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Harvest Home and The Love Land Foundation

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Hello everyone, this podcast is continuing our series of looking at community organisations that the Archewell Foundation have assisted over the last 3+ years, and organisations who Archewell Foundation have partnered with.  The aim of this series is to highlight the impact of the work being done day in day out, behind the scenes, without fuss.  People just out here on these streets, uplifting others in a variety of ways.  For a company so young in its lifespan, Archewell has achieved so much, but you never see those who should be looking at the societal group that taxpayers have to fund with no say in whether or not that is what they want to do, ever writing articles or discussing Archewell business in anything but negative rhethoric.

UK Media, ie tabloids owned by people who live and pay taxes outside of the UK, have hands in deep pockets in the UK establishment, to help push certain agendas.  The UK tabloids, are the mouth pieces for this activity, and the UK Monarchy is the figurehead, in partnership with various UK governments for decades.  The reason why people who are paid to write about and glorify the UK Monarchy spent every day writing and pushing certain agendas against anyone who is seen to stand in their way of pushing the agenda that guides the country in a designated direction.  A direction which benefits a few, and certainly not the vulnerable and struggling members of the UK population.

The number one target for the last 7 years has been the youngest son of the current King.  Prince Harry had the nerve to marry a bi racial woman, and after 3 years of abuse centred on his wife and child, and him for not breaking up his marriage and supporting the establishment line, he and his young family chose to escape the UK for the sake of their mental health.  We all know the stories of their movement across continents being hounded by UK press all the way, to now, where they own their own home, and they work and pay taxes in the USA.  The family have been self financing since 2020, and are already set for life if they never work again.  Despite the many poison arrows which continue to be sent from the UK to the couple who will not bow down to their wishes, the Harry and Meghan are doing wonderful things in their philanthropic endeavours.  This series just touches upon a few of those organisations.  There will be more on partner groups coming up in the next few weeks.

This week we are looking at Harvest Home and the Love Foundation.


 The Love Land Foundation


“With the barriers affecting access to treatment by members of diverse racial and ethnic groups the Love Land Therapy provides financial assistance to black women and girls seeking therapy nationally.”

Through our partnerships with Therapy for Black GirlsNational Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network, Open Path CollectiveBlack Female TherapistsZencare and Psychology Today, Loveland Therapy Fund recipients will have access to comprehensive lists of mental health professionals across the country providing high quality, culturally competent services to Black women and girls. With therapy sessions costing an average of $80 – $200 per session, we have selected the previously mentioned directories to increase the likelihood that participants are able to financially afford therapy after the end of the 4-12 sessions supported by The Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund. Black women and girls deserve access to healing, and that healing will impact generations.


If you are a Black woman or girl who would like financial assistance seeking therapy please click here to fill out our Therapy Fund signup form.

Please note: Our Therapy Fund signup form opens on a quarterly basis. Upon signing up, you can expect to receive a follow-up email within three weeks. If the form is closed when you visit, no worries, add your email and we’ll notify you when it reopens.




There are many ways to give to the Loveland Foundation,
below are are some of our suggestions.



Sharlene Kemler
Chief Executive Officer

Sharlene Kemler is the founder and CEO of SK Philanthropy, an award-winning consulting firm that is redefining how culture and giving intersect in the humanitarian space. Since starting SKP in 2014, Kemler has managed campaigns for Ben & Jerry’s, UN Women, Procter & Gamble, Viacom and Grey Global Group. She has advised the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, The Loveland Foundation, Keep A Child Alive and numerous other organizations on sustainable strategic development. In addition, she has established strategic partnerships for Burton Snowboards, BET, MTV, NowThis, and led a World AIDS Day takeover in Time Square. SKP has facilitated numerous celebrity partnerships, including such household names as Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, Juanes, Snoop Dogg, Pyer Moss, Madonna, Saint Heron, and Alicia Keys. Since starting SKP, Kemler has raised over $150 million in both donations and donated services for her nonprofit clients.

Sharlene Kemler was recently named as one of ten honorees for the inaugural Black Women Give Back List—a partnership between the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, The Women Invested to Save Earth (WISE) Fund, and Black Philanthropy Month. Her work has been featured in Elle, Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, The Root, the Obama Foundation and CNN. Kemler is committed to inspiring both companies and individuals alike to rethink the ways they give, with a focus on community-based solutions, long-term sustainability, and meaningful impact for the communities that need it most.

SKP is focused on creating consistent coalitions that will provide sustainable giving over years, leaving the piecemeal donations that have so long plagued the philanthropic world in the past. Kemler believes in bringing companies and nonprofits together to make true and lasting change benefiting communities that are all too often denied institutional support. A former Peace Corps volunteer, Sharlene Kemler currently lives with her son and husband in Brooklyn, New York.


Hannah Tate
Director of Programs

Hannah is the Director of Programs at The Loveland Foundation. She oversees the Loveland Therapy Fund, programs and strategic partnerships for the organization.

Hannah is also the Founder and CEO of Grow Tall, a boutique consultancy focused on strengthening programs, people and partnerships alongside organizations. Grow Tall serves organizations that are committed to measurable progress in their social impact initiatives.

Hannah is passionate about “working for” communities as she likes to put it, and has been committed to doing just that for her entire career. Hannah has been a steward of growth and innovation within organizations including College Summit, the Institute of International Education, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Pace University, STOKED Mentoring, and City Year.

Hannah holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Pace University and served J. William Fulbright Scholar to Bogotá, Colombia. With over a decade of expertise under her belt, Hannah’s why for her commitment to social impact comes down to access. Designing and leading programming within under-resourced communities allows her to create systemic change and level the playing field for communities. She builds context and relationships to leverage community voices and truly make a change. She is a proud New Yorker and these days she can be found exploring food spots, bookstores and the outdoors in her new home, Los Angeles, CA.


Chrystal Mason
Executive Assistant

Chrystal joined the Loveland Foundation team in March 2021 as an Executive Assistant. She supports with the day-to-day running of the business by assisting with administrative processes. Her role involves tasks such as organizing meetings, responding to inquiries, and implementing office procedures and systems. She is a graduate of Long Island University where she received her Masters in Library Science and SUNY Albany where she received her Bachelor degree.

Chrystal currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family. When she’s not keeping busy at work, you can find her spending time with my family, chasing after her son, or reading a book.


TaeKenya Cleveland
Therapy Fund Manager

In her role TaeKenya oversees the intake of voucher recipients, sends out vouchers, and communicates directly with voucher recipients and therapists about the voucher and reimbursement process. As therapy fund manager TaeKenya works closely with our accounting firm to process and approve invoices. TaeKenya creates The Loveland Foundation newsletter, communicates with donors and spreads the mission of The Loveland Foundation through multimedia platforms. TaeKenya produces The Unfolding: Presented by The Loveland Foundation podcast where she works closely with Miriam Starobin to develop and edit content for the podcast.

Before joining the TLF team TaeKenya played Division 1 basketball at The American University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Strategic Communication. Beyond The Loveland Foundation TaeKenya is interested in sports communication and public relations. In her free time TaeKenya is a writer, her favorite literature is poetry.


Nicky Mohamed
Development Assistant

Nicky Mohamed is the Development Assistant at The Loveland Foundation. In her role she provides administrative support to the Development team, managing robust portfolios of individual and corporate donors for the organization. Nicky has a Bachelors degree in business administration from Long Island University. She previously worked in Human Resources where she planned, directed and coordinated the administrative functions of several organizations.

As a woman from the Caribbean, she is passionate about working as part of an organization that provides mental health services to women of color. When she’s not working, Nicky enjoys traveling, reading, being outdoors, and spending quality time with her family.


Miriam Starobin
Social Media & Programming Manager

Miriam (she/they) began her career in social media and program development in the nonprofit sector focusing on social justice. They are committed to destigmatizing mental health journeys, particularly within the Black community. Leveraging her experience in community wellness, education, social activism, public affairs, and communication media— Miriam produces and hosts The Foundation’s first podcast, The Unfolding: Presented by The Loveland Foundation.

As the Social Media and Programming Manager Miriam is deeply invested in nourishing and empowering BIPOC communities.

She graduated with dual degree from The American University with a B.A. in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as well as a B.A. in Law and Society.


The website for the Love Land Foundation does not seem as active as I would expect to see, but like a few of these smaller organisations, I can understand why resources are placed in areas that involve their clients, as opposed to their website.  Having said that, I have found their social media account to be very active and up to date.  I would recommend that you visit both their Facebook page and their Instagram accounts for up to date information.  The organisations has many many Followers and the interaction when I looked for this research, was a few hours before I looked through the exchanges and the information.

Here is the front page of the Facebook account:-

The Instagram Page:-

Lots of information and imagery on both accounts.  Please pay them a visit if you can.

Cover of the 2022 Financial Report.  Link below.



 Link to the Financial Report for 2022


Harvest Home




As soon as you access the website, this quote is prominently displayed.  It tells you exactly and clearly what the aims and objective of this organision is all about. Ie


Transforming the lives of homeless pregnant women and their children.”

Our Mission

Harvest Home transforms the lives of homeless pregnant women and their children by providing housing, support, and programs that equip women to become great mothers.

The Need

The LA County Health Department reports that each year 5,000 women experience homelessness at some point during their pregnancy. And, as homelessness continues to rise throughout Los Angeles County, the need for resources for unhoused pregnant women has increased as well.

In 2022 Harvest Home opened our second home, The Pico Home, growing our service capacity from 10 to 28. Through our two-step housing program, we will serve up to 70 families a year tripling our service impact.


The Programs:-

Harvest Home is a residential program that serves unhoused pregnant women and their babies. We offer a nurturing, structured program aimed at helping each woman make changes in her life in order to attain independence and stability.

  • Venice Home: At our Step One home, pregnant women will stay for 30-60 days and participate in case management, therapy and programming to assess their short-term needs and set plans for lasting independence.
  • Pico Home: At our Step Two home, pregnant women and new moms participate in our transitional program designed to fully equip and empower women to establish long term stability and transition out of homelessness by participating in case management, therapy and educational classes. Women can participate in the program up to 6 months after birth.
  • Alumnae Program: After completion of Harvest Home’s Pico Program, women may participate in our Alumnae Program which provides ongoing case management and support, events, and access to resources such as diapers.



We aim to equip each new mom with the education and tools needed to make healthy, loving and intentional decisions for her child. We provide childbirth classes, doula support, infant care classes, parenting groups and mentoring to each woman as she prepares for the journey of motherhood.


We aim to help each woman develop a plan for long-term financial independence and stability. Through our program, we provide the structure and education needed to help her implementthis plan. We encourage participation in employment programs, GED completion, certification programs, and credit repair. We provide a match savings program and a monthly budget plan for each woman, teaching her basic money management skills.


Because many of our clients have endured trauma and abuse in their lives, we aim to provide avenues through which each woman can seek healing, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and learn how to manage her emotional and mental health. During her time at Harvest Home, each woman participates in individual therapy free of charge. We also provide classes on emotional and relational growth, anger management, and conflict resolution. Recovery and support groups  are available to residents as needed.


We aim to help each woman make healthy and informed decisions for her body and for her child’s health. At Harvest Home, each woman participates in a nutrition class, a weekly cooking and meal planning rotation, and yoga classes.


Harvest Home is a Christian organization that serves all women, regardless of religious affiliation. We aim to be sensitive and respectful to each woman’s individual spiritual journey, and to provide a home where each woman can find healing, encouragement, and hope for her future.


Our Services

Case Management — Through weekly case management sessions residents create a plan for long-term stability and work to achieve tangible goals related to the five program areas.

Therapy — Each resident engages in a minimum of one hour of therapy weekly provided by our therapist.

Classes — Classes are offered on-site 3-5 nights a week and correspond with five program areas. Classes include topics such as therapeutic parenting group, safe people, infant care and development, nutrition, breastfeeding support, prenatal yoga, computer skills, budgeting and financial independence, job development skills, and more.

Connections and Referrals — Additional resources are available through partnerships with other community-based organizations.

Alumnae Program

In-home visits — Alumnae engage in structured home visits with a Case Manager for the first year after graduation from the program. Our Case Managers help graduates find resources and build connections within their new community after leaving Harvest Home.

Events — Our graduates become a community of support for one another and connect at quarterly alumnae events. Our annual events include a mother’s day event, a backyard bbq, and our adopt-a-family Christmas party.

Resources — On a monthly basis alumnae families participate in Diaper Days. Women are able to request diapers and other needed baby items and visit the home once a month to pick up these items.




Meet our Leadership Team

Sarah Wilson
Executive Director

Sarah has a passion for utilizing her skills in leadership and administration to serve at-risk women and children, equipping women to break the cycle of poverty and dysfunction, and creating long term health and wellness for future generations. Sarah has 20 years of experience working in non-profit and church administration; serving as Harvest Home’s Executive Director since 2013. Her background includes a B.S. in Social Work and an M.A. in Administration.

Sophia Frontino
Director of Programs

An LA native, Sophia brings over 15 years of professional non-profit experience working with system impacted and unhoused populations. She has worked in a variety of leadership roles with a focus on program development and implementation and is passionate about social justice, restorative practices, and integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into her work. Sophia’s background includes a B.A. in Social Work from San Francisco State University, and a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University.

Kraichelle Porter
Associate Director, Residential Life

A native Angeleno, for the past 10 years Kraichelle has been working with families and in residential care facilities. Kraichelle is passionate about providing individualized, person-centered care that acknowledges individuals’ unique strengths and gifts and reflecting the love of Christ in her daily work. Kraichelle has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Debbie Lee Flores
Director of Operations

Debbie transferred from the private sector in project management and research to non-profit organizational operations.  Familiar with Harvest Home, Debbie returns after once serving in the capacity of the Case Manager at Venice over 10 years ago with her desire in building up the Harvest Home team.  Debbie’s educational background includes a B.S. from University of California San Diego and a M.A. from Boston University.

Dianne Tyau
Director of Donor Impact

Dianne brings to Harvest Home 15 years of leadership experience with community non-profits serving low-income populations in Los Angeles. Driven by her concern for vulnerable populations and her commitment to strengthen organizations who serve them, she has spent most of her career focused on all aspects of fundraising, strategic planning and communications. Dianne’s background includes a B.S. from UCLA and a Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan.



Mark your calendar for Harvest Home’s 2023 Fundraising Gala at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Harvest Home’s 2023 Benefit Gala is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our graduates, share our impact and vision, and invite our guests to join us in our mission of equipping and empowering unhoused pregnant women for motherhood.




“At Harvest Home, I learned my life was not over, but that it was just beginning.”

— Sara, 2014 graduate






Mia’s Story

Link to Mia’s Story on Vimeo: –

Very moving video.    PS/  I just tried to access this video again from this link, but it did not show on the Vimeo site.  May just be a blip, but it definitely can be accessed on the Harvest Home website, and you will not regret it.  This video, and others sum up what this organisation mission is and the ultimate impacts that can be achieved. 

NB  The next set of Financial Accounts are due at the end of December 2023, for the period ending March 2023.


Ivy Barrow

16 July 2023