Support and Uplift Charities v Swarm Charities With Toxicity in Their Comment Sections

SGUK Ep 63



This podcast looks at two distinct groups who support two of people, who are polar opposites in terms of a value base. One is focussed on undertaking projects with outcome focussed results, and including local people impacted by interventions in the planning of each project. The aim is to ensure that they are in a position to have input and to advise what has more chance of success due to environmental factors of various types, as opposed to creating additional damage to the infrastructure of an area or target audience for a future project. The other network relies on traditional support at any activity that they undertake.  There is no measurement of output or any real auditing in terms of benefits achieved and VFM.  Traditionally their support base has been there for decades and will continue to support the entity just for being there.  It has never been about output, but about doing their duty to turn up for things and smile and wave and give a boost to the organisation who is grateful for the profile a visit of an hour so can give in theory to an organisation.

In UK media they refer to such groups as fans or supporters of a particular group of person.  In Wikipedia “supporters” have a very different description to the one that either of the two groups that we are going to discuss today, and demonstrate how very different the approaches are of each group towards the person or group that they claim to follow. Here is an extract from the Wikipedia entry relating to fans and support groups:- “Supporters’ groups or supporters’ clubs are independent fan clubs or campaign groups in sport, mostly association football.

Supporters’ groups in continental Europe are generally known as ultras, which derives from the Latin word ultrā,[1] meaning beyond in English, with the implication that their enthusiasm is ‘beyond’ the normal. In the Anglosphere, these groups are generally known as “supporters’ groups”. Most groups in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia call themselves “supporters’ groups”; however, some do self-identify as ultras, particularly in communities with large Spanish, French, or Italian speaking populations.

Neither of the two groups that we are discussing today relate to sport, and neither do they look like, or have approaches or styles in terms of how they offer support to their sporting hero or heroes.

Another extract from a different reference source, listed below with focusses on a “participatory culture” among fandoms:-  Fan cultures are examples of participatory cultures. Participatory cultures involve fans acting not only as consumers but also as producers and creators of some form of creative media. Though most fan cultures, including sports fans and fans of music groups, have elements of participatory culture, media fandom in particular encourages creative expression and artistic production by its participants.

Jenkins et al. (2009) define a participatory culture more specifically as one that consists of:

  1. Relatively low barriers to artistic expression and civic engagement
  2. Strong support for creating and sharing one’s creations with others
  3. Some type of informal mentorship in which the most experienced members pass along their knowledge to novices
  4. Members who believe their contributions matter
  5. Members who feel some degree of social connection with one another and care about other members’ opinions about their contributions


In fan cultures, these creations and artistic expressions take the form of fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, cosplay, songs, and other interactions with a person, group, or fictional universe.

One of the groups that we will be discussing in this podcast does have some similarities with the participatory culture.  The group in question describe themselves as Royalists, and in particular some of that group are supportive of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  I think it is interesting to remind people that prior to 2016, this was not the case.  Media and Royal supporters were not full of praise for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, far from it.  They had the least engagements for over a decade beforehand, and whilst their numbers in terms of ‘engagements’ have increased slightly, they still fall way behind all the other senior Royals. Receipts exist for those poor figures and there is a wealth of receipts for the reporting of this couple prior to 2016 going back many years.  I wonder what changed in 2016 for UK media to suddenly love this couple and start to create a new profile for them.  What caused the language to change from being critical to one full of praise and declarations of them being hopes for the future?  The arrival of Prince Harry’s future wife is what happened.

The global support network that follows and supports The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, is like no other network or support group.  Nothing that the UK Royal Family had ever encountered before.  When The Sussexes were forced to move away from the UK for the safety of their family and for their mental health, the support network moved with them in all but physical location.  The spotlight which the BRF had suddenly enjoyed since 2016, but became uncomfortable when the spotlight was not now brighter on the two heirs to the throne,  Yes the international media attention grew overnight following on from the wedding in 2018 and by default some members of the BRF actually began to be recognised, but not for positive things.  When the Sussexes moved out of the country, so did their support network.  The majority of the global support network were never Royalists.  There were a few like myself, who only took an interest in UK Royalty when Princess Diana came onto the scene.  After her treatment by the BRF and then her subsequent death and the surrounding queries about that death to this day, my interest remained with her “boys” and no one else.  In very little time, my focus was on Prince Harry only and I was beyond pleased to see him so happy when he announced he and Meghan were serious about each other.

The differences between the two support networks could not be more stark, and is the core theme of this podcast.  One supports their Duke and Duchess and all of their projects and charities, and also support similar charities in our respective localities.  We are creative in some of the ways outlined in the participatory way described by researchers above, and our creations involve setting up podcast and audio channels and highlighting, discuss and further amplify Sussex news & charities.  Those sections of the network who wish to include other members of the BRF into those broadcasts do so, but the focus is their interactions (good or bad) with the Sussexes.

The network who claim to be Royal supporters, only utilise Royal social media accounts to post toxic things about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  Some of those comments are an utter disgrace and bring more shame on the UK.  If anything is posted about any other member of the Royal family, the comment is removed, or the comment section closed down on that particular topic.  All toxic comments about the couple who dared to leave their Senior Royal duties due to increasing risks to their lives, are left to stand.  Receipts exist going back to 2016.  Supporters who claim that they are Royalists, don’t actively support any member of the BRF or their charities, not even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who they claim to support the most.  What they have been doing instead, is visiting the websites of charities that the Sussexes support and swarming and bombarding the charities with toxic vile and outright disgusting posts.  Very bad indeed. This podcast explores the psychology behind the thought processes of the kind of people that co-ordinate activity of such vileness, and post such gut wrenching cruelty and nastiness and evil intent on vulnerable people, including children with life limiting conditions.  As if they and their parents do not have enough to contend with already, without these evil ghouls adding to their trauma, simply because The Sussexes support the charities concerned.  The same evil souls attacked veteran charities, and even did the same with Invictus which is focussed on severely injured veterans (physically or mentally or both), these people are evil beyond words and they will all reap their karma for what they have been putting out one day.

I think it important to state here, and I will repeat it in the conclusion, that both support groups mirror the actions of the people they support.  Think about that for a moment.  I consider that to be a very important statement to make.  I will explain in the conclusions how I arrived at that result, and what that says about the tax funded Royals, and equally the network that claims to support them, but have nothing to show for any charities that the Royal on paper support, but spend all of their time on activity relating to people they hate, not even dislike, they are venomous about the Sussexes, which is no different to the BRF, particularly certain people.  One of those Royal family members has made his time before he becomes King if there is still a Monarchy in existence at that time, which is doubtful, he has made it his full time job to try to destroy the Sussexes and is hand in glove with the media to ensure that the Sussexes fail.  UK taxpayer funds is paying for all these hours and weeks and months of trying to bring his brother down, and if in the process something happens to the Duchess and the children, he is deluded to think that that Prince Harry will return to the fold and all the abuse that was there before, but would be amplified as further punishment.

Hell would freeze over and oceans would part ways because Harry would bring the whole Firm to the ground and return home in the USA  If you think that destroying Harry’s family is going to elevate the BRF into a favourable light, you seriously all need to check yourselves and book your place in a long term clinic for assistance.

The Landscape

This podcast explores the phenomenon of groups of strangers coming together in online groups, and their rise through the ranks as outlined in the examples I have given over these past 12 months, which organisations such as the FBI use to track known groups around the world and their activities in targeting an individual with hate, and track their rise through the stages, each with increasing risk to the target.  The online posting on social media platforms continue and appear to help the group feel that they are on the right track.  It is co-ordinated and records exist by Bot Sentinel tracking this activity.  Law enforcement has been approached about some of the more extreme/dangerous of individuals targeting others on and off the platforms.  As they move forward in the academic models (whether or not they know about or recognise their staged journey) they are moving into dangerous grounds, both for the target and for themselves as individuals.

All sections in this podcast may appear abstract at first, but trust me you will see how they all come together and point to the structure and the power and the finance behind it all.


The Psychology og Groups

Extract from Podcast 36 which aired in Feb 2022:-

We have previously discussed in the SGUK podcasts to date, ie Dysfunctional family dynamics, Group Dynamics, in particular the levels of control and how hatred and discriminatory behaviour patterns begin to merge, and how there is a wealth of academic research into how the hatred grows, and the levels in the structure dictate the application of that professed hatred.  We explored how those that progress through the ranks of their group structure, emerges as a validation of their worth in their own eyes, and feel that there is a level of camaraderie and friendship that does not exist outside that bubble.  There is a general feeling that anyone outside of the group is a threat in some way, and the delusion grows into dangerous proportions with time and progression through the group.  We also looked at how narcissists function in such a structure, and the mixing of the various behaviours at play, form a very toxic ticking time bomb.  We looked at a number of academic models and their application out in the working environments.  Examples were given of how for example, the FBI use a range of tools which help to identify patterns and growth in certain groups behaviour, that have remained on their radar as a result.

All in all, the top tier societal groups, feel confident to continue with their activity, because people who are doing most of the day to day roll out of this hunter and prey activity, are people that none of the top societal groups care about, and are more than happy to watch the working class and a few who think they come from better stock to lead the way in these social media groups that have formed over the last 5 years, and will sit back and declare that they have nothing to do with this activity if the day ever comes where it looks like they do. The social media platforms have no incentive to take any action against hate inciting accounts.  The pull of the huge income generation overrides any form of moral code; it will require a change in the law, with heavy penalties before even a small amount of monitoring takes place.

The emergence of Chris Bouzy the CEO of Bot Sentinel has proved it can be done.  Bot Sentinel have done more in a few months, than any of the large social media platforms over the last five years.  To date only GETTR a small social media platform in comparison to the giants pulling in the millions on the back of hate activity, has stepped up to the plate.  I am encouraged to see and hear Prince Harry refer to the work of Bot Sentinel last year, in a forum of technical experts on the issues and implications and dangers of the current growth of cyber bullying taking place globally now.  It is encouraging to know that Bot Sentinel’s work is being discussed in those types of forums, and we can only hope that Chris Boouzy is invited to join that forum in the near future, because what has been achieved in months by Chris and his team, proves what can be done and must be causing some discomfort with shareholders of the current social media platforms, because deep down, they know things will have to change.  Well done to Chris and his team.  I will put links to Bot Sentinel various reports in the Reference sources below.”


People respond negatively when their need to belong is unfulfilled. For example, college students often feel homesick and lonely when they first start college, but not if they belong to a cohesive, socially satisfying group (Buote et al., 2007). People who are accepted members of a group tend to feel happier and more satisfied. But should they be rejected by a group, they feel unhappy, helpless, and depressed. Studies of ostracism—the deliberate exclusion from groups—indicate this experience is highly stressful and can lead to depression, confused thinking, and even aggression (Williams, 2007). When researchers used a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner to track neural responses to exclusion, they found that people who were left out of a group activity displayed heightened cortical activity in two specific areas of the brain—the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex and the anterior insula. These areas of the brain are associated with the experience of physical pain sensations (Eisenberger, Lieberman, & Williams, 2003). It hurts, quite literally, to be left out of a group. Affiliation in Groups not only satisfy the need to belong, they also provide members with information, assistance, and social support. Leon Festinger’s theory of social comparison (1950, 1954) suggested that in many cases people join with others to evaluate the accuracy of their personal beliefs and attitudes. Stanley Schachter (1959) explored this process by putting individuals in ambiguous, stressful situations and asking them if they wished to wait alone or with others. He found that people affiliate in such situations—they seek the company of others


Why Do People Join Hate Groups

Those who study human behavior attribute hate speech more to deep personality issues than to a diagnosable mental illness. But they’re also intrigued by how the white supremacy movement is rebranding itself for the 21st century. The well-known racist symbols of white robes and hoods or shaved heads and torches have given way to a clean-cut subtlety for the millennial generation. With heightened tensions on all sides, there’s a renewed interest in explaining how minds turn toward hate.

“I felt power where I felt powerless. I felt a sense of belonging where I felt invisible,” McAleer, 49, said of the pull of white nationalism that led him to spend 15 years as a skinhead recruiter and an organizer for the White Aryan Resistance.

“I was beaten at an all-boys Catholic school on a regular basis at 10 or 11,” said McAleer, a middle-class kid from Canada, which left him with “an unhealthy sense of identity.”

King, 42, who grew up in rural South Florida, said she turned to white nationalism as a child, first learning racial slurs from her parents. Growing up, she questioned her sexual identity and didn’t fit in. At 12, she said, a school bully ripped her shirt open, exposing her training bra and humiliating her in front of her classmates.

“At that point, I decided if I became the bully, no one could do that to me,” King said. She became a neo-Nazi skinhead at 15, and at 23 went to prison for three years for a hate crime. King had a tattoo of a swastika on her right hand; she has since covered it up with the likeness of a cat.

Young people with a troubled past are especially vulnerable, said psychologist Ervin Staub, of Holyoke, Mass., a professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst who studies social processes that lead to violence.

“Why would people join groups like that? It usually involves them finding no other socially acceptable and meaningful ways to fulfill important needs — the need for identity; the need for a feeling of effectiveness; the need for a feeling of connection,” Staub said. “Often, these are people who don’t feel like they’ve succeeded or had a chance to succeed across normal channels of success in society. They may come from families that are problematic or families where they’re exposed to this kind of extreme views of white superiority and nationalism. If you don’t feel you have much influence and power in the world, you get a sense of power from being part of a community and especially a rather militant community.”

A 2015 report from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (known as START) found that former members of violent white supremacist groups showed almost half (45 percent) reporting being the victim of childhood physical abuse and about 20 percent reporting being the victim of childhood sexual abuse.

The study by sociologist Pete Simi of Chapman University in Orange, Calif., suggests that influences on these followers may be related more to the group’s social bonds than ideology.

Simi, an expert on violence and extremist groups who has interviewed hundreds of former believers, co-wrote “American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement’s Hidden Spaces of Hate” with sociologist Robert Futrell of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.
Now that these groups are courting millennials, they’ve taken to changing their image, Futrell said.

“It’s an attempt to distance from the past when the picture in all our minds of a white supremacist was the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) with a hood and cape or a neo-Nazi with a shaved head and tattoos. That’s gone by the wayside over the last decade,” he said.

Groups advocating white superiority have always preyed on “young, impressionable people who are loners or had a traumatic thing in their background,” Futrell said. “What’s different now is the range of ways the white power movement is reaching them. The internet is a boon to those who are stigmatized and relatively powerless.”

The alt-right has gained power online, as its proponents use Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms to spread their message. A study last year from George Washington University found that white nationalists are heavy users of Twitter.

Forensic psychologist Laurence Miller, of Boca Raton, Fla., said there’s a misunderstanding about the motivations of those who join fringe groups — that they have an ideology and search for a group when, really, it’s the other way around.

“People will pick a belief system that best matches their personalities and their identities,” he said.


What Would Compel Some People to join a Hate Groups (hating someone you don’t know and chances are will never meet?

On another Social Media platform, the question was asked why would someone hate a person that they do not know, and will likely never meet.  The answers may surprise you.  I was certainly one of those people who has been asking that same question for the last 6 years.  Listen to these answers:-  “What difference does having met a person make? I don’t need to have met Donald Trump to extrapolate from the things he says and does that he is a person whom I should hate and whose goals I should combat  if I stand for everything for which I do stand, because he is against those things to the material detriment of people he’s never met. He hates them easily enough, and he doesn’t have to say it for it to be true.

What kind of person would I be if a handshake and dinner was enough to buy away my hatred? Indeed, many people on this planet and their actions are genuinely hatable, and if I was required to meet them all personally before hating them, I probably couldn’t do it, and then where would we be?

I’m sure I don’t need to ask you if you’re the type of person who has opinions on things for which you lack either knowledge or experience, do I?
I’m sure there are people who hate me due entirely to their experience reading my terrible writing, and if those people ever were to meet me my natural charisma would literally eat that hatred and make me stronger with it. Ha!

Real hatred necessitates distance, either intellectual or physical, otherwise all the humanity gets in the way.


Another response:-

How can we hate another person who we have never met? Easy. (whether it is in real life or just a line on a TV commercial,the human mind is continually being conditioned). It depends what our minds are being subjected to as to how our opinions eventually ensue. If three friends who you highly respect come to you and start talking really bad about a fourth person, and they all have something very nasty to say about this person, then you are naturally going to dislike them too – may be to the point of hating them like your friends do. Same goes for when you see and listen to comments on TV and adverts. What are adverts after all, just a form of brainwashing.

Hate is a word often used out of context, but when our minds are constantly subjected to information that such a person is really bad, annoying, may be even evil, then it is possible to believe that you really hate them.

This confirms previous podcasts relating to the power of propaganda, and in this podcast, the power or a mediocre set of people who pretend to be professional journalists, but who instead feel comfortable to write the things that they do, and if you use the earlier analogy that it is easy to hate someone if you believe that the way they conduct themselves or what they propose to do, will impact your way of life in some way, then you will hate too.  In the case od Royal Reporters, their gravy train as a Royal Correspondent was potentially going to change.  Two of the BRF wrote their own speeches.  The same two did not brief RRs beforehand about their plans.  The plan was to remove Meghan in some way, and then old Harry would be there to keep the Royal wheels oiled and turning, until the BRF would cast him aside, like they did with all Spares, once their usefulness was fulfilled.  The Cambridge children would be adults and who would be taking up adult duties. When Harry left too, that major plan that the BRF and its media cooked up, ended up turning to burnt morsels and fit for nothing but the trash. Now their way of life in the cosy Royal friendship circle was about to become very uncertain, because the main moneymaker for the RRs was the abuse of The Sussexes, and now their plan had backfired because they walked away, and were now free to do what they wanted, and did not have to work with RRs ever again. Karma in action.


Patterns of Behaviour When You Hate Someone You Are Unlikely to Meet

This is perhaps due to the in-group out-group theory according to behavioral researcher Patrick Wanis. In social psychology, the social group which you can psychologically relate with and identify yourself as being a member of is an in-group. Contrarily, the social group with which you can’t personally identify is an out-group. So, when you feel that there is a threat from certain outsiders, you will seek the support of your in-group. Hence, hatred is a survival mechanism as per the psychology of hate.

Considerable evidence suggests that dividing the world into Us and Them is deeply hard-wired in our brains, with an ancient evolutionary legacy,” writes author Robert Sapolsky. He adds “Humans universally make Us/Them dichotomies along lines of race, ethnicity, gender, language group, religion, age, socioeconomic status, and so on. And it’s not a pretty picture.

Patrick Wanis explains, “Hatred is driven by two key emotions of love and aggression: One love for the in-group – the group that is favored; and two, aggression for the out-group – the group that has been deemed as being different, dangerous, and a threat to the in-group.

The Target of Hate, is The Duke and Duchess of Sussex – mainly Meghan

The target of the majority of the ire is Meghan, and not so much Harry, not least because he is considered true blue blood, and the hope is that he will return to help his brother William.  The RRs dehumanised Meghan quite early on, so anything they do now, they do not see it as hurting a human being.  Meghan is seen as a commodity to them, and puts money on their tables, and now that the Sussxes have moved away, and are no longer tax funded, by UK tax payers, they have no qualms at all about the degrees to which they are prepared to go to stop Meghan and Harry’s continual rise to even more success.  Everything that they have done to this couple, mainly Meghan, has been with the full intent, to destroy Meghan completely, and a certainty in their minds that Harry would return to the fold a broken man and would seek solace from the family, who contain all the people, particular the next two heirs to the throne, who are responsible for the sanctioning of the abuse conducted for over 6 years towards Meghan.  Zero concern whether or not Meghan lived or died, and how they can even consider for a second that Harry would return home if a tragedy occurred to Meghan. Delusion and deranged covers their description, much like the people who claim to be their supporters.

The BRF have never had a female join the BRFwith a successful career under her belt and millions in the bank, combined with being an ambassador for organisations including the UN.  Over a decade of experience of developing projects and raising funds for various groups.  All too much for the performative Royals, and it is as clear as day that the activity that has taken place over the years has been co-ordinated from people of power and resources, and who can hide behind thousands of people to do their bidding, without them being aware who is behind whatever pyramid group structure they have joined  They receive psychological positive strokes from being part of these various networks, and many make money from it, so that is an added bonus, and only discerning people cottoned on to what is happening, and the use of Bot farms for posting.  The co-ordination and the speed of simultaneous posts on SM platforms, take less than a minute for them to appear.  Some of those individuals have admitted in print that they are paid for the posts they make, all negative against Meghan.

The Possible Rationale of Why Some Groups Are Swarming to Charity websites to Post Toxic Hate Fuelled Comments.  Charities Supported by Someone The Group Hate

Stage 1 – The Haters Gather

“Not all insecure people are haters but all haters are insecure people”

Includes the online groups:

  • Keyboard warriors – daily writing race and hate inciting posts on various social media platforms without challenge. Over the last 4 years or so, the numbers have grown, or rather it is clear that many individuals set up multiple accounts and post hateful things, to give the impression that the number of people out there is high.  The numbers are becoming dangerous, because of the ripple affect of their social media content.  A drip drip feed of race baiting.


  • Stage 2: The Hate Group Defines Itself

Groups formed, and were proudly declaring their views on the betrayal of their Royal family.  All setting up social media accounts on many platforms proudly announcing they would defend this British way of life.  The fact that Meghan was an American, and an actress, and a feminist, and extremely wealthy, and the largest red flag for the majority was that she was a person of colour.  Every heading represented factors that Royalists could not tolerate, and the race element just sent racists over the edge that a person of colour was occupying space that was deemed for Caucasian people only.  The fact that Meghan was wealthy in her own right, and was therefore not impressed by opulence and quality homes, because she could afford and did buy those things for herself over the years.  No other Royal bride had come into the Firm with that level of wealth and intellect, and strong feminist views.  It was a bright red flag, and the race element was the final nail.

Stage 3: The Hate Group Disparages the Target

  • Hate is the glue that binds the haters to each other and to a common cause.
  • By verbally debasing the object of their hate, haters enhance their self esteem as well as their group status.
  • After verbal denigration, haters progress to the more acrimonious stage.

Stage 4: The Hate Group Taunts the Target

  • An average of 100 articles a day written about Harry and Meghan , none of it positive. The comment sections of these newspapers are full of hate, based on this daily feeding of the beast of hate.  People have taken their own lives as a result of the UK tabloid press, and we should never forget the part UK media played in the abuse of Princess Diana and her eventual death in 1997.  The same thing is happening again with Meghan.

Stage 5: The Hate Group Attacks the Target with Weapons

  • This stage is critical. Differentiates the vocally abusive to physically aggressive .  eg prowling the turf.
  • Adrenalin increases – leads to provoking anger
  • Thoughts and actions leads to increased adrenalin.
  • Anger builds on anger.

Stage 6: The Hate Group Utilises Weapons

No reason to give details here on this podcast or article.  Everyone knows what that means.

Stage 7: The Hate Groups Destroys Target

  • The ultimate goal is to destroy the object of their hate – if they cannot get to their target, the aim is to hurt the target by hurting someone or something that the target likes and supports. An easy target then in respect of the Sussexes are the charities that they support.

Truth be known, harmony or a peace flag being waved at the Sussexes is not an ambition of the social media platforms, because inciting hatred and spending every living moment concerning themselves with what Harry and Meghan do day to day, and then discussing it on their platforms, is income generating.  I doubt they spend 1% of their time, actually supporting their so called faves. They just post on Royal platforms about their thoughts on the Sussexes,



The Group Attacking Charities That the Sussexes Support Claim to be Royal Supporters – In particular Supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The latest methodology of trying to destroy The Sussexes, is to try and hurt them via their charitable causes, as they cannot easily make contact with them physically.  As the above model states, it is a way of “prowling the turf” but not physically be in a given area, but they prowl the Sussex charitable turf, and has caused at least one to close their comment section, such was the vitriole on public display.  People visiting the site to try and donate, and also to seek help or guidance for their family member or friend, and to be confronted with such disgusting rhetoric, it is a stain on the British Royal Family.

  • There are very few human beings that would target a charity simply because its Patron is someone or a couple that the haters are against for whatever reason. One recent charity was one centred on providing support for children and their families where the child has a life limiting condition. I can’t put into print or say it in a podcast, the description of people who would do that, simply because they do not like one or both of The Sussexes.  It takes a real piece of xxxx to target any charity, but a charity dealing with such trauma, and then having to deal with flawed and evil humans posting toxic bilious content on their website is a whole new low to sink and dwell in.
  • I will give my thoughts about this latest series of activity on a number of websites, and how it reflects internationally as well as within the UK on the UK Monarchy.


The Psychology of Hate Groups and Reasons for FBI Concerns

These next two images are based on Gordon Allport’s graphic displaying how group activity like that shown above, can easily turn into a scale of increased hatred based on race and prejudice.

 Another interesting quote from Goldsmiths research is this:- “Collective narcissism correlates personality predictors of prejudice: right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation”.

All the groups mentioned hate to see people happy.  The same groups and the individuals within them seek to increase their status on things such as expensive items, power, money, and even family.  They rarely feel truly happy, and have yet to learn that happiness and contentment comes from within. When others do well, they are reminded that they are not happy and are fundamentally inadequate.  People with narcissistic tendencies feel entitled, so when they see someone else doing well, they feel envy and resentment. A quote from :- Narcissists (individual and groups) believe that they deserve whatever you have achieved, because they are better than you.  Indeed, the more you have something that they don’t, the more they feel that they are better than you and deserve whatever you have.  Ie they feel that you don’t deserve it since you are not them.


The only difference between Groups and Dysfunctional families is that the latter flitter about any of the levels of the Hate models that take their fancy on any given day.  Their thought process follows no structure or rationale, other than being seen to ‘Win’ at several things, and for these wins to be publicised.  Rarely any independent thought, or any new idea accompanies these activities.  At the heart of the matter, is the destruction of a member of the family who is considered to be more popular than the senior members of the family and/or is clearly intellectually superior than someone or people with a higher rank in terms of Title.




As you have probably gathered by now, I am highlighting the treatment of Harry and Meghan at the heart of this topic.  They are a high enough profile couple to help shed light on what is happening around the world in too many places, and in terms of the UK, this isolationist approach the UK is adopting in recent years, and plans to move further on that front, leaves its citizens even further away from justice and equal treatment under the law.  The UK is embarking on an approach that it condemns certain other countries of adopting similar tactics and laws and protesting their disdain.  In reality, the UK approach is only meant to be acceptable in certain spaces, but those considered ‘outsiders’ here in the UK or elsewhere, should not have the same access and use of the law as the UK government.

The use of the experience of Meghan and Harry can be used as a very useful contribution to research.  When we have national institutions in the Uk as one example, using terminology that is deemed offensive in terms of people of colour, and now has sunk so low to include descriptions of children who are not pure white, then as a nation we really are swimming in the toxic waste.  As a result, when other groups do the same, then the general population who harbour such views of POC feel comfortable to air those views, and in most cases, it goes without any real challenge.

Using an industry analogy here:- Everything that happens at shopfloor level occurs because it is accepted by the immediate supervisor or manager above.  This is replicated through the organisation, right through to the top.  The same management theory applies to a nation.  The type and volume of hate crimes (as we are discussing in this podcast) reflect what is going on at each level above.  We will always come back to the groups at the top of UK society. Eg  Government, Monarchy, Aristrocracy, UK media including Royal Reporters and the police.  All of them are slow to react to hate speech, or incitement of hateful behaviour, often because they use the same words, or take part in some of the activity, and it is deemed acceptable as they know the other pillars at the top of UK will not challenge it.  All scratch the back of each other.

My views and I stand by them.  When those groups allow a couple to be put at risk in terms of health and safety, and a growing number of tangible death threats, along with the keyboard warriors who openly post death threats on various forums, then I strongly believe that International Legal bodies need to step in.  If they don’t or can’t what is the use of any United Nations/International Forum?

The treatment of Harry and Meghan, has provided evidence and learning points for the future.  The Sussexes have made a new home for themselves in the USA, and they are pursuing their humanitarian projects on a global stage.  No longer do they have to dim their lights in an effort to make the others look good. Whilst the BRF and pals, in their various groups are spending more time trying to save their position in the Monarchy from collapse, than do anything tangible to help the UK and its growing poverty within its population. The Sussexes are mixing with global leaders formulating real projects on the ground to help people.  Harry and Meghan represent modern Monarchy, even though they have been stripped of all the things that appear to people living within that Royal bubble. The Sussexes have proved titles and tiaras do not make the world sit up and take notice. Now the UK is starting to see self inflicted damage they did to themselves, whilst Harry and Meghan are flying high.


The plan to seek and destroy has backfired on a global stage and it is the BRF own acts of propaganda activity that has had a ripple effect of damaging the credibility of the Royal Family with each passing act of vindictiveness.  Meanwhile the Sussexes are thriving, and creating a wonderful legacy for their children, and a growing list of organisations and people who have felt the impact of the kindness and generosity of the Archewell Foundation.

The moral of this story, and one which I will end the podcast is to say, that despite years of a propaganda campaign being in place, and the people who have come on board with its messages, increasing numbers of people are now beginning to question the purpose of the campaign and its duration.  The world has major issues that need tackling, and to see a family and its powerful friends, pursue a woman of colour and to put her and her children at risk because she was not a Stepford clone like all the other females in that family who are left alone, is damaging to sensible people.  The UK has lost a very valuable member of that family because he supports his wife 100% and no doubt feels deeply ashamed of the racism that is completely evident by his family, despite it being wrapped up in other descriptions as part of the propaganda campaign.  Media hosts were making public statements daily for Meghan to leave the UK and go back to the USA.  The media spoke and wrote articles about the acting industry and Hollywood in particular in a very disparaging way.  Referred to black billionaires in similar terms, and showed no knowledge (did no research) and were so unprofessional in their rhetoric, yet now members of the BRF plan to visit the places that they have spent the last 5 years describing negatively, using such words as “ghetto” and referring to all wealthy black people as “rappers” and even worse for those who work in the medium of television.

Well now Meghan and Harry have left the UK, and are still standing and doing very well indeed.  The same cannot be said for the Royal Family or the UK.  Who is sorry now?

  • Resentment is a complex, multi-layered emotion that has been described as a mixture of disappointment, disgust, anger and fear.
  • Inherent in resentment is a perception of unfairness.
  • It has become known for anger, spite and holding a grudge
  • Resentment can also develop and be maintained by focusing on past grievances continuously, or by trying to justify the emotions.
  • Resentment can occur as a result of the grief process and can be sustained by ruminating over it.
  • Steven Stosny makes an analogy distinguishing the functions of anger and resentment, as anger being like a fire extinguisher meant to put out and prevent immediately harmful situations, from becoming more harmful, while resentment is more like a smoke alarm something that is always on and requires energy and emotions to sustain this alarm system and is meant to protect us if just in case something or someone harmful from past experience shows up.
  • Anger is about the immediate situation whereas resentment is a defensive way to mentally punish or in the more extreme case, to devalue.

The resentment from the family for being exposed as not really doing anything measurable and meaningful in terms of output, and yet are still doing the smile and wave approach on their visits.  One couple sometimes carry folders now, to try and look the part of 2 of their close relatives.  The Copy and Paste is in full swing, from the hair, to the clothing to the shoes.  I wont embarrass you by putting examples here, and equally this is not about them, it is about the institution and the other societal groups mentioned, and the effort put into maintaining the status quo, and the industry that has been created to destroy a couple who wanted to do things slightly differently.  In the end they were chased out of the country, and now the same groups of abusers, have found that The Firm is not fairing so well, and it is not a temporary situation.  None of the Firm has put anything like the effort into looking at the state of the UK today, and explored how the Firm and its establishment groups could help, but the resources put towards trying to tear down a couple who are having a global impact with their work, are seen as the enemy that must be destroyed.  The USA is not a commonwealth nation, and since the Sussexes now reside there and are doing well, we now have UK taxpayer funds going towards vanity projects which just so happen to take place in the USA, near to where the Sussexes live.  Yea right.  What a coincidence.  There is zero reason for the individual who is constantly “incandescent with rage” to be there.

The level of hatred created towards the Sussexes, Meghan in particular, falls at the BRF doors.  That is known the world over now, so it going to take more than visits to places (whether BRF members travel by private jet, or private floating hotel – it is all taxpayer funded, and it is not Royal Core business; Simply a vanity project so records somewhere in a dusty book on a shelf in the USA states that Prince Harry’s brother visited here once) so to repeat visiting places where you feel ‘safe’ to talk about things that are not a priority for those countries, and places where you were not invited in the first place, needs a rethink.

The increase risks to the lives of the Sussex family has grown due to activity by the groups mentioned above, deliberately baited by UK media groups.  The BRF  hands are not clean just because they have  hidden  them behind the backs of senior staff who put aside NDA requirements when convenient for everyone concerned, after UK media write the venom daily in the tabloids, interview the same problematic people on the tv, and now have encouraged groups within the population to set up hate groups online and now the activity is moving into the physical realm.

Move the effort put into resentment activity and do something tangible for the UK population reliant on food banks and who cannot afford to heat their homes in the winter.

Conclusions and Biggest Take Away for Me

  • Princess Diana still speaks from her grave now, 25 years later. The UK establishment really does not want to wish for one or more of the Sussexes to join her, because there is no way on this planet that a UK Monarchy will survive the destruction of anyone else.  Not even a day, and within a year, the institution would be a memory.  There is no doubt about that at all.  The international community is aware of the process being used these last few years, and someone in that family thought it a good idea to try and bring down a black woman who was only doing good.  You could not find dirt on her, so then you tried to destroy her character with the hate filled rhetoric in the media, and at the same time you all tried to destroy her mental health.  The Royal social media platforms are a disgrace, even for right leaning Great Britain.  Your silence whilst your ‘fans’ do disgusting things on charity websites are yet another stain on the UK, and makes you all complicit by your silence, but the speed in which you come to your white relatives over any criticism provides the best receipts yet.  Every harm inflicted on Meghan, has been inflicted on people of colour around the world and those same people will be in the forefront of ensuring that the Monarchy system is brought to heel about its human rights breaches over decades, never mind centuries.  There are more than enough that have been committed in the last decade to raise eyebrows. It will all come to light in due course.

Speaking of human rights.  A group of us have been preparing a pack of information which will be sent out next week to a variety of international legal entities and a wide range of individuals in a number of countries. The Campaign centres on a range of Human Rights breaches around the world, including the treatment of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, particularly Meghan. Treatment of an American citizen on UK soil for 3 years, and the continued abuse and harassment, to name but two of many areas of Human Rights breaches continuing on USA soil of a USA family.

Each of the organisations and specialists and politicians and legal advocates and practices around the world, and all cover areas of interest/topics of the injustices pointed out by the Sussexes on their website and in documentaries.

Every SGUK podcast is linked to these areas of concern. Make a note that the groundwork for this campaign has been going on for 10 months, and has a group of volunteers from the Squad, mainly from the SGUK podcast channel. This is the 2nd round of large scale information about to be sent out, and a number of news networks based in a number of countries will receive their own information pack at the end of this month (Sept 2022)

The volunteer group will remain anonymous, due to the track record of so called Royal Supporters and/or the RRs targeting said volunteers in the past.  I have made sure that their safety is paramount, and all the organisations and people in our target group, are aware of the reasons why.  As a result it will be a group of high profile organisations which will be spokespeople for this Campaign moving forward in the future.

Ivy Barrow

04 Sept 2022


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