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Harry and Meghan Divorced You All in March 2020


The podcast last week used the Kubler Ross model of the 7 Stages of Grief, to summarise the changing emotions and actions of the UK Establishment about Harry formally announcing on 8th January 2020 that he and Meghan were going to Step Back from their Senior Working Royal roles and leave the UK, with the aim to starting a new life independent from the UK taxpayers.  The previous 4 years had taken a terrible toll on the mental health of the Sussexes and the only way they feel can focus on healing and starting a new life and find ways to generate income, is to go it alone and seek out opportunities.  The risks to their lives has been increasing since 2016, and it has reached a point where for the sake of their mental health, it was necessary to step back from Royal working life and the sense of entitlement by UK media into areas of life not pursued with any other member of the Royal family, and to seek a fresh new start.

The activity around the 7 Stages of Grief Model clearly demonstrated the growing anger from the Monarchy family and its media, together with the fake Olive branches offered dressed up as conciliation, and resulting in the 2023/24 stages that they wanted the complete destruction of the couple, where they would beg to return to the fold, or at the very least, destroy Meghan and wished for the break up of the marriage, and for Harry to return to be his brothers footstool again for the next few years.  The Monarch has no interest in his non white grandchildren, and footage and photos of both he and his Consort, provide proof in abundance, in contrast to the words they utter in front of most cameras, rubber stamp that approach around POC or their children.  Archie and Lilibet are much safer outside of the Plantation Behind Gilded Gates.

So now, we are left with a situation where the Monarchy family and its media continues to behave like an ex partner who cannot accept that their partner has left the building, and now after 4 years forging a new and very successful life, the UK contingent in the establishment is now having to look at the situation like divorce proceedings.  The Monarchy family is not happy, not helped by the fact that two of the senior Royals are suffering with Cancer apparently, and one of them has not been seen since Christmas December 2023.  The King is battling on and has recently resumed some duties.  He looks far from well, but he is doing what he can. All the well his successor hovering like a Raven, but trying to give the impression that he is worried about his wife who on paper is also suffering with cancer.  Whatever the truth of the matter, something is not right health wise, and one day we may be given an official version of what that is, and no doubt it will never be spoken of again.

Needless to say, the King needs Harry back because the next in Line has barely been seen in 2024, and is not displaying behaviour that fills the Monarchy family with confidence, and add to that the reduction in numbers, they really expect Harry who they have treated like a toxic doormat for years, to come back out of “duty” and fill the gaps, and then expect to be cast aside when it suits the establishment. Desperate times ahead, and there is no hesitation in people admitting that the Royal Family has produced even less output than normal since Harry and Meghan escaped the abuse, and stayed in Canada, and then eventually moved to the USA where a home was provided for the family whilst they got their bearings.  That home was provided by Tyler Perry – an angel walking this earth.  The King pulled security and ceased funding without warning whilst the Sussex family were on a Xmas break in Canada.  The Monarchy family then informed Royal Reporters of their exact location, and the island that they were staying on became invaded by land and sea. That is the kind of Monarchy the UK has, and then they wonder why 4 years of continued abuse of the family and the loss of a baby along the way, the metaphorical divorce needed to happen.

Lets look at the framework of a divorce process, and use events of the UK Royals and the Sussex family to populate areas of divorce and broad headings of the abusive activity over those 8 years.

What is a contested divorce?

A contested divorce refers to the circumstances when a spouse wants to defend the divorce petition issued by the court.  This normally occurs when the respondent party does not accept what is said about them within an “unreasonable behaviour” petition or challenges the period of separation relied upon by the petitioner.

  • The Royal family tried to justify their interference into contractual matters by saying that H&M could not sign any contract without the Monarch seeing all documentation first, and whether to approve it or not.
  • The first contract they wanted to see was the Netflix one. Very soon, the Monarchy was made aware that any contract news published meant that documents had already been signed. There are no discussions to be had.  Harry and Meghan and secured their first major contract and there was nothing that the Royal family could do about it.  Netflix does not have to release any documentation to anyone other than the people they have entered into an Agreement with.
  • This Contract enabled Harry and Meghan to purchase their own home. Another sign to the UK that they were putting down roots in the USA.

What grounds can I rely on for a divorce?

To be granted a divorce, the court must be satisfied that a marriage has irretrievably broken down. Currently, there are five facts (grounds) to prove that irretrievable breakdown to the court:

  1. Adultery – The respondent must admit to having sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex and as a result, the petitioner finds it intolerable to continue to live with them. A point to note is that you cannot rely upon this fact if you continue to live with your spouse for a period of six months after you have first become aware of the adultery.
  2. Unreasonable Behaviour – For this fact, it must be proven that your husband or wife has behaved in such a way which means you cannot reasonably be expected to live with them. Such unreasonable behaviour can be anything from verbal and/or emotional abuse, any form of violence, controlling and/or secretive behaviour as well as financial irresponsibility. This tends to be the most common fact used to start the divorce process.
  3. Desertion – Desertion requires the petitioner to show that the respondent has abandoned them continuously for at least two years without agreement or consent. This is by far the least used fact in divorce proceedings as it can be difficult to provide evidence.
  4. Separated for 2 years with consent – If you have lived separately from your spouse for a continuous period of at least 2 years and they have also consented/agreed to a divorce, you can then file for a divorce based on this fact. This is one of the non-fault divorce facts currently available.
  5. Separated for 5 years – The final fact for which a divorce can take place is when you have lived apart from your husband or wife for a continuous period of at least 5 years. This fact does not require the agreement to the divorce by the respondent party.

Unreasonable Behaviour

Unreasonable behaviour is the most commonly relied upon reason for a marriage breaking down.


Stop Clinging to the Sussex Wave – June 2021 Podcast

UK Media – Stop Clinging to the Sussex Wave


The British Royal Family and its media are acting exactly like an ex spouse who is angry that their victim has escaped from their abusive behaviour. The abusers doubled down on the abuse, as a way of trying to give the impression that they still had control over the actions of Harry and Meghan. Since Harry and Meghan have managed to leave that perceived gilded prison, there has been an increasing sinister nature to the public attacks on the couple, Meghan in particular, all done via UK media partners.  The risks on their lives and that of their eldest child and subsequently were responsible for the loss of their next baby, following the continuing abusive behaviour towards the Sussex family after they moved to the USA.  The vitriol towards the third pregnancy and the naming of that baby, was truly so disgusting, there are no words I could say or print here, without losing control.

There has been no sign of the BRF standing down from these attacks, and there still seems to be some  kind of strange belief that if harm comes to Meghan and children, in whatever form, then the marriage would end, and Harry would somehow return to the UK and forget about all the abuse dished out to him and his family.

At this point, in theory Harry would be alone, and without a purposeful role other than to be a Whipping Boy for William.  Only people with an evil mindset could ever possibly believe that Harry would return to be the Royal slave – under any circumstances.  I have come to the conclusion that the BRF are cold , and the security of a Monarchy for decades to come is the only thing that matters.  The end justifies the means.  True Cult Like behaviour.

Despite that betrayal by his family, the Sussexes did not fall at the barriers clearly placed in their way, or the fake olive branches offered several times over the last 8 years, all part of the charade of wanting Harry to return to the Plantation Behind Gilded Gates and equally the fake admonishments of broken bridges everywhere; all of it performative nonsense, to fill copy for newspaper litter tray liners in the quest for income.

The Archewell Foundation has been running for 3 years and is supporting an increasing range of sustainable projects and charities.  The Sussexes have their own home, and it is clear that they will never reside in the UK again. Not least because the King evicted Harry and Meghan and their children from  Frogmore Cottage in June 2023.  Despite The Sussexes paying back £2.4m for roof renovation work (which already money set aside in the Sovereign Grant to pay for the renovation of the roof – just like all the renovation work on Crown property earmarked for improvements) had been paid back in full, and rent has been paid in advance for a considerable period. Harry is far to obliging because I would demand my £2.4m be returned, together with my rental payments in advance.  The eviction was yet another vindictive act by a King and a father.  For every act of evil that people wish on others and go out of their way to ensure that their wish is fulfilled, always at some point returns to its host.  Hate filled thoughts will eventually feed from the host.  Karma has a way of balancing the books.

The Sussexes owe no one, and they do not cost the UK taxpayer anything at all.  The couple are independent and self financing. The majority of the activity around the Sussexes both from 2016 to March 2020 and then from March 2020 to the present day, has been unnecessary (they are not working Royals, and the daily onslaught of activity is more than all the working Royals combined) and in many areas are unlawful.  The King may be protected (for the time being) but everyone else in that family needs to start facing reality.  Everyone should be treated equal under the law, not everyone else but the Monarchy.  The mood of the UK is slowly changing, and right now, those relatives of the King, need to start reconsidering their future, because they will not be protected by the Monarch for ever, no matter if the Monarch would like to do so.

As for UK media, they foolishly believe that they are protected because they are carrying out the wishes of the Monarch.  That may be the case, but no media personality is protected by law, and I see those at the bottom of the media food chain who are the ones commissioning or involved in the delivery of unlawful activity by travelling to Montecito and are therefore part of the rabble breaking the law. You all need to wake up.  This stalker like activity that you are ALL involved in daily with your articles and the discussions between other colleagues on your YouTube channels, are all part of abusive activity.  I am not about to lay it all out for you here, as I am sure one day you are going to all find out the hard way.  The establishment which includes the Monarchy and its Media are all acting like an ex partner, who is refusing to accept that their other half has dared to move away from the abuse.  Now as part of the silent contract between the King and UK media, you are all involved in trying to destroy the Sussex family and to force them home, preferably only Harry.  If that does not work, you want to destroy them completely out of pure malice and jealousy.  Just know that those at the top of the establishment tree, wont be going to jail or attend any court about the activity and behaviour of the junior members of the industry.  Royal Rota beware, who you will be taking the wrap for when the law catches up with you all.

Why then, are the family intent on ruining this couple?  The abuse behind Palace walls needs to be made public.  All we do know is that Meghan felt suicidal whilst pregnant with Archie, and sought help from the Royal HR team, but was refused assistance, on the basis that she was not considered an employee and it would also look bad on the RF that a member of the said family was in need of mental health assistance.  I think the real reason was that it would shine a light on not only the UK media who were acting on behalf of the Royal family anyway, but also the treatment by the Royal family itself towards Meghan.  We all now know that the RF made no financial provision for Meghan when she married into the family.  In reality she was treated like the slave of the Royal Family.

So to drive someone to the point where they wanted to commit suicide, I fail to see how they believe that Harry could put all that to one side, and return to the UK on his own (whether his wife was alive or not) and be alright with all the abuse that had gone on, and somehow become a compliant slave to help his brother and wife, who were one of the key players in the abuse that was dished out to the Sussex family.

All of those Royals live in tax funded homes, and properties are all worth more than the former servants shack allocated to H&M, and for which the couple had to repay all the renovation costs – for a property they did not ownIt appears that they were notified but not consulted about such amendments. Only Meghan’s Title remains.  Harry’s name and Title is still on the Birth Certificate.  Every other child born within the Royal family have both parents name on the birth certificate.  Only the person of colour has been omitted.  No name.  Just like slaves from the plantation.  No identity, just a title, which could mean anyone in the future when history books are read for information.

The dehuminisation of people of colour from the white Royal bloodline is a common trait of white supremacists throughout history.  Typical behaviour of a racist Klan.  Treat them like slaves who have no rights.  If someone did that outside the Royal family in the UK, it would be against the law.  With the Government in place in the UK at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, that situation will not change.  This is the Govt who is behind the recent report on racism in the UK, which has declared that it is role model country for other mainly white populated countries in the world, to operate in terms of their ethnic minorities.  The whole report is deeply offensive and so far from truth and accuracy it is an affront to common decency and ensures that the future is far from bright for people of colour in the UK.

It is time to highlight what the abusers have been doing, and to bring it out into the light.  It is time to see the huge machinery of resources that has been put in place to administer this level of ongoing cruelty to members who wished to move away from the control of the UK BRF.  It is time to bring it to the seats of International Law Makers and Courts, and to right the many wrongs that have been done to this couple, and to ensure that it never happens again to anyone in a similar position.  If individuals outside of the RF bubble had done any of these things to other members of the family, there would have been a multitude of professional organisations and law enforcement, child protection agencies and the like, beating down the door.  Just because it is happening behind gilded gates, should not make it admissible.  Abuse is abuse.  Child abuse is child abuse.  Mental health is mental health.  None of these things are any less important because of the location of the abuse and no abuser should be allowed to continue their activities, because of where they live, and that they are related to the Monarch.  This is 2024.  We know better than that, or at least lawmakers should, and as the last guardian of legal process, international law establishments, should not stand by and ignore victims of abuse, just because the abusers are related or connected to the Monarch, and their premises in which the abuse takes place, is off limits to normal law enforcement. Unfortunately for the British Royal Family California has additional laws in respect of abusive and controlling activity towards any of its residents.  The above mentioned groups will one day hopefully hear from a legal entity in this regard.

It is important to reiterate here that the abuse in respect of the Sussexes, and in particular Meghan, is still happening, even though the Sussexes no longer reside in the UK – forced out in order to protect life and limb because of the continual abusive actions taken by the media authorised by the BRF. I really need to know how, under International Law, an American citizen was abused over a four year period in the UK and no one questioned the activity.  Abused to the point that suicidal ideation followed as a direct result of the years long campaign to destroy Meghan in any way possible, in order that she would be removed from the equation, by any means, and that Harry would be controlled again and return the BRF positive image with no spotlight on their diminishing purpose in a modern society. The BRF consider themselves advocates of many things, including acting as token representatives of various Mental Health initiatives.  It is beyond offensive as to how dangerous that role is when we consider the actual truth of the matter.  The BRF are not advocates of anything but self preservation of the Monarchy, and if that means appearing to care about various causes, and showing up now and then to smile and wave and show concerned expressions when speaking to the staff of these organisations, or smiling on camera via Zoom sessions – they will do it a few times a year to a few organisations.  These visits or zoom calls are then listed in Royal records as “work”.  An hour or two here or there.

The reality is that Meghan (an American citizen) was abused in a variety of ways, on UK soil for over 3 years and it continued in Canada and continues now that she is home in California.  When the abuse is carried out daily by uk media, the propaganda arm of the British Royal Family, victims have the right to expect protection under the law. Whilst Meghan was being ill treated behind palace gates by a UK Monarchy who presides over UK subjects; a Monarchy who made it clear Meghan was not family, no financial provision made for her upon marriage.  Paid all of her own expenses.  Not an employee either, so not entitled to health care or shown any concern  despite knowing that Meghan was suicidal) If UK law is under pressure to turn a blind eye, then the independence of international law should be visibly taking the reins. By their own admission, the BRF did not give Meghan a designation, even her name was removed from her child’s birth certificate. Like so many things relating to history of the UK Monarchy, rewriting history is not new to them, but in this day and age, it should not be allowed.  Legal entities in the UK seem reluctant to take action, or in fact shown any concern, of any abuse that has been going on for decades (if not longer) to children and adults behind palace walls.

Now we have an American citizen who was psychologically shackled by UK Royalty and its tabloid press under their instruction, and the tentacles of abusive actions have continued on Canadian and then now on USA soil.  Law makers and protection agencies turned a blind eye in the UK for 4 years, and I have yet to understand how an American citizen can be held like a prisoner in her residence in the UK, with all her personal documentation held by the HR team for the BRF and told to be 50% of herself and make herself less visible.  Cut off from friends and needing permission to do things.  There is no law in the UK that HR needs to hold your passport, driving licence, credit cards and keys, which is what the BRF did to Meghan.  HR only needs to see the originals and photocopy said documents such as Passport and Driving Licence, and then officially stamp the copies that the “originals have been seen”.  No regulation requires any organisation to hold on to the originals.  It is also illegal to alter a Birth Certificate, whether or not the parents were informed.  Meghan is the only POC in the BRF and the only one to have her name removed from her child’s birth certificate, and with only the Title on this important document.

I really would like to know how a USA citizen is allowed to be a victim of abuse in the UK and that it continues even though Meghan is back on home soil.  100+ of abusive articles are written in the UK press most days about the Sussexes, particularly about Meghan.  TV programmes have panels of non entities discussing the Sussexes in the most disparaging and cruel ways.  Again, I ask the legal experts here and in the USA, why is this allowed to go on?  Hatred attracts income, so it is clear why the evil souls who pursue such activities do what they do, but people have died in the UK due to behaviour of the UK media and many more are dealing with the aftermath of being on the receiving end of such treatment.

To the credit of the Sussexes, they are now building a new life, but I have no doubt there is so much trauma present and there has been no time to heal.  It has been fire fighting all the way, and the constant worry of risk to life.  Meghan was abused & harassed during her first pregnancy; the aim was to cause a miscarriage.  To hear in the Oprah interview that Meghan had suicidal thoughts during that pregnancy came as a shock but not a surprise when we recall the behaviour of UK tabloids during that period towards Meghan.  Two years plus of daily abuse at that point would have driven many others to that way of thinking way before that point in time.  It proves how strong Meghan is and how much she endured and yet the BRF and its press never relented. We are lucky to have Meghan and Archie here today. Harry knew he had to find a way to escape with his family for their safety and mental health.

When the news of the Sussexes miscarriage was announced in 2020, the venom continued. It was beyond disgusting.  There is a podcast discussing the role of UK media, the BRF and various hater groups out there who piled on the abuse during this period. Be warned it is a very emotionally charged podcast.

I repeat, why has no legal action been taken against those responsible for abusive behaviour on a daily basis? Abusers who are UK citizens (in terms of the media and BRF) and UK & internationally based hate groups and individuals many with monetized accounts operating with borderline illegal activity and certainly inciting hatred. A prominent USA citizen has been the victim of various forms of abuse for over 4 years, and it is continuing on USA soil.  How is this allowed to happen?  When Princess Diana was abused and ultimately met her death, many UK citizens had their own ideas why the UK legal system did nothing about it.  Please USA, do not be the same.  Do not turn a blind eye to abuse.  Do not allow a situation like in USA Gymnastics to take 30 years to begin court proceedings against two individuals; many more are still working with children at risk. Do not allow the Sussex family to continue to live in fear for their lives or their mental health.

The documentary series produced by Harry and Oprah (The Me You Do Not See) is powerful, and I am sure will be an educational aid for years to come, as well as a recipient of many awards I am sure. There have to be alternatives to achieve peace and tranquillity other than a heart no longer beating. The world does not want to see another Princess Diana incident.

Certain presenters in Televised media have become ‘personalities’ in their head, and in so doing seem to walk a fine line when it comes to stalking, harassment and abusive activity.  The same presenter was given a two page spread in a tabloid which he writes for, and who was the tabloid that Meghan won her historical recent court case; explains why this same tabloid gave him a platform to make threats towards Meghan, telling her that he is not finished yet, and with a large photo of him pointing his finger.

The level of harassment and stalking he does regarding Meghan is dangerous and way off the scale now.  Since he became unemployed from his TV role, the man appears unhinged, and worryingly he has a home in the USA and has residency in California as well as the UK. I believe questions should be asked pertaining to his residency in the same state as the family (one person in particular who he remains fixated about) he targets daily.  One of his most recent diatribes in front of a camera was to inform the viewers that if he had his way he would dismember the body parts of the Sussexes, and went into graphic detail as to what he would like to do with each limb.  USA Elected officials at the highest levels, together with the seniors at California level, what exactly are you waiting for before you act?  Are you waiting for another death to occur?  One unborn baby so far and counting?  It is disgusting, and I would like to think that you do not operate in the gutter like too many parts of the UK establishment.  In September 2020 California passed a Coercive Control Bill in respect of the protection of all California residents.  The UK Coercive Control legislation applies not only to ex partners but also to groups including families who are abusive and controlling towards the chosen victim.  Much of what took place in the UK for those first 4 years is covered in the UKs own legislation, but as per usual when someone wears a shiny hat with its own chauffeur, illegal matters are ignored, and practising legal professionals seem afraid to take on the establishment, and probably console themselves with the fact that Harry and Meghan are affluent, (not broke like how the Monarchy family expected them to be) so legal professionals in the Uk do not want to risj ruining their law practice, it seems.  If I am wrong, they have had 8 years and counting to do something about it all.

I think that after 8 years, this whole abusive activity needs to be lifted out of the UKs hands, and international law, who also cherry pick which cases they get involved with or not, need to step up and do the job that they have been lucky enough to be given.  If they do not feel confident enough to take on such a responsibility, step aside, and let a newly qualified group of people step forward, because I am sure in their effort to make a name for themselves, look at a case like this.  Academic research papers could be undertaken for decades to come, which will all prove to be a rich source of learning for students of the future.

Every single day multiple articles are written about H&M, Meghan in particular comes in for the most ire, and then TV media run programmes every day discussing how terrible the Sussexes are , and in in particular Meghan, who is apparently the controlling influence.  If you could hear just a few of the things that UK media personnel are more than happy to say out  loud on camera tells you how confident they are, that there will be no comeback from from management about their conduct.  Whether it is to wish death upon the Duchess of Sussex, and how William would be there to console his brother, just like they did when they were known as “the boys”!!  Another skit they did on one of their reporters interviewing reporters programmes (that is how desperate they are) where it was suggested that the Sussexes should bring their children to the UK, and they should be on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.  One RR thought it was highly amusing to then have someone hold Archie over the balcony and decide whether or not to drop him.  Lots of laughter in that sketch, all o camera and no matter what they have erased, receipts exist around the globe by the supporter network.  It was disgusting.

There was another incident by a tv presenter who said he would love to see Harry and Meghan thrown off the BP balcony for what they have done to the Royal Family.  Again, disgusting, and once again, I am not going to give any further words to describe my thoughts on that.  I will, however, say that karma is always on time.  Just like how that tv presenter wished such an awful fate for the Sussexes leaving two children without parents, to no doubt hope to have them in the Royal fold to treat like slaves of days of old.  Let me say now, no matter what law any UK person could quote, that would never happen.  Plain and simple.  There is no way that any of the global support network would stand aside and let those babies be in the same room as any of the evil souls on that plantation.  Not a chance in hell.

I came across a thread on a social media platform from an academic Dr Claire Hardaker PhD, who did a study on the number of articles written by this said Presenter in the last year. Thank you Dr Hardaker for granting permission to use these statistics in the podcast. Dr Hardaker looked at 12 months of headlines written by said presenter.  There were 84 in total.  Researching all the words used statistically, the presenters Christian and surname was 3rd and 4th on the list.  Clearly loves talking about himself. Coming in at 9th, 23rd and 32nd was Trump, Biden and President.  The presenter’s interest in US politics is well documented.  In 26th and 35th place were Harry and Meghan.  In fact, both appear in 17 headlines in total.  That is one headline, every 3 weeks for a year, and one in every five dedicated to writing something about one or both.

The words and concepts used in the headlines about Meghan are as follows:- brats, brazen, cynical, damage, deluded, diatribe, disgraceful, disowned, disregard, dump, garbage, hate, hypocrite, hypocrites, hypocritical (x2), narcissism, narcissistic, nauseating, parody, preach, propaganda. Race-baiting, tone-deaf, victimhood, victims, virtue-signalling, whiny, woke (x3) wrecked.  Dr Claire stated “pretty sure that there is a project in here about abuse and harassment.”

They wanted Meghan to leave and for Harry to stay behind, as a broken man, but being the foot soldier/poster boy or slave – whatever anyone wants to call it – for the Royal Family, Prince William in particular. That is what 2nd and subsequent Royal children in brought into the world to do, and they call it “duty” and are referred to in a derogatory way as “spares”.  Those children should never have any ambitions that outshine the heir to the throne.  Even Harry’s earned Title of Major was never allowed to be used, because it would have been above the rank achieved by his older brother. They underestimated Harry all his life and never expected him to walk away from the whole lot. All the tricks and barriers placed in front of the Sussexes in order to make them fall outside of palace gates, all failed, and now they are hugely successful, self financing and cost the UK taxpayer nothing.


The divorce from being a taxpayer Royal is now absolute.  The BRF through its media propaganda team refuse to move on.  This is not the era like when Diana was treated so badly by the family and the media.  Social media exists now.  News travels fast and receipts exist. All of the sycophantic haters who thrive off hateful social media posts and activity should seek therapy and create a new life moving forward. Technology will soon seek you out and there will be consequences for the reckless posting on social media one day.

All that is required now is for USA and/or International Law makers to put an end to this continual abuse of an American citizen back on USA soil, and who is still being abused for clickbait income and revenge for escaping from the modern day slave plantation paid for by UK taxpayers.  A plantation where children and adults are abused with impunity; born into opulence does not protect anyone from abuse. A regime supported by a government which has questions to answer on many legal fronts, and a backdrop of the impact of Brexit on UK residents, particularly those for POC.

I will end this podcast with a reminder that Harry and Meghan never used any of the BRF medical team, or use the standard hospital team to give birth to Archie.  The medical team was not revealed due to fear of harassment by the press (UK media had personnel outside all of the likely venues for the birth trying to find any information possible).  We now know it was also fear of harm to mother or baby or both.  I am thankful that they are in the USA andthat things would have been put in place to secure a safe delivery and peace and calm in the days surrounding the birth of their baby girl, rather than the vigilante antics in the UK employed the last time.

BRF and media pals, your abused victims are now survivors.  The divorce you asked for is now absolute.  Time to move on and focus on the royal family members you all claimed were and are relevant.

Stop clinging to the Sussex waves of success.  It appears to the world at large that the UK having forced the family out of the country, and realised that the Sussexes have overcome every barrier the Monarchy placed in front of Harry and Meghan, and are now hugely successful.  The BRF are now becoming desperate to tie themselves to the couple in any way possible; no matter how tenuous.  It does not in any way make the UK look good. The behaviour moves between criticising everything the Sussexes do in a negative way, in an effort to sabotage their projects, and in the next breath when the positive reports are so good, stories appear in the press how they want to encourage the Sussexes back into the fold etc etc

A document has come to light in one of the more serious papers relating to the  Royal family  refusing to employ people of colour or foreigners in office roles at any of their Palaces.  They would be considered for servant roles only. This stipulation was made in 1968.  Alongside this rule, the BRF ensured that it was written into UK law that they did not have to abide by Equality legislation.  The Royal family have made no comment since this article was published.  Supporters of the monarch keep repeating that was in the 60s, where most businesses did that.  What they are missing that practice still occurs today, and the family still do not need to abide by Equality legislation.  One cannot help but wonder why would anyone wish to be exempt from compliance with such laws, if everything was being done in accordance with the law.  It also means that for the few people who are employed in any role in the Palaces, they have no route of legal redress if there is a problem whilst they are employed there.  The employer in question is legally exempt from what the rest of the nation has to abide by.

It almost goes without saying, if the BRF did not want people in their offices, then it should come as a surprise that they did not want a POC in their family.  Hence the Meghan situation and also the conversations debating the shade of their unborn 1st child’s skin.

I hope many of UK media (Royal Reporters and TV Presenters) are held personally accountable in the courts for their actions and their words in articles against this couple.  Karma has no clock.

Ivy Barrow

Elements first published on 2nd June 2021

 Additional Information re Podcast Episode 131:-


12th May 2024

In next weeks podcast we will cover a number of topics, which cover much of the Establishment movement and actions mapped against the Kubler Ross model of 7 Stages of Grief, and includes these topics and more, which also cover things we have looked at over the last two weeks, and including the following topics:-

Cyber Stalking

Stalking or harassment can take place on the internet and via other technologies. This is sometimes known as “cyberstalking”. This can include the use of social networking sites, email, chat rooms and other forums facilitated by technology. The internet can be used for a range of purposes, for example:

  • to locate personal information about a victim
  • to communicate with the victim
  • as a means of surveillance of the victim
  • identity theft such as subscribing the victim to services, purchasing goods and services in their name
  • damaging the reputation of the victim
  • electronic sabotage such as spamming and sending viruses
  • accessing spyware or malware
  • tricking other internet users into harassing or threatening a victim

Further guidance can be found in Social Media and other Electronic Communications prosecution guidance.

“Substantial adverse effect”

The phrase “substantial adverse effect on another’s usual day-to-day activities” is not defined in section 4A PHA 1997. The guidelines issued by the Home Office suggests some examples:

  • the victim changing their routes to work, work patterns, or employment
  • the victim arranging for friends or family to pick up children from school (to avoid contact with the stalker)
  • the victim putting in place additional security measures in their home
  • the victim moving home
  • impact on physical or mental ill-health
  • the deterioration in the victim’s performance at work due to stress
  • the victim stopping /or changing the way they socialise

There should be no assumption as to what a “typical” victim might look like or behave like when assessing the evidence as to “substantial adverse effect”.

Stalking or Harassment

In cases of stalking or harassment, the support and safety needs of victims should be identified from the outset, and continually considered throughout the life of a case, by the police in dialogue with the prosecutor.

Many cases of stalking or harassment will come within the definition of “domestic abuse”.

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Portraits of True Crime Profile’s Laura Richards, BSc, MSc, MBPsS

“After a decade of analysing violent crime at New Scotland Yard Laura became the violence adviser to the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC). Trained by world leaders at the Behavioural Analysis Unit, National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime at the FBI and New Scotland Yard, Laura has applied her psychology degrees to analyse violent crime from a behavioural and preventative perspective.

Laura has been the architect of law reform to better protect victims on 8 occasions as well giving evidence in Connecticut USA and Queensland Australia, both leading to successful outcomes regarding coercive control law reform.

Laura offers expert case analysis and delivers masterclasses on coercive control, stalking, profiling perpetrators and the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour Based Abuse Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Tool. Ensure you are trained by an expert if you work with victims and/or perpetrators.”

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