/if he visits the UK, even though he offered to pay for it. This is

deliberately placing him and his family in danger when/if he visits the UK. The private security that the

Sussexes pay for in the USA are not allowed to carry guns in the UK. Last year the vehicle that Prince

Harry and his security was travelling back to the airport after his

grandfather’s funeral, was chased by paparazzi.


Due to all the death threats from certain people in the UK, and the extreme abuse that the Sussexes

encountered behind the scenes when they lived here in the UK, not to mention what happened to Harry’s

mother Princess Diana when her security was taken away from here, Prince Harry is justified in being


Lots more information in this document, and in podcasts and articles listed. The aim of this campaign is for experts in the legal field, to begin conversations with their counterparts in various countries, and explore the processes and systems that exist in the international human rights legal field, because it does not seem that evident to my non legal perspective. It appears that the international legal community cherry pick which cases and countries they get involved in, and ignore all the others. In the case of the UK we have a Monarchy system that upholds white supremacy beliefs, no matter the official response, because Prince Harry mentioned in the Oprah interview in March 2021 that the family were concerned about the possible shade of skin of their unborn child. Just like to add here, for those at the back that are in denial about this fact, evidence exists in more than enough photographs of different members of the British Royal Family showing the symbol of White Power.  It is not a pose that can be done accidently, and as I said there is evidence of different members of the Royal Family choosing to signal to their support base, in residence of the places they have visited over the years.  The fact that the only person of colour ever to enter that family, lasted 2 years in that abusive environment, with the weight of a government, and newspaper industry, televised media owned by the same or similar people as the newspapers, Aristocracy and police – that is some strong forces to have abusing you. All work together, and to top it all, the Royal family is exempt from certain laws of the UK, and the King is currently exempt from all of them. It is interesting to note that the Royal family do not have to comply with equality and diversity legislation either. Please note that whilst the Monarch is exempt from all laws of the UK, and the family exempt from most of them in reality, the people/organisations doing their bidding are not, despite what they think.

The Sussexes are high profile and they have still been on the receiving end  from powerful forces.  What about all those who do not have such a platform? The abuse continues and their voices struggle to be heard.  Human Rights legislation exists, but is ignored or as in the case of the UK, there are plans to ‘water down’ the amount and type of Human Rights legislation that the UK will continue to sign up to in the future.

This campaign is for existing legislation to be updated with the various forms of abuse which is being delivered by new mechanisms, such as electronically single person accounts set up online to target one person with hate via posts online, several times a day – both to adults and children. We have included groups of legal advocates who are out there on the front line assisting with and seeking justice for people who are not high profile, but who are equally deserving of recognition in the existing legal framework.


I am aware that the law cannot be changed overnight, but it surely can be tweaked over time, to reflect the additional ways people are targeted with abusive activity and which appear to go under the radar in too many cases.  We have contacted a selection of groups from around the world, and myself and a group of volunteers are attempting to link you all with information about each other.  It is our hope that you will make contact with some or all of the groups/individuals listed, and explore ways in which the profile could be raised to bring attention to the fast growing delivery methods of abusive conduct.  Social media platforms generate income from hate filled posts, and those who post hundreds a day each, as part of a co-ordinated approach to trying to bring down an individual also each generate a very high income for their posts and the engagement they receive from the responses.  Structured recruitment of individuals to join the group approach takes place and more people are encouraged to hate someone, and to be part of this dangerous and destructive technique/weapon.  An abuser can be in one country and inflict abuse daily to someone resident in another country.  It is a dangerous and sinister and growing activity.


We have included,applauded and respected global centres of research and education in legal matters.  It is with the hope that a report could at some stage be produced between the various organisations listed on the Spreadsheet together with a small number of news networks that will be approached over the next 4-6 weeks, informing them of our campaign.  The campaign all stemmed from a podcast channel set up to produce media and electronic receipts of things happening to The Sussexes since 2016, and to challenge lies and twisted truths by the groups mentioned earlier in this introduction.

We are a global support network for the Sussexes, with a range of podcasts ensuring that deeds done against them are acknowledged and discussed.  The Sussex Global UK podcast channel is part of that network.  We each operate differently, and we have different styles, but we all share the same aim and that is to provide a ring of protection around the Sussexes against this onslaught from powerful people.  We provide action by words and storage of receipts as evidence, because too often posts and/or articles are removed from the internet by the organisations staff when it suits for it not be in the public domain any longer, as part of the usual way of rewriting history – or trying to. The Monarchy and the Media underestimated the Sussex Squad big time, and realised by the 2nd year, we were not going away, and in fact we continue to grow.  At the last count there were over 84,000 of us around the globe.  We are a strong, intelligent and committed support network, and UK media cannot understand why we do what we do, purely out of our support for justice. The media like to report that we must be being paid by someone, most likely Meghan, when we know from research that the organisation and delivery of the range of hate accounts, and the money being made is such that some people have given up their day job and devoted their whole existence to spreading hate online for cash, would suggest that those shouting the loudest are really projecting, and we know that it is emanating from high places in the establishment.


The Sussex Squad as we are known, does not have a leader.  We all support The Sussexes and challenge daily the breaches in Human Rights that we see.  We raise 6 figure sums for various charities throughout the year.  Donations go straight to the Charities, and our role is to choose a charity that The Sussexes have stated on their website, and we also choose charities who are operating in a similar way to those Sussex named charities, and the process is the same – ie donations go straight to the charities on their own websites, and we promote it for a set time.

The SGUK podcast channel and the topics discussed are all linked to business objectives of the Archewell Foundation.  Discussions are centred around academic research on behaviours and impact etc, and each podcast has an article which accompanies it each week which lists all the reference sources used.  In its own way, we are creating a database of a wide range of Human Rights breaches against a backdrop of academic research, alongside experts in the field who have themselves written books on the back of their own research, and in many cases are globally renowned in a particular aspect of Human Rights.


There are elected members who are included in the email lists, not least because some have been involved in passing laws in their USA state.  Communications have been sent to the White House and the Obama Foundation, to name two of many others in similar areas of responsibility and/or knowledge.


You will be hearing from one of the volunteers over the next few weeks, to see if you are interested in this campaign to highlight the need for much needed recognition of the way some Human Rights are being breached with impunity. We have almost 2 years of podcast material and like all the other Sussex channels, we will continue to produce material until those in positions to hold these types of discussions with peers around the world, and bring attention to a growing serious problem, on to the desks of those Forums who are in a position to make meaningful change.


Here is a brief summary of the others that we have approached in this campaign to raise awareness and get the right people connected to have conversations about how to progress from here.


President and Vice President of the USA

Anthony Blinkin – USA Secretary of State

Barack and Michelle Obama – The Obama Foundation

Governor Gavin Newsom

Senator Susan Rubio


Evan Stark

I have referred to Professor Evan Stark in a few previous podcasts.  He is an impressive presence on the international stage and a “reputation or his innovative work on the legal policy and health dimensions of interpersonal violence, including the effect on children.  His CV is beyond impressive.  Wow just wow.  Pages and pages.  experience, qualifications, research papers galore. (details on his website) Professor Evan Stark is a forensic social worker, author of Coercive Control (Oxford, 2007) and a lecturer who has taught at Yale and Rutgers University and held appointments at the University of Essex, Bristol University and the University of Edinburgh. Professor Stark’s award-winning book was the original source of the coercive control model when the United Kingdom’s Home Office widened the definition of domestic violence and he played a major role in the consultation that led to the drafting of the new Coercive Control law in the United Kingdom.  (FreedomProgramme.co.uk)

In the United States, Professor Stark, the world renowned expert on Coercive Control is consulted by state governments, domestic violence organizations and the media on this mostly unknown method in the United States of intimate partner abuse through controlling and psychological manipulation and terror.


Laura Richards

Laura is a renowned international expert on domestic violence, stalking, sexual violence, homicide and risk assessment. After a decade of analysing violent crime at New Scotland Yard Laura became the violence adviser to the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC). Trained by world leaders as a criminal behavioural analyst at the Behavioural Analysis Unit, National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime at the FBI and New Scotland Yard, Laura has applied her psychology degrees to analyse violent crime from a behavioural and preventative perspective. Laura has a BSc in Psychology and Sociology and an MSc in Forensic and Legal Psychology, and with a background in intelligence-led policing, has been the architect of law reform to better protect victims on six occasions.  Laura is Founder of Paladin, the world’s first National Stalking Advocacy Service. Paladin was set up following the highly successful All Party Parliamentary Stalking Law Reform Campaign spearheaded by Laura, which led to stalking becoming a criminal offence in 2012.More recently Laura spearheaded the Domestic Violence Law Reform Campaign to criminalise coercive control. Laura helped draft the new law and the statutory guidance and developed and delivered the first training on the new law in the UK.


Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a world renowned producer, director, actor, screenwriter, playright, author, songwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist.


The number of documents that we tried to send via email clearly caused issues in email systems.


I have tried my best to make contact with the Governor and Senator of California because of their expertise an support for the passing for the Bill relating to Coercive Control activity in that state.  I used the website facility as instructed, and I am blocked each time, because I do not reside in the state of California.  As I am required to put my name and address and email, my communication gets no further.  I did put a note on my correspondence to the Obama Foundation that I was having difficulty in making contact, because I lived outside of California, I reside in the UK.


NB: All contact details for these organisations (all involved in an aspect of Human Rights)  are on the Spreadsheet (all of which are publicly available – so we are not revealing anything that the individuals themselves have not placed on their various websites), along with other documents relating to podcasts & articles and comprehensive reports produced by Bot Sentinel relating to the growing industry of the creation of a number of single purpose hate and much wider accounts targeting one individual.  Our database contains links to reports on The Duchess of Sussex.  In the last few months another set of reports have been produced relating to the Vice President Kamala Harris – again hate accounts targeting one person.  The CEO of Bot Sentinel Christopher Bouzy has been invited regularly onto audio and televised news networks in the USA about these developments relating to targeted online activity.

We are requesting that you all communicate with some/all of those organisations we have listed, and begin to have conversations about how things can be included in discussions in Forums which have the power to produce high profile reports and recommendations which will lead to amendments in the future.  Our group cannot do this – we are not in the positions that all of you are.  This started out about serious and dangerous human rights breaches relating to one couple, and it has developed into a much wider scope deserving of prominence in the correct places which will lead to visible changes.


I respectfully, on behalf of the dedicated group of volunteers, and all who are out there on the front line of being on the receiving end of abusive activity, or are out there trying to defend and help victims, I ask you all to give some thought to this request.  This is not a quick fix, but it can be a higher profile than anything we can do in our respective locations around the globe, and it most definitely can lead to positive change. Some people who are in positions of power are responsible for and carry out abusive operations with impunity.  Things need to change. What is the point of legislation if protection under the law is for a designated few?




Ivy Barrow & Dedicated Team of Volunteers



List of Accompanying Documents – To Be Placed in a Shared Folder


published on the Meghanpedia YouTube channel where I began my podcast journey.

  • SGUK Playlists including the following:-

2022 to date:  https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZu38gUKRxkycr9zpohxSZE_n61kxt58N

2021: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZu38gUKRxkxzZo70mC0GrcTRtWQTVSOt

  • SGUK Episode 6: Coercive Control
  • SGUK Episode 26: Breach in International Human Rights
  • SGUK Episode 38; International Call to Action – Human Rights Breaches in Plain


  • SGUK Podcast Themes from June 2021 to May 2022
  • Bot Sentinel Reports on the Co-ordinated Single Purpose Hate Accounts on Social

Media Targeting Meghan – The Duchess of Sussex

  • Link outlining the detailed work of Bot Sentinel; reports give you all the information the legal profession and elected officials, law enforcement including FBI (some of the individuals involved in this are on Watch Lists as dangerous individuals) need to know about the risks to life/serious harm. NB The SEO of Bot Sentinel who lives in the US has had individuals who are account holders who spread hate and misinformation, find out the SEOs details and turn up on his property. His family have been threatened and harassed due to the content of these reports. Anyone seen supporting The Sussexes becomes a target. There are powerful Forces & funds behind all of this. Most of the supporters know where it is coming from, but it requires the legal profession to step up. People have taken their own lives because of UK media behaviour, or come close. The unwritten contract between Monarchy and media is real. https://botsentinel.com/newsroom/press


Human Rights Activists Working on the Frontline Assisting a Sample of Those Without a Voice

Coercive Control Collective

Mission of the  Coercive Control Collective:- it is a community of people and organisations with the goal of unmasking a pattern of abuse core to highly controlling relationships and groups.  They are committed to an approach that recognises intersectional systems of power that impact and structure the experience of victims.

Amnesty International

The core activities  of Amnesty International are research, advocacy and lobbying and campaigns and action.  The organisation employs experts who do accurate and action based research into human rights violations by government and other factors.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is an international human rights organisation that investigates and reports on abuses of human rights around the world.  Currently it employs around 450 people, mostly country based experts, lawyers, journalists and human rights activists who work to protect those rights. The scope of the work of the Human Rights Watch is wide and the organisation is highly committed to reaching justice, dignity, compassion and equality.

Civil Right DefendersCivil Rights Defenders was established in 1982 in Sweden as an independent expert organisation, with the mission to defend civil and political rights.

Human Rights Without Frontiers International

Human Rights Without Frontiers International (HRWF) is an international non-profit organisation that promotes respect for human rights around the globe and advocates for democracy, the rule of law and social justice.  Based in Brussels, Belgium, the HRWF became one of the most active organisations promoting human rights in EU institutions and shaping European policies towards human rights.  At the core of HRWF activities is advocacy which includes research, sharing information, organising public events and speaking to political leaders on a particular issue.

Physicians for Human Rights

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) is an international organisation that uses the medical and scientific tools to attract attention to severe human rights abuses and mass atrocities.  It was established on idea that physicians, scientists and other medical professionals own unique skills that would give credibility to investigation and documentation of human rights violations.  Shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 with 5 organisations to found the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

Anti Slavery International

Anti Slavery International is an international organisation committed to eliminating all forms of slavery and similar practices. (UK Registered charity)  It is one of the oldest human rights based organisations in the world that bases its work on the UN treaties against slavery to influence decision makers and inspire global change. The organisation holds consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, as well as observer statutes at the international Labour Organisation.  it uses its status to raise awareness and campaign against bonded labour, descent based slavery, forced labour, forced marriage, the worst forms of child labour, the exploitation of migrant workers in conditions amounting to slavery and human trafficking.  It partners with local organisations in the field to understand the local contexts and facilities access to education, justice and compensation for people freed from slavery.

Global Rights

Global Rights is an international human rights non governmental organisation that was established in 1978 in Washington.  In 2014 the organisation moved its seat to Nigeria and currently works in partnership with local activists in Africa, Asia and Latin America to build the grass roots movements that promote and protect the rights of marginalised populations.

UN Watch

UN Watch is a non governmental organisation based in Switzerland.  It was established to promote the protection of universal human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and monitor the UN in accordance with its founding Charter.

European Centre for Minority Issues

The ECMI conducts practice and policy orientated research, provides information and offers advisory services concerning minority-majority relations in Europe.  Research Institute is based in Germany.

International Federation for Human Rights

The International Federation for Human Rights is a non governmental federation for human rights organisations.  Founded in 1922/ FIDH is the 2nd oldest international human rights organisation worldwide after Anti-Slavery International. HQ based in Paris, France.

Human Rights Foundation

Partner with world changing activists.  We defend, equip and give a platform to human rights activists who are boldly changing their communities and countries

Front Line Defenders

Front Line Defenders or The International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders is an Irish based human rights organisation  Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2001 to protect those who work non violently to uphold the human rights of others as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human Rights House Foundation

HRHF establishes, supports, and connects Human Rights Houses – coalitions of civil society organisations working together to advance human rights at home and abroad.  Today 16 Houses in 11 countries are united in an international network of Human Rights Houses.  Together we advocate for the freedoms of assembly, association and expression and the right to be a human rights defender.  These four rights underpin a strong and independent civil society and protect and empower rights defenders.

Open Society Foundation

Every year the Open Society Foundations give thousands of grants to groups and individuals that work on the issues we focus on – promoting justice, transparency and open debate.  We also engage in strategic human rights litigation and impact investing, while incubating new ideas and engaging directly with governments and policy makers through advocacy to advance positive change.  The Global Board is chaired by our founder George Soros, President is March Malloch-Brown and an eight member Management Committee oversee the day to day work of our thematic and geographic programs.

Freedom House

Freedom House works to defend human rights and promote democratic change, with a focus on political rights and civil liberties. We act as a catalyst for freedom through a combination of analysis, advocacy, and action. Our analysis, focused on 13 central issues, is underpinned by our international program work. Browse our work and analysis by issue below in this link:- freedomhouse.org/issues     In the 1950s Freedom House devoted its attention to two domestic issues.  the first was the struggle for racial equality.  freedom House worked closely with Thurgood Marshall, Roy Wilkins and other civil rights leaders. Baynard Rustin, a leading advisor to Dr Martin Luther King Jr was an active member and leader of the Freedom House Board of Trustees

Human Rights First

Activists fighting for freedom around the globe continue to look to our country for inspiration and count on us for support.  Upholding human rights is not only a moral obligation, it’s a vital national interest: America is strongest when our policies and actions match our values.  Human Rights First is an independent advocacy and action organisation that challenges America to live up to its ideals.

Survival International

We are survival, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights.  We are the only organisation that champions tribal peoples around the world. We help them defend their lives, protect their lands and determined their own futures. Our vision is a world where tribal peoples are respected as contemporary societies and their human rights protected.

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

CHRI is an independent, non partisan & non profit international non government organisation which works towards the practical realisation of human rights in the countries of the commonwealth.  CHRIs objectives are to promote awareness and adherence to the Commonwealth’s Harare Declaration, to the Universal Declaration of human rights instruments and to advocate for the domestic institutions supporting human rights in the Commonwealth member states.

Centre for Economic and Social Rights

Work to improve the lives of everyone affected by the unequal distribution of resources and power around the world. Using an innovative research approach, we identify economic structures that harm peoples’ rights.  Working with partners, we advocate to transform the policies that sustain harmful economic systems.

Minority Rights Group International

Minority Rights Group is the leading global organisation working for and with ethnic religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide. Campaigns worldwide with around 150 partners in over 50 countries to ensure that disadvantaged minorities and indigenous peoples, often the poorest of the poor, can make their voices heard.  Through our programmes, publications, advocacy, legal cases, consultancies, training and education and our action in the media, we support minority and indigenous peoples they struggle to maintain their rights – to the land they live on, the languages they speak, to equal opportunities in education and employment and to full participation in public life.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights believes that each one of us has a part to play in defending human rights.  By engaging volunteers in hands on human rights work, the advocates not only accomplish critical research and advocacy, we transform volunteers into advocates for human rights.  The Advocates works on two levels: the systemic level and the individual direct services level.  the Advocates’ unique approach grounds policy work in the lived experiences of our partners and clients.

Humanity In Action

Local in our activities, international in our collaboration, global in our community’s reach.  Much more than the sum of parts. Together with over 2500 Fellows and Senior Fellows who are committed to social justice all around the globe, we are an international non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organisation.  our objective is to facilitate and promote a dialogue to understand and respond to the challenges that democratic societies face as they become increasingly diverse.  deeply engaged in human rights, pluralism and democracy, our uniqueness lies in our multitude of perspectives that are brought together in a vibrant international community.

Protection International

Protection International supports human rights defenders in their protection by:- joining them in defining and putting in practice protection tactics and setting up Protection Desks in countries or regions where defenders are at particular risk; building the capacities of individual defenders, organisations, networks and communities to analyse risk and improve their security; researching good protection practices and challenges in protection and translting our findings into manuals, reports and other tools; advocating for Nation States to fulfil their obligation to protecting human rights defenders.

International Service for Human Rights

The ISHR is an independent non-profit and non-governmental organisation that advocates for people who are non-violently engaged in the realization of human rights in their countries or who are persecuted for claiming their rights.  Though it began as a single organisation in Germany it has expanded into a network of affiliated civil society groups and NGOs located in over 40 countries, who defend the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights worldwide.

Law Schools Contacted

Stanford Law School, Yale Law School, Harvard Law School

Stop Bullying

www.stopbullying.gov                                                                                                                                                        (the few non profit organisations listed below, are a very small sample of those listed on the United States government website.   It is for the US government to decide if they wish additional/any organisations from this website to become involved in this initiative, ie,  who could be of assistance, based on their day to day experiences).

  • CyberSmile Foundation:- The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi-award-winning non profit organization committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of bullying and abuse online. We work to promote kindness, diversity and inclusion by building a safer, more positive digital community.

Our mission is simple – we believe that everybody should have equal right to access and enjoy our connected world. Unfortunately, problems such as cyberbullying, harassment and digital abuse are holding many back from enjoying the benefits that access to the internet can provide. Our current online environment lacks the balance and social rules of engagement that have been cultivated over generations, governing the behaviour and relationships in the communities where we live, play and work – the physical world.

The Cybersmile Foundation are committed to helping everyone realize their true potential by supporting those affected, changing negative behaviours, and through education – preparing this and further generations for a safe and positive digital future.

  • Mental Health Association of Frederick City:- Non profit organisation. Causes: Bullying, Hot Lines & Crisis Intervention, Mental Health, Mental Health Associations, Suicide Prevention

Mission: Building a strong foundation of emotional wellness for the whole community by preparing resilient children, securing vulnerable families, and facing crises together.

Programs: Preparing resilient children MHA offers first-time parents guidance on vital topics including pregnancy, child development, and medical care; partners with early childhood educators to ensure that all children have an appropriate environment in which to learn; and supports children with behavioural issues because the key to a child’s success tomorrow is building his/her mental and emotional resilience today.

  • Stop Bullying Now Foundation:- Bullying Mission: The primary mission of the Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc is to raise money for School Districts to address and eliminate the out of control and dangerous student-K-12 bullying problem. Bullying is getting worse each year and causes death as well as mental and physical harm. Bullying is forcing children to drop out of school at an alarming rate. 16 million children are bullied each year in this Country and 250,000 children stay home each day in the Country because of the fear of being bullied. With our low overhead, I will have the Licensed Mental Health experts as well as the Professional Psychiatrists and Psychologists address students parents and grandparents on a regular basis. We will speak at the schools, business and social networking groups as well as religious organization about “Educate Bullying Awareness”. We will also utilize the media to help get the message out about this out of control epidemic. bullying is now the worst problem among children K-12. Help me help the children-parents and grandparents with my mission.
  • Childhood Resilience Found Organisation:- Dedicated to the protection of young people and the empowerment of the underserved, the foundation’s programming, with partners around the country, extends the services offered to children and their families during the most traumatic period of their lives. The foundation promotes the necessary reforms to tailor the legal system to provide the proper tools to move forward.


These organisations are just a small sample of people out there who have no voice, and activists working daily trying to raise the profile of the issues involved.  A campaign like the one we have been invested in since 2016, has escalated to such proportions, it requires International Human Rights specialists alongside individuals who are well known to raise the profile of these issues, and to use an internationally known global couple, who have been abused beyond the parameters that are in anyway can be justified, and who we feel are an ideal Case Study in all areas of abuse and the ramifications of affluent people in power feeling emboldened to carry on abuse without challenge, and a public who have no sympathy for affluent victims. The perception is such that money can free one from abuse.  The message that should be resonating is that if people in power can do this publicly to affluent individuals, then what chance is there for any person without financial resources to be abused in private. No civilised society should turn their backs on this area because one day it will be someone you know or care about who becomes the next victim.

The level of resources is has taken to abuse human rights over the past 6 years in our case study, deserves international attention.  Systems in place that have and continue to incite hatred against one family.  3 years of it abusing a USA citizen on UK soil, with no protection given from any organisations, including USA based elected officials professing interest in and introducing legislation to protect residents of their state.  To date no one from California who the volunteer team and myself have tried to contact, and who surely must know from media reports, that one California high profile couple and their children are still at risk.  Every day Coercive Control tactics are used to abuse this couple from UK soil, even though they left in 2020.  The only person who stepped forward and offered a place of safety was Mr Tyler Perry.  The abuse is continuing in various forms now, and the key point for the volunteers and I is that none of us are high profile; none of us are elected officials; none of us can approach International Human Rights Forums and ask that small but important developments in technology are enabling abuse to continue across continents, with the abuser/s in an entirely different country.

Meghan had suicidal ideations and the family at the root of it, doubled down, as opposed to ease off and stop completely.  We have developed video and audio podcasts documenting the abuse over those years, and in layman terms pointed out areas of Human Rights Law being breached.

The volunteers and I have spent a year on this so far, pulling together evidence, presenting it in summary format, showing the areas of the law, and an overview of what has been going on in the UK, and how it crossed over to Canada, and thanks to the blessing of Mr Perry, Harry and Meghan (The Duke and Duchess of Sussex) were helped out of Canada and into the USA.  Whilst the Sussexes are much safer than before, (that has occurred because they now have funds to pay for security, which was taken from them without notice by the current King, who at the time was Heir to the Throne. The psychological abuse which continues is off the scale, and that is only from what we can see, and the Sussexes have spoken about in their documentary on Netflix and brief details in the interview with Oprah in 2021.

We are not in a position to make people listen to our case, but all of you who we are now contacting in 2023, do have the profile and between you the means to bring this matter to the offices of the organisations that can stop this, or introduce sanctions on those who persist with the abuse. The volunteers work full time, or are retired professionals like myself.

Some of you have business emails advertised on various sites on the internet, which are either full, and not in use, or no longer exist.  Others of you have not responded to our communications.  None of the USA elected officials have systems at the White House, which enable anyone outside of their state to even submit a short email query.  Gives the impression that only the victims or friends of victims who know about abuse taking place in their state, will contact you all.  I cannot express to you how many hours over the last 12 months it has taken to try and contact Elected Officials , particularly those who have been involved in legislation promising protection for residents experiencing abuse of this type.

Specialists in this area, also appear reluctant to get involved, probably for the reasons I have mentioned earlier, that affluent people are not a priority.  Missing the point that affluent, well known people will garner attention around the globe, and in so doing could help so many more people world wide.  Advocates and the abused.

The Authors in our target group, also have shown no interest.  I suspect for the same reason.  I am not criticising here, but I am expressing my disappointment.  I live in the UK, and trust me it is a frightening place in recent years, for POC and I am doing my best to try and find a place where I can spend my final years in relative safety.  It is not easy.  I am not affluent, and knowing that money alone is not enough to stop this, gives our campaign more urgency. We are not in a position to make people sit up and take notice, but all of you are.  As busy as you all are, 12 months down the line, it would have been good to hear that you were thinking of ways where you could all liaise with each other, and in so doing, all your various areas of expertise and knowledge or experience, could produce a combined powerful force.  I have removed the group of organisations that were initially included in the correspondence, as I have no wish to disappoint them further.  I have left the names and details from their respective websites, should any of you wish to make contact.  We will not contact them again unless they wish to hear from us.

Those of you in this circulation list are there because you could make a huge diffierence.  We do not need to know when you contact each other, or the content of your discussions.  I want to ensure that Meghan stays with us, and that Harry does too.  I do not wish to see, any of the hot heads out there who have been fired up by the UK propaganda techniques used, or the online social media accounts set up to target Meghan, some of whom have admitted publicly in the past that they are paid to post and incite further hate.  Some of the accounts have also been set up because they now believe that The Sussexes should die because Harry is a traitor to the UK now, and Meghan is to blame etc etc etc.  There have been death threats to both of them, and people have are in prison because of threats such as those, and there are plenty out here working every day to find ways to destroy them,  All sanctioned by the British Royal Family.

It is a dangerous place for ordinary citizens too.  Like I said, I cannot imagine how Harry and Meghan have coped with this for so long, and it continues.  Meghan’s father’s side of the family have done much of the initial abuse, with the Royal Family hiding their hands, but again there is public admissions of the Royal contacts who acted as go betweens using Meghan’s father.  The only difference between the two families is that the Royal Family has vast funds at their disposal and are able to control the UK media, printed and televised, to abuse and harass Meghan every single day.  I beg of you, between you all, surely you can do something to start the legal organisations to commence the process.  In theory everyone is entitled to protection under the law.  I would like to see some evidence of that now.  I do not need to see what and when you (the high profile people mentioned earlier and any that the listeners/viewers contact as part of this Call to Action) contact each other, but I and the volunteers would like to see something start to move in this area now.

I would also like to add, that we are going nowhere.  I for one, will be involved with this campaign until I draw my last breath.  It is important that someone stands up and takes charge of this abuse train that is rolling on without any sign of slowing down.  It requires powerful people to call a halt, and it definitely requires Elected Officials, to protect their citizens.  There will be lots of Meghan and Harrys out there who have no profile at all, being abused in various ways every day.  It should not have to require only residents in a particular state to be able to even report a case.  I am beyond frustrated with that side of things, hence I am now going to have to resort to snail mail using funds in the hope that it actually reaches a desk of someone who will ensure that you receive it, and are spurred on to take action.  I accept that Mr Perry has done more than anyone else in helping and being there for this family, but I recognise that he has a voice, and may be able to persuade all of you to start a conversation.

The 3 prominent universities were included to help with statistics and research papers etc., and hopefully to be interested enough to want to work with students in producing new data about abuse such as coercive control being carried across borders and the damage that is being done to teens and adults alike.


Ivy Barrow

2nd April 2023