Separation Cycle of Abuse



This week’s podcast and accompanying article is entitled The Separation Cycle of Abuse.

The original aim of this podcast was to explore a variety of research papers on patterns and trends of abuse which continues when an abused person manages to escape from their abuser.  Abuser being an ex partner, or an abusive family who continue to try and exert control over the life of the relative who has escaped.  This is all now grouped under legislation relating to Coercive Control.  We have covered this topic a few times in the life of this channel, and in particular have highlighted the work, and quotes from the work of Dr Evan Stark and Dr Laura Richards. I will list their summary bio later in this podcast/article. Coercive Control appears several times on this channel, as many of you know, in previous podcasts and articles.

I decided to add this new section to the audio (the article will be amended shortly) because of recent developments regarding the depravity of Royal Rota and elements of UK journalism, in once again targeting the Sussex children.  In my opinion it crossed the line and as a result it has triggered a chain reaction of communications and a Call to Action from anyone who feels moved to contact the people I will name shortly, and ask them to get involved, now. All the ones I will name, are a selection of people on our SGUK mailing list.  This selection of names are in a position to make this high profile, and with all the venomous labels and activity pointed at the Sussex children, including activity which led to a miscarriage for the Sussexes.  I did a podcast on how disgraceful and disgusting the articles by Royal Rota were, and the comment sections of those UK newspapers contained about the loss of a baby.  I felt those emotions to my core, having experienced such a loss many years ago.  The trauma remains with you, and articles like those that November, were so cruel and it was obvious that they did not consider Meghan or her lost baby as human warranting due respect, and that lack of respect and humanity is still in evidence today with Archie and Lilibet.  Neither the UK Monarchy or its mouthpieces in the tabloid press, consider the Sussex children as anything but fair game for their coercive control they wish to have over The Sussex family, Harry in particular.  This is just another method to hurt the couple, with a view that Harry will tow the line and provide the glitter to wrap around the detritus that is known as UK Monarchy, for the Coronation in front of the globe.  I have no doubt that Harry will be villainised and be the Whipping Boy for the Royals should he attend, equally he will be the Whipping Boy if he does not.  Not least because UK Monarchy always have fragile egos, and anything that happens that they do not feel comfortable with, they always look for someone to blame.  Never any inward introspection, in typical narcissistic style.  There is an old saying that a turd is still a turd even when wrapped in glitter.

The latest so called joke and much laughter ensued with the 4 media folk was well below the mark, and I personally felt like I needed to take action. I am 100% certain that none of the Royal Rota would ever make such jokes about any of the other Royal children, even those who are so far down the list of succession, that they are unknown to the general public, but the children of colour, once again are seen as acceptable fodder, and would be every day, if they returned to live in the corridors on that disgusting plantation behind gilded gates.  No way will that be happening, so as a black woman, and also one who suffered the loss of a baby and the trauma which still remains as if it happened recently, this latest act of cruelty has triggered something in me.

Before I leave this planet, there will be some kind of movement within international legal corridors that begins the process to hold those responsible for coercive control activities to account.  The fact  that Robert Jobson found it amusing to mention what he would love to do on the balcony with a named Sussex child, and the speed in which the other 3 spawn of Satan burst into laughter over, shows and proves how low you are all prepared to go to earn your few pennies by vilifying and wishing death defying activities on a 3 year old.  At least two of you I know are parents, and that makes you lower than Satan’s toe nail. The short video I saw on social media, and the photo that the four of you posed for at the end, shows how much the begging bowl must be empty these days.  The fact that you wish to fall on your sword for the ‘higher ups’ is your choice, but my Call to Action will be to Elected Officials, Former Elected Officials, and Experts in the Coercive Control field, all of whom have been contacted by the volunteers and myself about this campaign, and also high profile people who have stepped up and made efforts to show support for the Sussexes, such as Mr Tyler Perry, and investigative writers who I wont name here for obvious reasons, but you know who you are.  I will name them and I will also ask listeners and viewers to contact you all too, because now almost two years gathering data and knocking on doors, I have reached my limit of being polite.  Time to start some “good trouble”.  IFYKYK.  NB  I am not going to name the organisations (large and small) as they are busy being advocates for those who have limited resources to seek legal redress

We have spent almost 100 episodes looking at the various types of abuse aimed at and delivered to and carried out on Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex since 2016 when their relationship became public, and the titles came into effect upon their marriage in 2019.  The abuse has continued to this present day, and is continuing across continents.  This podcast channel does not focus on the day to day drama around Meghan and Harry, created by the Monarchy via their mouthpieces in the media to distract from activity elsewhere, with the aim to bring Harry back into the UK and to accept his role as the Whipping Boy (we have covered the origins of that role in earlier podcasts).  The fragile egos of those high in the line of succession, along with the Monarch himself, cannot bear a strong intelligent female who knows her worth.  This channel has been monitoring, documenting and tracking trends and patterns in the behaviour, and not least the hate inciting business model that has developed on social media platforms, and those who profit from the contents of the hate filled rhetoric. The channel explores who benefits from such activity, and who will be harmed by the said activity along with those responsible, throwing the missiles and then hiding their hands behind their backs.

For the past few years that collection of information has been mapped to breaches in the law, in particular various aspects of Human Rights legislation. Podcasts have been published explaining the treatment of Harry and Meghan, articles published to accompany each podcast and a selection of reference sources listed for each and every podcast backing up what has been stated. The things I state are all backed up with evidence and further backed up by research papers and/or proof of who said what in the media, along with the frequency in which so many like to spout their bile and venom, and do so thinking they are protected by those who commissioned this activity in the first place, under the guise of the so called ‘invisible contract’.

The trends and patterns formed over time, and now in the final stages of this whole set of information, certain names and institutions run like golden threads throughout the whole lot.  For the past 18 months or so, a wonderful group of people, based in various locations around the globe, have been volunteering their services to assist me in the gathering of data.  All lead busy lives, and still they set aside time to work on this project, soon to be a publication next year.

In the SGUK podcast channel we have covered various forms of abusive activity delivered by groups and individuals.  All done with the aim of destroying The Sussexes, Meghan in particular.  The depth to which those responsible are prepared to go, believing that they have immunity, is based on a false premise, and they will find out in due course, that the majority of them involved in this abusive activity, are not high enough in the pecking order to be protected, when the international legal advocates get involved.  If it is the last thing that I do, I will ensure that the key people who have played a part in trying to destroy the Sussex family, are held to account.  Trust me when I say a press badge will not provide protection.  We almost lost Meghan and her unborn child as a direct result of psychological abusive tactics and behaviour. All of you abusers drove Meghan to have suicidal ideations.  Even when you were informed of this, by Royal Human Resources who clearly have no concept or respect for Data Protection laws, you doubled your efforts.  Receipts exist for all the above by the way.  The arrogance in which media personnel in particular pose for photos and speak in front of camera with venom, delivering your harassment in a variety of ways that you believe are clever and fine to do; you will discover in the future, that nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to save the family from further harm, and possibly a repeat of the ‘Diana’ outcome, Harry removed his family from the UK, and moved to another continent.  If anything, the abuse continued with a different ‘face’. The Coercive Control that has been in play ever since Meghan arrived in the UK, and continues to this day, even though she has left the UK (if you remember, some of you made it your duty to tell her to leave the UK every single day, in front of camera) and when she left, you continued.  Evidence, evidence, evidence.

Coercive Control legislation not only covers partners and ex partners, it also covers whole families and their abusive activity including abuse by family members on member/s who have moved away.  This same area of legislation also applies to abusive activity to someone outside of the country of the abuser on their target who lives in another country.  In this situation we are talking about a family that live on another continent who still continue to receive abuse, delivered by and commissioned by UK based people and entities. This is not acceptable.

The names of the people I am asking those of you who are moved to do something, then I kindly implore you to make contact with the following people:-

President J Biden –

Vice President K Harris –       underscore between vice & president

Anthony Blinkin – US Secretary of State via

Barack & Michelle Obama – Obama Foundation  via their website on

Governor Gavin Newsom – email via website:  *

Senator Susan Rubio – email via website: email via website:-      *

Dr Evan Stark – via website

Laura Richards – website:-   Email:


Tyler Perry – any where you can reach him, because I have tried so many published email addresses, and they are either not in existence, or over quota, or no longer active.  The man is an angel walking this earth, I really would like him on board in any way, but there are not enough hours to keep all my plates balancing to try and find an active business email address.  Now with this latest evil from the UK, it is time to get reinforcements.


  • * Sept 29th 2020 the Governor and the Senator got a piece of legislation approved in relation to Coercive Control relative to residents of the State of California. I have tried numerous occasions to make contact with both of these Elected Officials who did such stellar work on the Coercive Control Bill to become legislation in California, and who I wanted a conversation with you about this campaign, but your electronic systems only seems to accept enquiries of information about the abuse of a California resident, if the person reporting the information also resides in California. Whilst that may account for the majority, you are not taking into account the use of technology to continue coercive control activity by an abuser or abusers in one country, towards a target who resides in another country. In this case, the Sussex family reside in your state, and have been abused for 6 years and counting, and since 2020, the family have been resident in California.  Nothing was done about the abuse, documented, in the 3 years that Meghan was in the UK, and now that they are back on USA soil, the same powerful forces are continuing the  Coercive Control abuse in full view, by people based in the UK. Your system as it stands, does not allow anyone who resides outside of California to report it.  How then, can your Bill protect the Sussexes who are your residents, when someone like myself cannot report their situation?
  • I also ask the President, why the 3 years of abuse towards Meghan on UK soil, who has remained a USA citizen, was not addressed, and continues not to be addressed, now that she is back on USA soil? Enough is enough. There will be no repeat of ‘Diana’ and the Sussex children & their parents must be safe at all times, protected by USA Law.
  • While I am on this topic, please contact @GMA, @ABC, @TODAYshow @CNN in any way/s you find the most convenient.

NB  Let us not forget that the next evil soul in line to wear the hat of stolen jewels and sit on a plastic chair of colonial days memories, if the Monarchy still exists in years to come, has publicly once again expressed his performative duty to declare war on racist slurs in the sports field, including racist slurs against children.  Funny that in the real world, he does not even acknowledge the existence of his nephew and niece and has not come out and said anything about this latest supposed joke about hanging Archie over the balcony at Buckingham Palace (no matter the words used, that was the intention).  No surprises there at all, but time is up now, and this movement is going to be on the abusers heels.  Just because UK law is like a game of Monopoly, does not mean that international law is going to continue to allow abuse across continents just because of the birth canal from where the abusers emerged.


Now to get back to the original audio for this podcast. 

In the last 2 years, the Sussex children have been targeted more than ever.  Initially it began with Archie being threatened before he was even born, and it has continued.  Previous podcasts have covered how Archie was compared to a chimpanzee, and the abusers found that amusing, and the deliverer of that particular piece of trash was sacked and reemployed within a week.  It is so in keeping with the UK that it has fast become a trash can of a country.  A country who bows down to people with wealth, and ignores working class people who are have to choose between eating or heating their homes.  The vulnerable suffer in the UK, and those on the brink of falling into poverty, have been convinced to believe that it is immigrants, people of colour in particular, that are the cause.  So while the rich drink from the colonised gravy train, the working classes are fighting each other.

The result of this, is that little attention is being paid to the top societal groups and how they are operating, and benefitting from this activity among the less the well off.  The situation with Harry and Meghan used to be ignored by the majority of working class people, because it was considered nothing more than rich people fighting.  The perception was that Meghan was rich, so she can get out of her situation, and likewise Harry is not poor, so he can leave whenever he wants.  What the abusers have now achieved, is to alert working and middle class people that they have been duped.  What is happening to Meghan and Harry, can and does happen to people outside of those gilded gates.  Most of them do not have the resources to take on the media industry, who act as the abusers on behalf of UK Monarchy and/or aristrocracy. Some of those earlier targets are no longer with us, and many others are still suffering the mental health issues created by a cruel vindictive minority of people, and carried out via their partners in the invisible contract, printed and televised media.


The Separation Cycle of Abuse has developed by tracking behaviours of abusers over partners or family members who have moved away from an abusive and toxic environment.  The trends and patterns have led to this pictorial layout of the various stages of behaviour towards targets.  Some of them are slightly different in terms of how the content is displayed, but the essence is the same running through all of them.


The Indifference

  • Told every day to leave – in the UK press and on TV.
    • Panel of non entities who claim to be expert, who in reality are resurrecting their failed careers, or careers that most people have never heard of over the last 30 years. These clowns discuss and run polls on why the Sussexes should leave, particularly Meghan. Rarely a day goes by where this abusive behaviour does not take place, and the tabloid publications are off the scale with their race incitement. I will cover this and more later in the podcast, but needless to say, the official line coming out from the palaces, via their mouthpieces in the media, is that the British Royal Family is everything, and that the Sussexes should know their place.  Meghan even told to be 50% of herself, and to be less visible, because she cannot and must not outshine the heirs to the Throne and their Consorts in waiting.
      • Now the Queen has moved on, and we have a new King and a New female at the helm.
      • We have a new Prince of Wales, and an established female at the helm, who once again is coming into her own, or has found her voice, or will be the saviour of the Monarchy. This has been around the 12th time that any and all of those claims have been made.  To date, there has been no proof of that.  It seems that the established female at the helm has yet to produce a rabbit out of the magic hat.  Instead we have speeches written by others explaining what the rabbit will look like when it pops out of the hat, and all will be well in the world.  The established female at the helm has difficulty reading the big words on the cards, let alone know what they mean.  It is clear most people would be able to outshine this protected individual, but someone else who can read and write, and write speeches at that, can then deliver information on planning and deciding aims and objectives of a project, show the results achieved, and how the project group is now sustainable with limited input from experts. A portfolio of data available to confirm the outputs and outcomes, and is able to take questions on any aspect of that project without notes.  This family thought that by chasing the Sussexes out of the country, it would make the others have all the spotlight and everything would be fine.  You all forgot that the spotlight reveals everything, and the vacant space where there should be data and information, are still vacant, so you have continued to distract from all of that with unnecessary abusive tactics and behaviour from a family member who is no longer part of the family business, and who you all wanted the person and his wife to go away.  Again, it is on record in several places of multiple times where media personnel wanted to see Meghan broken in spirit, and there was no compassion or assistance provided when she asked for medical help.  Royal Human Resources chose to be “indifferent” at a time when there was a legal duty to offer assistance.  Not for the first time, this family behind the gilded gates and their staff, all felt and still feel immune from the laws of the land.  I am confident that some people are going to be in for a surprise and a few harsh lessons.  It could not happen to more deserving people.  I say that with my non legal brain.  It is yet another conclusion I have reached, but we shall all see in due course whether I am right or not.
    • Harry and Meghan told that the public and its media own Harry and Meghan – again I will remind listeners and viewers about that line of attempted justification used for years, along with UK taxpayers are entitled to know everything about the Royals because they do in fact own them, and that includes details of pregnancies and choice of hospital, medical professionals involved, and details of the labour and timing of most contractions etc. One presenter on day time tv even went as far as stating publicly “we own her womb”.
    • Harry announced in January 2020 (8th) that he and Meghan were stepping back from Senior Royal duties, and that they would be leaving the UK and would become self financing. All the people, and I mean all those who crawled from under their stones, or who dusted off the sack cloth and ashes of their careers, and saw the opportunity to revive the said careers by inciting and selling hate took hold.  Now the 3 years of inciting hate from within the UK public and societal groups, many of whom found it to be very lucrative indeed, including the social media platforms that hosted the majority of these hate activities, suddenly changed the line of attack.  The hyper ventilating that Royal Reporters experienced, one in particular doing so on camera in a Live news broadcast, remains one of my favourite pieces of television.  You could see the panic in their eyes, of the huge reduction in income, and the major impact I would have in their personal lives.  My mind suggests that we will see that look and hyper ventilating a few times in the coming months and years. From media people – printed and televised.  Karma is going to be busy.
    • True to form, none of those abusers of Meghan and Harry, saw themselves as being the cause and the weapon used against them. The smoking gun that they pointed at this couple and their associates every single day, was now being held by their prey, and pointing at the abusers.  The announcement became a new chapter in the Prey holding the weapon, and standing tall, and letting the hunters know, game was about the change.
      • Warning shots were fired in 2018 the Oceanic Tour when the Sussexes announced that they were about to embark on legal action against the UK tabloid industry over their behaviour and methods of gathering evidence.
      • The announcement after the South Africa tour that the Sussexes were going to step back from Senior Royal duties and live abroad for most of the time, was again made by Harry, but yet since 2018, most things printed whether or not Harry had been spokesperson, the tabloid ran with stories that Meghan was behind it, and now she was taking the Uk favourite prince away. All of it was blamed on Meghan.
      • That pattern has continued for 6 years and is ongoing. I will touch upon what that means for the BRF and its media moving forward, and the legal implications for the Monarchy.   “Customary practice” may not be enough to save certain people from scrutiny – I say that with my non legal brain.  That phrase came into being in 1911, when one Monarch avoided action under the law by a convoluted process wrapped up in a nice sound phrase of ‘customary practice”.  The fact that everyone since has turned a blind eye to things in the Monarchy, does not mean it will remain that way.  We will see.

The indifference claimed about this couple has never been evident here in the UK, and the behaviour over the last 6 years, proves it has been anything but indifference by the BRF and pals, when it comes to this couple.  At all times this co-ordinated hate campaign, has only shown concern for the Monarchy and the people within it, and for the media personnel themselves, about the reducing levels of income being experienced by them, towards their prey, had the tables turned when the prey took the gun, and removed the bullets, and stood their proud under the lights, and let you all know, that the people who you called irrelevant for years, is far from that.  You all stay up at night waiting for news items to appear from abroad, so that you can continue to write your venomous articles, and earn more money from each article, than when you write about the Royal family you all claim to support. Those articles show intent and volume and content and methods of activity.  The receipts alone for 6 years of stories in each tabloid, each and every day, and the links to targeted  activity in a variety of places, provides an abundance of proof, and distribution and motive.

The BRF are supposedly advocates and champions for improvement in mental health facilities in the UK, some of those senior RF members are Patrons of Mental Health charities, and yet when the announcement a was made by Prince Harry about stepping back, all of the above groups were more concerned about their plight, and showed zero regard for the state of mental health of the Sussexes, which they had caused as part of their invisible contract.  Speaks volumes and a common theme throughout BRF and its treatment of anyone who does not tow the line, and shows signs of independent thought.

No amendment of any articles over this 6 years can save them now.  Receipts exist.  The trend and pattern of the content has been proved already.  Breaches under the law have also been captured, so continue as you are doing and you are just building a stronger case for your victims, and a true picture of the Hate Inciting Business Model that you have rolled out to others to be the face of hatred if anything blows up in the news, but trust me, that wont work in this situation.  I will elaborate more later in this podcast, but not in certain areas. Legal professionals can do that if and when required.  I am just drawing conclusions from evidence I have gathered over the years, and cross matched with the law from a non legal thought process.

Manipulative Anger

Anger is a tool used to gain and maintain control over the target/s.

An ex partner or an abusive family member that you have now moved away from will try and remind of you of past good times, and good times to come, and how together you can all be great again. It is typical narcissistic behaviour.

Defaming the Survivor

Narcissistic partner or family member/s try to isolate you in your new life away from them.  They try to destroy any credibility in your new circle and any business opportunities coming your way, they will work hard to devalue your contribution to it.  Some abusers will try to destroy your reputation in order to deter anyone new trying to form a business partnership with you, so even if they cannot harm current contracts and working relationships, they will aim their activity at the potential business clients or powerful friends waiting in the wings to join the target in some kind of collaboration.  In doing so, it strengthens the new life away from the abusive one lived in previously.

What is Coercive Control?

Those of you who have been with me on this channel from the start, will know that I have championed a number of people in respect of Coercive Control, and the two I speak and write about the most are Dr Evan Stark and Laura Richards.  I cannot speak highly enough about these experts in this field and there was no doubt that I wanted them to be involved in this campaign, in any small way possible – perhaps liaising with the people I have named above in respect of the Calls to Action.  This issue is wider than Harry and Meghan, but what Harry and Meghan experience of being on the receiving end of a very powerful machine comprising of very powerful individuals, can help shed light on a topic which could help so many people and groups and advocates.  If this campaign can shed light on a number of groups trying to advocate for a number of people on a global scale, and in any way can reflect systems and processes around international law bodies to reflect the growing abuse online to both children and adults, then this campaign will have been successful in starting conversations.  The ripple effect of the harm that on those targeted by psychological abuse in this way, in terms of resources of a range of agencies who specialise in trying to help victims/targets of abusive activity and who do not have the resources to fight it on any legal platform.  The conversations can lead to real change, not just rhetoric.

Dr Evan Stark

Evan Stark is a sociologist, forensic social worker, a widely published author and an award-winning researcher with an international reputation for his innovative work on the legal, policy and health dimensions of interpersonal violence, including its effects on children. Dr. Stark’s book, Coercive Control: The Entrapment of Women in Personal Life (Oxford, 2007)  was named the outstanding book in the social sciences for 2007 by the American Publishers’ Association and recipient of the “Choice” Award. American Library Association for “outstanding academic book reviewed in 2008.”   Coercive control became available as an audiobook in 2018. Evan’s work on coercive control has helped shape policies.


Laura Richards

Los Angeles, Ca
©10-26-2022 by Elizabeth Lippman
Portraits of True Crime Profile’s Laura Richards, BSc, MSc, MBPsS

After a decade of analysing violent crime at New Scotland Yard Laura became the violence adviser to the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC). Trained by world leaders at the Behavioural Analysis Unit, National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime at the FBI and New Scotland Yard, Laura has applied her psychology degrees to analyse violent crime from a behavioural and preventative perspective.

Laura has been the architect of law reform to better protect victims on 8 occasions as well giving evidence in Connecticut USA and Queensland Australia, both leading to successful outcomes regarding coercive control law reform.

A quote from Laura Richard’s website ( re Coercive Control:-

Coercive control is a strategic pattern of behaviour designed to exploit, control, create dependency and dominate. The victim’s every day existence is micro managed and her space for action as well as potential as a human being is limited and controlled by the abuser. A number of feminist psychologists in the 1970s identified the domestic abuse victims that they worked with as living like hostages and coined the term ‘coercive control.’


No matter which ‘post separation type of wheel you look at, at the heart of all of them is the following:-


Abusive Parenting



Harassment and Stalking

Legal Abuse  eg dragging the one who escaped through a long and often unnecessary legal process, regardless of the outcome.  It is the volume of articles that can be written in that period, and the increased advertising revenue gained during the period.  Zero concern about the impact on the person who left.  The response will be, come back and be our doormat and it will be reduced activity against you.

Financial Abuse – this backfired because H&M began to earn vast sums of money real quick, and what is more continue to do so.  It will not be long before they are Billionaires.  The control that the UK Monarchy thinks it has, is an illusion.  The harm that they are doing and continue to do could very well lead to a tragedy.  Just know, the UK never mind the Monarchy could ever come back from such an event.  It is about time common sense prevailed and to lose the slave mentality.

I will leave this podcast topic there for now.  The podcast is longer due to the additional audio added, but I think it was necessary.  The Call to Action has been triggered by one too many stunts that the invisible contract crew believe that they can pull, and sit around laughing about and using such phrases, like the one used not too long ago, referring to Harry coming back one day without Meghan, and someone else laughing and saying it would be good for him to come back, but he would never do it, whilst “there is breath in her body”.  Absolute disgrace, the same same person who referred to Archie as “frog spawn” before he was born.

This Call to Action may not be the last.  This one is necessary at this time, because of the depravity of those who think so much of themselves and anyone else is dehumanized from the start, so they feel comfortable stating these things in print and on camera.  You cannot keep doing these things for years, and expect not to be held to account by the law.  Clock ticking.  SGUK Campaign about to get underway.  Enough is enough.  Time to create some “Good Trouble”



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